5 Clothing Models for Wide Shoulder Owners To Be More Confident

Like to feel less confident with broad shoulders? Or is often thought to work as a swimmer, due to broad shoulders? Do you also often get confused when choosing clothes, for hours in front of the glass? Take it easy! You can make your weaknesses an advantage that can be highlighted, with 5 clothing models for wide shoulder owners to be more confident.

Divert attention with V-neck clothing models

Avoid models that are too wide collar so that the shoulder is not too exposed. Use a low-cut V-neck, to divert attention to your broad shoulders. However, if you are not comfortable using a V-neck that is too low, you can use a tank top as a shirt with a V-neck collar. For subordinates, use a pencil skirt that makes your body look more curve and sexier.

Newfangled peplum clothes

Balance your broad shoulders with peplum-style clothes. The peplum top will give volume to the hip area, creating the perfect curve. In addition, you will also look more chic with peplum accents on this outfit.

Long Cardigan Michaelkors Outlet

Give a layer to the look by using a long cardigan output. This method is arguably effective for disguising broad shoulders. The long model will disguise attention on broad shoulders. For depth, you can choose a simple tank top or plain shirt.

Kimono that is easily integrated with anything

Like kimono? This clothing is also one of the solutions for you who have broad shoulders. Usually, kimono has a falling material that can disguise the shape of a broad shoulder. In addition, kimono is also easily integrated with various types of clothing and styles. Combine it, a kimono with a plain tank top and jeans for a casual look.

Flare skirt

Confused choosing the right subordinates, for the owner of a broad shoulder? Balance your boss with a newfangled flare skirt. This type of skirt, is able to provide volume to the lower part of the body. So that you do not seem more contained, you should choose a boss that is sized or fit in the body.


Tips on Wearing Black and White Clothes to the Office to Always Be Stylish

Do you like the shades of black and white? Have a bunch of colored clothes in the closet? But bored because it looks like that? Indeed, although black and white are always the everlasting favorites, they often feel boring. Especially if used for offices or other formal events. Well, here are tips for wearing black and white clothes to the office without looking boring.  

  • One-color dress with opposite color belt and heels

Use a large belt to decorate a plain long dress that you use often. Make sure the colors are opposite. If you wear a white dress it means you need to use a black belt. Then match the color of the shoes with the color of the belt. For accessories such as bags, you should choose a gray color that is still included in the monochrome family feel. Why? The reason is that there is a counterweight color when you use a one-color plain canal.

  • Leather pants and lace, why not?

With what do you usually mix and match your leather pants? It turns out the solid match leather with lace or lace is not bad, you know. You can get a sweet and cool impression at the same time. To ensure the feminine side of this look, try to complete with white strappy heels. In addition, use a sling bag with a chain to balance the shiny accent on your pants, yes.

  • Replace standard black blazer with white

Want to replace the black blazer but don’t dare to experiment with colorful choices? Try black friends who are still in one family. White blazer is the answer. Well, to keep your body curves visible, give a dark accent on the inside like black or dark gray. Look for a turtle neck model so that the shape of your neck is visible.   Michaelkors Outlet

If you choose a newfangled crop top, pair it with a slightly long palazzo pants. Use comfortable block heels to increase body length. You can choose any shoe model. Take it easy, your palazzo will help hide it.

  • Oversized vest as a substitute for a blazer

If you have chosen the wrong size vest, now it is no longer a problem. Wear thin tank tops inside. At least to cover your chest. Then stacked with a black oversized vest. Make sure the two collars can meet in the middle. Even better if there are buttons that can secure it.  

Pair with black jeans and white sneakers. The formal appearance of the vest will be more playful because of its size and its blend with the color of white shoes. You can exchange colors for each item using the same formula, which is a different depth with a vest and one color with shoes.

  • Simple slip dress with a turtle neck top

Maybe you are familiar with someone wearing a slip dress based on a white shirt or shirt. This fashion style has been proven to give a formal impression of a casual fit for the office. Then what else can be done? Use the turtle neck and crop top models.  

If you like a more open neck, you can also replace it with a halter neck. Choose a long-sleeved top for a more formal impression. Match with white or light gray mules shoes.


Do Looks Have to Be Expensive?

Looking good doesn’t have to be expensive. Spending up to tens of millions of pockets just to have a certain brand. It’s not my intention to forbid you to enjoy your hard-earned money. Spend it with a famous brand. But it’s good you spend it smart. Get good quality items at the best prices.

Many people are crazy about certain brands / brands. Always update with brands from type A to B. So what happens? They only focus on the brand, infatuated with the quality of the goods he wears, but do not care about the quality of harmony with his appearance. Michaelkors Outlet

Many of them assume that by protecting from the splendor of a brand that he wears, will make the quality of their appearance is equivalent to the quality of the brand. This is indeed true if it is supported by harmony in it.

The key to looking is not always from expensive brands, but rather clever in finding the best price and being able to match (mix and match) between one item with another.

It’s good if you want to have expensive items because you really like and need them. Not just following the trend or showing off with others. What happens if the item is not trendy? What do you want the item to do? There is a theory that says,

Always ask yourself when shopping, “Can I match with what if I buy this?”

Why should it be like that? Because I’m sure when you shop you are usually consumed by lust, can not wait to have it, which in the end you collect items that have no harmony between them.

If you really want to have expensive and branded items, I suggest to pay attention to the trends. Look for trends that do not change very often, you can use in the long run, and of course suitable when you wear.


Get to know these 3 Lapel Blazer Types

On a blazer / suit the collar folds up to the button, also called “lapel”. When choosing a blazer / suit, not many people consider the “lapel”. Though “lapel” consists of several types. Each type has its own character and can give a different impression.

By knowing the types of lapel on a blazer / suit, it allows you to have a variety of collections in your closet. So that in appearance, you can also vary according to the desired character.

Here is a basic explanation of the type of lapel on a men’s blazer or suit.

  • Notch Lapel
Notch Lapel
Notch Lapel

This type of blazer / suit collar is the most common and we often encounter. Usually there are many casual blazer models. Unlike the type of peak, on the lapel notch, the collar on the pattern does not connect. If you want to appear simple and safe, notch lapel can be an option.

Peak Lapel
Peak Lapel

This type of characteristic is more prominent. The lapel part is wider than the lapel notch type. In the Peak Lapel pattern near the neck, it forms almost like the letter “V”. It is commonly found for blazers or suits for more formal models. But the latest designers not only put peak lapels on the formal model, many are also combined on a casual blazer.

  • Shawl Lapel
Shawl Lapel
Shawl Lapel

This type of shape tends to be curved (curved). The impression shown on the lapel shawl is its formality. Usually found in many tuxedo. Made from satin or silk. If you want to appear more daring and prominent, Shawl Lapel can be an alternative choice from the previous type.

These are just some of the anatomy of men’s blazers / suits that are important for you to know. Blazers and suits give a dominant effect on your style. His role is so important will be very futile if you do not pay attention to some type of lapel on this men’s blazer / suit.

Attractive men is not only enough to have a collection of blazers or suits. But also pay attention to in more detail the options, including in choosing a blazer in accordance with the desired lapel. With the increasing number of collars on blazers / suits, more and more characters want to be highlighted.


Types of Suits

As you well know, a suit is one of important clothes for men. Suit / suit (English: suit) is actually a European style formal dress consisting of at least a suit and trousers made from the same fabric and color. Suit must be worn outside the shirt. In England, a suit is also known as a jacket.

Based on the number of buttons on the front, the suit is divided into single breasted (double row) and double breasted (double row button). While based on the number of parts / pieces on the back, the suit consists of single vent and double vent.

Single Breasted or Double Breasted?

Single breasted suits are the default choice of suits. While a double breasted suit does look more manly and stylish but is not suitable for you who are short in stature or large body.

Number of Buttons Michaelkors Outlet

Most of the suits made by fashion houses or tailors, generally have two buttons. A 3 button suit is better for you who is tall. If you work in a creative field or your work environment is not too conservative, you can wear a single breasted suit.

Am I More Suitable For Single Vent?

Vent or cleavage on the back serves to facilitate moving. Double vents suits were originally European models, making it easy for us to take a wallet in the back pocket without having to fold a suit. For those of you who are short, double vents is the right choice. As for you who are tall and thin, it’s better to choose a suit with a single vent or no vent.

You must have also heard of a tuxedo, which is a black formal suit with the back of a tail, must be worn with a white shirt collar wing (wing collar) and a bow tie or bow tie. If the invitation says a black tie dress code, then you are asked to use this setting.


Tricks for Wearing Oversized Pants or Skirts So That They Are Not Easy to Sag

Accidentally bought oversized pants or skirts? Understandably, buy online, so you only choose the right size of your body. Because the size is not right, these pants or skirts often sag. Since it’s already bought, you can outsmart it in several ways. Check out how …

1. Use a stylish belt

The easiest way to outsmart the oversized subordinates is to use a belt. So you feel comfortable, choose a belt with the right size and material. Also choose a stylish belt design that suits your style. As a recommendation, a leather belt will be a good long-term investment.

If pants or skirts don’t have belt holes, you can add them yourself. Make a hole for using the belt using sewing thread. You can add it to the left and right of the subordinates, as well as the back. Since this thread is thin, make sure you wear a belt that isn’t too heavy, yes

2. Change the waist a few centimeters

If the waist of your pants or skirt is too big, change is the most appropriate solution. The waist is too big will make you less comfortable. Even adding a belt won’t help. The waist becomes folded and unsightly.

Instead of reducing the impression of stylish appearance, you can make it yourself or go to a tailor. If you want to make your own make up, you can insert the rubber on the back of the waistband and sew it. If you don’t want to bother, you can bring your subordinates to the tailor to make up.

3. Put the shirt in the skirt or pants Michaelkors Outlet

To avoid sagging problems, you can put your shirt in a skirt or pants. Use a top that is long enough so you can put it in a skirt or pants. This trick will increase the volume at the waist, so that subordinates are not easy to sag. Even if it slides, your underwear will not be seen.

However, entering a boss that is thick enough will make you look fatter. So, choose a boss with a material that is not too thick or thin. Also pay attention to the material of the pants or skirt that you wear. If the material is thin, the boss will be traced to the back of the pants or skirt.

4. Fold the waist and place a safety pin

Tips on this one you can use for pants or skirts made from thin. You can fold the oversized waist and put pins. In this way, the waist of the pants or skirt becomes slightly smaller.

Use some safety pins so the folds don’t come off easily. If you are active enough, you should use a belt or strap to tighten the waist. It’s not funny if a pin suddenly comes loose and pierces the waist.

5. Double with pants or skirts

In addition to inserting a top, you can add waist volume with additional pants or skirts. Choose leggings or stretch shorts to double your loose pants.

For skirts, you can choose a skirt that is not too thick. You can also apply this trick when the weather is cold and windy. In addition to pants or skirts not easy to sag, you can also feel warmer.

6. Use suspenders

If your pants or skirt are too big, you can add suspenders that will be useful to prevent them from sagging, as well as accessories. Suspenders will look more stylish if you wear a plain colored top


Tips for active male hair care

Male hair care is currently classified as many choices and is not difficult to apply. Especially for those of you who are active in activities and sports, there are a number of male hair treatments that you must try. Come on, see easy tips…

1. Always wash your hair regularly to clean your hair from dust and dirt

No matter how busy, the main thing that needs to be done in treating hair is shampooing. Especially for active men who are more prone to sweat and dirt. Washing routine has become an obligation on daily hair care for men.

Make sure to always wash your hair 2-3 times a week. Shampooing, of course, should not be done every day. If you wash your hair every day, it can reduce hair oil levels, which can make your hair break faster.

2. Make sure you always choose the right shampoo

The key to getting healthy hair is to choose a shampoo that suits your needs. Therefore, make sure to always choose the right type of shampoo. If you have colored hair, use a special colored hair shampoo.

Likewise with hair problems, if you have and problems, you can use and shampoo containing menthol. For active men, the problem of oily hair is also often a problem. The problem is, you can rely on shampoo with a deep cleansing sensation that effectively treats men’s hair.

3. Don’t forget to also use conditioner!

This men’s hair care product also can’t be left behind. So that hair is always soft, well-groomed, and healthy, you really need to apply conditioner products after shampooing. How to treat men’s hair is also very simple especially if you are active outside the room, your hair will be more easily limp or even dry. Therefore, conditioner products are needed to maximize the treatment of active male hair.

4. Use water based products for hair styling. Michaelkors Outlet

When you are trying to do hair styling, the products that are highly recommended for shaping the hair of active men are a variety of products based on water or water based so that the hair does not get damaged quickly.  

Water-based products themselves are claimed to be lighter but still durable in forming hair. There are even more product choices, just call it water based pomade to water based gel.

5. Cut hair with a practical and easy to style

Busy undergoing various activities, of course you need practical treatment, including hairstyle choices. If you are an active man, you should choose a haircut that is simple and easy to style such as a neat short haircut.  

Besides being practical, cutting hair can also help trim damaged hair, making hair care easier. If you don’t have time to go to the salon or barber shop, you can count on a wide selection of hair shavers that are easy to use.

6. Occasionally use hair vitamins

Although busy, that does not mean you can ignore hair that is not maintained. Well, so that your hair is free from the impression of limp and dull, you should do male hair care using hair vitamins.  

Hair vitamins are needed to nourish hair and repair damaged hair. In addition, this hair care product can also make your hair look softer and shiny.

7. Always dry your hair with a towel after shampooing

If this one point is sometimes missed in the series of male hair care. Even though drying your hair properly is no less important, you know! Yes, making hair drier with a towel is better than using a hair dryer because it can minimize hair damage.  

When you dry it with a towel, you shouldn’t rub it either, because it can make the hair shaft become rough and hard. It’s best to just pat it. After half dry, then combed neatly. It’s easy?


7 Tips for Wearing Red Clothes So That You Don’t Look Tacky When Chinese New Year

For those of you who come to celebrate Chinese New Year, is the appearance of clothing worn to be the main thing that should not be missed just like that? Want to look special and attractive when you welcome guests who come or when you visit relatives or relatives? The use of red clothing is relied upon as clothing that has a lucky color. Check out the 7 tips on wearing a red shirt so it doesn’t look tacky when the Chinese New Year.

1. Try layering techniques through the red dress that you wear with an interesting outcome

When you have a long or short red dress, you can change its appearance by practicing layering or stacking techniques. Like for example lining a red maxi dress with a cardigan made from lightweight and comfortable neutral brown.

If you want to give the impression of more warmth, you can add a loop of scarf on the neck with a checkered pattern. Or if you have a red mini-patterned summer dress, you can also coat it with a denim jacket that gives a casual look. Complete with a small belt that can give more accent

2. Red tops combined with more casual subordinates

If you only have a boss like a patterned shirt with short sleeves and a little loose, you can wear denim pants with a favorite skinny cut as a match. A khaki trousers can also be a look savior for tops made of lace or sleeveless lace that is fairly crowded. Embed statement earrings and stack matching colored bracelets to make them less empty.

Choose outfit in the form of a boss or subordinate nuanced red that does not have to always be cheongsam style. In modern times, it is possible to make an appearance even more attractive.

3. Mix red subordinates with edgy and contrasting tops

You only have subordinates in the form of a red mini skirt? No problem. You can always use it by matching it with a top in the form of a long sleeve blouse made of lace or cashmere sweater that has a collar to keep it neat and tacky. Choose footwear that is suitable and comfortable to wear.

4. Pair the red items with patterned accessories or items Michaelkors Outlet

One of the things that gets rid of the tacky impression when wearing a red shirt is by combining the red top with subordinates in the form of animal printed skirts or ethnic patterned leggings. There is no harm in integrating fellow motives as long as they can still be interesting when seen.

5. Red color with other contrasting colors which gives a modern impression

Why not try a hit-and-color style? Obviously crashing a bright red color with another color that does not make the red color so sink. Crashing it with a neutral hue like black or white also still makes the dominant color red.

6. Feminine look with monochrome red

If you like a more elegant look with the dominance of red clothing, it never hurts to wear a red head-to-toe outfit. In order to appear monotonous, the key is to combine superiors and subordinates with different ingredients.

Want to apply a solid classy match when the Chinese New Year celebration at a family event? As an option, you can combine a cotton shirt with a motif made from crochet or tweed. Guaranteed, a striking red color so it looks more elegant with the equivalent of this different fabric outfit.

7. Glamorous layering with the equivalent of a reliable red sheer dress and outer

Outer is always a mainstay for you women who want to look classy and glamorous at the same time. When attending Chinese New Year celebrations in more formal places such as a large hall, try applying a layering sheer maxi dress with a red outer.

As an outer option, you can choose a single breasted blazer or kimono outer with a bright red color. For depth, just wear a sheer maxi dress with floral motifs that give a more feminine accent to your overall look.


Tips For Caring Clothes

We all want the wardrobe collection to last. But to keep the colors as they were when you buy, you need careful care. Here are some practical tips that make clothing colors stay brilliant for the next few years.

1. Read the label – Everything is labeled, the most frequently forgotten step, even though it is very important to read the labels printed on the clothes, the washing and drying instructions that are printed on the label are the correct treatment methods for the fabric to last longer.

2. Separate colored, white, dark and soft clothing – Before washing clothes that are colored together, first check the clothes are faded or not by soaking a part of the wash and then squeezing the water, this method will save clothes from unwanted faded stains Michaelkors Outlet

3. Fold the outside in – In this way we can avoid damaging clothes more quickly by turning them over before starting the washing and drying process, this method also helps the color of the clothes so they don’t fade quickly

4. Avoid drying clothes from direct sunlight – Blazing sunlight will be very easy and quickly fade the color of clothes. Better to dry in a roofed place or not in direct sunlight.


Combination of Clothes That Can Be Used With Polo Shirts

If you are one of those who like to look relaxed but still want to be impressed still neat, Polo shirts can be a mainstay. Shaped like a T-shirt but the character is very different. Basic T-shirts or shirts are only possible when you are really in a relaxed situation. But not so with Polo shirts. As discussed in the Stylepedia article: Polo shirts, this type of clothing was known in the 19th century, and began to bloom in the 60s.

Rene Lacoste, the founder of this type of clothing, designs clothes for tennis. But in its development, sports polo also use it. So finally this outfit is more often called a polo shirt.

For those of you who might be confused about how to combine or mix & match polo shirts, actually this type of clothing is very easy to combine.

Starting from jeans, short pants, chino pants, cardigans, jackets to varsity jacket. In combining polo shirts, the thing to remember is, this outfit has a relaxed character.

So, try to combine it with some clothes that have similar characters. So it is very unlikely polo shirts combined with formal suits, tuxedo or black tie. The following are some tips for combining or mixing & matching polo shirts. Michaelkors Outlet

1. Polo Shirt + Short Pants + Moccasin shoes

With this combination of clothes, you can look more relaxed. Unlike the loafers model shoes, moccasin has a thinner character on the bottom of the soles. Loafers give the impression of being more semi-formal than Moccasin. With this blend, you can wear it for a walk to the park or the seashore.

2. Polo Shirt + Chino Pants + Boat shoes

With this combination, you still have the impression of being relaxed, but more polite than the first combination. As discussed earlier, jeans with a darker color give a more formal impression. Or if you do not want to look more formal, you can replace the color of the jeans with blue, or bright blue.

With this simple combination you can hangout with your friends at the mall, or you can also have a casual date with your loved one.

3. Polo shirt + Dark Jeans + Slip on shoes

Whatever the model, chino pants will still give a relaxed impression. If you want to combine polo shirts with trousers, but don’t like jeans, chino pants will be the right choice.

With the type of slip on shoes, for those of you who don’t like the complicated use of strappy shoes, these shoes can be an option.

Material from chino pants is thinner, not too hot and more comfortable to use. But the drawback, because of the cotton material, chino pants are not too strong, and if the quality of the material is not good it will tear easily. In contrast to jeans that are stronger than chino pants.

For accessories, you can use a lot ranging from hats, watches with leather or canvas straps, bracelets made from rope material and others.

Then what about jackets, blazers and cardigans? Because of the nature of the clothing for layering / upholstery, of course a polo shirt will fit in that garment.

Maybe you can be more creative to combine polo shirts, and some of the combinations above are just a little guide for those of you who might still be confused.


Tips for Dressing In Hot Weather

Tips for Dressing In Hot Weather. Basically during the summer, we dress with a material that is rather thin, light and easily absorbs sweat. But these basic principles are not enough for those of you who continue to want to remain attractive. Some of the above may only provide comfort in accordance with the weather at hand. But it may not be able to give confidence.

There are some things you should know about how to dress when the weather is hot :

1. Selection of the right material

Yes, in appearance we really can not be separated in terms of choosing materials. As mentioned earlier that when the weather is hot, you should choose a material that is lightweight, thin and not hot. So what are the types of clothing material that is suitable for hot weather? The following are a few examples: Michaelkors Outlet

a. Cotton – This material we often encounter. Cotton is very suitable for use during conditions or hot weather. Its nature that absorbs sweat makes this material often used. It’s just that the weakness of this material is easy to tangle. So it needs more attention when using it.

b. Linen – This material tends to be more expensive than cotton. Its stronger and lighter nature makes this material more special during the summer. It’s just that the shortcomings of this material are easy to rough and shrink if not treated properly.

When you are trying to collect some clothes for summer, try the ingredients above. You can try it first when in the store.

It doesn’t have to be in the dressing room, but you try for a few moments while taking a small walk to feel whether the material will feel hot or hot for a long time. If so, replace it with another model.

Or another way is to look at the composition of materials from the clothes. Usually you can see the label on the shirt. There are 100% cotton, there are 70% cotton and others. Of course, with a higher composition that is 100% cotton, the material is suitable for summer.

2. Soft & Bright color

Color selection is indeed a very personal thing. But it’s good when the weather is hot, avoid colors that tend to be thick and dark. Because when exposed to the sun, the color will add to the feeling of heat in the body. Soft and bright colors can be your choice.

3. More chinos and short pants

For those of you who don’t like denim pants, chino pants is one of the clothes that you can wear. Made from cotton and very suitable for hot weather. Not only comfortable when used in hot weather, chino pants also add value to your appearance.

Short pants or shorts are also choices that you can try for some relaxing activities. Just hangout in a small cafe, relax with friends in the weather that is hot enough, it never hurts to leave your pants and switch to short pants or shorts.

4. Still protect yourself from the sun

Do not forget to multifunctional accessories such as glasses. Not only does it add value to your appearance, sunglasses like aviator can protect your eyes from the sun.

Not only that, you don’t forget a hat. For those of you who have fairly thin hair, the use of a hat can protect the scalp from the scorching sun.


Meaning of Symbols On Your Clothing Care Label

To what extent do men understand the symbols on clothing care labels? I hope that many people understand and no longer need to read this article. Most modern men don’t seem to care too much about clothes care, especially if it is about washing clothes.

Many people are greatly helped by the mushrooming laundry business. Rather than bother and spend a considerable amount of time, washing clothes with laundry services will save time and energy.

Despite the many conveniences that come with laundry services, washing your clothes yourself is the best thing. You can pay more attention to the dirt on the clothes. So like it or not, you will have more effort to clean it.

Do not rule out the possibility, the laundry results from laundry services are less satisfactory. Could be due to the results of the laundry that is less clean, lost clothes, or even swapped.

Many advantages are obtained when you take care of your own clothes. One of them is that your clothes will last longer. You also have a greater sense of responsibility towards the collection of clothes that you wear as a support to your appearance.

If you are one of the men who always take care and wash their own clothes, try to understand some of the labels and symbols of care instructions on the following clothes.

5 Basic Symbols On Clothing Care Labels Michaelkors Outlet

There are at least 5 symbols on each clothing care label. Consists of washing, bleaching, drying, ironing, dry cleaning.

In addition to the basic symbols, there are also complementary symbols such as lines, dots, hand drawings and crosses. Everything has meaning. In the point symbol, for example, the more points indicate a temperature level suitable for handling. Let’s try to see one by one.

1. Washing Care Symbol Label

  • Washing symbols

Generally in the form of containers containing water. Complementary symbols include dots, lines, crosses and hand drawings. It could also be specifically written information about the temperature in the form of numbers.

  • The symbol of the line under the container

IS the description for setting the rotation level of the washing machine. There are no lines, indicating normal rotation. Usually rather fast. One line indicates a moderate rotation. Two lines show slow rotation.

  • Hand symbol

Is an instruction that washing is only allowed by hand, not using a washing machine.

  • Cross symbol

May not be washed either by hand or washing machine. Must be with special handling such as using a dry clean process or carried out by a professional laundry.

  • Number symbol

Is the temperature that is allowed when washing. Usually in centigrade size. The temperature must not exceed the lift.

  • Dots symbol

Same as numbers, dots are another form of symbol for temperature information. Most labels are usually only up to 3 points, namely cold, warm and hot. If more than 3 points, please see the picture above for a description of the exact temperature.

2. Bleaching Treatment Symbols Labels

The bleach symbol is basically in the form of a triangle. The complementary symbols include lines and crosses.

  • Cross symbol

Not allowed to use bleach in the washing process.

  • 2-line symbol

May use bleach with only chlorine-containing ingredients.

  • Symbols are only triangles

You can use any bleach.

3. Ironing Process Symbol Labels

In the ironing symbol, the supplementary symbols include a dot, a cross and 2 lines with a cross at the bottom.

  • Point symbol – is a description of the recommended temperature setting. Consists of up to 3 points which means that the temperature level is low, medium and high.
  • Cross symbol – it should not be ironed, while without the cross it can be ironed.
  • Cross symbol below – ironing may not use a steam iron.

4. Symbols of Care With Dry Cleaning Process

The basic symbols are circular or circular. Complementary symbols are the letters “A”, “P”, “F”, “W” and a cross.

  • Cross symbol – this means that these clothes cannot use the dry cleaning process.
  • letter A symbol or just a circle – the dry cleaning process may use any type of chemical solution.
  • The symbol letter P – the process of dry cleaning using standard chemical solutions such as Perchlorethylene, R113 and Hydrocarbon.
  • Letter symbol W – Dry cleaning process is not permitted to use any chemical solution.
  • The symbol letter F – the dry cleaning process uses only petroleum-based chemical solutions such as R113 and hydrocarbons.

5. Drying Symbols

In the process of drying there are 2 main symbols, namely the box which means drying without a washing machine, aka drying. Then the symbol of the box with a circle in it which means drying with washing machine.


Choosing clothes by adjusting your body shape

We all know, one way to look good is to wear the right clothes. Unfortunately, many men have difficulty determining clothes that fit their body shape. There are certain clothes for different body types. For this reason, in this article I will give tips on dressing that can get around the shape of our bodies to appear more attractive.

1. Tall and thin

  • Wear thick clothes : If you are tall and thin, wearing thick clothes can make your body look more proportional because it is like giving extra weight to your body.
  • Wear brightly colored clothing : Bright colors can give your body a contained impression. Choose bright colors like khaki or gray. Don’t wear dark colors or clothes with vertical stripes, because it will make you look taller and thinner.
  • Pay attention to other details or accessories : If wearing a jacket, do not choose the length to the waist down and fasten it to the top. Avoid wearing slim ties.
  • Wear pants that are rather wide : To get around so as not to look thinner, wear pants that are rather wide, not a slim fit model. If wearing jeans, use the lower cut model.

2. Fat or large body Michaelkors Outlet

  • Wear light clothing : Men with large or fat bodies should wear light clothing that can make them look slimmer.
  • Wear dark colors : Dark colors can give the effect / illusion of streamlining your body. Wear the boss and subordinates of the same color. Avoid brightly colored and shiny clothes, because it will focus people’s attention on your body.
  • Say NO to shirts or shirts with padding / shoulder pads.
  • Don’t roll up your T-shirt sleeves : If you don’t want to look like a bouncer, don’t ever do it.
  • Wear a large watch : A large and handsome watch can have the effect of slimming your hands.
  • Don’t wear jeans that are too tight or too wide : It’s best to choose jeans with a classic type with a straight pipe model

3. Short stature

  • Wear vertical stripe motifs : Vertical stripes are the best way to give the illusion that your body looks taller.
  • Avoid clothes with the following patterns : Houndstooth, herringbone, glen urquhart check, and windowpane check. Because these patterns will emphasize your short body.
  • Wear a shirt or a long sleeve shirt that isn’t too baggy :: This will make you look taller.
  • Wear pants that are the right size for your body : Not too hanging or too long
  • Wear low rise and straight leg jeans : these pants make you look taller.

If you are tall and big or short and thin, you can combine the tips above to get the results you want to look good.


5 Types of Clothes You Can Save Money

In maintaining performance performance, of course you need no small cost. Especially if you have the intention to totally upgrade your overall appearance. If you do not know the types of clothing that can save costs, your budget for shopping can swell. You don’t have to spend all your income in a month just for clothes. If you can do “Smart shopping” that is with a limited budget but can get quality goods, that’s certainly better.

But maybe most men may not be able to do it. They tend to follow trends, follow the invitation of friends or girlfriends that are not necessarily compatible with him.

If your budget is indeed limited to upgrading appearances, you can try to look for sale items, shop as needed, and save on some types of clothing.

Smart in clothing shopping and being able to save on clothing expenses can make your fund allocation not only to clothes.

It is important to upgrade your appearance, but not too much in shopping for clothes. You must have many other needs that are not less important than your appearance.

Therefore, one way to be smarter in improving your appearance is to save on expenses for certain types of clothing. What are these clothes? The following will be discussed one by one.

1. Underwear   Michaelkors Outlet

For this type of clothing, you can look for a standard price and do not need expensive brands. Believe me, no one cares about this type of clothing whether it’s branded or not.

Only you need to make sure that the uderwear is indeed decent, comfortable and still new. If the department store is good, it won’t be possible to sell used underwear.

2. Socks  


For this type of clothing, you must first adjust your activities and routines. If you only use black and brown often, you can buy many colors at once.

Usually there are several products that are bundled and the price is cheaper than you buy socks only per unit. Socks also need not be expensive branded, because this item is rarely seen.

3. Necktie  

Black, it’s difficult, you must have it. Because its use will be more frequent and can be combined with various colors of clothing. For this type of clothing, it doesn’t need much. But you should have a little and quality. It’s good material made of silk because it will give the impression of luxury when used.

4. Belts  


Having a black or brown belt is more than enough. Good for formal or casual types of belts. Because these two colors will not be timeless.

You can buy these color belts with all the good quality. So it can be used for quite a long period of time and will certainly be more efficient

5. T-Shirt  

This type of clothing is synonymous with casual clothes. Used often and usually has the most in your closet. You can find a t-shirt at an affordable price, it doesn’t have to be too expensive.

Because it is often used, t-shirts will also be washed frequently. The color will quickly fade and if not treated properly will also quickly expand.

Now you already know some types of clothing that you can save on expenses. Some of them are indeed items that are not too visible and rarely noticed.

If you are one of the people who has a bugdet large enough for one of these types of clothing, you can try to be smarter to spend it.


Some Mistakes of Men In Wearing Clothes

As a man who is active and qualified seems to be an obligation to pay attention to appearance. At least for first impressions to others, we can be more convincing and confident when we meet. Most men are not like women who like to groom, dress up, and shop. They are afraid to say they are weird, gay, metropolis or whatever. They want the simple and the way it is. In my opinion that is the reason why many men are still in trouble in matters of fashion. You do not need to be afraid of all these negative judgments, as long as you look reasonable, casual and not excessive, of course you will get special attention.

Women also respect the appearance that men do. Unmitigated they also often discuss the appearance of men they meet when they hang out in cafes, malls or other public areas.

In general, women also like men who are clean, look fashionable, and are good at socializing. You will only dream if you want a woman who is fashionable but you yourself look in shambles / troubled in wearing clothes.

So, if you want to buy clothes or other clothes, ask your female friend to help you suggest what clothes are good for you. Because in general women understand more about fashion than men. Here are some male fashion mistakes:

1. Oversized / loose clothing and does not fit properly in the body

Loose / oversized clothes are only suitable for use at home to relax. Do not use it when traveling to official places, hangouts, cafes, etc. Unless you really want to look like a scarecrow.

2. Wear a tie with a short sleeve shirt Michaelkors Outlet

It would be better if you wear a tie with a long sleeve shirt. Ties with short sleeves look like lower class people, or rockers who want a concert.

3. Dirty shoes

Did you know that women are very sensitive to cleanliness and neatness? They will find you clean or not quickly just by looking at your shoes. Make sure your shoes are clean shiny before leaving the house.

4. Crinkled shoes

Try to have several pairs of shoes to carry out your activities. Crinkled shoes due to your shoes are often used without breaks. At least if you have several pairs of shoes, they will last longer and last longer.

5. Length pants

Pants that are too long to touch the ground and drag, it’s good to cut. Or if you don’t have time to fold the long section.

6. The wrong color selection of socks

Match the color of the socks you wear to the color of your pants, not the shoes. It will look better and harmonious.

7. Color selection of belts

Match the color of the belt you wear with the color of the shoes. If your belt is shiny, make sure your shoes are shiny too.

8. Buttoned shirt, with all buttons closed

Obviously if you do this, you will be seen to be psychologically closed. Make sure there are at least one button open from all of the buttons. Unless you wear a tie.

9. Socks that are not long enough

You don’t want all of your leg hair to be seen right? Especially when you sit with your legs crossed. Make sure your socks are as high as your calves. Don’t be less than that.

10. Tangled clothes

Not that you have to carry an iron wherever you go. Try when you buy clothes, clothes are not easily tangled.

11. Wearing too many colors

As explained in the article on men’s fashion tips, limit each of your clothes to a maximum of three colors or shades that are coordinated to maintain your vision

Where are you often wrong dressed? There is no harm if from this moment you start rushing to improve the way you dress


Basic Tips in Appearance

We all know that the clothes you wear speak louder to show who you are. The clothes you wear can show your social status, economic status, class and of course your character. To achieve this, you need some basic habits that you must do often. You can try the seven basic habits in appearance below.

1. Using the Right Clothes

Finding clothes that fit the body sometimes is rather difficult. Especially if your body falls into a category that is not ideal. But you don’t need to be afraid and give up. Looking for clothes that fit is not in vain. There is no best impression than a man who wears his clothes fitting.

That the main key of clothing is the right size for your body shape, not too small or too big. Clothes that fit don’t make you tight, but are comfortable in moving. When you shop, it doesn’t matter if you repeatedly enter the fitting room, to ensure that the clothes you want to buy fit your body size.

2. Make a Big Difference With Accessories

You can look good with accessories. By using accessories, you don’t look blank in appearance. Michaelkors Outlet

There are two benefits you can get when wearing accessories. First, you get the benefits of its function. Second, accessories can improve the performance of your appearance.

For example, when you use sunglasses, in addition to your eyes protected from the dangers of ultraviolet rays, you will also look more “cool”.

3. Dress According to the Event

This is also important before you leave the house. Always pay attention to what event you will attend. There are some special events with special clothes. With you dressed according to the event, you not only respect the place and people at the event, but also the event you attend.

4. Clean and neat

Here the thing that is highly considered is your ability to see in detail the cleanliness of each garment you wear. Starting from toe to hair. Make sure that the clothes you are wearing are free of dirt, stains or unpleasant odors. Clothing that has faded, you should wear it at home. Pay attention to shoe hygiene. Because this is the most difficult thing for most men. Don’t blame the women who suddenly run away or are lazy to talk to when you approach them in a crumpled, disheveled and messy state.

5. Pay attention to Grooming

Fortunately for us as men do not have to bother using makeup like women. Like the previous article about “Your Grooming Is Everything”, men are enough just to take care of their cleanliness. Starting from the cleanliness of hair, face, mouth, teeth and nails. There is nothing more embarrassing than your smile that there is food left over between your teeth.

6. Using an up to date model

If your clothes are outdated and never updated, many people will consider you someone who is also out of date. The good side of always following the trend is that you will look more fresh and modern.

7. Harmony

Color harmony has a big effect on your appearance. Not all colors can be combined at the same time. When you do not wear clothes in harmony, you will be far from attractive and of course your appearance will disturb the view.

Troubling? Believe me, friend, this is far easier than women’s habits that are more complex in appearance. This is a simple habit that many men may ignore. From now on, use these seven things to check your checklist before leaving the house.


Grooming tips in the morning

All of us have experienced waking up late in the morning, whether it’s because you went out late at night to date, the alarm clock was off or the work was piled up which made you forced to work overtime. There are times when a man has to get ready in the morning and get out of the house quickly. When you wake up late in the morning because of some of the above, routine work like bathing you might be able to miss.

Morning is a good time to start the day. It’s good to start the morning with a good thing, starting with cleaning themselves and maximum grooming.

In the morning, the bathroom seemed like a place of transformation. Sleepy walking with a smelly body, and messy hair that looks stupid. After getting out of it, we feel renewed. “Feel fantastic” and feel the spirit again to undergo daily activities.

However, apparently not all men do it. Feeling that time is money, their time to improve themselves is sometimes narrowed or perhaps ignored by this most important activity.

Therefore we have compiled a list of things to consider when grooming in the morning, because your grooming is everything.

1. Bathing Cleanses Skin and Hair  

Use soap that matches your skin. First identify your skin if you include dry skin or oily skin. You can use soap containing scrubs to make dead cells on the body peel.

If you are a man who is full of outside activities, you can use soap that contains anti-bacterial. Because anti-bacterial soap will be effective enough to kill germs from the outside.

Avoid bathing with water that is too hot because it can make the skin dry. Water that is too hot can also make natural oils in the body out too much and make fine blood vessels appear on the face.

Rinse the hair every day is very good, it can cleanse the natural oils that dry on the scalp of the hair. When using shampoo, you can focus on a hair massage in the area around the back of the ear. Because that part is the place where the scalp produces the most oil.

2. Cleaning the Face Michaelkors Outlet

Some research results suggest that men’s facial skin is 20% more oily than women’s facial skin. This shows that men’s facial skin needs adequate care because it has the potential to be more dirty. By cleaning the face regularly, facial skin can avoid acne and then the face also looks fresh.

It is better to avoid using face wash soap containing chemicals. You can use facial wash soap containing scrubs in it.

The scrub can function to remove dead skin cells and smooth the skin on the face. When cleaning your face, you can focus on the forehead and nose, because that is where the center of the oil gland is.

3. Shaving / Shaving Mustache & Beard  

If you are the type of man who does not like to maintain a mustache & beard, there are some tips you can do, among others, as follows.

  • Wash with warm water

First of all, wash the part of the skin you want to shave with warm water. This will open up your pores slightly, making the hair softer and easier to shave.

  • Use Preshave Oil

This oil is very useful for reducing irritation when shaving. This oil protects the skin and makes it easy for beards to be shaved. This allows the blade to glide smoothly over the skin and reduce irritation. Another benefit is that the oil forms a protective layer over the skin so that it can directly protect it from the knife. The oil is designed to be applied under gel, cream or foam as additional protection.

  • Shave in the direction of hair growth

If your hair grows downwards, shave from the top down, not vice versa. If opposite, it can cause irritation.

4. Cleaning teeth and mouth.  

To start a beautiful morning, don’t let your mood be damaged by the people around you by the smell of your breath. According to one doctor in New York, Stewart Gordon said, that rather large toothbrush heads, will reach teeth widely. Then, you should choose a brush that is soft enough so that your gums are not injured and infection.

Then brush the parts of your tongue. Bacteria usually collect on the back of your tongue. By brushing it, you have eliminated one of the causes of bad breath.

5. Tidy the Hair  

After everything is finished and you are ready to rush out to do activities, do not forget this one body part. Yes! your hair. Do not let your hair is one type of hair that women do not like. The tips are, shape your hair first, then add products for hair in it (gel / wax / pomade). Roll out so that the effect is better.


Men’s Fashion Paradigms You Must Understand

Some of these paradigms often appear in our environment. For that, please look for a moment about the three paradigms of male fashion that often occur. Why should this be considered? Because if not observed and observed properly, often some of these things will become an obstacle for us, to continue to improve ourselves in terms of appearance.

1. To Look You Need a Lot of Money

For this matter was discussed earlier in the article on “Do you have to look expensive?” Prices do not always lie. The best quality we have to pay dearly. But don’t make excuses that upgrading your appearance should require a lot of money. Actually you are just lazy to save and lazy to invest for yourself. Like other industries, the fashion industry also has its own market segment. There is always a fashion that suits your financial ability.

2. Must Have an Ideal Body Michaelkors Outlet

This is also not always true. Fortunately for us as men who are not only assessed in terms of physical. Personality becomes the next thing that can be a mainstay after our outer appearance graduated from women’s selection. This paradigm actually has more influence on women. All women in this world really want an ideal and slender body, so it will be easier to look attractive with the appropriate fashion blend. Because it has become a natural law that the nature of men are very interested in the physical appearance of charming beautiful women. So, there is no reason to be lazy to upgrade appearance just because you do not have an ideal body. If it is difficult to find the right size, make good friends with the tailors / taylor. They will help to make / vermak the right size clothing for you. With the right blend of fashion, your body’s lack of shape can be slightly covered.

3. Looks Must Always Follow the Trend

It’s not wrong if you always follow the trend, it’s actually good so that you are not too “outdated” or too outdated. With the trend, fashion does not become boring. It’s just that you need to pay attention is not too excessive to apply all the latest trends on yourself. This will make you look too “crowded” or crowded. You do not seem to have a unique and distinctive appearance. Always pay attention to the trends that you want to use. Is it in accordance with the character and suitability of your body or not. These three fashion paradigms are only a small part of the basic paradigms that you must understand. Because if not understood correctly, of course there will be misunderstandings that are detrimental to the development for your appearance.


Often Forgotten, Follow 7 Rules for Wearing the Right Tie for Men

The appearance of a tie is not a daily style for men. There are some who may wear a tie when going to the office, but for some people a tie is an accessory that is worn for just a few special moments.

The use of a tie cannot be haphazard, you know. Remember, it’s not just the traffic rules that must be obeyed, but there are rules to use a tie so that you are not mistaken. Already know what are the rules for wearing the right tie? If not, know the various rules in this article …

1. The knot tie must be adjusted to the size of the head

From the first rule, you can already know that wearing a tie is actually more complex. Yup, you can’t just make a symbol of a tie, you know. To make the body look proportional you have to adjust the tie knot to your head size.  

The classic knot is divided into two models, namely complete node and half node. Usually the men will be more familiar with the node model. Well, if you already know you just need to adjust the size of the head to determine which node you will make.  

If you have a rather large head, you can make a complete knot. Whereas if you belong to the group of small-headed men, you can make a half knot.

2. Wear a tie that is darker than the color of the shirt

Ties are indeed presented with various colors. You will be able to find all colors, from dark colors, to bright colors. Choosing the color of a tie to be one thing that likes to confuse many men.  

The basic rule of wearing a tie is to always choose a tie color that is darker than the color of the shirt. This will give a formal and elegant impression. But you can also adjust to your needs and events, if the event is more relaxed, you are free to wear any color.

3. In addition to the size of the head, adjust the width of the tie to the shape of the body

Besides adjusting the width of the tie to the size of the head, you can also adjust the width of the tie to the shape of the body. Not only clothes, but the shape of the tie must also be adjusted to make it look more fitting and proportionate.  

For men who have a thin body, a tie that is too wide doesn’t fit your body shape. Because the tie is too wide it will make your body look submerged. A broad tie would be more suitable for a man with it, or who has a rather distended stomach. Wide ties also tend to make men look older.

4. The width of the tie must be the same as the size of the collar Michaelkors Outlet

When you want to buy a new tie, it helps you adjust the shirt you will wear with the tie. Choosing the size of the width of the tie should not be arbitrary, because indeed the key is to adjust to the size of the shirt collar.  

Now many models of men’s shirts are presented with a collar size that is not too wide. So as much as possible to make sure the tie you choose is not too wide and still fits. Guaranteed appearance will be even more stylish if you follow the rules on this one!

5. The length of the tie should not exceed the belt

This one rule is quite important, because it will affect proportional body shape. Make sure the length of the tie you wear should not exceed the belt. Even if it’s shorter, make sure it’s not too far from the belt.  

Because a tie that is too long will look a bit strange and make the display look less tidy. While the tie is too short, will make the upper body look longer than it should.

6. Tidy up the curve of the tie

Do not rush when making a tie knot. Because of course the knot will be less than perfect. Usually this can be seen from the curves that exist at the bottom of the node.  

If there are curves, trim them so that they are not visible. The curve will make the tie look slightly tilted and not symmetrical. So always make sure the curve is neat before you start the activity huh.

7. Important rules when wanting to use a tie pin

You already know what a tie pin is? Tie pin is a tie clip that is usually worn by some men. Wearing a tie pin is indeed not a necessity, but by wearing this brace, the tie will hold in the initial position.  

An important rule to remember when you want to use a tie pin is to make sure the tie pin is pinned to the position of the third or fourth button of the shirt you are wearing. In addition, choose a tie pin that has a width of no more than the width of the tie.

Already know, now the rules to wear a tie? Don’t forget to put it into practice!


Tutorial Wearing A Tie

Are there among you who still can’t or know how to wear a tie? If not, here are some ways to wear a tie for beginners.

How to wear a Four in Hand Knot Tie

This method is known as the easiest and most common way to wear a tie so that anyone can learn and install it, including you. The knot that results from how to wear a tie is suitable for you who have a short neck. The knot is also suitable for use when you want to visit a formal event.

How: Wrap the tie around the neck, hang the end of the tie on the right side or the smaller part of the tie higher than the left side which is bigger. Cross the right side to the left and hold using your hands. After that, rotate the larger tie to the back of the smaller tie and make sure it is tight. Turn the larger tie back to the back of the smaller tie right to the bottom of the previous tie and loosen a little. Insert the wide end of the tie into the bonding section near the collar, and insert the wide end of the tie into the bond from the top. After that, pull and tighten until the tie is tied and triangular in shape. Adjust the position of the tie by pulling the small and large ends of the tie.

How to Wear an Office Tie or Pratt Michaelkors Outlet

Office tie or how to wear a tie with this technique is called pratt. The installation is easy to understand but not many people are accustomed to using it.

Here are the guidelines: Attach the tie to the neck in reverse or inside the tie at the front. Hang the tie with the right or higher tie and the left or lower width or close to your belt. Cross the big tie to the small tie near the collar. Pull and tighten then twist to the inside tie ties near the collar then remove. Pull the larger tie in reverse direction horizontally and insert it into the interior near the collar. Try to keep the part neat and a little loose. Put the tie that is already inside into the loose tie that was made before Gently pull the tie and trim it by pulling the small end.

How to Wear a Half Windsor Knot (Formal)

Almost similar to how to wear a tie before, the steps are like this:

Tie up the tie, making sure that the tie is wider on the right side of your body, lower than the tie on the left side. Cross a wider tie to a smaller tie. After crossing, fold the wider tie down under the smaller tie. Pull the fold so that the wider tie returns to the right side. Insert the wider tie back and pull the wide end through the folds you made. Pull the bottom of the wide tie back to the right side and enter the width of the tie into the knot at the front and pull it down to tighten, trim.

Well, that’s some ways to wear a tie for beginners that you can try.