10 Types of Glasses For Men’s Fashion

Glasses are one of the men’s accessories that are able to make appearance more cool and fashionable. The types and models of eyeglasses are also quite a lot so you can wear them on a variety of different occasions, such as holidays to the beach, hangouts with friends, or to other events. Let’s get to know the first 10 types of glasses below at the article! Michaelkors Outlet

1. Wayfarer Glasses

If you don’t like glasses with unique or excessive models, wayfarer glasses are the solution. These glasses were first introduced by Ray-Ban, one of the famous eyewear brands in 1956. These glasses became popular when Tom Cruise and Orlando Bloom often wore these glasses.

Wayfarer glasses have a thick frame size and surround the entire lens with a nearly square shape. These glasses are suitable for all shapes and sizes of the face. You can get an elegant, metropolis, and classy look by wearing wayfarer sunglasses.

2. Glasses D Frame

As the name implies, this type of glasses has a shape resembling the letter D in a horizontal position. With D Frame glasses, you will get a modern-retro, futuristic look and look younger. These glasses can be used on various occasions and are most suitable for you who have a round face (round). If you are not sure, also read how to choose sunglasses according to your face shape so that you look more okay.

3. Cat Eye Glasses
The next type of glasses is cat eye glasses. As the name suggests, these glasses are shaped like sharp cat eyes. These retro-designed sunglasses were popular in the 1950s and are widely used by world celebrities such as Marylin Monroe and Audrey Hepburn.

4. Glasses Wrap Around

Wrap around glasses were first introduced in 1960. It has a sporty, casual and fashionable impression. This type of glasses that have a large enough size serves to protect the eyes from dust and sunlight. Wrap around goggles are usually used during shooting practice and also in outdoor sports. These glasses are suitable for you who have an oval or triangular face with a pointed chin. Also read the beard model that suits your face shape.

5. Shield Glasses

Shield glasses have a wide lens and become one (between the right and the left), and usually have a square design. These glasses are suitable for use outdoors to protect the eyes from dust and sunlight. Sepatu Branded

6. Clubmaster Glasses

These glasses are given the nickname as browline sunglasses because the upper frame is thick like eyebrows and the bottom is not frame. These sunglasses were once popularized by Colonel Sanders and are retro-style glasses.

7. Novelty glasses

This type of glasses is a pair of glasses for party costumes with various shapes and ‘unique’ that are usually worn during Halloween, New Year, etc. These glasses are only as an entertainment accessory, not to protect the eyes from dust or sunlight.

8. Aviator Glasses

Aviator sunglasses are the type of glasses most often used by pilots. Aviator itself is a name taken from the word aviation which means ‘flight’ and was first made in 1930. Aviators often use this type of glasses because aviator eyeglasses are designed wide and are able to protect the eyes from the reflection of sunlight from various angles. This classic eyeglass frame is made of metal with a reflection or smokey lens. These sunglasses are gaining in popularity since musicians and world actors use aviator sunglasses, including Paul McCartney, Freddie Mercury (lead vocal Queen), and Ringo Starr.

9. Oversized Glasses

As the name suggests, these glasses have a large size and cover all parts of the eye. The frame frames the entire lens and is usually thick. This type of sunglasses has a variety of styles on tints lenses, their colors, as well as on their varied frame models. These glasses are more often used for style only because it is less suitable when used to ward off sunlight. However, these glasses can hide tired eyes or red eyes if you stay up all night. Also read how to eliminate effective panda eyes here. Tas Branded

10. Round Glasses (Vintage Round Frame)

The first time glasses were made, the frames and lens of the glasses were round. So, you could say round frame glasses are the first type of glasses that ever existed. The size of the lens of these glasses is not too wide and the frame material is usually made of metal or plastic. These glasses are very identical to the Chinese, but they were once popularized by the legendary John Lennon. These round glasses are also a favorite of Apple Inc. founder Steve Job. He is often seen wearing these round glasses on many occasions.

Which type of glasses do you like the most?

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