Types of material for men’s underwear

The fabric used in men’s pants is not only cotton and nylon. There are various materials in men’s underwear that can be adapted to certain conditions. Make sure you find that the underwear is comfortable with your skin. Because of different materials, different comfort. Here are the types of materials for men’s underwear that you need to know:

– Cotton

Is the most common type of material used in men’s underwear. Cotton has many pores, has a soft texture, is able to absorb sweat, and the price is quite affordable. Cotton underwear is ideal for home use. However, when you exercise you should not use cotton underwear, because the texture of Cotton is easy to absorb sweat so that the pants get wet easily.

– Modal cloth

Modal cloth has a very soft cloth texture. In fact, there is no other underwear material that can match the softness of the modal cloth. If nylon underwear is uncomfortable for you, then you can use modal cloth underwear. Modal cloth underwear is universal so it can be used anytime and anywhere. In addition, men’s underwear from modal clotj is also comfortable to wear together with jeans.

– Nylon Michaelkors Outlet

Microfiber construction is used to make nylon softer and keep users feeling ‘dry’. Besides that, nylon fabric has good color retention so you don’t need to worry that nylon underwear will fade quickly. Men’s underwear made from nylon is the right choice to use when exercising.

– Polyester

Thin and comfortable are the characteristics of polyester. Polyester tends to be thinner than cotton or other types of fabric. Because of its light and thin texture, polyester underwear is ideal for use with tight jeans. However, men’s underwear made from polyester does not have a strong absorption, so it is not recommended for use in hot weather. Another advantage of polyester panties is that they are easy to wash and dry quickly.

– Rayon

The texture of the rayon is very soft like cashmere. Rayon underwear stretches easily, so it is not recommended for daily use. Rayon men’s underwear is very soft and comfortable to wear. You can use pants on this one when you spend a little night at night.

– Silk

This luxurious cloth has a very soft and comfortable texture to the skin. Panties made from silk are generally very durable because they are made from natural fibers. Although silk underwear can absorb sweat, you are not recommended to use it during hot weather or exercising. Silk panties are very suitable to wear at night.

– Spandex

Spandex men’s underwear is suitable for all skin types. Quite often these spandex panties are combined with modal fabrics to provide a tight effect. Now, spandex underwear is ideal for everyday use. In fact, most people use spandex panties when swimming or cycling because the texture is light and elastic.

Each material used in men’s underwear has advantages and disadvantages of each. Spandex is often combined with modal or polyester material to provide optimal elasticity. Meanwhile, silk is the underwear material that is only worn by some men for their daily activities.

Cotton, modal, and polyester underwear are the ones most often worn by men. While satin, acrylic and latex are very rarely used materials for men’s underwear. Now, which type of underwear is your favorite?


History of Underwear

When you dress, underwear is the first thing you wear every day. Although small in size, underwear plays an important role in maintaining the health of human sex organs.

Underwears help protect human genital organs from clothing friction (can cause blisters), maintain cleanliness (exposure to germs or bacteria), and provide comfort and security for the wearer. Wearing underwear every day, did you know that awareness to cover and protect the genitals has been done by humans since 7,000 years ago?

Prehistoric humans wore leather clothing to cover their genitals. But at that time, the skin was the only clothing that covered the body. Michaelkors Outlet

Historically, the use of underwear or loincloth (as a coating before dressing) was first carried out in the era of the Pharaohs in Egypt. Especially by women.

At that time, Egyptian women used long cloth wrapped around in such a way as to cover the groin area and buttocks. This is useful to keep the genitals from blisters, also to keep them clean.

Many also speculate that the Egyptian mummies are a source of inspiration for the creation of underwear.

Thousands of years later, underwear is still a luxury item that can not be obtained by everyone. Only the elites in underwear are like kings, queens, to nobles. All because cotton or wool is still expensive.


The ancient Romans also wore panties, known as the ‘subligaculum’. Subligaculum itself in the form of linen / cotton cloth wrapped around the buttocks area and tightened using an iron belt.

Until the era of World War 1, America created cotton underwear that was simple and had a rubber waist, specifically to facilitate its soldiers when fighting. At that time, the allies were wearing triangular shaped underwear, some were wearing boxers.

The 90s became the golden period of underwear. In this decade, underwear was transformed into a commercially valued fashion item.

Leading fashion brands such as Calvin Klein and Victoria’s Secret become the world’s largest lingerie producer. The shape and type of underwear apparels are already varied.

The material is no longer using cotton alone. Some are made of silk, satin, lace, and even super sexy transparent tulle. The function of the underwear began to shift and not only concerned with aspects of comfort alone. Thong, g-string, bikini, tanga, and many more appear. The price also skyrocketed.


Why choose underwear boxer briefs ?

Although its presence is more often covered because it is inside, but the selection of the right underwear is important to note for you men. Because one of the comfort and health of vital tools is determined by the model of underwear you wear.

Maybe there are still many men out there – maybe you or your close friends – who haven’t used boxer briefs. The men should be given mercy because using brief boxer shorts is a combination of boxer shorts and briefs – the best underwear for men. At least there are some benefits for you if you wear men’s boxer briefs. Among them are the following:

– Support

The most obvious thing that will happen to the boxer men’s underwear model you use is the lack of comfort and a sense of “fitting” in vital organs. Ordinary underwear can’t be used for sports, even it can be a barrier. A loose pant design can not keep your genitals in place, if there is a slight shake it could be one of your “balls” coming out. Model boxer briefs men’s underwear will make your genitals remain in place without fear of wandering anywhere.

– Stable Michaelkors Outlet

Boxer Brief
Boxer Brief

Traditional men’s underwear can never stay in one place. Sometimes traditional underwear rises up to the waist or slips down. Loose fabrics that are used tend to be easily twisted and tucked. Therefore, underwear must be made using special materials that are not easy to move so it is very comfortable if worn.

– Easy to Remove

Another advantage if you use boxer briefs is that they are easier to remove – but still not as easy to move as regular underwear. maybe you often find it difficult when wearing drawstring pants that have straps and locks where when you want to urinate it actually troubles you. Unlike the boxer briefs, you can let go easily and your urination becomes more comfortable and hurried.

– Aesthetics

In addition to various benefits such as comfort, stability, and other things that you will get from wearing boxer briefs is having a higher artistic or aesthetic value compared to ordinary underwear. The design is shaped right in accordance with the shape of the body will make your thighs look sexier and athletic, especially if you have muscles in the thighs.

Boxer briefs are very profitable and provide comfort, but there must always be attention is not to forget to change the underwear you wear. This is often ignored by men even though it is very important for your own health and hygiene.


Tips for Choosing Men’s Underwear

Who says choosing men’s underwear is as easy as determining your diet when we’re at a restaurant? Choosing underwear for men is a little difficult, especially when you want to choose a new men’s underwear model that you have never used before. Relax, no need to worry when choosing the right men’s pants, consider the following guidelines for choosing men’s underwear.

BRIEF or boxer, which one will you choose? Boxer does look comfortable because the model is not too tight. However, actually brief pants are the best for men. Here are the reasons why you should choose briefs over boxers, hmmm … or vice versa.

The main reason why many adams choose male underwear models in the form of briefs rather than boxers is because briefs are able to support male testicles throughout the day. Some men often have to be active in doing various jobs, support from briefs in briefs is better than boxers. Maybe you never know the difference until you compare yourself between these two types of men’s underwear.

When working or going outside the house, men certainly look more polite and masculine when wearing trousers. Boxer will make creases at the bottom of your pants (especially on the thighs) and Mr. P will be seen more clearly when you use boxers. Meanwhile, the brief will not make any creases seen from outside the pants.

However, briefs do not always bring positive benefits for men. In fact, there are some negative impacts experienced by men who usually use briefs. Here are the shortcomings of the men’s brief pants model.

– Briefs can reduce sperm production

Wearing brief pants that stick tight to Mr. P can cause a lack of sperm production. Because the tight underwear can make the area around Mr. P gets hot. As a result, the testes will produce cold temperatures in the scrotal area. This makes sperm production slightly decreased. Michaelkors Outlet

– Briefs make erections more difficult

Tight pants make it hard for men to get an erection. Mr. P will depend heavily on blood vessels to supply blood to the corpus cavernosum, the space that provides blood to get an erection. However, the use of briefs for a long time can cause blood vessels to contract. In this case, the boxer is far superior because it can make blood flow smoothly to blood vessels.

In conclusion, why not try to combine the two models of men’s underwear in your daily life? When attending a formal event or anything that requires you to wear trousers, a brief is the most appropriate choice of underwear. However, if you are relaxing at home or sleeping, you should use a boxer. This balance will certainly give you comfort when wearing underwear. Try to always choose the type of men’s underwear that is comfortable for you.


Men’s Fashion Trends in 2020

Fashion is not only synonymous with women. Men also often pay attention to appearance, especially metropolis men, one example of attention to appearance.

No different from women, men also want to look neat and attractive inside. Men’s fashion trends also always change every year with the times, although the type of clothing is of course still around jeans, cotton pants, shirts, and tshirt. For metrosexual men who want to know the ashion trend that will be popular in 2020, following stylecaster.com advice.

Sling bag

This bag model will still be a trend in 2020, continuing the trend in 2019. The trick is to wear it high on the waist, not just on the hips again.

Monochrome suits Michaelkors Outlet

For formal costumes, men will prefer monochrome suits that make a more elegant appearance and also seem official. Monochrome suits also make the appearance not seem excessive and tacky.

Thin top

Men who are confident and sociable, usually do not hesitate to choose to wear this type of clothing. They confidently wear thin tops to accentuate broad chests, checkered stomachs, or want to show off tattoos on the body.

Blazer without a shirt

The style of dress this one has often appeared and in 2020 a trend back. For those who want to look neat but still casual, wearing a suit without a bottom will be an option.


Vests will become the trend of men’s fashion in 2020, ranging from stripes to plain vests will be in demand. In addition to fashion, wearing a vest can also withstand the cold.

Leather jacket

It’s not just motorcyclists who wear it diligently. Fashionista men will also wear leather jackets wherever they go, paired with jeans and white T-shirts, will be the right choice for men who want to look masculine.


Meaning of Waterproof Codes for ATM, WR, BAR on Watches

Most smart watches or watches today have the ability to be waterproof or Water Resistant (WR). Some types of smartwatch use IP67 or IP68 certification standards for resistance to water and dust. However, some watches use ATM or BAR codes to mark water resistance.

Many still don’t know the ATM or BAR unit or code on the watch. This results in the use of a wristwatch or smartwatch in extreme conditions beyond its capabilities. Water resistance at the hour is determined in the ATM or BAR code.

ATM itself stands for Atmosphere Pressure. The ATM code shows the watch’s resistance to air pressure levels that can be accepted by the watch. The higher the number, the watch will be more resistant to air pressure caused by water.

Whereas BAR also determines the level of endurance of a watch or smartwatch. Code 1 ATM = 1,01325 Bar or equivalent to 10 meters. So far there are five classes of water resistant watches or watches, namely 3 ATMs, 5 ATMs, 10 ATMs, 20 ATMs, and 100 ATMs.

However, if a watch is written 100m water resistant or 100 meter endurance this does not mean the watch can be used for swimming with a depth of 100 meters because the manufacturers test it only in static water conditions.

Here are five classes of water resistant that can be used as a reference for the durability of a watch or smartwatch as summarized from the pages of I Know Watches and JS Watch :

Water Resistant 3 ATM (30m) Michaelkors Outlet

This watch with a Water Resistant 3 ATM (30m) rating is usually only capable of holding water splashes. This watch can withstand splashing rain or wudu, but is not suitable for swimming.

Water Resistant 5 ATM (50m)

Watches or smartwatch with WR 5 ATM rating have better resistance to water. Watches with this rating can be used for swimming or in heavy rain.

Water Resistant 10 ATMs (100m)

Water resistance on watches with a 10 ATM rating is strong enough to deal with pressurized water. This class watch can be used for activities in the water such as deeper swimming or snorkeling.

Water Resistant 20 ATM (200m)

Higher rating is 20 ATM or 200m. Watches with this rating can already be used for professional activities in water, such as diving without oxygen cylinders.

Water Resistant 100 ATM

The highest rating is 100 ATM or 1,000m. Watches with this rating can already be used for professional diving activities by using a tube or outdoor activities.


Unique Watches`

Watches can never be separated from many people in this world. The first reason, humans need tools to show time, brand or have to look at the clock on the wall. Yes if in the room, if in the open how? Secondly because this object can function as an accessory. Supporting the appearance that is widely used by men and women.

Along with the times, the design of the watch is not merely a matter of analog. Seconds and minutes that spin as long as there is energy from the battery. Today many designers are making the circular objects in their hands much more unique. Even sometimes it’s weird too. Well, this is the watch with the most unique design that also seems obligatory for our collection.

1. Late Anyway Watch Micharlkors Outlet

Just one word for the designer who made this watch: brilliant! He designed a watch that did not have a circular number. In a sense, we will only guess what time is it now and will it be late if we come to the office?

2. Eye of A Storm 

Eye of A Storm
Eye of A Storm

The most important part of a watch is its surface or face. From there we can know the time precisely. The surface of this watch that contains a lot of rows of numbers and sometimes given expensive diamond ornaments. But, what happens if you use a watch that has no surface?

Like this one watch design. You will not find a row of numbers. There is only a black bracelet and a circular but hollow watch frame in the middle. On the edge of the watch there is a small digital needle that moves with time. This hour is almost similiar the clock on the first point above.

3. Time Traveler

For a traveler whose hobby is traveling, hours are a must. With this hour they will catch up to the flight, bus or train departure time. With this hour they can also adjust the time if they come to other countries.

Those of us who have cellphone phones may simply convert them. If in western Indonesia at 7 am, then in Japan at 9 am. To be more eccentric and unique, designers create watches that show world time. They replaced the watch with the country’s landmarks. Unique and worth collecting!

4. Geeky Equation Watch 

Geeky Equation Watch
Geeky Equation Watch

Just looking at Mathematics equations makes me dizzy, how come I was told to see a watch full of numbers like this. What’s more dizzy and confused at what time.

Actually we don’t need to solve the problem within hours. Because the answer is certain. If above the middle means the number 12, and below itself the middle is the number 6. However, this watch becomes unique and scary for those who always get a red mathematical value. Dare to use?

5. The Bradley

The Bradley Watch
The Bradley Watch

For a blind person, a watch is just a useless device other than as decoration. Their lack makes them unable to see time. They know what time it is if someone tells them.

But the dark era is over. There was a watch called The Bradley. This watch is uniquely designed so that a blind person can use it. The needle is replaced with a small iron ball that the user is able to feel. At the edge means the hour mark, and the top means minute. Great!

6. ZIIIRO Proton

Ziiiro Proton Watch
Ziiiro Proton Watch

This watch has a very unique design. Look at the picture below. Can you understand the meaning of the two colors displayed by the ZIIIRO proton watch ? Really! The color gradation from green to yellow is used as a watch. And the color gradation from blue to white to show minutes.

Wearing this watch requires us to think for a moment. But it will gradually get used to because basically no system has been changed.


Qlocktwo Watch
Qlocktwo Watch

Most of the watch designs above are very difficult and confusing for the wearer. But last but not least, you will be made easy with a watch display. There are no numbers displayed, only a row of letters that indicate time.

You just need to read. For example: it is half past seven. We don’t need to see confusing numbers. The watch will give a precise answer. Interested in buying?


Knowledge of Watch Machines

How many types of watch machines are there? how come the price of rolex is so expensive? Why is the price of Casio so cheap? Is it really as complicated as a watch machine?

Actually the type of machine from a watch can be divided into 2 based on its movers, namely Mechanical and Quartz movement.

1. Mechanical Movement

This type of movement is a type of movement that has all mechanical energy, or means that there is no energy source in the form of batteries, such as quartz watches. This type of movement is most often used in luxury watches, other than because of the high level of difficulty, watches that use this movement also have a much higher artistic value, because of the complexity and arrangement of the engine complications in this movement. That is also the reason why the price of Mechanical Movement watches is very expensive, apart from that Movement of Brands like Phatek or Rolex is definitely the result of “hand made”. Furthermore, from mechanical movement, it is divided into 2 types, namely Manual Mechanical (manual-winding), and Automatic Mechanical (self-winding)

1.1 Mechanical Manual Michaelkors Outlet

Manual Mechanical means all-manual winding which means, the user must rotate the crown manually, until the mainspring starts moving and is enough to move the hands of this watch. Actually this type of mechanical manual is the oldest type of movement, and is still quite widely used for watches that fall into the luxury category. More or less the energy stored on a manual watch is enough for 1-day, but like the luminor panerai 1950 gmt, the energy stored is enough for 8-10 days.

1.2 Automatic Mechanical

What distinguishes Automatic from Mechanical Movement is, there is a rotor shaped like a semicircular knife whose job is to produce enough power to rotate the main spring and other components. This rotor can rotate itself when used everyday, so Automatic Mechanical users do not have to bother to turn the crown of their watches to get enough energy.

2. Quartz movement

Quartz movement was first introduced in the 1970s, one of the pioneers of watch companies that produced watches at low prices by utilizing this quartz movement was Casio. This period is also dubbed the quartz crisis, where watches that were originally luxury goods, can now be obtained at prices that are quite cheap and can be made in mass production. The power source of the quartz watch is none other than the watch battery itself that we often see. Well-known movements of the quartz type include Miyota (Japan) and Eta (Switzerland). In addition, the types of watches that use Quartz Movement are the most widely circulated on the market, in addition to being cheap, the users also do not need to worry if there is damage, because it is definitely the price of the components of this movement is cheaper than the mechanical watch.


Easy Ways to Take Care of Clothes for Long Lasting – Part III

9. Store clothes well

When changing seasons and want to keep your old clothes, use a storage box that protects clothes from moths, dust, dirt, and other things that can damage your clothes. Place the storage box in a cool place to avoid mold and discoloration. You can also add an air freshener to keep your clothes smelling as long as you keep them in the box.

10. Use clothes according to function

Customize clothes with the activities that you will do to avoid damage. Wear formal and neat clothes for work or go with friends. Meanwhile, when going to active outdoor activities, wear clothes that you don’t care about if they get dirty or torn.

11. Correct ASAP Michaelkors Outlet

Do not wait too long until the damage in the clothes makes it unusable. Repair immediately if there is minor damage to your clothing such as missing buttons, small tears or broken zippers.

12. Be Careful of Surrounding Objects

Be careful of sharp nails, corners, or rough surfaces that can damage your clothing. In addition, chemical elements such as perfume, hairspray, deodorant, or sweat can also cause changes in the color of clothes.

13. Check the Care Instructions

The basic rule for making clothes last longer is to check the care instructions before washing them. Different fabrics have their individual needs in care, so make sure to read the care instructions labels that are generally present on all clothes.


Easy Ways to Take Care of Clothes for Long Lasting – Part II

5. Avoid Damage When Washing

There are several things you should pay attention to when washing clothes using a washing machine. Make sure to close the pants or Michaelkors Outlet jacket zippers tightly to prevent damage when the machine is operating. If you are washing a bra that is placed in a mesh bag, don’t forget to attach it first so it doesn’t involve other clothes.

6. Caring for Soft Clothes

There are several types of clothes that are so soft that they should not be washed using a washing machine, one of them is underwear that must be washed by hand. But if you have to wash it using a washing machine, put it in a mesh bag or stocking that is not used to separate from other clothing.

7. As much as possible dry it naturally

The heat produced by clothes dryers can damage clothes if you use them on clothes that are still wet. Therefore, as much as possible dry your clothes naturally by drying them in the sun.

8. Hang Clothes As Needed

Make sure you hang clothes that should be hung and fold clothes that should be folded. Hanging all your clothes will only make your clothes flawed and tangled and make your closet look cramped


Easy Ways to Take Care of Clothes for Long Lasting – Part I

Clothing is everyone’s basic need. Besides functioning to protect the body, clothing is also a fashion statement and form of self-expression. Although almost all women like to collect clothes, but not all of them understand how to care for clothes properly so that clothes are often broken or the color fades. Michaelkors Outlet

Caring for clothes does need its own carefulness, but that does not mean difficult. Here are 13 easy ways to care for clothes that last longer, as quoted by All Women Stalk.

1. Don’t Wash Too Often

Washing clothes too often with the intention of maintaining cleanliness will actually damage the clothing fibers and fade the original color of clothing. If the clothes you have worn are not too dirty or smelly, you should not need to wash them, especially jeans or other thick clothes. To kill germs, hang out for about 2-3 hours in the sun.

2. Separate Clothes

Before washing, make sure you separate the dirty clothes according to their color because some clothes can fade (especially dark colors). The best way to wash clothes is to get white, then similar light colored clothes, and finally wash the dark clothes. In addition, don’t forget to pay attention to the level of softness of the clothes before you wash them.

3. Use Cold Water

Washing clothes with cold water is a good choice because it doesn’t damage the fabric as fast as hot water. In addition, by using cold water to wash clothes, you also save energy.

4. Environmentally friendly bleach

Clothing bleach is not only poisonous to humans, but also harmful to the environment and makes fabric thickness thinner quickly. Instead, try soaking the clothes in hot water mixed with baking soda.


How to take care of and clean leather bags

Especially leather bags that are prone to damage and discoloration. Don’t worry, if you take care of Michaelkors Outlet it properly, your leather bag can be durable and will always look like new. Follow how to care for the following leather bags so they are durable and long lasting.

1. Always keep the bag in a dust bag

When you buy a new bag, you will usually get a dust bag, which is a bag wrapping bag that serves to protect the bag from dust and other dirt when stored. Usually a dust bag is included in a bag made from leather. So, don’t throw away this dust bag, because you need it to wrap your favorite leather bag.

But remember, do not be too long to keep the bag in a dust bag. You still need to take out your bag to get air so it is not too damp so it is moldy. At least once every two weeks you need to take your bag out of the dust bag.

2. Fill the bag with bubble wrap to maintain its shape

Leather bags that are rarely used, easily change their shape, especially large leather bags. If you put it in the cupboard and are crushed by a bag or other item, it may cause folds or the shape will no longer be like when you first bought it. Therefore, you need to fill the bag with bubble wrap or can be used with used cloth, paper, plastic, and so on, to keep the shape of your bag well maintained.

3. Clean the stain right away when you realize

Do not delay to clean your bag when it is stained. Leaving a moment will make the stain more difficult to clean. Make sure you know the type of stain that sticks to the surface of the skin because the handling will vary. The stain that sticks to the bag most often is oil stains.

Don’t use water to clean oil stains, because water will damage the skin fibers when the oil sticks. Use talcum powder and soft cloth to clean it. For ink stains, you can use a special stain remover product on the surface of the skin. If your bag is not entirely made of leather, you need more than one product to remove the stain because the handling will be different.

4. Use special materials such as micro fiber or cotton to clean the bag.

Do not carelessly use cloth to clean the bag. Especially using wet wipes to wipe the dust on your leather bag. Use a cotton swab to keep the surface texture of the skin from being damaged or scratched. Besides cotton, you can also use micro fiber that has a very soft texture and can absorb dirt well. Also avoid cleaning your leather bag by using a sponge.

5. Moisturize the leather bag with a skin conditioner

Both genuine and imitation leather bags need to be given conditioners to maintain their moisture. Leather bags that lose moisture will make it wrinkled, stiff, to peel. That’s why you need to polish it with a special conditioner to care for leather bags.

You can get this conditioner at stores that sell leather goods, it’s creamy and there are ways to use it. This conditioner can keep your leather bag soft and supple as new.

6. Keep away from sun exposure

Surely you can’t avoid the sun when traveling wearing a leather bag. It’s just that you need to make sure that the surface of your leather bag is not exposed for too long with sunlight, aka drying it to make it hot. If this happens, then your leather bag can change color and become dull.

Too bad if your favorite leather bag has a unique color if you have to change color, such as the Haskell Single Zip Briefcase Cognac color from Fossil. Not only that, the texture of the skin will also become dry, cracked, until the surface peels off. If it turns out your bag is wet or splashed with water, don’t dry it. Wipe it by patting the wet part, then aerate it.

By following the six easy steps above, your favorite bag will look like new every time you use it. In addition to caring for a bag, you are also required to take care of your watch to make it more durable. You can read more tips on caring for your watch on the Urban Icon blog.


Brand Fashion Popular ( 11 – 15 )

11. Hermes

A popular fashion brand Michaelkors Outlet because of these exorbitant valuable bags, they are hunted by luxury-hungry socialites. One of Hermes’s most sought after collections is Hermes Birkin. I was so expensive, one Hermes bag can be valued with 1 unit of sports car. Therefore, most women collect Hermes bags for long-term investment purposes.

12. Coach

Having been immersed in the fashion competition, Coach, who was founded in 1941, seemed to not want to sink too long. He rose again and became a popular brand again in 2018. In fact, it had become the most popular fashion brand in America, Canada, Africa, and European countries. One of Coach’s iconic products is the Duffle bag, which was produced in 1971. Until now, the Duffle is still popular with bag collectors.

13. Victoria’s Secret

Victoria's Secret
Victoria’s Secret

Clothes, bags and shoes have been bought. Then, what about the underwear business? Yes, this is what Victoria’s Secret popular brand is trying to carry.

Formerly, the lingerie shop that was established in 1977 is only a small shop that offers various types of quality underwear from a small town in California, Palo Alto. However, over time, the range of lingerie products offered is a huge success and has spread to various countries in the world.

Around the world, sales of Victoria’s Secret bras and panties are in contention. Especially among socialites, celebrities, artists and officials. Victoria’s Secret lingerie is also a subscription of the fashion industry’s top models.

Those who have been lined up as models at the launch of new fashion products in Victoria’s Secret are dubbed “Angel’s Secret Angels” or “Angel’s Victoria’s Secret”.

14. Zara

The first time to open outlets in the city of Galicia, Spain in 1975, unexpectedly if decades later, Zara occupies the position of one of the leading fashion brands on earth. Zara outlets spread all over the world.

The most unique thing from the fashion brands that released many types of shirts and blouses is working with a textile company from Indonesia. Zara’s various products in the form of shirts or blouses were apparently produced directly by the Sritex factory in Jetis Village, Sukoharjo Regency, Central Java.

15. Uniqlo

This brand named Uniqlo carries a concept that is quite unique and casual. Therefore, most fashion lovers look to Uniqlo to be used as a collection in their wardrobe or everyday clothes.

Initially, clothing outlets originating from the land of sakura only in the form of retail stores. However, over time, the outlet which was originally based in Sayama, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan, can open many branches throughout the world.


Brand Fashion Popular ( 6 – 10 )

6. Nike

Sports lovers must be familiar with the Nike fashion brand that was founded in 1964. All over the world, Nike family goods are always hunted by fashion Michaelkors Outlet lovers because they are known to be durable, fashionable, and suitable for those who enjoy sports or outdoor activities. The design of the sneakers factory output that has the tag line “just do it” is always awaited by fashionistas across the globe. Recently, Nike worked with Apple to produce products that could monitor runners’ performance with radio devices on shoes connected to iPod Nano.

7. Adidas

Not only does Nike win the hearts of fashionistas with sporty products, Adidas also deserves to be taken into account with its various collections. This German brand has become a popular brand in Asia and Europe. These include Indonesia, Belgium, Germany, Mexico, Germany, Britain and Brazil.

8. Topshop


An amazingly brilliant marketing strategy made Topshop successfully occupy the position of the most popular brands. This is because management collaborates with the world’s top artists such as Beyonce and Kate Moss. In fact, sales at Topshop outlets in the UK are able to achieve the top five achievements worldwide. Topshop surpassed the best achievement as the third most popular fashion brand in 2018 in the UK, after the Gucci and Chanel brands.

9. Dior

Fashion house owned by Christian Dior from the country of the Eiffel tower has long been a subscription to world celebrities and respected people. Since 1946 until now, it seems like Dior’s popularity has never faded. The design is known for being classy and combining classic and contemporary styles. Celebrities such as Charlize Theron and Keira Knightley are known as big fans of this brand.

10. H&M

Sales of products from fashion brands originating from the country of Sweden are glancing at young millennial customers. After cooperating with designers Alexander Wang, Balmain, Kenzo, and Isabel Marant, H&M, which was founded in 1964, has become increasingly popular and popular today.


Brand Fashion Populer ( 1 – 5 )

  1. Gucci

Gucci, which was founded in 1921, is still a popular brand. For lovers of Gucci fashion Michaelkors Outletproducts, in addition to supporting appearance as well as investment (can be resold or rented). Besides working in the fashion world, Gucci also makes various stylish household needs.

2. Louis Vuitton

This brand is also called LV, established in 1854. Although this LV product is dominant with black and brown colors and also the top writing of Louis Vuitton, it is still being hunted by fashionists. The iconic bag product from Louis Vuitton which is always hunted by bag collectors is the Speedy pack and Neverfull sack series.

3. Supreme

This brand originated in New York, founded in 1994. The first introduction of this brand is a special product for skateboarders. However, after the joint endeavor with Louis Vuitton, Supreme became more successful and sought after by celebrities in a casual, energetic and elegant style. Supreme specialty products: T-shirts, jumpers, jackets and more.

4. Fashion Nova

Fashion Nova
Fashion Nova

The Nova Fashion brand is fairly new in the design industry. However, when propelling enthusiastically welcomed the fashion lovers. Some world famous celebrities such as Kylie Jenner, Cardi B, Kim Kadarshian are also fond of Fashion Nova products.

5. Chanel

This Chanel brand is timeless because of the classic and ageless design. Chanel products include fashion products, ready-made clothing, perfume and accessories. The brand, pioneered by Coco Chanel, is a subscription to nobles and tycoon families around the world.


Top Designer Brands for Women (13 – 18)

13. Louis Vuitton

Founded by Louis Vuitton Malletier in 1854 in Paris, Louis Vuitton become one of world’s most valuable and luxurious brands and also is recognized worldwide for its LV monogram. He began creating trunks flat tops made of Trianon Trianon allowed for stackability. In the late Victorian era, the world-renowned monogram canvas of the house was introduced along with patterns of quatrefoils and flowers. By World War I, the brand became one of the largest travel goods store at the time. In 1987, Louis Vuitton helped create luxury goods conglomerate LVMH with Moët et Chandon and Hennessy brands. Today, Louis Vuitton is being appreciated for its exquisite leather goods, particularly handbags, but also creative director Nicolas Ghesquière avant-garde creations ready for use.

14. Moschino

Moschino is established by Franco Moschino in 1983 to create brand which is innovative, colorful and eccentric, and also fun and would carry a message. This peculiar brand is based in Milan and consists of several labels including Moschino, Moschino Cheap and Chic and Love Moschino. Jeremy Scott, the creative director of the brand, continues to deliver funky, tongue-in-cheek designs using large graphics, witty slogans, bright colors and bold designs, often inspired by the world of fast food or Barbie dolls. Moschino is undoubtedly one of the brands of rare and unique streetwear design for women who want to stand out from the crowd instantly.

15. Off-White

Off - White
Off – White

Was created in Milan in 2012 by the American creative mind, Virgilio Abloh. The DJ, architect, and designer, created this luxury streetwear brand to produce a modern and stylized work that features items such as quotation marks, zip ties, and four-way arrows that create a cross. This contemporary luxury brand encompasses urban designs and graffiti prints and combines them with fine silks and velvets. One of the most exciting brands design industry, Off-White is here to help their customers embrace now the original.

16. Prada

Was established in Milan in 1913 by Mario Prada as a luxury leather shop. His granddaughter, Miuccia Prada, would join in 1970 and took the lead of the fashion house in 1978. In 1988, Prada presented his first exhibition womenswear and later added a line of menswear in 1993. One of the most iconic trademark in the world, Prada is known for its clean lines, luxurious fabrics and accessories of worship, including fashion bags and thin belts. Today, Prada continues to break the rules of classic design, fun-inspired art and society.

17. Salvatore Ferragamo

Salvatore Ferragamo Belt
Salvatore Ferragamo Belt

The brand was founded by Salvatore Ferragamo in 1927 in Florence to create shoes for women. Previously, Salvatore Ferragamo had studied the manufacture of footwear for one year in Naples, and anatomy at the University of Southern California to understand why the shoes hurt his feet. In 1938, Ferragamo created “The Rainbow” platform shoe, the first of its kind using cork and suede, to honor Judy Garland in The Wizard of Oz.

18. Versace

Was originally released as Gianni Versace Donna in 1978 in Milan and was named after the founder, Gianni Versace. Later, after his death, his sister Donatella Versace took the lead of the creative direction of the house in 1997, starting the evolution of its bold feminine aesthetic. The Italian fashion house created fashion pieces for many artists, including Michael Jackson and Elton John.


Top Designer Brands for Women (9 – 12)

9. Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani Shoes
Giorgio Armani Shoes

Giorgio Armani created his eponymous brand in 1975 in Milan, and released men’s and women’s ready-to-wear line after that. This luxury brand grew dramatically in the 1980s due to the use of unconventional Armani Emporio with online advertising, including television commercials and billboards advertising. He also created the costumes for more than 100 films, including American Gigolo and The Untouchables. Undoubtedly one of the most elegant designer brands for women, Armani is still known for its suits and formal wear, especially in the business sector.

10. Givenchy

Hubert de Givenchy established this brand in 1952 in Paris and began creating blouses and skirts using raw cotton, which achieved great critical acclaim. During the 1950s through the 1970s, Givenchy was associated with Audrey Hepburn to create clothes on and off the screen, including the famous Hepburn black dress and wide-brimmed hat in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Clare Waight Keller, designer of the wedding dress of Meghan Markle, is currently the creative director of the house. Today, the luxury brand owned by LVMH and blurs the line between traditional and modern preparation.

11. Gucci

Gucci Handbag
Gucci Handbag

Guccio Gucci in Florence developed this brand in 1921 after being impressed with the products of leather luggage he saw at the Savoy Hotel in London. The leather goods brand was created in Florentine style. The family expanded to Milan and Rome shortly after. Gucci is known for its interlocking double-G logo and its use of red and green stripes. Under the creative direction of Alessandro Michele, this fashion house is one of the most discussed designer brands in social media and has been associated with brands like Fiat and The Walt Disney Company.

12. Hermes

Hermès began in 1837 in Paris where Thierry Hermès created high quality wrought iron harnesses and bridles for carriages. It was not until the 1920s that Hermès added accessories and clothing collections, and during the 1930s, the iconic bag, which later became known as the Kelly bag after Grace Kelly and Hermès scarves, in the shape of a square. Today, one of the most luxury designer brands for women, Hermes is known for its leather goods, including Birkin bag and its traditional line of ready-to-wear.


Top Designer Brands for Women (5 – 8)

5. Chanel

Chanel, Boy Flap Bag
Chanel, Boy Flap Bag

Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel opened a millinery shop in Paris in 1909, and in 1913, she began creating sportswear for women using jersey fabric. During the 1920s, Chanel helped popularize simple line silhouette designs “flat-chested” Chanel suit, No. 5 perfume and masculine colors, including gray and navy blue. Today, one of the most iconic designer brands for women, Chanel is still known for his “little black dress”, No. 5 perfume, and classic wear.

6. Christian Dior

Christian Dior created his company with the same name in 1946, and in 1947, he launched his first fashion collection, which was widely recognized and called the “New Look”. The collection embraced the feminine form and look for the entire roof surface while maintaining some masculine influences of World War II. This collection has been credited with reviving the fashion industry couture and bring back to high France. Today, Dior is owned by LVMH and also consists of divisions composed of Dior Homme and baby Dior. In the 21st century, Dior is known for its formal style and minimalist, but also romantic, while challenging the conventions of today.

7. Dolce & Gabbana

D & G Crossbody bag
D & G Crossbody bag

Dolce & Gabbana was formed in 1985 by Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. It was not until his fourth collection of Dolce’s Sicilian roots embraced and impacted the market for Italian fashion. This brand has branched out to design knitwear, underwear, beachwear and lines and has been associated with celebrities such as Madonna, Duran Duran, Beyonce and Whitney Houston. Today, the fashion house continues to embrace its Italian heritage, especially the influences of Sicily, vibrant prints and eclectic designs.

8. Fendi

The House of Fendi was established in Rome in 1925 as a luxury brand fur and leather goods. Brand family grew, and in 1965, Karl Lagerfeld became the creative director who helped women’s ready-to-wear line launch in 1977. Fendi joined the LVMH group in 2001, and although the company still uses the skin, it has experimented with leatherette materials in some of its latest catwalk collections. One of the best brands of Italian design, Fendi combines unique style with fine fabrics for a variety of recreational products, including shoes, leather goods, watches, and more.


Top Designer Brands for Women (1 – 4)

1. Balenciaga

Balenciaga Women
Balenciaga Women

In 1917, Cristóbal Balenciaga opened his first shop in San Sebastián, Spain, and the royal family and the aristocracy wore his designs. When the Spanish civil war broke out in the 1930s, Balenciaga fled and opened a shop in Paris which gained recognition. It was not until after the Second World War that Balenciaga was able to expand its brand design. The luxury fashion house played with linear and elegant lines and focused on heavy fabrics and intricate embroidery patterns, and bold materials. Today, the brand is owned by the French multinational company Kering and focuses on large fashion inspiration and dad, as well as designs couture meets the street.

2. Boss

Hugo Boss established his brand design in 1924 and originally designed clothes commonly used in Germany. During World War II, the brand created the uniforms for the German army. Once the war ended, and Hugo Boss died, his son-in-law took ownership of the company and created work uniforms before focusing on men’s suits. Today, one of the top design brands for business women, the fashion house continues to focus on simple, classic designs through athleisure work clothes and wear.

3. Burberry

Burberry Shirt
Burberry Shirt

Thomas Burberry had been a draper’s apprentice before moving on to the creation of the outer garment, opening a shop in Basingstoke, Hampshire, England, in 1856. The water-resistant fabric gabardine was introduced in 1879, which helped develop a name for the brand raincoats. One of the top designer brands, Burberry focuses on the quintessential British style that can be seen in its classic Burberry check pattern decorating anything and everything from scarves to bags to shoes. creative director Riccardo Tisci has recently brought in some new additions, including a new logo and a monogram of Thomas Burberry.

4. Calvin Klein

American Calvin Richard Klein opened a coat shop in the York Hotel in New York City in 1968. In the mid-1970s, with jeans design containing his name on the back pocket create a superior trend, and the 1980s, the brand design helped change the market for men’s underwear. Today the brand is known for continuously underwear of his men, but also for their informal work clothes with minimal aesthetic. Calvin Klein is also currently focused on perfumes, jewelry, home furnishings, and more.


25 Types of Women’s Handbags (21 – 25)

21. Satchel

Satchel Bag
Satchel Bag

More or less the ultimate business bag and its like a cross between a messenger bag and a saddlebag. Satchel will have a flat bottom with rigid sides that allow it to stand, even though it is generally not one of the larger bags. In addition, the bag has the upper hand with folding clasp both panniers and messenger bags favor. Finally, also it comes with a long strap crossbody wear, but also has a handle for versatility.

22. Shoulder Bag

Similar to the crossbody bag, a shoulder bag is not really its own kind and instead refers to any type of bag designed to be worn on the shoulder. Shoulder bags can come in a variety of silhouettes, although it has a tendency to favor silhouettes bag medium and large. The strap of a shoulder bag can be long or short, but rarely be enough to be worn crossbody. Equipment and appropriate style will depend on the type, although wear business is so smart how are you going bags.

23. Sling Bag

Often it referred to as a phone bag these days and can assume a number of different silhouettes. In any case, the sling bag will have a long strap that allows it crossbody or shoulder wear. This bag is easily one of the smaller bags because they rarely can have more than one phone and a pair of cards. That said, leather bags can be made to work with almost any style of suit and offers a great feminizing touch of elegance.

24. Tote Bag

Often called shopping bags or beach bags, Toe Bag is usually one of, if not the largest type of bags and rarely be able to find one that is smaller than average size. The bottom of this bag will sit on the floor with the side climbing higher even if the parties do not have to be rigid. This type of bag usually use a set of longer handles that allow it to be carried by hand or shoulder. The size of this bag usually relegated to a more casual wear, but often provide the highest average capacity.

25. Wristlet

Wristlet Bag
Wristlet Bag

Usually is some type of clutch design that comes with a short strap adapted to be worn around the wrist. More often than not, this bag favors the smallest clutch silhouette on. Of course, this wrist strap is so often not just an accent and is not necessarily used unless it is also not use any bracelets or other wrists accessories.