5 Men’s Hairstyles That Are Trending in 2021

The new year 2021 is in sight. Are you planning to change your hairstyle to welcome this hopeful new year 2021? Changing your appearance doesn’t have to mean changing your style of dress or diet, you know. As simple as changing hairstyles, you can look completely different!
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So, for the men’s hair trend in 2021, you might see hairstyles that are quite familiar. That’s a trend, like a wheel that keeps on turning. It could be that some men’s hairstyles that are trending in 2018 will be back in 2021.
In the coming 2021, it is estimated that men’s hairstyles will tend to be oriented towards South Korea because the popularity of South Korea in terms of fashion, beauty, and music has increasingly touched Indonesian society. After all, the look offered is still suitable for men’s hair in Indonesia and gives off a relaxed, stylish and clean impression! Well, before deciding to change hairstyles, let’s first look at below what styles are trending in 2021.


Buzz cut or what is more familiarly called the cropped hairstyle is a military style cut that has become a trend since the end of 2020. How not? We can’t go outside and get a buzz cut that makes you feel cooler and doesn’t require much maintenance. Well, it’s not only practical, with this haircut you look more macho and fresh! Try, deh, you check. Lots of celebrities have this haircut, you know!
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Very popular in Korea, the two block haircut is the latest K-Pop hair trend that has managed to captivate many K-Pop fans, you know! So, a two block haircut is an improvisation of an undercut hairstyle. The sides of the hair are cut shorter, while the hair at the top is made longer.
How is the styling? Well, you just need a curling iron or iron to give your hair texture, like it looks wavy. That way, your hair style will be very stylish and up to date!


In the past, middle parted hair was very synonymous with ’90s hairstyles, starting from grunge bands to boy bands. Nowadays, middle part hairstyles, or curtains are very common in South Korea! Well, this time the curtains are more versatile and can be changed according to your character.

Curtain hairstyle, or the middle part, which apparently also has another designation, namely eBoy haircut. Curtain haircuts are characterized by split bangs in the middle or at the edges. This haircut is quite flexible, because it depends on hair length, texture, color, and face shape. You can look straight from the 90’s or from the present. It’s all in your hands!
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A bro flow is a haircut of medium length that only allows hair to grow and reach its natural shape. Many men use this hairstyle, combed back so it doesn’t block the eyes, but this haircut is very easy going and can be styled according to your taste.
The right cut is also important. Ask your barber to keep the ends trimmed and tidy, but let the layers in your hair grow out as is. This is the best way to get a natural looking hair shape. Finally, choose the right styling product. All you need is a light textured spray or pomade that you can use to help shape your hair a little.


This men’s hair trend is called Comma Hair because it does
This trend is called the ‘Comma Hair’ trend because it does reveal an inward curved front, resembling a comma. Shhh, this hairstyle can make the jawline firmer, and make the face smaller and pointier, you know! Wow, deservedly, this hairstyle is so popular among Korean idols!
In order for you to look attractive and smart, mix turtleneck tops, blazers, material pants, and loafers is the look that best matches this hairstyle!
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Well, there are some trends for men’s hairstyle models in 2021. Which haircut would you like to try first? Share your thoughts with us!

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