5 Ways to Treat Dandruff and Itchy Scalp for Men

Despite experiencing the same condition of dandruff, it turns out the causes of dandruff in men and women are somewhat different, you know. So, knowing well the factors that cause stubborn dandruff can be one important step to determine how to deal with dandruff right.

The first thing to note is the difference in the condition of the scalp. Men’s scalp tends to be more oily than women. Dry scalp is prone to triggering more oil production to maintain moisture. Well, excessive levels can make conditions so moist that they become fertile fields for the growth of fungi that cause Malassezia (a type of fungus that is harmless and can develop freely on the scalp).

Another fact that you must know is that the condition of dandruff scalp indicates an unhealthy condition. The scalp itself has a defense system that can protect it from various health problems, one of which is dandruff. If dandruff has appeared in the area, this indicates that the health of the scalp has begun to decline. The right way to deal with dandruff is needed to improve his condition. See below.

1. Restore scalp health

Restoring the natural health of the scalp is one of the most appropriate ways to deal with dandruff. This is very important, considering the natural defense of the scalp is one way to protect it from a variety of hair health problems, including dandruff.

2. Give nutrition to the scalp Michaelkors Outlet

The scalp is the same as other parts of the body that need nutrients to grow healthy and strong. Expand the consumption of fruits and vegetables is one way to overcome dandruff that is simple, but effective. Both of these foods have a series of vitamins and minerals that play an active role in maintaining healthy scalp and hair.

In some cases, some people have the amount of malassezia that exceeds the normal limit but do not have dandruff problems. However, there are also the opposite. The body’s different reactions are not yet known the exact cause by researchers or doctors.

3. Avoid dehydration

Apparently, dehydration can also cause dandruff growth. Dehydration forces the natural oil tissue or sebum on the scalp to produce even more oil to balance the condition. This disturbed balance is used by the fungus that causes dandruff to grow and live in it. So, meeting the needs of body fluids can also be a powerful way to overcome dandruff that is done at home.

4. Choose the right anti-dandruff shampoo

The most common way to deal with dandruff is to use an anti-dandruff shampoo. However, you should not choose shampoo randomly. Incorrect choice of products can make dandruff worse. Use the best anti-dandruff shampoo that suits your scalp type. Use anti-dandruff shampoo that is specially formulated for men. Most anti-dandruff shampoo products that are available on the market can only deal with dandruff on the surface, so that many experience dandruff problems back again.

5. Change bad habits regarding styling hair

It turns out, without you knowing, wrong hair styling habits can also cause dandruff. For example, the use of styling products such as creams, gels, sprays to pomades that are left attached to the hair and not thoroughly cleaned after use. This can facilitate the growth of dandruff due to clogged pores. Clogged pores can make the scalp condition itchy and dandruff. So, pay close attention to the cleanliness of the scalp and hair if you are included as one of the users of Seria hair styling products.

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