5 Mistakes Men Often Make when Shaving

If you are new to knowing about shaving or shaving the face, at least what you need to know is how to wet shaving it is necessary to lubricate your skin first before you do it. Many think that it is easy to shave a mustache or beard on a face, but unknowingly there are small mistakes that are often missed and overlooked but can have quite serious effects. Want to know anything?

  • Lack of preparation for shaving

Many men think that shaving preparations only need to wet the face and lubricate with soap or foam. Even though it’s not that fast, it takes at least three minutes to wait after you wash your face and wet it before you start shaving. This is to avoid irritation and trigger acne. Another drawback, is the foam cream that is less stable. Instead of using foam products that have preservatives and chemical ingredients that are stable, you are better off choosing soap or shaving cream. There are several risks of allergies and irritation if you use foam-based products.

  • Ignoring the direction of hair growth on the face such as beard, mustache or beard

Hair does not grow just like that and immediately comes out of the body. Hair will follow a certain direction. Make sure you shave in the opposite direction from the hair growth. This can ensure that your shaving results will be cleaner, neater and not sick because it does not need too much pressure. The face is not only clean but can prevent the rapid hair regrowth. Do it carefully, because once you have a shaving wound, it will show on your face and it will take several days for it to completely heal. Even longer until the scar disappears.  

  • Press too hard with the wrong angle of the shaver

This is the most common mistake made, pressing the shaver too hard on the skin. If you need to press hard, that means either the direction of your shaving is wrong, your razor isn’t sharp or your facial skin will be less lubricated. If the angle of the shaver against your skin is too blunt, it can risk making your facial skin hurt or irritated. Make sure your shaving angles are sharp so that the razor you use isn’t like stabbing and rubbing your skin. Michaelkors Outlet

  • Shaving on skin that is not smoothed

Another common mistake is shaving on skin that is not wet enough or “smoothed” by using soap or cream. Moreover, the dry one is sacred or not soaked with water. Remember that you need to lubricate your skin before shaving, at least with water.    

  • Shaving in the same place repeatedly and continuously

One fatal mistake that is often made even by experienced shavers is to repeat the same shaving place constantly. Doing this turns out to be very risky for injury. There are several causes to be shaved in the same place, for example a razor that is no longer sharp, hair or hair is still too long so that only partial shaving or lubrication is lacking.

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