7 Important Fashion Items for Beginner Runners

Running is one sport that is simple and can be run by anyone. Moreover, the location to run it is not always limited to certain places. Doing running sports near your housing complex, or in the arena running in the sports arena, and the car free day area on weekends can always be run. However, even though it looks like a simple sport, you still need fashion to support the training process. Not only makes you look stylish when running, but also provides a comfortable and safe effect during running.  

Not all sports shoes can be used for running. Running requires shoes with extra padding and stability than shoes for walking or shoes used for indoor sports. Running shoes also need to be light so that they make it easier to run. While sneakers in general are inflexible and heavy. Therefore, fashion items must first and foremost be running shoes. Brand running shoes are also already familiar to the ear.

  • Light and cool running shirt for comfortable moving

There are many types of running shirts. There are short and long sleeve shirts. Some are loose and fit the body. The key to choosing the right running shirt is comfort and health. You can try wearing a T-shirt and doing a small simulation running in the locker room. Are you comfortable with the clothes when running? If comfortable, short or long sleeves, loose or fitted body, could be your choice. If it is not comfortable, the standard form of a short-sleeved T-shirt running and fit the body, can be the right choice.

Don’t forget to pay attention to the health aspect too. Generally, a good running shirt is made of nylon with a net panel on the back, side and armpit area. This model T-shirt is able to regulate body temperature and not hold heat for too long in the body. Michaelkors Outlet

  • Tanktop for hot weather so sweat quickly evaporates

How to choose a fashion item mandatory for this one is more or less the same as choosing a running shirt. Comfort and health are important considerations. But, why should a tanktop be a fashion item for beginners? Tanktop is suitable for Indonesia’s humid climate. When running, the body will emit hot temperatures, and sweat needs to evaporate immediately so as not to accumulate in the skin and add dead skin cells. By using a tanktop, body temperature rotation can run more smoothly

  • A running jacket protects from cold weather

Although Indonesia is more often hot than cold, it does not mean you will not run when the rainy season arrives. During the rainy season, novice runners need to dress warmly, but remember that running will increase heart rate and body temperature. So, no need to overlay the body. Simply wear a tank top or sweatshirt and cover with a running jacket. More or less, a good running jacket is the same as a T-shirt and a tank top run. To be sure, a running jacket must be light. So, it doesn’t hamper running performance. Also, if in the middle of a session you feel your body is too warm, the jacket can be removed. If it’s light, the jacket is easy to carry.

  • Lightweight pants for easy stepping

Still connecting points above. When the rainy season arrives, the weather starts to cool down, running in shorts is not the right choice. Lightweight trousers for running should actually be a fashion item required for beginners in cold weather. Not only comfort, when running, you need pants that can support running movements more optimally. Proper running pants can protect feet from injury and injury. In addition, lightweight materials can support your running style.

While for hot weather, you can use running shorts. The principle is the same as a tank top. Short pants can facilitate the circulation of body heat temperature. In addition, shorts with special extra pockets can make it easier to store cell phones, keys, and other important objects.

  • Store important items in a running waist bag

Running bags are usually used to store mobile phones, keys, money, cards, drinking bottles, and other important objects. Running bags are also various models. There are special ones for storing cellphones only. Some can load more items. But, generally, running bags are small and minimalist. When running, it’s better not to carry too much stuff. The more load of goods carried, the slower the pace of running.

  • Sports bra designed for high activity

Want to be serious about running? One important fashion item is a sports bra that will support the chest and reduce breast movement when running. When running, friction or reflection in the chest not only makes it uncomfortable but also triggers stretch ligaments around the breast. The more routine running without proper bra support, the more ligaments are stretched which then makes the breast droop. The right sports bra can reduce unwanted movements by 50-60 percent, according to experts. So, make sure you use a sports bra that is comfortable and is designed for high activities like running.

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