4 Ways to Choose Men’s T-Shirts for Every Skin Color

For men who like to pay attention to their appearance, this article really needs your attention. Choosing shirts inside is not only about choosing a comfortable material but also the appropriate color. Not only in accordance with the shirt or output you want to use but also with skin color. Why? Because choosing the wrong color of the shirt can make you look shabby and dirty. Of course you don’t want to look dirty and dull, do you? So you should consider tips on choosing t-shirts for each of these skin colors.

  • Dark Skin

Do you feel insecure wearing a shirt because your skin is dark? Eits! That is wrong thinking. Dark skin is actually suitable for using many other things when it comes to colored fashion. You can wear the most colorful shirts. You better choose a shirt with a contrasting color so that your skin looks brighter. If you want to choose a neutral shirt color, avoid black. Choose lighter colors like white or light gray. By using these colors you also make the appearance more pleasant when seen. So, avoid dark colors. Like purple, green, dark chocolate or magenta.

  • Olive skin color

You match the pastel colors. The colors are not too bright anyway. For example, such as broken white, brown, light blue or light blue. Then pay attention too, you should not use colors that are too bright T-shirts such as green, pink, yellow or red, because these colors will make a contrast there on your skin that is quite far away. Instead of light, your skin will look dull if overwritten by colors like red or yellow. Michaelkors Outlet

  • Brown skin

A colorful shirt that is definitely suitable for your skin, which is often called exotic. You can use yellow, red, green, blue, light purple, orange, etc. These colors will make your skin look brighter. Yummy your skin, dark colors also look suitable, you know. Just don’t do it too often. Your skin can look dead or dull if you use dark clothing too often. So, use bright colors.

  • White skin

Who says white skin is suitable for any color? Choosing the color of clothes is rather tricky. Although many people say that white skin matches any skin color, it doesn’t. You need to avoid colors that are too young. For example the color of aqua, baby pink, or sunlight yellow. The colors can make your skin look glare and too pale. In addition, you will also be a little annoying in people’s eyes when they see your appearance.

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