5 Clothing Models for Wide Shoulder Owners To Be More Confident

Like to feel less confident with broad shoulders? Or is often thought to work as a swimmer, due to broad shoulders? Do you also often get confused when choosing clothes, for hours in front of the glass? Take it easy! You can make your weaknesses an advantage that can be highlighted, with 5 clothing models for wide shoulder owners to be more confident.

Divert attention with V-neck clothing models

Avoid models that are too wide collar so that the shoulder is not too exposed. Use a low-cut V-neck, to divert attention to your broad shoulders. However, if you are not comfortable using a V-neck that is too low, you can use a tank top as a shirt with a V-neck collar. For subordinates, use a pencil skirt that makes your body look more curve and sexier.

Newfangled peplum clothes

Balance your broad shoulders with peplum-style clothes. The peplum top will give volume to the hip area, creating the perfect curve. In addition, you will also look more chic with peplum accents on this outfit.

Long Cardigan Michaelkors Outlet

Give a layer to the look by using a long cardigan output. This method is arguably effective for disguising broad shoulders. The long model will disguise attention on broad shoulders. For depth, you can choose a simple tank top or plain shirt.

Kimono that is easily integrated with anything

Like kimono? This clothing is also one of the solutions for you who have broad shoulders. Usually, kimono has a falling material that can disguise the shape of a broad shoulder. In addition, kimono is also easily integrated with various types of clothing and styles. Combine it, a kimono with a plain tank top and jeans for a casual look.

Flare skirt

Confused choosing the right subordinates, for the owner of a broad shoulder? Balance your boss with a newfangled flare skirt. This type of skirt, is able to provide volume to the lower part of the body. So that you do not seem more contained, you should choose a boss that is sized or fit in the body.

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