5 Reasons Why Some People Avoid Black Clothes when Married!

If you are asked to plan your wedding, especially your wedding dress, surely what comes first is a long white dress. Similarly, if we look at magazines to plan weddings. Choice of dresses that look mostly are long white dresses, followed by beige dresses or other pastel colors. What about black dresses for weddings? Although often a safe choice for formal dresses, but many women are reluctant to choose this super neutral color for their wedding dresses. Why does it matter? Here are 5 reasons why some people avoid black clothes when married.  

  1. Black is identical with the atmosphere of sorrow

The white color for marriage and the black color for mourning clothes are already very closely related to cultures around the world. The black color can indeed cause a grim impression. One of your wedding parties is even considered a funeral by those around you who see. Especially wedding guests and funeral guests, often both crying when attending the two events. Well, although in a different context.

2. White symbol of purity Michaelkors Outlet

The bride often chooses white because this one is a symbol of purity and purity. Especially with the assumption that married women must be clean and pure, this color is considered appropriate for the bride. Moreover, the white color is also a symbol of plain sheets, so that symbolically it must be the bride’s choice.

3. Black symbol of bad luck

Dark black color is often identified with bad luck. From black cats to black dresses for weddings. In addition to the wedding day, the use of black is also taboo in the celebration of the Lunar New Year for the same reason. In addition, the black color also gives the impression of a gloomy future marriage. Well believe not believe it, but that’s the impression caused by a black dress at a wedding.

4. White gives a romantic impression

Besides being a symbol of purity, white also has the ability to make the atmosphere romantic and soften the whole atmosphere. Not to mention the bright white color and reflect light so as to make the bride look even more glowing among the guests. Unlike the black color that absorbs light so that makes the aura of the bride to be dark. Especially if you decide to make a garden party, black clearly does not describe the atmosphere of a garden or garden that is synonymous with spring.

5, Black seems mysterious and spooky

Even though the wedding day can be very tiring for the bride, but guests certainly expect to see a cheerful bride and bright aura. While a black dress can make your appearance look mysterious so that it emits an aura that might feel a bit spooky among the guests.

However, after all the wedding day is definitely a special day for you. If you really want to wear a black dress on your wedding day, why not? You go girl! Moreover, many women who use black for their wedding dresses and still look beautiful and charming. Do you also want to try wearing a black dress for your wedding day?

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