All About Layering Men’s Clothing – i

All About Layering Men’s Clothing – i

Ever heard of the term “layering”? Layering literally means layering, but in the world of fashion the meaning is to pile up. The point is to accumulate here is to combine several pairs of clothes at once to create a stylish style. This style is very popular abroad, but unfortunately the layer clothing is still a confusing thing for men’s clothes.

Look at the style of your friends or even yourself. The average Indonesian man tends to be simple and does not want to be complicated in matters of appearance. Mainstay items commonly used daily are shirts and shirts combined with trousers. I’ts really simple right? In fact, there are still many styles that can be explored further so that the appearance is more leverage. The key, by learning to “pile” men’s clothes.

Layering can be said is a technique of combining clothes so that its function is more leverage. In addition to protecting the body from the weather, making it easier to move, comfortable to use, the function of men’s clothing that we will improve by layering is to produce a more stylish style. Michaelkors Outlet

Layering is very popular in four season countries, especially during bad weather or in winter. Layers will be a pleasant alternative when the weather changes. You only need to remove one of the men’s clothes that you wear to create a different style in one day without having to go home to change clothes.

Reasons You Must Try Layer Clothing Right Now

1. Layering Is Practical

The main function of layering is actually very simple, which is to warm the body from cold weather. If you wear layers of clothing and suddenly you feel hot, you just need to release one item and you will still look cool. In other words, smart layering will make you always look great in any situation and weather without you having to change clothes. Practical is not it?

2. Layering Is Stylish Variety,

  • You Can Look Different Than the Other

Surely you are tired of seeing all men have the same style, if not wearing a shirt with jeans, yes using a shirt with troushers. For that, if you apply the clothing layer, you will be one step ahead of style compared to other men! Wearing good shoes and quality watches has got a more distinctive point, because not all men out there care about this. And think about it, what if you complete all that by adding body pieces as well?

  • You Can Easily Mix Different Colors at One Time

Only with shirts and pants, the choice of colors you can use becomes limited, at most only two or three colors. If more than that, of course it will make you look weird. Then try to imagine if you also wear jackets, scarves, pocket squares, vests, sweaters, or hats at one time. You will easily combine five or six colors in your outfit. Yes, it might take more time to combine all the colors, but that will make you look more attractive. Much more interesting.

Rules of Successful Layering

1. Each visible layer should be something you could wear on its own

Visible layer is the most important thing you should pay attention to. For depths, you can use even the most worn clothing collection, as long as no one sees it. For example, a t-shirt in a faded as undershirt or a simple shirt without a brand as an under-layer Tas Branded

Clothing that can be seen by people aka outer must be something that you like with good quality. If it is too thin, ugly, or both, you should not use the men’s clothing as an outer.

2. Your outer hems should be longer than your inner hems

Of course, you will see a few exceptions here. Young people these days are strangely happy to take a little part of the shirt from under the sweater, even though it actually ruins the appearance. You should not do it too, unless you really have to. Also avoid using a sport jacket or blazer that is longer than the coat you are using.

3. One or two bright colors

You can combine various colors in your outfit, but the color must match and match. If you want to use bright colors, only a maximum of one or two colors. For example if you use bright green trousers, don’t wear hot pink shirts or yellow scarves. Don’t you want to look too flashy? In essence, you may use one or two bright colors, but leave the rest of the items more calm. Sepatu Branded

4. Scale your patterns from lightest to strongest

Determine the scale of your outfit starting from the simplest to the most crowded motive. If you use a plaid shirt, pair it with a matching plain colored sweater with a sports jacket without a motive. In essence, do not “crash” various motives in one outfit if you want to implement smart layering.

5. Know the practical functions of each layer

Each layer that you wear must have a clear and comfortable function to use.

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Bomber jacket is arguably one of the most coveted fashion items this year. Especially with our president, Mr. Joko Widodo, who was recorded wearing a classic bomber jacket in khaki green when making a speech some time ago. Since then, the charm of bomber jackets increasingly popular in Indonesia. Although the popularity of bomber jackets is rising, very few know the origin of bomber jackets. Therefore, Mister will invite you to get to know better about bomber jackets through the following 4 interesting facts! Michaelkors Outlet

1. Starting from Military Needs

Bomber jackets were originally designed for military needs during world war. In the past, most of the cockpit on the plane was not closed so the pilots were often exposed to very cold temperatures. As a result they need a jacket to warm themselves when flying without restricting their movements.

During the first world war the bomber jacket was made of leather with an inner lining and a fleece collar, but with the presence of jets the pilots could fly higher than sea level and be exposed to cooler temperatures, whereas leather was very susceptible to rain and sweat. will freeze if exposed to cold air.

With the new jet aircraft innovation, the aircraft cockpit is smaller, closed, and has a heater in it. The thick leather jacket was no longer needed and finally in 1949 they switched to a lighter model, the MA-1, the bomber jacket that we now know.

2. Decoration & Color Bomber Jacket

Today, there are many shops that sell decorative patches to be installed on bomber jackets. There’s even a bomber jacket that is sold with a decorative patch on the design. It turns out that this is nothing new because bomber jackets from the world war era have often been decorated by fighter pilots with patches that mark their military bases, their troops, rankings, number of missions they have completed, and others. But now, decorating bomber jackets as they please the fighter pilots is no longer allowed by the US Air Force / Navy. Fortunately, for those of you who don’t work in the military, you can freely express your bomber jacket with decorative patches, embroidery, or paintings! Also read the 3 bomber jacket styles as your inspiration. Tas Branded

The color of the bomber jacket was initially only available in navy blue, but eventually they produced bomber jackets in khaki green to make it easier for fighter pilots to camouflage between the grasses, if they fell from planes or landed in enemy areas.

3. Popular through subcultures

The bomber jacket was originally produced specifically for the US Air Force and US Navy fighter pilots by Dobbs Industries. However, bomber jackets began to appear in Europe in the late 1950s and were sold through government surplus stores, thrift stores and black markets.

In 1963, a branch of Dobbs eventually became Alpha Industries, and they received a military contract to produce bomber jackets. That’s when more and more bomber jackets were sent to Europe and Australia because Alpha Industries started exporting them to the European Air Force and commercial customers. At the same time, a number of important subculture movements such as skinheads, mods, etc. began to appear all over the world, eventually using bomber jackets obtained from thrift stores, and making it an integral part of their uniforms for the next few decades.

In the 1990s, bomber jackets began to appear again among young people dressed in grunge / alternative because it was a trend to buy vintage items or thrifting. Bomber jackets were often combined with plaid shirts, stonewashed jeans, and doc martens shoes. In the 2000s, bomber jackets began to be seen worn by skateboarders and surfers, which eventually gave birth to a streetwear style and managed to attract the attention of young people from all walks of life.

4. The “Kanye Effect”

Kanye West has an amazing effect! When Kanye was seen wearing a customized MA-1 bomber jacket from Alpha Industries with the words YEEZUS TOUR and selling it as a tour merchandise, Alpha Industries experienced a 30% increase in their sales. Because of Kanye’s merchandise tour, many fast fashion brands such as Zara, H&M, and Topman started to sell models of bomber jackets that were similar to Alpha Industries’s MA-1 type bomber jacket. As a result, bomber jackets became available for the period and customers were given the convenience to be able to follow the Kanye West streetwear style by wearing a bomber jacket similar to Kanye’s even though it was low on a budget. Sepatu Branded

That’s all the facts about bomber jackets.

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4 important men’s accessories that will make you look neat like a real man! Michaelkors Outlet

  1. Pocket Square

Pocket Square is basically a box-shaped handkerchief that is usually tucked in a beautifully folded shirt pocket or suit. Pocket square became famous in the Renaissance and King Richard II of England made it even more popular. In those days, pocket square was used not only as a man’s accessory but also as a symbol of a man’s politeness. For example in ancient times if a woman accidentally spilled something about herself or sneezed, as polite men they would reach their pockets and secretly offer a handkerchief in their pockets.

In general, handkerchiefs made from silk, linen, or pure cotton that makes the price expensive, but over time, the price of pocket squares more affordable and more choices of material. Check out Houseofcuff Pocket Square below so that your gentleman’s aura will shine more!

2. Bow Tie

Bow ties have become mandatory accessories for men since the mid of 1880. Initially, bow ties were only used for formal occasions, but over time these men’s accessories began to be worn for daily use by men. This can be seen among foreign celebrities such as Justin Timberlake, Pharrell Williams, and Johnny Depp. Tas Branded

Interesting facts about bow ties are that they are of two types, some of which you immediately use like Houseofcuff Blue Dark Bow Tie and there are also those that you can knot yourself as you wish such as Houseofcuff Ascot / Cravat Tie Maroon. Bow ties can also be a kind of accessory statement! A bow tie with a unique color or pattern will exude a pleasant personality, while a silk bow tie with classic colors such as navy blue, black, gray and red will give the impression that you are a smart and trusted person! If you want to look like a genius man, get the bow ties product immediately below!


3. Cufflinks

Cufflinks are useful as a substitute for buttons on the cuffs of your shirt sleeves and serve to tighten your shirt cuffs. Cufflinks are arguably men’s jewelry because cufflinks are usually made of expensive materials such as precious stones, pearls, diamonds, and gold. In the past, cufflinks were often used for formal and semiformal events, but now cufflinks are commonly seen everyday to give different accents to men’s shirts and at the same time become accessories that exude a man’s personality.

For formal or semiformal events you can use the classic cufflinks design such as Houseofcuff Cufflinks Circle Sun Black. If you want to wear cufflinks for everyday try to use unique design cufflinks like Houseofcuff Cufflinks Silver Pacman Cufflinks. By using cufflinks, your shirt cuffs won’t be boring anymore! But make no mistake, cufflinks can only be worn with French cuff model shirts. To find out more about French cuff and cufflins shirts, check out the following article. Sepatu Branded

4. Collar Bars

If you are a lover of movies or TV series whose settings are in the 1920-1930s era such as The Great Gatsby or Boardwalk Empire, surely you are familiar with the collar bar because men in that era always used the collar bar to look neater. The collar bar helps to highlight the tie and close the shirt collar.

How to wear these men’s accessories is very easy; First of all, make sure the front of your collar has a special hole to slip the collar bar, if there is, you can continue to use the collar bar of your choice by opening one of the collar bar covers and inserting your collar bar into a special collar bar hole; lift your tie slightly and connect your collar bar to the other special hole and close your collar bar again. Use the Houseofcuff Collar Bar Round Gold so that you don’t worry that your tie is tilted or your collar isn’t aligned because the collar bar will help tidy it all up.

So if you have an important event where you need to look neat in the near future, don’t forget to wear 4 accessories to radiate your gentleman’s side.

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Men’s Fashion Tips for You to Look Cool and Attractive on College

Men’s Fashion Tips for You to Look Cool and Attractive on College

Going to college does not mean synonymous with appearing belel. Wearing oversized batik shirts, shoes that were last washed last year, perforated jeans, or organizational jackets that hang too long on a hanger without being touched by detergents, are some examples that are ‘not really’. Even though that guy doesn’t need to use all kinds of tricks that are all very thick. It simply doesn’t meet these 3 conditions: clean, neat, fragrant. If you have fulfilled all three, surely the college students on your campus will look twice. Take it easy, the list that we discuss here is still in the realm of basic and ‘safe’ really. Let’s look at some of these tips .. Michaelkors Outlet

  • Checkered Flannel shirts never fail to make you look edgy and seem educated

Plaid flannel shirts or tartan shirts are mandatory items that must be in your closet. We are sure, if you definitely have at least one checkered shirt that is often your mainstay for you. It is true, the plaid shirt model never fails to be worn on any body type, both thin and fat. You can combine it with a casual t-shirt in it. Which woman is not weak with a man in a checkered shirt with the top button slightly opened and showing a t-shirt inside? Ohya, the more combos if the arm is rolled. Want to try?

  • Want to look clean and healthy, why don’t you just combine a plain white shirt with blue jeans?

Which student doesn’t have a white shirt? Pas ospek or KKN must be obliged to use it right? Well, it’s time to remove your shirt again and match it with blue jeans. The result? Neat and clean impression can immediately feel. If you’re worried your white shirt will get dirty, just put on your campus jacket. All right

  • On several occasions, do not miss to wear batik fitting your body that is comfortable to wear in a tropical climate.

Wearing batik is a bit tricky. Guys. We certainly agree that batik is cool, Indonesian culture must be preserved, and our pride will rise many times when wearing batik. But on the other hand there are rules that you must pay attention to too, so you don’t ‘challenge’ really. Among them is to choose pieces of batik that fit the body, avoid motives that are too crowded, and prioritize the short-sleeved. Because long-sleeved batik is more suitable for you to use while bringing a trailer that also uses the same patterned batik. Tas Branded

  • Rainy season or night school? Don’t hesitate to wear your sweater!

Because a sweater / sweatshirt or cardigan is the key for you who want to look cool without needing a lot of effort. If your campus does not allow wearing T-shirts, just copy them by wearing a collared shirt behind it. Then leave the collar visible outside the sweater. Or you can order fake shirt, aka sweater with a shirt, just the top! Sepatu Branded

  • For those of you who want to be simple, you can wear Polo Shirts / Polo Shirts / Collared Shirts

Besides shirts, you can also wear polo shirts as a boss to go to campus. You can mix this polo shirt with jeans. Men’s college outfit like this will give the impression of being relaxed but still neat without excessive effort.

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Every decade Glasses become one of the accessories that continues to evolve from time to time. Starting from a visual aid for people who need it, now it has become a form of fashion statement that should be considered. Large to small frames, dark to bright colors, trends always come and go. Therefore, Mister tries to recap the most popular men’s eyewear trends in every decade to inspire your daily style. Michaelkors Outlet

1. The 1950s

Browline Glasses – Browline sunglasses are not only popular, but they account for 50% of sunglasses sales in that era! Lots of famous figures are seen often wearing glasses of this type ranging from veteran actor James Dean to activist Malcolm X. In this modern era there are many variants for this type of glasses. Starting from the color, shape, size, and material with one thing in common, namely the thick upper frame so that it resembles eyebrows.

2. The 1960s

Retro-squared Glasses – This type of sunglasses is a symbol of ‘cool’ in his era. Its popularity slowly increased in the 1960s among creative figures such as Bob Dylan and Andy Warhol. In recent years, this type of glasses has slowly begun to surface and Mister predictions will not disappear for the next few years.

3. The 1970s

Tinted-lens Glasses – Changes in social and political climate are so drastic, the trend in this decade is controlled by the generation of ‘Flower Power’. Through the slogan “peace, love, and rose-colored shades, baby”, the trend of sunglasses with colored lenses is fronted by a variety of top musicians. Names such as Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, to John Lennon are some of the individuals who had a big influence in that era. Tas Branded

Tinted Lens Glasses
Tinted Lens Glasses

4. The 1980s

Aviator Glasses Although it was born long before this generation, the trend of this pilot eyewear just exploded in the 1980s. The film Top Gun, played by Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis, is responsible for the increase in sales of these eyewear, which reached 40% after the film was released. Since then, the trend of pilot sunglasses has never died and has always been the choice of many modern men.

5. The 1990s

Round Glasses If everything seems big and thick in the ’80s, then the’ 90s are the opposite. Glasses trends in this decade are dominated by round frames with smaller and minimalist shapes. Side by side with the style of “grunge” as the center of music and fashion in that era. Sepatu Branded

6. The 2000s

Futuristic Glasses The new millennium opened the futuristic trend in all lines, one of which is glasses. Slimmer shape is the most visible characteristic in this era. One of the characters who represent the trends of this era is Neo (played by Keanu Reeves) in the film Matrix.

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Difference jeans and denim

Difference jeans and denim

Everyone must have been familiar with the term jeans or denim right? Who is also the hell who doesn’t have jeans in her closet?! The pants are thick and so are everyday clothes many people around the world. Jeans and Denim — These two terms are often mentioned simultaneously because many people are considered the same. Michaelkors Outlet

Well, let you get more understanding about the difference, read the reviews below until it is finished YES! NS in the closet?! The pants are thick and so are everyday clothes many people around the world. Jeans and Denim — These two terms are often mentioned simultaneously because many people are considered the same.

  • Broadly, jeans are products, while denim is a material

The basic thing to know about the difference jeans and denim is the final product or its output. Jeans are a finished product in the form of pants of denim material. While denim is the kind of material used to make the jeans itself. So, in other words it can mean that jeans are products of such denim.

  • In addition, jeans are special designations given for denim pants.

It was first created by Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss in 1873, which is to date one of the most famous brands. When the initial start was created, jeans were designed specifically for cowboys and rough workers so they had thick fabrics. If the jeans are made of denim, then the denim is made from a mixture of wool and cotton or wool and also silk. Tas Branded,

If the jeans are a product of a denim, surely the question that appears next is the material denim maker itself. Yes, as a material of forming jeans, denim is made from materials such as alloy between wool and cotton or wool and silk.

However, when it entered the 19th century, the basic material of the denim maker was just cotton. Meanwhile, the blue color of the denim is derived from the processed indigo plant. Although currently classified as a rare, there is still a denim-denim kok that remains to use indigo plants. Surely it is coupled with the price that is also not cheap. Sepatu Branded

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Shirt is a must-have for a man. Unfortunately there are millenials’ perceptions that shirts are tops that can only be used for formal settings. Mister disagrees because there are actually several types of men’s shirts that can be used for all situations without looking stiff or boring. Follow Mister’s recommendation on 4 types of men’s shirts that are suitable for millenials to still look stylish and modern.

Michaelkors Outlet

  • Ultra Casual

Wearing a shirt on a hot and humid day is not recommended, unless the type of shirt is a bowling or cuban-collared shirt. This type of men’s shirt has a collar style that is open and boxy cuttings that display a very relaxed style. Although inspired by the retro style, bowling / cuban-collared shirt is a shirt trend that is currently rising among millennial men. With lightweight materials and various color and pattern combinations, bowling / cuban-collared shirts are the choice of men’s shirts for very casual days. Tas Branded

  • Casual

Need a shirt for a casual day but want to display a more subtle style? It’s time to wear a flannel shirt. Flannel shirts are shirts made of flannel, which consist of cotton, wool or synthetic fibers that are specially woven to create a soft, comfortable texture. Flannel shirts are also a type of shirt that can be displayed as a boss or outerwear. Mister recommends that you look for a flannel shirt that has thinner material to keep it comfortable and cool in Indonesia.

  • Officewear

The two previous types of shirts are perfect for a casual atmosphere, but what is the right shirt for when you work at the office? According to Mister, a reliable shirt is an Oxford shirt button-down. This shirt is made of Oxford cloth which is a thick and quite dense woven fabric. This shirt also has a type of collar that can be buttoned to maintain its shape. A timeless top, a button-down Oxford shirt is the type of shirt that is suitable for professional style (by combining trouser pants) or smart casual appearance (with your favorite jeans subordinate). Sepatu Branded

  • Dress shirt

Although Oxford shirts can be used when going to the office or formal events, but there is one other type of men’s shirt that is more appropriate to use when you come to a prestigious party or a luxurious wedding. This type of men’s shirt is a dress shirt which is a type of shirt made of woven cotton and has a crisper and stiffer texture. Dress shirts also have a variety of collar styles such as spreads, cutaway, and mandarin. This type of shirt can be completed with a suit or blazer and tie accessories.

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New Essential Workwear After Work From Home

New Essential Workwear After Work From Home

Re-entering office doors and meeting clients with a new and fresh look will be a good step to start. The choices of new essential workwear is one of the tricks to get back to work and be productive in the office. Below some recommendations on the best work outfits for you.

Michaelkors Outlet

1. Shirt

Shirts are essential clothes for men wherever you work. Some choices of long sleeve shirts with bright colors to give a playful and active impression so that they can provide more energy in their activities and interactions.

2. Watch

Getting back to work means that you have to be ready to face the tight schedule schedule again. Of course it requires time management capabilities, and watches are functional as well as stylish accessories. You can choose a silver accented watch to give an elegant impression, or with a monochromatic accent and a simple design for you who prefer a low key style. Tas Branded

3. Trousers

If your job does not require a formal dress code, jeans as an option for your essential workwear because of its durability and flexibility to be combined with a variety of styles. Another option is cotton trousers for you who prioritize comfort in moving.

4. Shoes

Shoes are a crown for men in the modern era. Appearing with new shoes will certainly add confidence when returning to work. Shoes made from leather are known to be durable and relatively have the ability to deal with all weather. You can choose shoes with leather soles and have heels for a more formal style, and shoes with rubber sole for a more casual style. Sepatu Branded

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Guide to Choosing Men’s Belts for Formal Events

Attending a formal event with a neat suit will not be complete if the belt you wear doesn’t match your appearance. Michaelkors Outlet

According to the Oxford dictionary, belts are leather or other material that is wrapped around the waist to hold heavy clothing or weapons. Now, the presence of a belt today is not just as functional, but rather more attractive in appearance, especially a man. In formal occasions, trousers with buckles are something that must be worn by men.

Can your existing buckle be used at every event, both formal and informal? Not necessarily. Not all buckles can be used at various events. Do not let you choose the wrong to use a suitable buckle when it comes to official events. Here are guidelines that you can follow in choosing the right belt for use in formal events.

1. Size of length and width

Make sure when you have a buckle suitable for you to use, the width of the buckle is between 1 inch to 1.5 inch. Or if you are confused by numbers, you can measure it with the thumb of the upper hand to the folds. If only this size is called width that is suitable for use in formal events.

Well, usually the size of the buckle also has a different length. Recommended for you, when choosing a buckle try to look for a size that is bigger than your waist. For example, if your waist size is 34 inches, then look for a belt measuring 45 inches. In general, when trying a belt, measure it to fit the third hole when using it. Tas Branded

2. Choose a belt color that matches your formal shoes

If you have formal shoes, it might be a little easier to determine which buckle is right for you. The color of your shoes must at least be represented on the buckle so that it feels matching and commensurate with the clothes you are going to wear. If you use black shoes, then use black buckles as well. So even when you use brown shoes, then use brown buckles too.

3. Leather buckle is more elegant and durable

In accordance with the definition of the buckle itself, leather around your waist. So, it’s good for those of you who have better funds to buy buckles made from genuine leather. Just like choosing the color of the buckle, the material would be better adjust to the shoes you wear. You will try to use leather shoes that will be combined with a leather buckle. Leather is believed to be more elegant and durable when treated properly. Sepatu Branded

Guide to choosing a men’s belt for formal events you can do from now on. The three secrets of buckles that we share will certainly give you a classy look with the formal outfit you wear. And no doubt, you will be the center of attention of many people at the formal event.

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Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Appearance with a Plain T-Shirt

Michaelkors Outlet

Plain T-shirt is a fashion item that is often owned by boys. Plain T-shirts are very easy to wear but tend to be less stylish and seem boring. But don’t worry, you can upgrade your appearance even though you still wear a plain shirt. How to?Michaelkors Outlet

  1. Classic Style

You may have heard the legendary male actor named Marlon Brando or James Dean? The style of two old actors seemed to be a benchmark for men to style with a plain white shirt. It could be because in the past the film was still in black and white, so a plain white T-shirt looks striking on the television screen.

For the classic style of an actor in the 50s, you can combine a plain white shirt with classic dark blue jeans without fading or distressing. Let your appearance clean when stylish like this. To be more classic, wear brown boots and do the cuffing at the end of your jeans to further highlight your boots. Remember, cuffing only a maximum of two folds, so it doesn’t look too big. If your jeans are too long, take them to the tailor to cut them.

2. All black for a higher body impression

If it is classified as a guy with a body that is not too high, you can take advantage of this style. By wearing a black shirt and black pants will give the impression that your body is taller you know. You can also maximize this effect by wearing a plain black v-neck shirt. As for the shoes, you can use a white-soled black sneakers or all-white sneakers to display a monochrome impression.

3. Add a blazer or coat top to appear a little formal

Wearing a jacket or a blazer does seem very formal especially in Indonesia. But you can make your jacket or blazer so much more casual by wearing it on a plain shirt. Besides plain t-shirts you can also combine them with minimal logo polo shirts. Do not forget to wear jeans too so that the impression is much more casual. If you want it to be somewhat neater, replace the jeans with chinos! Tas Branded

4. Leather Jacket

Leather jacket is expensive, but it can be your investment in fashion, because it will make you look cool and can last for years. To be stylish, make sure your leather jacket is sized right on the body. Try lowering the size of the jacket you normally wear. If you can still zipper the jacket and the jacket feels like hugging yourself, then it’s the right size for you. Pair a leather jacket with a plain shirt in white, black and gray that will suit you. As for pants, keep wearing jeans will make you look more macho

5. With a shirt as an outer

Confused looking for outer as a complement to your plain shirt? You just need to find a shirt and make it the outer you know. Choose the material that is not too thick and not too formal so you can still look casual and cool when only combining a shirt with a plain shirt.

If you have a plain shirt that is not good enough, for example, the color is faded, stains that are hard to disappear or turn yellow, using an outer shirt can also be a solution to close it because the shirt is not too hot compared to the jacket so you don’t need to take it off and imperfections on your shirt become closed.

6. Mix with Shorts

A tropical country like Indonesia most often makes its citizens hot. You can still look cool and stylish you know. Pair a plain cotton T-shirt that is cool with shorts. You can choose short chinos to stay relaxed and neat than shorts that are used for sports.

So that you look attractive even with only shorts, the key is the right size when you wear. The standard size that fits your shorts is the length that is above the knee and with slim pieces for your feet exactly like in the picture, yes bro. Don’t forget to pair with your favorite sneakers to be more stylish! Sepatu Branded

7. Denim jacket and t-shirts

The combination of a plain shirt with a denim jacket makes you look casual and stay cool. Mix plain shirts and pants with a different color to your denim jacket so that you look more leverage. If your pants are jeans, make sure the color of the jacket with your pants is much different, yes. For example a light blue denim jacket you can mix with dark blue or black jeans.

Very easy isn’t it, to upgrade the appearance of your plain shirt? Now you don’t need to buy a new shirt to look even more cool, just open your closet and mix it with a combination


No Need to Find Reasons to Buy Shoes Again, If You Have 7 Types of These Shoes!

To support the appearance, a girl must have a myriad of clothing and accessories collections. Ranging from clothes, pants, to shoes that don’t seem to escape attention. No wonder if then girls like to hunt in online shops, malls, shops, or other places to get the best footwear. Michaelkors Outlet

The issue of shoes is also crucial for girls! But, from now on don’t worry anymore, you no longer need to buy shoes every time. Below are several types of shoes that if you have them, your day will be safe and comfortable. Come on, look!

1. Flat shoes are a shoe that fits in a variety of situations and times. Then at least you need to have one

Flat shoes feel like shoes that fit in a variety of times and situations. You can use it for college, work, traveling, or even inviting. For that maybe you need to have at least one pair of flat shoes to complete your appearance. If you want to be safe, choose neutral colored shoes such as black, white, gray, or brown.

2. For the sake of supporting your elegant appearance, high heels might also be able to fill your shoe rack

Once upon a time it felt like you would need to look beautiful and elegant. Well, to support your appearance that will be so girly, you may need high heels. But, to look good with high heels, your feet must be ready to feel tired and achy. Therefore, maybe you don’t have to use it every time. Formal events and invitation can be the right time to wear high heels.

3. For you who have a small body, maybe wedges can be the main choice to decorate your feet

Not only can replace high heels when you want to invite, wedges will be very fitting for you who are petite. Yep! Because wedges will give a higher impression for you. Even though you have high heels, wedges will be more comfortable on your feet. It feels when using this you will not be too sore like when using high heels. Tas Branded

4. If you prefer to look casual, I think you must have sneakers!

No longer can be denied if sneakers are mandatory shoes for you who like to look casual. This shoe is so friendly. Same with flat shoes, you can use kets anytime and anywhere, just how you can mix and match well. For that, maybe at least you have a pair of these shoes so that your day more enjoyable!

5. Moccasins also need to be in your collection. With these shoes, you will be dressed neatly!

Moccasins shoes may be rather retro shoes because they look similar to shoes for guys. Almost similar to flat shoes, it’s just that usually moccasins have a slight thin right on the back. By using this, a neat impression will be very visible from you. So, it feels like this one shoe should be in your collection.

6. Strap sandals or sandals will not be missed from the collection you have

In everyday life, it feels really safe if you have strap sandals or sandals. Even though when you use most of your legs you will see them, you don’t need to worry because they will look neat and sweet. Gosh, guaranteed this will be suitable to accompany you on several occasions, such as lectures or just hangout with friends.

7. Sneakers will make you look more present. Sports can, slang can also.

Sneakers feels like a hit and will make you look more present. Shoes that can be used for this sport can make you look cool when you use it on other occasions. For college or traveling will also be very okay. You must have a pair of sneakers. Sepatu Branded

Those are some types of shoes that you feel you must have on your shelf so that your days become safe and comfortable. With the presence of these shoes, you no longer need to go back and forth to buy shoes. You just need to mix and match it well. That way you will be able to save even more!

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4 factors that make your jeans feel less comfortable, although the price is expensive

Wearing jeans is comfortable for most people. Not only suitable when combined with various bosses, jeans are also fitting for coming to various events without fear of wrong costumes. Among the many colors of jeans, blue is the most widely chosen. What color do you have jeans?

Michaelkors Outlet

But unfortunately, there are still many who feel uncomfortable when wearing jeans, even though the price is not cheap. Hmmm, why? Well, maybe these 4 factors are the cause!

  • Your jeans aren’t stretchy, aka the material isn’t stretching.

Stretchy jeans are highly recommended for those of you who want to be comfortable wearing jeans all day. Want whatever your posture and body shape, choosing jeans with stretchy material will free up your motion, plus not make the thighs down so depressed. Oh yeah, the price of stretchy jeans is usually a little more expensive, but it’s okay for convenience.

  • Washing too often actually makes your jeans stiff, this is a logical explanation!

Enough 2-3 times a week, washing jeans too often is not recommended, lo. But, this depends on how you use it too. For example, you only wear jeans to hang out or hang out for a while, it’s okay if you don’t wash them too often. Just hang it in a place with air circulation.

  • For current reasons, you choose jeans that are too tight in size. Gosh, this is so torturous!

For example, your pants size is usually 30, you should not choose a smaller size like number 29 or 28, yes. This will make your stomach depressed so it is less comfortable for activities even just sitting. So it’s better to use your usual size or increase it by 1 level. Tas Branded

  • Still a matter of size, don’t force it to add a belt if it’s the right size. Don’t just be about style, pay attention to your comfort too

Sometimes there are people who force to wear a belt even though the size of his jeans is right. Of course this is aimed at style, especially for those who like to wear clothes put in pants. However, don’t let this take away from your own comfort. Just outsmart by replacing the boss that does not have to be included, as long as it’s cool! Sepatu Branded

Well, here are some factors that you might not realize why your jeans are uncomfortable. It’s better to be observant from the start, so that you look the best!

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Guidelines for Wearing Cardigans for Men Without Visible Sickness

Cardigan or knit jumpers have the shape of a jacket but open at the front. Nowadays, cardigans are not only worn by women, many men wear them. However, sometimes you can look like you’re sick when wearing a cardigan. Here are 9 guidelines for using a cardigan for men without looking sick.

1. Choose the type and size of the cardigan according to your activity

Finding a suitable cardigan is quite difficult. You should be able to choose the right type and size for a variety of different events. For example, oversized cardigan is more suitable for casual events.   Meanwhile, slim-fit cardigan is worn for formal occasions because it gives a neat impression. Keep in mind, don’t choose a cardigan that is too fit or too oversized, adjust it to your body size and shape,

2. Longline Cardigan for cool casual style

This type of longline cardigan is suitable for casual events. Try combining a longline cardigan with a plain T-shirt and black slim-fit jeans. T-shirts and jeans will give a casual impression, while cardigans will bring a cool touch to your appearance. Michaelkors Outlet

3. Shawl Collar Cardigan which is suitable for cold weather

The collar on this cardigan is inverted round. In general, this type of cardigan is thicker than other types, making it suitable to wear during the rainy season. You can wear this type of cardigan to keep warm and combine it with dark denim pants.

4. Be different in formal events with Button-Up Cardigan

Button-Up Cardigan is one type of the most fans. To make your appearance look modern and masculine, choose a slim fit cardigan style with a simple button design.   Button-up cardigan has a strong formal impression, so you can take advantage of this advantage by mix and match with a suit. Guaranteed, you will stand out at formal events.

5. Chunky Knit Cardigan are warm and fashionable

In addition to keeping you warm, Chunky Knit Cardigan is also able to create a fashionable casual look. You can combine it with denim pants and boots.   This cardigan also has a variety of knit patterns. You can wear a cable knit or longline style pattern if you want to look a little different. Tas Branded

6. Black cardigan suitable for casual events

Casual cardigan design and materials make this item suitable to wear on casual occasions. For those of you who like simple styles, try wearing a black cardigan. Then, combine it with a T-shirt, jeans or chino, and sneakers.

7. Fitted cardigan for semi-formal events

For semi-formal events, you can choose a fitted cardigan and combine it with button-up shirts, pants, and formal shoes. Make sure you choose neutral colors to strengthen the formal impression.

8. Neutral color cardigan for formal events

The versatile and flexible nature inherent in the cardigan makes it suitable for formal events. Combine a shirt, cardigan, and suit as an outer so your style looks more stand out. Avoid cardigans with striking colors and choose neutral colors like white, black, or gray to match the formal feel of the suit.

9. Cardigan as a substitute for a blazer for a formal impression

You can wear a cardigan instead of a blazer and pair it with an oxford shirt and trousers or chino. This way, your appearance will look more amazing.   Sepatu Branded

How, already have plans to mix and match your cardigan with other fashion items?

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Look good on Eid Al-Fitr? Follow these 3 Men’s Fashion

Soon Eid al-Fitr, which is highly anticipated by Muslims in all parts of the world, will soon arrive. One way that is often done by people to welcome the arrival of the day is fit to prepare clothes to wear when Eid. Buying new clothes is considered like a tradition in Indonesia. Not to dissipate but as gratitude and enthusiasm to pursue a new page, back to nature. Interestingly, the style of dress at the time of Eid al-Fitr is not only owned by women because men today do not want to look fashionable and different.

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Mix and Match Men’s Fashion

In contrast to women’s fashion which has many types and choices, men’s fashion seems simpler by choosing almost the same clothing model. However, you do not need to worry because the article is to maximize the appearance and not create the same impression that only requires the right combination of superiors and subordinates.

Fortunately, you do not need to spend, you can mix and match old clothes if your financial condition is not possible. Well, about how do you look good on the holidays? Here are the tips!

  • Long Shirt + Chino Pants

Want to look casual, but still stylish? Just pair your long shirt top with khaki pants. Can also be replaced with a shirt top plus a sweater. Don’t forget shoes and a few accessories like belts and watches to make you look even more charming! This style can be used when gathering with friends on holiday or just the closest family event and also outings. Sepatu Branded

  • Koko Shirt + Jeans

Want to look rather formal but still stylish? Match the koko shirt with the jeans you have. Infinite koko clothes that are only short-sleeved or without a plain alias motif, you can choose koko with simple embroidery motifs, line motifs or color gradations. Your appearance is guaranteed to be fashionable without reducing the religious impression. This style can be used in various situations. Tas Branded

  • Batik Shirt + Fabric Pants

With a solid match batik and cloth pants, you will appear more formal. This outfit is very appropriate if used in halal bihalal events, large family events at Eid or open house. Although it looks formal, but you can still look stylish with the right selection of batik motifs. It is advisable to choose muted colors with simple motifs. Don’t forget your hair style is also adjusted, guaranteed you will look charming and more mature plus manly!

Well, those are some variations of clothing that you can try when Eid later. Indeed, it looks very trivial, but if the clothes are not combined with the slick look of your appearance instead of captivating but it looks chaotic and looks less tidy. Ready to try?

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The Easy Way to Mix and Match Jeans for Men

The most handsome guy is wearing a black shirt. Even so, there are also other solid match that can make men more handsome and authoritative. And the answer is: Denim on Denim, aka piles of denim. Denim material itself is often known as jeans, although denim is not used in jeans alone. Pile denim style usually combines tops and subordinates made from denim. Usually the pants and jeans jacket. Michaelkors Outlet

  • Contrast denim. Mix and match two different clothes made from denim for a classic and safe look

Contrasting your stacked denim clothes might be the safest choice to make. The denim is usually present in dark and light colors. Combining the two makes you look casual and not too visible “piling up.” As a basic rule, light colored denim usually makes clear the parts of the body that are covered, while the dark ones disguise and slimming. Therefore, it would be better if the denim with bright colors are on top, while the dark ones below. A combination of denim jacket, shirt and dark jeans will give you a casual look that is ready to make you look handsome anywhere.

  • Denim with the same wash? Separate with additional motives so that you do not “drown” in denim

If you have two kinds of denim with the same wash, you can still use the denim on denim trend anyway. First, what is denim wash? Simply put, denim wash is the color character of these jeans. Although actually the meaning is more complex and related to how the jeans are produced.

Anyway, wearing denim tops and bottoms of the same color and type of wash does have the potential to fail. If that look doesn’t quite suit you, you can also look like an old-fashioned cowboy mas. One way to avoid this is to add a motif as a separator. By adding a checkered shirt, stripes, or t-shirts with contrasting colors, you can make your stack denim look more cool. Tas Branded

  • Monochrome denim. The dark denim equivalent is not only cool but also makes you look thin

There’s nothing cooler than dark denim, especially the black one. In contrast to denim in blue, combining black piles of denim can give a more positive effect. Besides being cool, all-black monochrome pile denim has a slimming effect.

You can also give a blue touch to your monochrome denim matching. After all, the bright blue and dark blue colors on denim are also on the same chrome. Plus, the monochrome or dark-stacked denim also has a more authoritative impression than his brother the blue denim.

Well, for those of you who like to wear denim or jeans, there’s no harm in trying to match solid denim stacked like this. Especially for guys, the look of denim on denim will make you look more authoritative. In addition, this one display can also make you look more handsome than usual. Do not believe? Try it yourself! Sepatu Branded

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Guys Wearing Slippers Is Not Forever Tacky, 8 Inspiration Ideas Are There Evidence!

This fasting month is indeed the right time to expedite your worship. For those who rarely go to the mosque, surely they become more frequent now? But with daily activities, is it a hassle if you have to take off and wear shoes? More simply, you can wear sandals as an alternative to your daily footwear. Even if you wear sandals, it’s also not possible to go anywhere with flip-flops? To make it more worthy to appear simple but still practical, try wearing leather sandals. Here are some inspiring styles to wear sandals that you can match with your personal style and everyday life! Michaelkors Outlet

1. Flannel shirts, denim pants, and leather sandals for everyday casual style. For you guys who don’t like complicated, this style is just right.

Flannel shirts are a kind of basic clothing that every guy has because of his casual yet presentable impression. Wear one piece of leather sandals with your T-shirt and denim pants. The styles above mix and match dark flannel shirts, black denim, and also black leather sandals that look neutral. So you can wear any color shirt!

2. Leather + Denim Material = Classic street style inspiration for those who like to appear edgy.

The combination of denim and leather is always going to be trendy especially for guys. Not just edgy, the two ingredients seem more macho for boys. Because black leather sandals are very flexible, you can use all kinds of denim colors for your jacket and pants. Blue denim is the most classic, but you can also use pale blue gray or white denim for your jacket and pants pair.

3. The formal atmosphere but wearing sandals, why not? Material suits and pants can also be combined and matched with leather sandals. Tas Branded

If your office has a looser code, why don’t you try wearing leather sandals? Suit suits you can also mix and match with leather sandals as long as you choose a more casual suit. By folding your material a little, you will look more modern and trendy..

4. Black and white monochrome style that makes your style look neat and clean. Black and white monochrome is suitable for all skin colors and body shapes.

The monochrome style is really new, especially the black and white monochrome that everyone can use. Monochrome style also has its own advantages because monochrome style can adapt to many accessories. For example, you can wear your black leather sandals to complement your black and white monochrome clothes.

5. Black leather sandals + all-black monochrome style for you guys who want to look neat and mysterious.

Some guys really don’t like the style too colorful. For those who like to follow the monochrome trend, try the all-black monochrome style above. Put on your black leather sandals with a cardigan, blazer, shirt and black pants for a simple but luxurious look.

6. Ready to go to the mosque in style? Try the matching leather gloves and sandals as below.

Appear okay when worshiping it’s not difficult. Try the example of the style equivalent above. You can try to match black sarong with brown leather sandals or vice versa. As long as there’s a neutral color, you don’t need to be confused about choosing a color.

7. Leather sandals + leather jacket + leather bags. Show your “naughty” style with all-leather clothing.

Not all skin clothing will look excessive as long as you know how to match it. Your leather sandals will be a perfect match with a leather jacket and colored leather bag. In order not to look excessive, use a clothing article made from other materials. For example, you can wear material pants so it isn’t too heavy to see. Sepatu Branded

8. Brightly colored leather sandals are suitable for holidays on weekends. Try wearing it with clothing tops that are also brightly colored.

Weekends are a great time for relaxation and sightseeing. Let everything be more practical, try wearing leather sandals with bright colors. Not only practical, they can also display more enthusiasm for you. The combination of blue and white color above looks bright and also fresh in the eyes especially with a simple t-shirt.

Well if you really want to appear practical in this Ramadan, try wearing leather sandals. They are not only practical, but also stylish. No matter what your personal style of dress, leather sandals will always be an alternative footwear that you can rely on.

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The Boy Fashion Aspects that Girls So Liked. Don’t Make the Wrong Choice Again!

If all this time talking about appearance is always identified with a girl, then it needs to be changed. Because basically not only girls who need to think about and pay attention to it. The reason is clear, because no matter what the conditions are, boys must also pay attention to the appearance that is in him

Well, for guys who are still confused about how to actually look good and cool, especially the appearance that is effective for leaking girls. Let’s see directly below, what are the items of clothes that boys like girls so much.

Michaelkors Outlet

1. A pair of good shoes, clean and not just choose

The main element for good appearance seems to be located in the lower part of the body. Yep! Shoes. As can not be denied if a good pair of shoes is very influential in supporting the appearance. The point of a good shoe is a clean couple. And not only that, the color combination between shoes and clothes worn also took effect. For that, boys, don’t just pick your shoes, okay?

2. White shirt or T-shirt combined with jeans, that’s perfect!

To look perfect in front of a girl, it doesn’t feel complicated. White shirt or T-shirt combined with jeans is the key. It’s a lie if a girl isn’t immediately hooked when she sees a guy in a suit like that.

3. The power of a rolled arm cannot be denied

In the eyes of a girl, the power of a long-sleeved shirt that is rolled up by a guy can’t be denied his charm. Long-sleeved shirts may indeed be identical with boys who are already working, and the rolled up long sleeves are like showing that they are indeed quite persistent workers. Departing from that view, it can be said that the existing charm will blush.

4. Suit clothes in the form of a jacket or blazer with a classic impression also can not be left behind

Suit clothes that are usually in the form of a jacket or a blazer with a classic impression must not be left behind. Because, the classic impression that will be seen can be an essential charm, the logic is which girl does not like to look neat guy. Tas Branded

5. The V-neck sweater worn by a guy is in fact a special attraction

V-neck collar in a sweatshirt or sweater is also very effective so the main attraction. And it is not without reason, these pieces today seem to be able to give a polite impression to those who use them. In addition, the impression of someone who is good at taking care of themselves can also look so thick.

6. Somehow men with hats like always have room in the hearts of most girls

One item that is quite popular with most girls is a hat. Somehow a guy in a hat is like always having room in the heart. So for guys who don’t have a collection of hats, try starting now in installments. Sepatu Branded

7. The neat appearance is something that is very supportive

As good as any clothing that is installed in the body if not accompanied by a neat appearance, then it’s like a pointless thing. Because after all the conditions, a neat, clean, fragrant, and in accordance with ourselves is the main thing to be able to look perfect. Obviously, if it looks neat, it will support a variety of appearances to make it look essential.

That’s a guy’s fashion item that is guaranteed to be effective in making the appearance more cool and perfect. If the clothes are already well-filled, it’s not impossible for girls to just walk away

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Practical Fashion Tips for Men

For some men, choosing clothes can be a challenge. When you cannot determine what outfit is appropriate, whether certain trends are still relevant, to whether you have to bring a jacket. However, if you follow these brief guidelines, you can wear an outfit for any occasion. Michaelkors Outlet

1. Make sure using the fitting size

Maybe this is the most basic thing, but there are still many men who choose the wrong size of their own clothes. Using the right size is key, if you use clothes that are too big, you will drown. For men who have a larger body posture, avoid skinny jeans under any circumstances, skinny jeans will show areas that you really don’t want to highlight. To get a cleaner look, try using slim legged jeans or pencil pants.

2. Keep it simple

Simplicity is an old age trick that works. Choosing a simple style can be a way to look clean and smart. Using even one color you can do, like all-black outfit – a safe choice, but the color combination can make you more attractive and stylish. If you want a formal style for this rainy year-end, tailored wool-blend coat with camel color to give a warm and stylish impression. Tas Branded

3. Wear key pieces

Look classic like a mix of black and white has indeed become a trend of all time. So as not to look boring, there’s nothing wrong to wear a fashion piece with different details or colors to make your appearance more stylish. Statement coat or jacket can easily change your simple appearance. The statement coat is too excessive? What about watches, or bags that can be the center of attention? That way you can easily stand out with minimal effort.

4. Classic shoes

Like clothing, you definitely want shoes that can be worn for all needs. Using shoes that have classic colors and shapes, you will avoid the problem of ‘confused which shoes to wear’. Men’s shoes like loafers and brogues may seem too formal, but both are timeless shoes. Of course you can’t always wear these shoes, so you also need to make sneakers, because shoes with good quality will last a very long time. Choose neutral colors to suit any clothing color. Sepatu Branded

5. Know your style’s preference

This is the most important thing, which is knowing your style’s preference for having the perfect style. Follow the fashion trends according to your personality. For example the trend of skinny jeans, there are some body shapes that are not recommended to wear jeans of this model, so it is better to also adjust the body shape and comfort in every fashion trend. So knowing what style suits you best is one of the easiest ways to look stylish and confident.

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Stylish Tips on Using Dickies Pants

Keep your skinny pants in the closet, now it’s time for pants with more loose models that fill the fashion scene.
The evolution of the Dickies pants is quite complicated. This brand from the United States has gone through generations of construction workers, miners, soldiers and skaters. This year is a pretty strange year for the trend of men’s pants, a 90s style rockstar style that is like a rapper and a skateboarder. With this confusing trend, you get it all with Dickies! You can wear it for professional purposes but still feel comfortable and look modern. The following are tips and inspiration for a mix and match outfit using Dickies. Michaelkors Outlet


One of the simplest matching is to combine your pants with a sweater, if you want an outfit that is warm enough. With the right blend, you will not look like a lazy person, instead you will look sharp yet still so casual. Choose a neutral sweater color if you want to use this outfit for work, you can also play different textures and styles. For example, you can wear black, navy, or gray pants. By using this color, you are safe enough to use any color as the boss.


Introduced for the first time between 1950-1960, Dickies chino pants became one of the most popular fashion items. In recent years, the skater sub-culture has taken over the trends of world fashion, this can be found from a lot of street style inspired by the Skater Boy style. If you do not like jeans, these pants can be used as an alternative. Structural tailoring on dickies pants gives a sophisticated and very stylish finish when combined with a shirt. Roll your pants up a little and don’t forget to use your favorite sneakers for maximum style. Tas Branded


Using thick clothes becomes a necessity when it has entered the rainy season in Indonesia, so using layering techniques on your outfit is very reasonable. Layer chinos with hoodie or jacket for a relaxed street style look. If the weather gets colder, add beanies to make your appearance more complete. Feel free to play with colors. Sepatu Branded

Now you do not need to be confused anymore how to look stylish with dickies.

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Tips on Choosing an uptodate Hoodie Style

Hoodie is famous for its final appearance that seems relaxed, and “free”. Everyone likes hoodies and is used both during the rainy season or during the dry season (of course with different materials). Michaelkors Outlet

Hoodies are long lasting items because they are always used and are timeless. This is caused by the colors, motifs, and various kinds of images formed on the hoodie are increasingly diverse. Hoodie is also increasingly famous for the existence of skateboard communities around the world.

Various styles of hoodies have been created and some of them look “forced” so that the essence of the hoodie itself that seems relaxed, slowly fades. There are a number of color-coded looks that you can use with just a hoodie to look cooler!

1 White Hoodie with Jogger Pants

This one appearance is very easy to apply. Armed with a white hoodie with jogger pants with white colored accent lines on the side of the pants, with white sneakers that match the color of your hoodie. For sneakers, you can use white with high top sneakers, or black sneakers as another reference. As an accessory, bucket hat can be your friend to look cooler. Tas Branded

2 Shine like yellow!

Using yellow is never wrong. If you adhere to a neutral color, maybe yellow can be your consideration for creating an aesthetic impression. Use black pants as a subordinate and black sneakers to create a neat silhouette of the lower body. Or, as a subordinate you can use white trousers or white jogger pants with matching colored shoes.

3 When in doubt, wear black

Even though Indonesia is fairly bright (not too hot), many fashion observers prefer to use black as the main color of the hoodie. This is because the pieces created seem neat when used.

For a black hoodie, it is better not to always be exposed to sunlight. This is done to prevent the fading black color on the hoodie and also the black color absorbs heat faster than other brighter colors.

The choice of pants color must also be considered. Although black is a neutral color, but for merging with other colors is not too easy to do. Brown or beige, white and blue jeans or blue sky are subordinate colors that you can try. In addition, white sneakers and waist bags are a perfect match for you for an increasingly stylish style with this outer one! Sepatu Branded

Here it is, some stylish appearance by using a hoodie. Which one will you try? Share your thoughts with us!

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