5 Tips on Wearing a Watch In Accordance with Clothing and Activities

Is the watch an additional accessory that can be a mainstay for your everyday look? Or watches can also be accessories that look out of place? Especially if the matching with your clothes does not match, will it affect the appearance? For that, here are 5 tips for wearing a watch to suit your clothes and activities.

So that you look maximum, adjust the formality of your watch and the formality of your clothes. Avoid using watches with casual designs when you are using formal suits. So you need to pay attention to what category your watch is and whether it can be used in formal events such as a minimalist dress watch or a sporty, but formal looking chrono watch.

For those of you who like to wear accessories, it’s a good idea to use another leather accessory when using a leather watch. This will make your appearance look more integrated and reduce the impression that is too crowded. Also, it can also provide bold statements with accessories on appearance. With a leather watch, you can wear a classic-looking outfit for formal events or for work.

  • Look smart with metal watches and accessories for everyday life

Do you like a display that looks smart for everyday work? You can use a watch with a metal frame or strap. And you can also match it with other accessories that are also made of metal. Be it a ring or a bracelet, you should adjust the watch material with the accessories used. Just mix a shirt or blazer with material pants and use a box-shaped hand bag. Instantly, your look must look smarter to work.

  • Use a legacy watch and wear a vintage outfit

Heritage watches usually have a classic design and quality that is not in doubt. You can use this legacy clock to family events or other gatherings and you mix it with vintage outfits. Besides looking elegant, a legacy clock can also be an interesting conversation starters.

  • When in doubt, adjust your watch to shoes

When you hesitate in adjusting your watch, you can always match it with your shoes. Remember, when you use loafers with tassel accents, it means your clothes are included in the casual category. So you can choose a watch that is suitable for the casual look. Then the silver watch is suitable for use with shoes in brown, beige, tan, and other earth colors.

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