5 Stylish Tips for Big Belly Men

Dressing well is about presenting your body in the best possible way without trying to change the shape of the body itself.

Whether you’re naturally big or have a slight enlargement due to overeating, you can still look stylish with a few tricks and comfortable clothes. Launching from Realmanrealstyle, here’s a fashion guide for big-bellied men.

  1. Fit Michaelkors Outlet

For a big man, the fit of clothes is the most important quality. If you have bulges, wrinkles, or sagging fabric, it will make your outline look untidy. In men of large stature, the effect is amplified and looks worse.

Most big guys also misunderstand by wearing clothes that are too big, thinking it can disguise their physique.

However, loose clothing doesn’t fool anyone and instead draws more attention to your weight and lowers your overall appearance.

There’s also a simple comfort issue here, the better fit, the more comfortable your clothes will be, and that’s good for your mood and appearance.

  1. Simple, use dark colors

Looking simple doesn’t mean not being stylish, but for a big man, a coat that fits, solid, dark in color, and long will look more perfect. Dress simply so as not to cause excessive effect.

For those of you who are big, keep the pattern to a minimum. Spacious and dense spaces help complement your body shape, think about solid color jackets, light striped shirts, and so on.

  1. Light Sepatu Branded

Thick and heavy fabrics accentuate your size and make you look bulky. In addition, heavier clothing can also retain heat and cause excessive sweating. Of course, this is something that big men need to be wary of.

For that, avoid the use of loose sweaters. Instead, opt for a v-neck t-shirt, because it won’t make you look bigger.

  1. Use a ‘stretch’ fabric

By wearing this, your clothes will be more proportional and tend to give a comfortable impression. Because the fabric is stretchy, it will allow you to move freely without feeling pressured.

  1. Use the right accessories Tas Branded

Proportions are very important for a big man. The bigger you are, the bigger the accessories you wear, for example, a watch. Make sure you use a watch or other accessories that match your size. Good luck!

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