5 Toxic Masculinity That Is Often Standardized in Men

Regardless of who initiated it and when toxic masculinity appeared, it is undeniable that it is believed by people and even declined to this day. That is about the social decisions made for men, whether it’s about physical appearance, traits possessed, to their position in society which is considered to be owned by men. Very narrow thinking, but for those who believe in it and are carried away by social standards inevitably make their life unhappy. And some toxic masculinity is said to be the standard for men, see the discussion below and the consequences of each point.

  1. Men can’t complain and cry Michaelkors Outlet

First, you may be familiar with this one because almost everyone applies it to men, namely the assumption that men shouldn’t complain and cry. If a man complains, he is labeled as weak, and if he cries, he is considered a crybaby and it is not appropriate for a man to do it. The impact of toxic masculinity can have an effect on mentality and make men accustomed to closing themselves off and not expressing themselves openly.

2. Must be able to dominate and be respected around

The standard about men having to be leaders, having power and being respected around them is also part of toxic masculinity. Which in the end sets the standard that whoever is born male should be able to become dominant. As a result, many men are competing to be number one in everything because they feel that is their identity as a man.

3. His attitude to other people should not be gentle, then he won’t look manly!

Not all men experience it, but some men experience this toxic masculinity. That is like an absolute decree that men should not be gentle with others or will not look manly. Most adults teach this to children. The goal may be so that he can take care of himself and not become a bully, but as a result he is the one who is likely to become a bully. Being rude, bullying, not paying attention to his manners because he thinks that’s how a real man should be.

4. Must be brave with challenging and risky things Tas Branded

The fourth one is arguably the most severe and fatal toxic masculinity, namely that men must be brave with challenging and risky things. Whether it’s racing, extreme outdoor activities such as rock climbing, deep sea swimming, or other high-risk things. This is very dangerous because it can threaten your own safety, and you should never want this to be used as a standard by those around you for recognition of your identity as a man. Believe me, even without extreme things, your identity as a man will not decrease.

5. Men are not supposed to take care of the house, their only job is to work and earn money

There are so many people who make this as a standard for a man. In fact, when it comes to earning a living and income, women can do it too. Besides that, there is also a bad impact, namely that men do not know how to take care of the house and take care of themselves because all they know is work. It’s really sad, especially if you suddenly have to live alone and have to be independent.

The five toxic masculinities are usually used by people as the standard of a man’s self, where the effects and consequences themselves are actually dangerous. Sepatu Branded

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