25 Types of Women’s Handbags (11 – 15)

11. Envelope Clutch

This clutch raises the stakes of a formal handbag even higher. With that being said, while the standard clutch can work with a wide range of styles, the envelope clutch is generally reserved for formal wear or elegant outfits. Similar to the standard namesake, this clutch is small and flat. This bag does not have a strap or handles and must be maintained. It is also categorized as one of the smallest handbags ever existed.

12. Frame Bag

Recently falling out of favor, but its unique silhouette, all but guarantees that fashion will bring it back soon. It is a medium-sized bag that has a firm bottom and sides stiffer so it can stand upright. Its trapezoidal shape is unique and its straight lines are to provide for business and casual wear. This is one of those bags that often ignore shoulder strap for a more intelligent, driven design.

13. Folder Purse

This is not as well-known as most women opt for a larger bag, when they actually have to take things like paperwork. That said, this is not a particularly large bag, often running at intermediate sizes. However, to ensure the integrity of important documents, these bags can withstand usually the more rigid characteristic sides upright, and a longer strap to prevent the bag from bunching up. Needless to say that this bag is most suitable for business wear.

14. Hobo Bag

This bag rose to fame in the mid-2010s and shows no signs of slowing down at all. The slouchy silhouette of this bag is great for casual wear and shoes presented especially with casual style of Bohemian. Hobo bags occasionally are designed to stand up and regularly avoid strap handles with a longer drop. This is often a larger bag to be made of softer materials but will include other accents and has a crescent shape.

15. Messenger Bag

One of the few handbags that is appreciated by men and women, though messenger bags of both sexes often differ slightly. Specifically, women’s messenger bags tend to be smaller then the men’s. In addition, these bags usually have a hinged lid that closes with a clasp. This bag also generally have a fairly long leash while allowing it to be used as a crossbody bag. This bag can be used for both casual and business, but rarely is suitable for formal wear.

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