10 These Habits Can Cause Hair Loss

Thick, loose hair is the dream of almost all women. Unfortunately, hair problems such as hair loss become a barrier for women to have their dream hair. Hair loss itself is caused by various factors, ranging from genetic factors to habits that are often unconsciously done. Now if you don’t want your hair loss to get worse, you should start to stop the habits described below.

1. Take a shower with hot water

Bathing with hot water can reduce natural hair oil products and make the skin and pores of the head dry, which ultimately leads to damage to hair roots. Damage to the hair roots will make the hair dry and brittle, so that the hair becomes more easily broken and fall out. Therefore, try not to bathe and wash your hair too often using hot water. If forced to take a shower with hot water, just pour hot water on the body only, while for the head, use plain water.

2. Often use a hairdresser tool

Frequently use a hair dryer, curling iron and curling iron? Naturally, if your hair always falls out. This is because the heat produced by the hairdresser tools can damage the protein in the hair, making the hair cuticles unprotected. This cuticle damage will ultimately reduce moisture on the scalp and hair, which then makes hair more prone to hair loss. We recommend that you reduce the use of hairdressing tools that produce heat. Just use 2 or 3 times a week, and try with the lowest temperature. And don’t forget to always apply hair vitamins to protect your hair from dryness due to hot temperatures.

3. The wrong diet

The wrong dietary pattern will make the body lack essential nutrients, one of which is protein. Due to lack of protein, the body will take the protein in the hair, which will eventually make the hair fall out and thinner. Even though you are on a diet program, you should still calculate and fulfill the nutritional intake you need every day. Foods that are rich in protein, such as fish and nuts, will keep your hair thick and avoid hair loss problems.

4. Wrong hair to dry

When it is wet, the hair cuticle will enlarge so that it increases the likelihood of hair breakage and loss. Therefore, be careful when drying and combing hair. It’s best to avoid drying your hair by rubbing it too tight using a towel. This will cause friction on the hair and towels that can damage hair cuticles. Simply dry your hair by gently patting your hair, then wrap it in a towel.

5. Tying hair too tight Michaelkors Outlet

Ponytail tightly will put excess pressure on the hair follicles, which is certainly not good for the health of hair follicles. Even excessive pressure on the follicle can cause injury that can cause permanent damage and make hair will not grow again. Therefore, you should avoid tying hair too often and tight, especially when sleeping. Tying hair while the hair is still wet is also not recommended, because it will trigger the growth of fungi that can cause infection of the scalp.

6. Scratching the head

The itching that appears on the scalp sometimes makes our hands impatient to scratch it. But these habits can actually be the cause of hair loss you know, Scratching the head will cause damage to the cuticles which eventually also triggers hair loss. If the scalp feels itchy, you better find the cause of the itching so that you can handle it in the right way. If the itching is caused by dandruff, shampoo with shampoo containing zinc, selenium, tea tree oil and other ingredients that can eliminate the fungus that causes dandruff.

7. Rarely or too often shampooing

Rarely shampooing will make the fungus thrive on the scalp, which makes hair fall out more easily. In addition, mold that builds up on the scalp can also clog the hair follicles so that hair growth is inhibited. Too often shampooing is also not good for hair health because it can reduce the production of natural oils in the hair. Eventually the hair will become dry and fall out more easily. Therefore, just wash your hair once a day, no need to wash every time you shower.

8. Comb from top to bottom

This habit is probably the thing you do most often. It may seem trivial, but combing hair from top to bottom will only further aggravate the hair loss that you experience, especially when tangled hair. We recommend that you comb your hair down first so that it is no longer tangled, then comb it from above. In addition, also avoid combing hair when the hair is still wet. Dry it first by aerating it.

9. Smoking

Besides disturbing the health of the body such as the heart and lungs, smoking can also cause hair loss. This is because smoking will cause circulation to the blood vessels to be not smooth so that blood production to the hair follicles is also inhibited.

10. Stress

Mental health apparently also affects hair health. Usually hair will begin to fall out and thin out when you experience pressure and stress. This situation occurs even worse in men. When men experience stress, hormone production will increase, especially the hormones testosterone and dehydrotestosterone. Both of these hormones will seep into the hair shaft and cause thinning. In the end the hair becomes damaged and falls out, can even cause permanent baldness. Surely you don’t want your hair to become thinner due to loss? Start to stop doing the habits above!

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