25 Types of Women’s Handbags (21 – 25)

21. Satchel

Satchel Bag
Satchel Bag

More or less the ultimate business bag and its like a cross between a messenger bag and a saddlebag. Satchel will have a flat bottom with rigid sides that allow it to stand, even though it is generally not one of the larger bags. In addition, the bag has the upper hand with folding clasp both panniers and messenger bags favor. Finally, also it comes with a long strap crossbody wear, but also has a handle for versatility.

22. Shoulder Bag

Similar to the crossbody bag, a shoulder bag is not really its own kind and instead refers to any type of bag designed to be worn on the shoulder. Shoulder bags can come in a variety of silhouettes, although it has a tendency to favor silhouettes bag medium and large. The strap of a shoulder bag can be long or short, but rarely be enough to be worn crossbody. Equipment and appropriate style will depend on the type, although wear business is so smart how are you going bags.

23. Sling Bag

Often it referred to as a phone bag these days and can assume a number of different silhouettes. In any case, the sling bag will have a long strap that allows it crossbody or shoulder wear. This bag is easily one of the smaller bags because they rarely can have more than one phone and a pair of cards. That said, leather bags can be made to work with almost any style of suit and offers a great feminizing touch of elegance.

24. Tote Bag

Often called shopping bags or beach bags, Toe Bag is usually one of, if not the largest type of bags and rarely be able to find one that is smaller than average size. The bottom of this bag will sit on the floor with the side climbing higher even if the parties do not have to be rigid. This type of bag usually use a set of longer handles that allow it to be carried by hand or shoulder. The size of this bag usually relegated to a more casual wear, but often provide the highest average capacity.

25. Wristlet

Wristlet Bag
Wristlet Bag

Usually is some type of clutch design that comes with a short strap adapted to be worn around the wrist. More often than not, this bag favors the smallest clutch silhouette on. Of course, this wrist strap is so often not just an accent and is not necessarily used unless it is also not use any bracelets or other wrists accessories.

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