7 models of these pants change the function to become fashion items

The fashion world does have a fluid and flexible nature. Fashion trends continue to spin, or even shift. It is not strange to see various clothes whose functions have finally shifted to become more fashion. There are several styles of pants that have changed their function, they have become more of a fashion item. Although of course there are still many women who wear them as their initial function, but this pants model is becoming more and more often seen by us everyday. Are you curious about the models? Look here!

1. Biker short, which is usually used to ride a bicycle

This pants model has become a trend since the end of last year. This pants model is popular by the Kardashian family. From Kim, Kylie, Kourtney, to Kendall, the siblings are often seen wearing biker shorts worn with various looks. Since then, these pants have become a fashion item and changed from their original function. From the name alone, you can already tell that these pants are a model of pants that are usually worn when riding a bicycle. Even because of this trend, eventually many local fashion influencers have followed this trend. Michaelkors Outlet

2. Cargo pants are on the rise too!

Cargo pants are even more identical to being a subordinate that is usually worn when climbing mountains. Because of that, these pants are also worn more by men. But this is no longer the case in 2019. Yup, cargo pants are a popular fashion item lately. This pants model, which is known to have many pockets, is often seen on the streets of fashion week because it is worn by fashion influencers. These pants have a bold and boyish feel that can still be combined for a chic look. The pieces are also presented in various ways, some are looser to the point that there are pieces that resemble cigarette pants.

Track Pants
Track Pants

3. Track pants have become a trend since last year

If this one pants model you know the trend has been on the rise since last year. Lots of women are wearing track pants now for a hang out look and even a semi-formal style. Of course, track pants were originally worn as a sports subordinate. But eventually the function shifted. Track pants are also presented with various modifications, such as split accents, to motifs.

4. Dad jeans, the latest jeans model so many choices

Since dad sneakers, dad jeans are on the rise too. Dad jeans are a model of jeans that are usually worn by men, that’s why they are called that. But don’t worry, when worn now dad jeans will actually make you look edgier with their baggy cut. So these jeans have a straight cut down to resemble a pipe. Loose pants have been in more demand in recent years than skinny jeans that follow the curve of the legs. You can mix these jeans with any style, you know, even to semi-formal looks. Sepatu Branded

5. The comfort factor for jogger pants is used for various activities

Jogger pants are a very comfortable subordinate model to wear for various activities. The material is soft, soft, and comfortable, but it can also be warm. Even though it is warm when used for sports, jogger pants still have good air circulation so they don’t make it hot. Because of these advantages, many women become part of this model’s pants. From airport style, hang out, to casual time, jogger pants can always be the best choice and are very easy to mix.

6. Bermuda pants commonly worn by men

Do you know which pants are named Bermuda? Bermuda pants are one of the classic trousers that have been around since time immemorial. But indeed, these pants are also considered more men’s clothing. At first, the name of these pants was taken from the name of a beach in the Bahamas, namely Bermuda beach. So that these pants are synonymous with a relaxed style when at the beach, especially with the model which has a length above the knee and a little width, so that it remains free to move. But now, Bermuda pants have also been worn by women, you know. Not only for a casual look, now this pants model also comes in a more formal look. In fact, many women wear this trouser model with a blazer top.

7. Harem pants with a light motif

If this one pants was originally the costume of the belly dance dancers. That’s why these pants always have fun bold motifs like the belly dancers’ costumes. In addition, these pants also have a balloon model, with the bottom that is equipped with rubber. So that these pants also have a fluffy silhouette. But apart from the model, these pants are very comfortable because they are usually presented with thin and cool materials. Tas Branded

How, which pants model do you wear more often in your daily life?

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