4 factors that make your jeans feel less comfortable, although the price is expensive

Wearing jeans is comfortable for most people. Not only suitable when combined with various bosses, jeans are also fitting for coming to various events without fear of wrong costumes. Among the many colors of jeans, blue is the most widely chosen. What color do you have jeans?

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But unfortunately, there are still many who feel uncomfortable when wearing jeans, even though the price is not cheap. Hmmm, why? Well, maybe these 4 factors are the cause!

  • Your jeans aren’t stretchy, aka the material isn’t stretching.

Stretchy jeans are highly recommended for those of you who want to be comfortable wearing jeans all day. Want whatever your posture and body shape, choosing jeans with stretchy material will free up your motion, plus not make the thighs down so depressed. Oh yeah, the price of stretchy jeans is usually a little more expensive, but it’s okay for convenience.

  • Washing too often actually makes your jeans stiff, this is a logical explanation!

Enough 2-3 times a week, washing jeans too often is not recommended, lo. But, this depends on how you use it too. For example, you only wear jeans to hang out or hang out for a while, it’s okay if you don’t wash them too often. Just hang it in a place with air circulation.

  • For current reasons, you choose jeans that are too tight in size. Gosh, this is so torturous!

For example, your pants size is usually 30, you should not choose a smaller size like number 29 or 28, yes. This will make your stomach depressed so it is less comfortable for activities even just sitting. So it’s better to use your usual size or increase it by 1 level. Tas Branded

  • Still a matter of size, don’t force it to add a belt if it’s the right size. Don’t just be about style, pay attention to your comfort too

Sometimes there are people who force to wear a belt even though the size of his jeans is right. Of course this is aimed at style, especially for those who like to wear clothes put in pants. However, don’t let this take away from your own comfort. Just outsmart by replacing the boss that does not have to be included, as long as it’s cool! Sepatu Branded

Well, here are some factors that you might not realize why your jeans are uncomfortable. It’s better to be observant from the start, so that you look the best!

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