7 Tips for Wearing Red Clothes So That You Don’t Look Tacky When Chinese New Year

For those of you who come to celebrate Chinese New Year, is the appearance of clothing worn to be the main thing that should not be missed just like that? Want to look special and attractive when you welcome guests who come or when you visit relatives or relatives? The use of red clothing is relied upon as clothing that has a lucky color. Check out the 7 tips on wearing a red shirt so it doesn’t look tacky when the Chinese New Year.

1. Try layering techniques through the red dress that you wear with an interesting outcome

When you have a long or short red dress, you can change its appearance by practicing layering or stacking techniques. Like for example lining a red maxi dress with a cardigan made from lightweight and comfortable neutral brown.

If you want to give the impression of more warmth, you can add a loop of scarf on the neck with a checkered pattern. Or if you have a red mini-patterned summer dress, you can also coat it with a denim jacket that gives a casual look. Complete with a small belt that can give more accent

2. Red tops combined with more casual subordinates

If you only have a boss like a patterned shirt with short sleeves and a little loose, you can wear denim pants with a favorite skinny cut as a match. A khaki trousers can also be a look savior for tops made of lace or sleeveless lace that is fairly crowded. Embed statement earrings and stack matching colored bracelets to make them less empty.

Choose outfit in the form of a boss or subordinate nuanced red that does not have to always be cheongsam style. In modern times, it is possible to make an appearance even more attractive.

3. Mix red subordinates with edgy and contrasting tops

You only have subordinates in the form of a red mini skirt? No problem. You can always use it by matching it with a top in the form of a long sleeve blouse made of lace or cashmere sweater that has a collar to keep it neat and tacky. Choose footwear that is suitable and comfortable to wear.

4. Pair the red items with patterned accessories or items Michaelkors Outlet

One of the things that gets rid of the tacky impression when wearing a red shirt is by combining the red top with subordinates in the form of animal printed skirts or ethnic patterned leggings. There is no harm in integrating fellow motives as long as they can still be interesting when seen.

5. Red color with other contrasting colors which gives a modern impression

Why not try a hit-and-color style? Obviously crashing a bright red color with another color that does not make the red color so sink. Crashing it with a neutral hue like black or white also still makes the dominant color red.

6. Feminine look with monochrome red

If you like a more elegant look with the dominance of red clothing, it never hurts to wear a red head-to-toe outfit. In order to appear monotonous, the key is to combine superiors and subordinates with different ingredients.

Want to apply a solid classy match when the Chinese New Year celebration at a family event? As an option, you can combine a cotton shirt with a motif made from crochet or tweed. Guaranteed, a striking red color so it looks more elegant with the equivalent of this different fabric outfit.

7. Glamorous layering with the equivalent of a reliable red sheer dress and outer

Outer is always a mainstay for you women who want to look classy and glamorous at the same time. When attending Chinese New Year celebrations in more formal places such as a large hall, try applying a layering sheer maxi dress with a red outer.

As an outer option, you can choose a single breasted blazer or kimono outer with a bright red color. For depth, just wear a sheer maxi dress with floral motifs that give a more feminine accent to your overall look.

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