The Importance of Body Scents

Because women are very sensitive to scents, it helps you start to pay attention to your body’s scent. Have you ever smelled someone else’s scent and at that moment you remembered someone you knew? Whether it’s an ex, lover, or friend? Yep, because according to a study result shows that “a personal sense of smell is connected to creating the longest lasting memories that we have” The aroma of the body can create a memory or an impression on someone. Whether it’s a fragrance or not. Of course everyone wants to get a good impression, including you.

The UK study also said that “Women rated guys who smelled good as more attractive than guys who did’nt”.

Where only with one sense of smell, women can judge you. I have a true story where my colleague has a very bad body odor. He is a consultant where he must meet with clients on a daily basis for consultation.

A few days ago my boss got a call from a client asking if there was another consultant besides him. Without asking back what was the reason for the question, my boss immediately understood what the problem was. Michaelkors Outlet

Then my boss asked colleagues at the office whether male or female, including me to advise him slowly about body odor. Then what do we do? There is no! Why? All the reasons are almost the same, not tasty, afraid to offend, and others.

Then came the time when we all had a family gathering. Outing and office recreation where every employee allows to bring his family.

There is one session where each employee must bring a gift. Later the gifts were exchanged with other employees for the lottery numbers that he took. I and my closest colleagues are sure, there must be at least one of these gifts whose contents are perfume, which of course is aimed at the man earlier.

The lottery number retrieval took place. Each employee takes a gift from the results of the draw earlier. Then what gift did you get from that guy? We had expected it, and indeed we expected that the man would finally get the perfume gift.

While laughing a little at once relieved we all murmured, hopefully the message that was not verbal he could understand.

Then a few days ago, I met him. We both can talk and joke with fun. It seems that due to the events of the past, he began to understand and comprehend.

Evidenced by the stinging body odor that has disappeared. Although not very fragrant, at least the disturbing body odor is gone.

I do not expect the above events can happen with all of you. Especially if it’s worse. The story above shows how important your appearance is at work. Especially in body odor.

Don’t think that if you are already dressed in the best clothes, your appearance will be 100%. The scent of the body with perfume and fragrance is one important element that you should not leave.

As my discussion at the beginning, now is the time for you to create a good impression and memory to everyone you meet. Especially with your dream woman.


Important Tips Regarding Perfume

After you read the article about the knowledge of perfume, this time I will give important tips about perfume. Starting from tips on choosing and buying, saving tips and tips on using perfume. Perfume is so important for our appearance, because as we know, our body’s aroma is very crucial. The sense of smell is far more sensitive than the sense of sight. Just a little unpleasant smell you smell by the target woman, damaged her impression of your appearance.

Choose Perfume  

In choosing and buying perfume is actually not easy but also not too difficult. For those of you who are still beginners in terms of perfume, you can ask and ask for recommendations to others about the perfume he likes.

But the problem is, the scent of perfume when worn by each person is not the same, because it is also influenced by the basic aroma of our body. Here are the things you can follow in choosing perfume:

1. Consider the smell of others. Choosing the right perfume is not just because you like the scent, but you also have to consider the smell of others. For those of you who are beginners, perfume with a Citrus scent is a safe choice, almost all women love it.

2. Do a sniff test. In finding the right perfume, you must be diligent in doing a sniff test for various perfume scents. But limit the maximum of 3 perfume a day, because if more than that your sense of smell has been reduced and it is difficult to distinguish from the previous aroma.

3. Spray perfume during the sniff test. If you go to a mall or perfume shop to do a sniff test, spray it on your arm instead of the cardboard the seller gave. Wait for about 15 minutes so that the aroma is mixed with oil in your arm.

If you like the scent, try asking opinion from some mall visitors, all of you can hit them as taught by the Hitman System. If they like the scent of the perfume, buy a vial (small version) of the perfume, do not immediately buy a large size.

4. Using a perfume vial. Try using the perfume vial that you have bought for a few days and ask the people closest to you, especially women. If most like and praise your chosen perfume, then buy the perfume in large sizes.

Store Perfume   Michaelkors Outlet

After buying perfume, we often ignore in terms of storage. In fact, the way you store perfume can determine the contents of perfume and the aroma resistance. There are several things to consider in storing perfume, which are as follows:

1. Store perfume in a cool, dry place. Do not put perfume in a place exposed to sunlight. Because heat and sunlight can damage the liquid inside.

2. Close again and put it in the original box. After use, close the perfume bottle again, if necessary, put it in the original box. This is done to prevent the perfume from quickly evaporating. You certainly do not want a favorite perfume that has been bought with expensive, but only for a few times usage.

3. Store perfume in a box when traveling. If you travel a lot out of town by plane, save the perfume that you will carry in a box or airtight place. Because when on the plane, high and changing air pressure can cause the contents of the perfume to evaporate quickly.

Wear perfume  

In wearing perfume is not just any spray to the part you like, especially to your clothes. There are several things you need to know:

1. Wear perfume in accordance with the event to be attended. There are differences fragrances for different occasions. It is important for you to have several kinds of perfumes with different scents. Perfumes with mild and fresh aromas are suitable to wear during the day, while perfumes with strong or slightly pungent aromas can be worn at night.

2. Spray perfume on the body, not clothes. Spray perfume on the pulse points of your body parts such as your inner wrist, behind your ears, neck or elbows in your arms. This body part is a part of the body that contains heat. Perfume liquid mixed with oil and body heat will produce an optimal aroma and last a long time.

3. Wear perfume to taste. In using perfume, you should just spray 2-3 times. If other people who are more than 2 meters away can smell your perfume, you are wearing too much.


About Perfume / Fragrance

In interacting with other people it is important to keep the body from giving off unpleasant odors. Especially with women, they are very sensitive to aromas, and women really like fragrant men because this means that men respect themselves. For this reason, in this article I discuss info related to fragrance / perfume, as knowledge for you or to refresh it for those of you who already know it.

Fragrance or perfume consists of several types based on the amount of mixture or concentration of oil and water. This mixture or concentration affects the durability of the scent of perfume. The higher the concentration of a perfume, the longer the aroma and the less you need to use it

Pure Perfume: Is a pure perfume, with the highest concentration compared to the others. Usually we call it perfume seeds. Pure perfume is rarely found in the free market. The aroma can last more than 6 hours

Eau de Perfume (EDP): The second type that has less concentration than pure perfume. EDP ​​perfume is usually a lot for women, rarely for men. The price is usually expensive because of the large concentration of oil (8-15%). EDP ​​has a fragrance resistance of about 4-6 hours.

Eau de Toilette (EDT): Perfume / fragrance for men is usually this type. The concentration of oil is around 4-10%, less when compared to EDP, and the aroma can last 3-4 hours.

Eau de Cologne: This last type is perfume with the lowest concentration of around 2-5%, generally we often encounter fragrances for women. The aroma can last up to 3 hours. Michaelkors Outlet

Perfume has 3 layers of aroma based on the level of evaporation, each layer is made very carefully by experts.

  1. Top Notes: This is a top scent layer, which is the aroma that is smelled when perfume is sprayed, consisting of small, lightweight molecules that can easily evaporate
  2. Middle Notes: Middle scent layer, which is the scent that appears after the scent of the top notes has evaporated, usually after 15 minutes to 1 hour. This scent will gradually fuse with the skin and the longer it will soften.
  3. Base Notes: The base scent layer is a richer aroma with the largest molecule and the longest evaporation. This scent will be mixed with the aroma of middle notes that blend in the skin that forms the main fragrance of a perfume.

The aroma of the upper and middle layers is influenced by the aroma of the base layer, and the aroma of the base layer will be influenced by the type of material used in the middle layer.


Dress Shirt…

Dress shirt is a term used by people in America, which means formal shirts. Unlike casual shirts, dress shirts or formal shirts have more standard shapes and designs. Unlike casual shirts that have a lot of variety, bold patterns and colors.

Dress shirt is one type of clothing that is not just an outfit. This outfit is one of the symbols of masculinity and can give quite an elegant impression.

History records that shirts were only worn by ancient men. Then only around 1860 did women try to start wearing it. At first the community at that time could not accept this. But slowly women are finally free to express themselves and wear shirts until now.

Previously at the beginning of the discovery of this type of clothing, the shirt did not have a collar. As time went on, the design of the shirt changed. The shirt then has a collar and cuff.

The process of making shirts in ancient times was only by hand. But since the industrial revolution and market demand have been very much, the manufacturing process is diverted by using a sewing machine.

The demand for this type of clothing continues to increase because it continues to be sought after by many people.

Then in the 20th century before the designers began to make a variety of variations and types of a shirt which included a dress shirt. Until now the dress shirt is still one of the mainstay clothing to support the appearance.

Categories of Dress Shirts   Michaelkors Outlet

1. Bespoke Shirts

This type of dress shirt is an outfit that you really design yourself. From the type of material and size that suits your body. So you have full control about what you want the dress shirt to be.

2. Made-to-Measure Shirts

The difference with the previous type, in this type of shirt, the pattern is already there, you are given a choice and you only need to measure the body. When the size is in accordance with the body, then the shirt will be made according to the pattern chosen.

3. Off-the-Rack Shirts

This dress shirt is usually available in stores and already has a standard. Such as size s, m, l or 15.5 / 33-34 and so on. If you have a body that is not ideal, of course, this type of dress shirt is often not suitable for your body.


1. Collar

Unlike the type of T-Shirt clothing, with a collar, the shirt will look more formal than a T-shirt. Even though the shirt is relaxed though, it will still give a more polite impression than the t-shirt. There are many models of collars on a shirt, including spread collar, small collar, button down collar and others. For more details, please read the following article about “Types of collars and their use”

2. Cuff

Cuff or cuff is one part of the dress shirt on the end of the arm that is made rather rigid or may be hard. The function of the cuff is to make the sleeves on the shirt neater and not dangling everywhere. The cuff also has several models and styles including, for example, french, one button, angle cut and others. If the hem of your shirt is longer than your hand, you need a cufflink.

3. Ingredients

The material of the dress shirt in general is cotton. The material is more popular and much in demand because it is thinner and easily absorbs sweat and certainly not too hot. Other materials that are often used as the basic material for making dress shirts include linen, ramie, wool or silk.


For Women: 5 Clothing Models You Should Not Wear on the First Date

Are you ready to welcome your first date? Surely you also need a special outfit. Eits, but do not let your clothing choices are not right for the first date For that, here are 5 clothes that should not be worn during the first date.  

  • Say no to sweatpants

Indeed sweatpants are becoming a trend and are often seen used by various supermodels in the world for their daily appearance. But it seems, sweatpants are not the right choice to use when dating. Even if you really want to prioritize comfort in stylish clothing. At least you can choose sweatpants with material from silk or velvet so you don’t look like you’re going to sleep.

  • Don’t use clothes that are too tight

When dating, you definitely want to look beautiful and sexy isn’t it. But whatever looks sexy with a tight dress if it makes you uncomfortable. Therefore, make sure the dress you choose is comfortable so you can spend the most time with your partner. Don’t let your attention get distracted because of difficulty breathing while sitting or because your tight dress makes your sitting position uncomfortable. Michaelkors Outlet

  • Don’t use red or pink from top to bottom

These two colors are indeed symbols of passion, love and affection. But, don’t overdo it in using these two colors. Make these two colors sweeteners or centerpiece of your appearance. It can be a red lace top, a pink blazer, or a cherry red dress. But don’t use this color from head to toe. Instead of style, you have exaggerated style.

Indeed you can use anything for your date. But you also have to pay attention to your date. Surely you do not want to be the only one who uses distressed jeans around people in formal attire, right? Instead of style, you are wrong costume and can make you embarrassed so you can not enjoy time with your partner. Therefore, it is important to anticipate the formality of your date, especially if this is a surprise date from him. Play safe and avoid using distressed jeans

  • Like sweatpants, say no to leggings

Just like the reason why you should not use sweatpants, leggings are also not the first fashion item to think about when you are looking for inspiration for formal wear. Especially for dating. Indeed, this fashion item is comfortable to use. However, it helps you use palazo pants or wide pants for the same comfort but with more style. Or if you really want to use your upholstery dress or skirt, you should choose stockings rather than awkward leggings and tend to have thick material because it is used for sports.


Tips for Men how to Dressing on a First Date

For most of us, the first date is a crucial moment in our lives. The success or failure of the first date can determine the continuation of your relationship and the “crush”. For the first date is actually rather tricky. You want to create the best impression on the first date with the woman you invite, but on the other hand you do not want to look “needy” or even vice versa “trying to hard”.

Your main goal is to give the best appearance, but this is not an easy task if you do not know the personality of others well, to ensure the things that “crush” you like or not.

Find out all about the meaning of color for women, what you can wear if you are fat, thin, tall or so on. Maybe you also need to consider practical tips for dressing if you want to go on a picnic / excursion, watch a movie, go to a night club or other. Knowing the activity or place you are going to can be very helpful in determining the clothes you should wear during the first date.

But above all, you have to dress the one that you think is most comfortable and suits yourself when you dress. Wear clothes that fit your character, personal style and physique. Of course you want to concentrate on your woman and enjoy the date, without worrying too much about what you wear, Michaelkors Outlet

If you choose to date at a restaurant, both time and location generally require more formal clothes, not suitable if only wearing jeans and t-shirts. But wearing a suit and tie during a first date dinner is also not a necessity. The best choice is that you can combine formal ones with a bit of relaxation, also including some of your own trends and styles.

If you have no idea what clothes you want to wear, you can try the following recommendations when you want a first date at a restaurant:

Inspiration # 1

Dark Blue Jeans – Long sleeve shirt in pink or lilac – Black velvet blazer

Inspiration # 2

Your favorite casual trousers pants White long sleeve shirt Cardigans with fresh and trendy colors like olive green or plum purple

The thing to remember is, sneakers and boots are not the best choice to wear when dating at a restaurant. Choose the best shoes that can complement your clothes, of course, clean and appropriate size


5 Reasons Why Some People Avoid Black Clothes when Married!

If you are asked to plan your wedding, especially your wedding dress, surely what comes first is a long white dress. Similarly, if we look at magazines to plan weddings. Choice of dresses that look mostly are long white dresses, followed by beige dresses or other pastel colors. What about black dresses for weddings? Although often a safe choice for formal dresses, but many women are reluctant to choose this super neutral color for their wedding dresses. Why does it matter? Here are 5 reasons why some people avoid black clothes when married.  

  1. Black is identical with the atmosphere of sorrow

The white color for marriage and the black color for mourning clothes are already very closely related to cultures around the world. The black color can indeed cause a grim impression. One of your wedding parties is even considered a funeral by those around you who see. Especially wedding guests and funeral guests, often both crying when attending the two events. Well, although in a different context.

2. White symbol of purity Michaelkors Outlet

The bride often chooses white because this one is a symbol of purity and purity. Especially with the assumption that married women must be clean and pure, this color is considered appropriate for the bride. Moreover, the white color is also a symbol of plain sheets, so that symbolically it must be the bride’s choice.

3. Black symbol of bad luck

Dark black color is often identified with bad luck. From black cats to black dresses for weddings. In addition to the wedding day, the use of black is also taboo in the celebration of the Lunar New Year for the same reason. In addition, the black color also gives the impression of a gloomy future marriage. Well believe not believe it, but that’s the impression caused by a black dress at a wedding.

4. White gives a romantic impression

Besides being a symbol of purity, white also has the ability to make the atmosphere romantic and soften the whole atmosphere. Not to mention the bright white color and reflect light so as to make the bride look even more glowing among the guests. Unlike the black color that absorbs light so that makes the aura of the bride to be dark. Especially if you decide to make a garden party, black clearly does not describe the atmosphere of a garden or garden that is synonymous with spring.

5, Black seems mysterious and spooky

Even though the wedding day can be very tiring for the bride, but guests certainly expect to see a cheerful bride and bright aura. While a black dress can make your appearance look mysterious so that it emits an aura that might feel a bit spooky among the guests.

However, after all the wedding day is definitely a special day for you. If you really want to wear a black dress on your wedding day, why not? You go girl! Moreover, many women who use black for their wedding dresses and still look beautiful and charming. Do you also want to try wearing a black dress for your wedding day?


Inspiration Clothes for Valentine’s Dinner Besides Pink

Do you always celebrate Valentine every year? Have you started thinking about clothes for dinner? Certainly want to look up, right? Want to wear a dress or a simple boss, you can, really. Do not like the color pink? In order not to be confused anymore, contem 5 inspiring clothes for Valentine’s dinner besides pink.

  1. The effortless maxi dress makes a powerful look

Want to look effortless on Valentine’s Day but only want to wear effortless clothes? Just use the maxi dress! Maxi dresses come in a variety of luxurious models, one of which is a wrap dress. Pair a wrap dress with strappy heels, your look will immediately look powerful in a simple way. If you want to add an accessory, statement earrings can also be an option for you, you know!

2. A practical jumpsuit makes a standout

Want to standout and be practical at dinner on Valentine’s Day? Use jumpsuit with off shoulder models only. This outfit is very simple and easily integrated with any fashion items. To be more glamorous, use a sling bag with pearl accents and high heels with rigging details. You can perform standout instantly if you wear this outfit.

3. Look classic with a black dress Michaelkors Outlet

Want to wear a black dress for dinner on Valentine’s Day? If you want to look classic on Valentine’s Day. You can wear a silk scarf wrapped around your neck and add a pearl bracelet to complement the classic style. For footwear, wear velvet velvet shoes with a strong pink color that is suitable for Valentine’s and finally, use a matching slig bag.

4. Create a flirty look with fur sandals

It’s time to remove the fur or fur slippers from the shoe box! These sandals are able to make the appearance flirty, making all eyes on your shoes. Pair with a black dress and pearl accented clutch. In a moment, you will immediately standout on Valentine’s Day. Oh yes, so that you look more maximal in your makeup with natural makeup when wearing this outfit.

5. Appear palyful with polka-dot motif

With polka dots you can come up with any style, want to look playful with polka dots dress at dinner? Choose a polkadot dress with an off shoulder or sabrina model. After that, wear high heels with lace-up accents that make the legs look sexier.

To make a standout on appearance, the help of a red hand bag is perfect combined with polka-dot motif. Do not forget, perfect the appearance by using gold hoop earrings that make the appearance more attractive.


Dating Clothes in Extreme Weather ?

Feel confused with the weather that is sometimes rainy or sometimes hot? Looks like extreme weather lately has hit. For those of you who want to date and will not get the wrong costume, see inspiring dating clothes in this extreme weather so that your body can be protected from feeling hot or cold.    

Want a casual look on a date? With a long coat, white shirt and boyfriend jeans. If the weather is hot, you can take off the long coat and if it rains, you can immediately use the long coat. This look, looks effortless but powerful with the help of a long coat. After that, wear yellow tinted sunglasses for a playful impression. Also, wear mules sandals to perfect your casual look.

Palazzo pants
Palazzo pants

Present the nuances of chic on a date using palazzo pants. These pants make the appearance look elegant with a wide-bottomed model. For the boss, a long cardigan and tank top with maroon spaghetti straps are ready to perfect the look of your date. Oh yes, high heels can also be used to make the body look more proportional. Finally, a white hand bag can be selected as a bag when you want to look chic with palazzo pants.    

  • Sporty style with an off shoulder sweater

Want to look sporty with off shoulder? Of course, I can. Wear off shoulder with a sweater and mix with comfortable side stripe pants. After that, use white sneakers and tote bags that give a modern impression on the look. Then, wear butterfly model glasses to protect the eyes from the sun. But don’t worry if it rains, your body will still be protected by thick sweater material.

  • Oversize sweater

When wearing oversized sweaters, don’t let your body appear to sink! Cover with a belt accessory tied to the waist. With the help of a belt or belt, it will certainly highlight the silhouette of the body and the plus value of the body will also look slimmer with the help of these fashion items.

If you like brightly colored clothes, it’s time to appear in a pink sweater and choose white jeans as a subordinate. Do not forget, use a belt with a brown color that matches both colors of the clothes. Finally, refresh the appearance by using high heels pink and orange color combinations that are ready to steal the attention. Oh yes, if it starts raining, just replace your shoes with sandals or shoes made from jelly to be ready to hit the rain.


Avoid 3 types of underwear when exercising

Often ask questions, what kind of underwear that is suitable and good to wear when exercising? Choose underwear for sports, don’t just look at the colors and cute designs. But it must also be considered safety, comfort and cleanliness in order to maintain intimate organs to stay healthy. So, what kind of underwear is allowed and not worn? This type of underwear can and should not be worn when sports.  

  • Avoid satin and lace

Why do satin and lace have to be avoided? This is because the character of the two materials does not have pores, making it difficult to breathe the skin. In fact, lace can rub against the skin and make irritation.

Another type of underwear that should be avoided is thong. Pants in this model are too tight and will shift to the back when exercising, because it can cause friction and heat which then makes urinary tract infections, even bacteria in the vagina. Is it only for certain ingredients? No. That applies to all types of fabric, without exception.

  • Avoid spaghetti strap bra and are too tight

This type of bra is too thin and will reduce its ability to support the breast. In addition, do not wear straps that are too tight because it can make the bottom of the bra go up, so that the breasts are not supported properly.


How to Get Rid of Rust on the Watch Quickly (II)

7. Chemical-based rust removal liquid

For those of you who want a more practical way to use this liquid.  Usually the basic ingredients of this liquid contain phosphoric acid or oxalate. The thing to remember is, be careful about using this product because it can be dangerous for the skin. So pay attention and follow the instructions properly and correctly.    

8. You can also use diesel

How to remove rust on this one watch may indeed be rather difficult. But if other rust removers can’t, maybe you can try a way to get rid of this rust. The first step you have to get diesel first, because the liquid will be the main rust remover in this way.  

You can pour a little diesel into a bowl, then soak the rusty watch. Make sure the rusty parts are completely submerged. After that, you can leave it overnight, and let the reaction first arise. You can lift the watch if you feel that the immersion process is sufficient.  

After that you can dry the watch. The next step, you can use a brush or dry cloth to rub the rust on the watch. If you have rubbed all sides, rinse your watch using water, this is also intended to rust dissolve in water. If you have rust remaining, you can repeat the process of removing rust from the first step again.  

Well, diesel fuel might leave a pungent odor on these watches. If you already feel your watch is completely clean, you can wash it the normal way, so that the odor disappears.

9. Use powdered citric acid

The acid content is indeed the main ingredient as a way to remove rust, especially for watches. If using acid from lemon or vinegar is considered less successful, you can buy powdered citric acid which is sold on the market as a rust remover.  

To get rid of rust, the way you just mix the citric acid powder with water, then stir until mixed and produce a perfect solution of citric acid. After that you can soak your watch in the solution for the night. Michaelkors Outlet

If you have enough, you can take it and dry the watch. Then prepare a sponge made of aluminum foil and a dry cloth. Rub the rusty part of the watch by slightly pressing it so that the rust is completely gone. If it’s still not completely clean, you can repeat the rust removal method from the beginning again.    

10. Use kerosene

Kerosene is already hard to find. Because it is hard to find, so sometimes the price soars. But if you have problems with the appearance of rust, kerosene can be a very effective rust remover!  

Not only watches, you can use kerosene as a rust remover on household appliances. It’s easy, you just have to soak your watch in kerosene in a container, like a bowl. Wait a few moments, then lift and rinse your watch until it is completely clean.    

11. Tea powder is also a powerful way with fresh fragrance!

If the rust remover uses substances or devices that smell bad, you can try this way so that the watch also has a fresh fragrance. You can use tea powder, you know!  

Only indeed you will need other ingredients in how to remove rust on this one. The first step, mix one teaspoon, salt, or baking soda powder with one tablespoon of lemon flavor. Apply the results of the rust remover mixture on the rusty watch.  

Let stand 15-20 minutes safely, then wipe with a dry cloth. If not completely clean, you can repeat this method two to three times so that the results are more optimal. Guaranteed rust on the watch will disappear, while leaving a fresh fragrance!    

12. Brush and toothpaste to remove rust gradually

From jewelry to metal watches, it needs to be cleaned regularly. Especially if you often use your watch for daily activities or activities. Rust that will appear over time can you overcome or prevent by rubbing toothpaste with a soft toothbrush. In addition to overcoming rust, stubborn stains or dirt on the watch can also disappear, here.


How to Get Rid of Rust on the Watch Quickly (I)

The watch has become one of the main accessories that does have an important function. Usually the watch is an accessory that is worn every day. Watches made of metal, sometimes has a rust stain that makes it no longer look beautiful. But don’t throw away your watch yet, you can see various ways of removing rust on the watch below.

1. Using vinegar

Before removing or replacing your watch with a new one, try using vinegar as a rust remover. For maximum results you can use apple vinegar. You can also use white vinegar, but the results will not be as optimal as the work of apple vinegar.  

It’s easy, you just need to soak the watch that is rusty on vinegar until all parts are submerged. If overnight the rust has not disappeared, you can continue to soak your watch until the rust disappears. This is because vinegar is a mild substance so it requires more time as a rust remover.  

After that you can rub the rust using aluminum coir. But remember, these tips only apply to watches that do have waterproof properties. If your watch is not water resistant it should not be cleaned this way.    

2. Try using potatoes

Besides using vinegar, you can also use potatoes as a way to remove rust. Potatoes have oxalic acid which can eliminate the buildup of rust. Well, this method can be used for you who have a watch that is not waterproof.  

The first thing you have to do is slice the potatoes into several wide but rather thin portions. Cover one of the potatoes with baking soda, then rub on the rusty watch section. Finally, all you have to do is scrub it using an aluminum husk to make your watch shine again.

3. Lime can also be a rust cleaner Michaelkors Outlet

You surely already know that lime does have many benefits, both for the body and for skin beauty. But there is one more benefit of lime, which is to help you get rid of rust on the watch.  

The trick starts from squeeze the lime and add a little water. Do not add too much water because it will reduce acid. Then, sprinkle the part that is rusty with salt and soak it in lime juice. Same as apple cider vinegar, then finish by rubbing the rusty part using aluminum fiber.

4. Use rust cleaning spray

If you want a faster way you can buy Brasso. This is a special product that can be used to remove rust from metals. Not only watches, Brasso can also be used to remove rust stains on household utensils, to home appliances.  

Because its function is to remove rust, different from other methods, Brasso does not require a long time. The only way is you just drip this liquid on the rusty part. Then, rub the watch until the rust disappears and your watch goes back to normal.

5. Using soft drinks

Just like apple cider vinegar and lime juice, if you don’t have both, you can use soft drinks. All that remains is to soak a rusty watch into a full glass filled with soft drinks. Let stand until drinking soda works to remove rust.  

But indeed soft drinks will not work as effectively as apple vinegar and lime juice. But it can be an alternative way to reduce rust on the watch.

6. Use baking soda

Baking soda can, help you to get rid of rust on the watch. It’s easy, just mix baking soda with water until it thickens. There is no specific measurement for making the dough, just pay attention until the texture is really thick.  

After it has thickened, apply the mixture to the rusted watch area. Let stand for a few moments. After that, you can rub it using a cloth or aluminum foil sponge.    


5 Tips on Wearing a Watch In Accordance with Clothing and Activities

Is the watch an additional accessory that can be a mainstay for your everyday look? Or watches can also be accessories that look out of place? Especially if the matching with your clothes does not match, will it affect the appearance? For that, here are 5 tips for wearing a watch to suit your clothes and activities.

So that you look maximum, adjust the formality of your watch and the formality of your clothes. Avoid using watches with casual designs when you are using formal suits. So you need to pay attention to what category your watch is and whether it can be used in formal events such as a minimalist dress watch or a sporty, but formal looking chrono watch.

For those of you who like to wear accessories, it’s a good idea to use another leather accessory when using a leather watch. This will make your appearance look more integrated and reduce the impression that is too crowded. Also, it can also provide bold statements with accessories on appearance. With a leather watch, you can wear a classic-looking outfit for formal events or for work.

  • Look smart with metal watches and accessories for everyday life

Do you like a display that looks smart for everyday work? You can use a watch with a metal frame or strap. And you can also match it with other accessories that are also made of metal. Be it a ring or a bracelet, you should adjust the watch material with the accessories used. Just mix a shirt or blazer with material pants and use a box-shaped hand bag. Instantly, your look must look smarter to work.

  • Use a legacy watch and wear a vintage outfit

Heritage watches usually have a classic design and quality that is not in doubt. You can use this legacy clock to family events or other gatherings and you mix it with vintage outfits. Besides looking elegant, a legacy clock can also be an interesting conversation starters.

  • When in doubt, adjust your watch to shoes

When you hesitate in adjusting your watch, you can always match it with your shoes. Remember, when you use loafers with tassel accents, it means your clothes are included in the casual category. So you can choose a watch that is suitable for the casual look. Then the silver watch is suitable for use with shoes in brown, beige, tan, and other earth colors.


How to Look Stylish Wearing a Watch with a Bracelet

Does wearing a watch with the bracelet look ‘too much’? Make no mistake, with the right match the combination of watches and bracelets can be a stylish combination. Do you want to know how? Here are 5 stylish ways to wear a watch together with a bracelet.

1. Choose a classic color combination

In combining a watch with a bracelet you can choose classic color combinations such as gold and black. With this combination, your appearance will look more chic!

2. Don’t use excessive bracelets

When combining bracelets and watches, you need to pay attention to the bracelet design. Choose a bracelet with a simple and petite design. Avoid using bangle type bracelets which will actually make you look excessive.

3. Choose a matching design Michaelkors Outlet

You can also adjust the design of your bracelet and watch. For example if your watch strap has a chain design, you can also choose a bracelet with a chain design to make the two a matching combination.

4. Choose thin or medium-strapped watches

In matching your watch with a bracelet, pay attention to the shape of your watch. Choose a watch with a thin or medium strap so it does not collide with the equivalent bracelet.

5. Choose a classic model watch

So that you are not difficult to match the watch with a bracelet, choose a watch with a classic model that matches paired with a variety of other accessories.

In essence, don’t be afraid to try to match your watch and bracelet. Most important of all is to pay attention to the composition and suitability of your watch and bracelet to make it look chic!


How to wear a white t-shirt so still look stylish

For women, do men look 10% more attractive when wearing white T-shirts? so at least according to the results of research by Nottingham Trent University in England. Whether this conclusion can be trusted one hundred percent or not, a plain white T-shirt is a fashion investment that is simple, never out of date, comfortable, flexible, and easily combined. Besides that the white color is very suitable for a tropical climate. One thing to note is to keep it bright white. It is better you find out how to whiten clothes here so that the appearance is maintained and durable clothes. Many choices of white T-shirts on the market, what should be considered?

  • Quality. Choose a T-shirt made from 100% cotton with a rather thick fiber. Good quality tends to be more durable, not change shape, and neat seams. Quality material is also easy to clean as long as you follow the right way to whiten clothes according to the maintenance instructions. Michaelkors Outlet
  • Neckline. Choose the neck line according to your body. If you’re the type of big-breasted man and often trains the upper body in the gym, V-neck pieces will highlight these assets. If your upper body seems thin or not full, U-neck pieces can be an option. Not a t-shirt. Don’t compare a plain white T-shirt with a plain white short-sleeved shirt. Although the ingredients can be the same, usually the material is thinner because it serves to absorb sweat and to dry quickly.
  • The right size. Ideally the size of a T-shirt is body fit but not tightly attached to the body to accentuate all your muscles or fat. Look for a comfortable size that allows you to move freely, fall a little below the hip line, and have the right shoulder crossing. Avoid larger sizes than you are supposed to, this will not hide the body part that you want to disguise but instead accentuates.

A plain white T-shirt is the same as a clean canvas that you can play according to personal style, events, and moods. This shirt is very flexible because it can be used for casual events to semiformal. It all depends on how you mix and match. Cleverly choose the alloy will produce a stylish and trendy appearance at any age.

The easiest and always trendy favorite choice is to combine white T-shirts with jeans that fit snugly and neatly. The rest, add a little of your personal style with a few options below:

  1. Accessory. A white T-shirt will accentuate the accessories you wore that day. It’s time to wear a masculine bracelet or necklace, a leather belt with a unique design buckle, hat, or messenger bag.
  2. Casual Blazer. Blazer made from linen or cotton combined with plain white T-shirt will make you look cool and trendy at the event with a smart casual dress code.
  3. 3. Formal Blazer. Pair it with formal blazers and jeans for semiformal events during the day. Don’t forget to choose formal shoes too to perfect your appearance.
  4. 4. Leather jacket. A leather jacket will stand out above a plain white T-shirt. Make your jacket as a star for today’s appearance. Pair with leather shoes or sneakers.
  5. Outerwear shirt. Wear a patterned flannel shirt with open buttons to embrace the white T-shirt. Make sure the T-shirt fits the body so that it doesn’t look saggy.

White has the advantage of being easily integrated with any color, but also easily highlights the disadvantages if not treated properly. Unlike a patterned shirt, a plain white T-shirt is difficult to compromise with even the slightest stain. Therefore, if the color of the T-shirt changes due to exposure to other colors, sweat stains, or perfume, immediately overcome it by whitening the right clothes according to the material. If after trying your best but the color still cannot be recovered, it means it’s time for a white T-shirt to be worn at home. Likewise with holes, tears, or fibrous fibers. Try to fix it immediately, but if it can’t be helped, wear it as a home shirt.


5 Clothing Models for Wide Shoulder Owners To Be More Confident

Like to feel less confident with broad shoulders? Or is often thought to work as a swimmer, due to broad shoulders? Do you also often get confused when choosing clothes, for hours in front of the glass? Take it easy! You can make your weaknesses an advantage that can be highlighted, with 5 clothing models for wide shoulder owners to be more confident.

Divert attention with V-neck clothing models

Avoid models that are too wide collar so that the shoulder is not too exposed. Use a low-cut V-neck, to divert attention to your broad shoulders. However, if you are not comfortable using a V-neck that is too low, you can use a tank top as a shirt with a V-neck collar. For subordinates, use a pencil skirt that makes your body look more curve and sexier.

Newfangled peplum clothes

Balance your broad shoulders with peplum-style clothes. The peplum top will give volume to the hip area, creating the perfect curve. In addition, you will also look more chic with peplum accents on this outfit.

Long Cardigan Michaelkors Outlet

Give a layer to the look by using a long cardigan output. This method is arguably effective for disguising broad shoulders. The long model will disguise attention on broad shoulders. For depth, you can choose a simple tank top or plain shirt.

Kimono that is easily integrated with anything

Like kimono? This clothing is also one of the solutions for you who have broad shoulders. Usually, kimono has a falling material that can disguise the shape of a broad shoulder. In addition, kimono is also easily integrated with various types of clothing and styles. Combine it, a kimono with a plain tank top and jeans for a casual look.

Flare skirt

Confused choosing the right subordinates, for the owner of a broad shoulder? Balance your boss with a newfangled flare skirt. This type of skirt, is able to provide volume to the lower part of the body. So that you do not seem more contained, you should choose a boss that is sized or fit in the body.


Tips on Wearing Black and White Clothes to the Office to Always Be Stylish

Do you like the shades of black and white? Have a bunch of colored clothes in the closet? But bored because it looks like that? Indeed, although black and white are always the everlasting favorites, they often feel boring. Especially if used for offices or other formal events. Well, here are tips for wearing black and white clothes to the office without looking boring.  

  • One-color dress with opposite color belt and heels

Use a large belt to decorate a plain long dress that you use often. Make sure the colors are opposite. If you wear a white dress it means you need to use a black belt. Then match the color of the shoes with the color of the belt. For accessories such as bags, you should choose a gray color that is still included in the monochrome family feel. Why? The reason is that there is a counterweight color when you use a one-color plain canal.

  • Leather pants and lace, why not?

With what do you usually mix and match your leather pants? It turns out the solid match leather with lace or lace is not bad, you know. You can get a sweet and cool impression at the same time. To ensure the feminine side of this look, try to complete with white strappy heels. In addition, use a sling bag with a chain to balance the shiny accent on your pants, yes.

  • Replace standard black blazer with white

Want to replace the black blazer but don’t dare to experiment with colorful choices? Try black friends who are still in one family. White blazer is the answer. Well, to keep your body curves visible, give a dark accent on the inside like black or dark gray. Look for a turtle neck model so that the shape of your neck is visible.   Michaelkors Outlet

If you choose a newfangled crop top, pair it with a slightly long palazzo pants. Use comfortable block heels to increase body length. You can choose any shoe model. Take it easy, your palazzo will help hide it.

  • Oversized vest as a substitute for a blazer

If you have chosen the wrong size vest, now it is no longer a problem. Wear thin tank tops inside. At least to cover your chest. Then stacked with a black oversized vest. Make sure the two collars can meet in the middle. Even better if there are buttons that can secure it.  

Pair with black jeans and white sneakers. The formal appearance of the vest will be more playful because of its size and its blend with the color of white shoes. You can exchange colors for each item using the same formula, which is a different depth with a vest and one color with shoes.

  • Simple slip dress with a turtle neck top

Maybe you are familiar with someone wearing a slip dress based on a white shirt or shirt. This fashion style has been proven to give a formal impression of a casual fit for the office. Then what else can be done? Use the turtle neck and crop top models.  

If you like a more open neck, you can also replace it with a halter neck. Choose a long-sleeved top for a more formal impression. Match with white or light gray mules shoes.


Do Looks Have to Be Expensive?

Looking good doesn’t have to be expensive. Spending up to tens of millions of pockets just to have a certain brand. It’s not my intention to forbid you to enjoy your hard-earned money. Spend it with a famous brand. But it’s good you spend it smart. Get good quality items at the best prices.

Many people are crazy about certain brands / brands. Always update with brands from type A to B. So what happens? They only focus on the brand, infatuated with the quality of the goods he wears, but do not care about the quality of harmony with his appearance. Michaelkors Outlet

Many of them assume that by protecting from the splendor of a brand that he wears, will make the quality of their appearance is equivalent to the quality of the brand. This is indeed true if it is supported by harmony in it.

The key to looking is not always from expensive brands, but rather clever in finding the best price and being able to match (mix and match) between one item with another.

It’s good if you want to have expensive items because you really like and need them. Not just following the trend or showing off with others. What happens if the item is not trendy? What do you want the item to do? There is a theory that says,

Always ask yourself when shopping, “Can I match with what if I buy this?”

Why should it be like that? Because I’m sure when you shop you are usually consumed by lust, can not wait to have it, which in the end you collect items that have no harmony between them.

If you really want to have expensive and branded items, I suggest to pay attention to the trends. Look for trends that do not change very often, you can use in the long run, and of course suitable when you wear.


Get to know these 3 Lapel Blazer Types

On a blazer / suit the collar folds up to the button, also called “lapel”. When choosing a blazer / suit, not many people consider the “lapel”. Though “lapel” consists of several types. Each type has its own character and can give a different impression.

By knowing the types of lapel on a blazer / suit, it allows you to have a variety of collections in your closet. So that in appearance, you can also vary according to the desired character.

Here is a basic explanation of the type of lapel on a men’s blazer or suit.

  • Notch Lapel
Notch Lapel
Notch Lapel

This type of blazer / suit collar is the most common and we often encounter. Usually there are many casual blazer models. Unlike the type of peak, on the lapel notch, the collar on the pattern does not connect. If you want to appear simple and safe, notch lapel can be an option.

Peak Lapel
Peak Lapel

This type of characteristic is more prominent. The lapel part is wider than the lapel notch type. In the Peak Lapel pattern near the neck, it forms almost like the letter “V”. It is commonly found for blazers or suits for more formal models. But the latest designers not only put peak lapels on the formal model, many are also combined on a casual blazer.

  • Shawl Lapel
Shawl Lapel
Shawl Lapel

This type of shape tends to be curved (curved). The impression shown on the lapel shawl is its formality. Usually found in many tuxedo. Made from satin or silk. If you want to appear more daring and prominent, Shawl Lapel can be an alternative choice from the previous type.

These are just some of the anatomy of men’s blazers / suits that are important for you to know. Blazers and suits give a dominant effect on your style. His role is so important will be very futile if you do not pay attention to some type of lapel on this men’s blazer / suit.

Attractive men is not only enough to have a collection of blazers or suits. But also pay attention to in more detail the options, including in choosing a blazer in accordance with the desired lapel. With the increasing number of collars on blazers / suits, more and more characters want to be highlighted.


Types of Suits

As you well know, a suit is one of important clothes for men. Suit / suit (English: suit) is actually a European style formal dress consisting of at least a suit and trousers made from the same fabric and color. Suit must be worn outside the shirt. In England, a suit is also known as a jacket.

Based on the number of buttons on the front, the suit is divided into single breasted (double row) and double breasted (double row button). While based on the number of parts / pieces on the back, the suit consists of single vent and double vent.

Single Breasted or Double Breasted?

Single breasted suits are the default choice of suits. While a double breasted suit does look more manly and stylish but is not suitable for you who are short in stature or large body.

Number of Buttons Michaelkors Outlet

Most of the suits made by fashion houses or tailors, generally have two buttons. A 3 button suit is better for you who is tall. If you work in a creative field or your work environment is not too conservative, you can wear a single breasted suit.

Am I More Suitable For Single Vent?

Vent or cleavage on the back serves to facilitate moving. Double vents suits were originally European models, making it easy for us to take a wallet in the back pocket without having to fold a suit. For those of you who are short, double vents is the right choice. As for you who are tall and thin, it’s better to choose a suit with a single vent or no vent.

You must have also heard of a tuxedo, which is a black formal suit with the back of a tail, must be worn with a white shirt collar wing (wing collar) and a bow tie or bow tie. If the invitation says a black tie dress code, then you are asked to use this setting.