70s style! These 5 fashion items can make a modern man appear retro

You must have often heard that fashion is repetitive and keeps on rotating. There are certain periods that appear to be the current trend. There are many 70s-style clothes and accessories that you can imitate to look unique and cooler. The fashion of the 70s is back in vogue. For those of you who want to be in the 70s, here are five recommended fashion items that won’t make your appearance boring! Michaelkors Outlet

1. Flare pants

Are you getting bored with torturous skinny jeans? Flare pants or bell-bottoms can be a solution for your latest style. These pants with a wide cut from below the knee to the toe do feel more comfortable when worn because they are not too narrow in the legs. In 2017, bell bottoms became known as flared jeans.

Despite the different names, the cut of the flared jeans is exactly the same as the bell-bottoms. The trouser cut that extends at the knee down below, now has a slightly modified touch. Such as the length that is made up to the ankle or what is often called crop flared jeans. Pair it with a t-shirt tucked into the pants, and add round frame vintage glasses to complete your look.

2. Converse All Star

Who doesn’t know the Converse shoe brand, the Chuck Taylor All Star series? This Converse shoe series is legendary. Musicians, artists, artists, sports players, to skaters have used a pair of Chuck Taylor All Star in every action. The golden era of the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star was in the 70s, when musicians started wearing them. Pair these sneakers with bell-bottoms for the maximum 70s impression! Tas Branded

3. Aviator Glasses

These legendary glasses are one of the keys to maximizing your classic style. For motorbikes, it is really mandatory to wear aviator glasses to make them look more 70s! The cool thing is, the aviator glasses are also suitable for various face types. For those who have round faces, aviator glasses can provide a silhouette that can press on the cheeks and jawbone. Almost the same as the face shape box. This face shape has a sharper jaw. Therefore, by using these glasses, your jaw will look smaller. Sepatu Branded

4. Jeans jacket

Wearing a jeans jacket to maximize your appearance, you can’t just wear it carelessly. Pay attention to the design, the quality of the materials, and the colors. Go for it in blue to match the 70s style. You can look cool during the day using a denim jacket and a v-neck t-shirt, mix it with black flare pants that can create a contrasting impression.

5. Knitwear

In the 70s, many men were confident wearing knitwear or knitwear, for example, such as cardigans. This fashion item made from wool can warm your body and maximize your appearance. The distinctive feature of a cardigan is the open front and is equipped with buttons. For a more stylish look, you can try a cardigan with a cable knit motif. Pair the cardigan with corduroy pants for a more 70s feel.
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