5 Predicted Men’s Fashion Styles That Will Trend in 2022

Even though it has passed, the euphoria of New York Fashion Week (NYFW) 2022 is still felt. As the most awaited fashion event by fashion lovers around the world, it is not surprising that the New York Fashion Week event always manages to provide the latest trends in the fashion world.

This year, NYFW has again succeeded in providing new ideas and breakthroughs in the fashion world that have successfully been in the spotlight. In fact, according to several pageant experts, this breakthrough is predicted to become a men’s fashion trend in 2022.

Well, here IDN Times has summarized five men’s fashion styles that are predicted to trend in 2022 from NYFW. Listen to the end!

  1. Knit layering Michaelkors Outlet

Brands Who Decides War and Tombogo managed to steal the attention at NYFW 2022 by displaying several fashion collections themed knit layering which is predicted to become one of the men’s fashion trends in 2022. Not only knit vests, but also knit sweatshirts, to knit tops combined with various other fashion items.

Interestingly, the two brands also implemented design modifications from the knit fashion items they exhibited at NYFW 2022. For example, the Tombogo brand modified the knit vest design into a crop top shape so that it looks minimalist when used as an outer. There is also a collection of knit vests from Who Decides War which is cut asymmetrically at the bottom.

  1. Wide leg pants

Who loves oversized outfits? Well, one of the hype oversized fashion items at NYFW 2022 is wide leg pants. As the name implies, wide leg pants are identical to the bulky model, which makes these pants very comfortable to wear.

There are two well-known brands that are stealing attention with their wide leg pants collection at NYFW 2022. First, there is the Willy Chavarria brand whose latest collection features bottoms with loose silhouettes and extended leg lengths. Some pants use sturdy workwear materials, while others use wool for a more traditional look.

No less stunning, the LUAR brand also showcased a collection of wide leg pants using materials such as denim and cotton. Uniquely, OUTER also adds a touch of deconstruction by introducing zipper accents and ruffled leg details.

  1. Shade of denim Tas Branded

It is undeniable, that denim outfits never die. In fact, at NYFW 2022, many well-known brands are showing off their latest denim outfit collections that are modified with amazing models.

One of them is Theophilio brand, which emphasizes the design of an oversized denim jacket with elongated shoulders and a structured silhouette. No less interesting is the Who Decides War brand which exhibits a collection of denim outfits with embroidery details and presents a new denim motif inspired by stained glass in a church featuring black civil rights leaders.

In addition, there are also OUTSIDE brands that don’t want to be outdone by the two previous brands. They exhibited a collection of denim on denim outfits that used dark denim for cropped jacket tops and wide leg jeans with zipper details.

  1. Modern tailoring

Several brands that participated in NYFW 2022 also introduced some modified tailoring clothes with more modern and out of the box designs. In fact, this is mentioned by several pageant experts will become a hype men’s fashion trend in 2022.

One of them, there is the Willy Chavarria brand that successfully became the spotlight at NYFW 2022. They showed off a collection of oversized pleated trousers that were clipped at the waist and featured silk shorts as double layers in contrasting colors. In addition, the brand also introduced a reconstructed shirt with voluminous sleeves and collars.

No less stealing the attention, the Thome Browne brand also introduced a trench coat with a cut sleeve on one side. Very unique right?

  1. Updated workwear Sepatu Branded

Last but not least, there are workwear-inspired fashion trends at NYFW 2022. The brand most highlighted in introducing this updated workwear trend is Tombogo. They introduced workwear-inspired fashion with a focus on double front pants and the materials used.

In addition, there is also the brand Private Policy which also introduced the style of double front pants, but chose to change the design by using mixed materials, such as silk and cotton, for a more classy touch to the workwear-inspired outfit.

Well, those are five predictions of men’s fashion that will trend in 2022 from NYFW. What do you think bro?

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