10 Don’t Fashion For Short Bodied Men

Having a tall body shape and field would be the dream of almost all men because men with body shapes like this are usually the ideal type of women. Unfortunately not all men can get this ideal body shape easily.

They also do a variety of ways, ranging from sports, taking supplements enhancing the body to choose clothes that they think can make their appearance seem higher.

But not a few men who actually make mistakes when dressed which actually makes it look shorter, maybe including one of the men who often do it.

1. Avoid Gingham Motifs and Horizontal Lines

Horizontal stripe motif or a straight line to the side and the gingham motif aka checkered will make your body look more ‘wide’ to the side, not high up. Instead of wanting to look taller, these two motifs will actually make you look shorter. Vertical stripe motif is the most suitable motif for you because it can give the illusion effect that makes your body look taller.

Gingham Motifs
Gingham Motifs

2. Oversized clothes

Another mistake most often made by short stature men is to wear clothes that are much larger than body size. This shirt that is too loose will make you look as if you’re ‘sinking’ in a shirt and make you look even more sunk, especially if the length is below the hips. The solution, use a slim fit shirt or that fits in the body, in this case not too big or small, and the length falls right on the hips.

3. Don’t Collect Bright Clothes Michaelkors Outlet

You like to collect clothes with bright colors? If so, you should stop to add to your bright color collection because bright colors like red, yellow and pink will only make your body more volume. You should fill the wardrobe with earth tone clothes like black, brown and navy. These three colors will give a higher impression on your body.

4. Clothing Material

Is Too Thick The intention is to wear a sweater to look like a cool Korean boy band member? You are mistaken for Toppers, because thick clothes like sweaters, hoodies and jackets tend to make your body look wider and shorter. Instead of appearing cool, your appearance will actually look “not really” when wearing a sweater. Now clothes made from light and thin like cotton, polyester and jersey are the most appropriate choice.

5. Shoes with a Short Base

Short-bottomed shoes such as sandals, slip-on shoes and sneakers are not the right choice for you who have a short body posture. If you can’t increase your height, you can work around this by wearing shoes that are equipped with thick soles. For example, like boots and thick soled loafers. These shoes can at least increase your body height by a few centimeters.

6. Don’t Wear a Coat with Buttons of More Than Three

Jackets, blazers or cardigans with more than three buttons will also make the upper body less pronounced more clearly visible. If you want to wear a suit, you should choose a suit that only has one or two buttons with the type of single breasted. Also make sure also, the suit you choose is not too long, try to fall in length right on the buttocks.

7. Pants that are too high

Another mistake often made by short stature men is wearing pants that are too high, especially to above the waist. This habit will make you who have a body posture not too high so it looks shorter. To give a higher body effect, wear pants slightly above the hips. Also, make sure the stitches of the pants fall directly above the shoes and also avoid folding the bottom of the pants.

8. Shirts and Round Collar Shirts

Do you like to wear shirts and shirts with a round collar? If so, keep a shirt and a round collar shirt because they will only make you look rounder and shorter. For t-shirts, you should choose a v-neck collar that will help your upper body look more level. As for shirts, high collar models and not too wide can be your choice.

9. Wear a Bow Tie

Wearing a bow tie will indeed make you look younger, but be careful, because this type of tie is not suitable for you who have a short body posture. Ties that are the right length to fall on the belt and are not too wide can be the most appropriate choice for going to the office or when attending other formal events.

10. Long haircuts

Not only clothes that affect your body size, it turns out hair also affects. Long hair will cover your neck and shoulders, making your neck level more invisible. Short haircut that rises to the top like a spike is the most appropriate choice and will make your neck look more level.

Now if you don’t want to look shorter, avoid making the mistake above!

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