How to look good for men (v)

How to look good for men (v)

Caring for the Body

1 Eat a healthy diet.

Apply a healthy diet so that you avoid bad breath and bad body odor. Also maintains the health and slimness of your body. Try applying the following guidelines in your diet:
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  • Avoid foods low in nutrients and foods high in sugar. It doesn’t matter if you eat it every now and then, but don’t eat it every day. Limit consumption of soda, beer, candy, potato chips, and other unhealthy foods to one day per week.
  • Increase consumption of fruits and vegetables. You may have heard it hundreds of times, but fruits and vegetables are an essential part of a healthy diet. Try to choose fresh fruit, such as apples, oranges, and pears, as snacks. Include at least one type of vegetable in your lunch and dinner menus.
  • Learn to prepare your own food. Start with the easy ones, like boiling eggs, making sandwiches and salads, cooking burgers and steaks, heating frozen vegetables, cooking rice and pasta. Apart from saving you money, this habit will nourish you as well as impress others!

2 Sports

Regular physical activity not only makes your body look more attractive, it also boosts your spirits and prevents you from getting sick. Set a schedule that you can follow, and stick to it. Here are some suggestions to get you started: Sepatu Branded

  • Do basic stretches like sit-ups, push-ups, and other exercises every day. Repeat consistently. Then, as your muscles build, increase the amount of exercise – the results will be visible immediately!
  • Try a different weightlifting session. Do as much as you can, but don’t push yourself too hard, and rest for a few days to help restore and build your muscles. Exercising too hard every day is not good! But, what if your body is too muscular? No need to worry. Bodybuilders in magazines look great because lifting weights is their main livelihood. You will not experience it.
  • The main types of lifting include : Bench Press (lifting weights while lying down), Squat (squatting), Military Press (lifting weights while sitting, by shifting the weight forward when the weight is lowered), Deadlift (lifting weights from squatting to standing), and Curls (bicep exercises, usually with a barbell). If you need to work your chest muscles, consider an Incline Press (like the Bench Press, but with a higher angle of the arm). If you need a harder workout, consider Power Clean (lifting weights like bodybuilding), Push-press (similar to Military Press, but with a push from the legs). If that’s not enough, try Bar Snatch (lifting weights while squatting), lifting weights above your head until your hands are straight up, lifting weights from the floor in a squat to standing position, or some other type of lifting. If you have a game membership card, use it frequently, then use a machine like “lat pulldown” to perfect your workout.
  • Walk, jog, bike, or run for 30 minutes or as far as 1.5 to 3 kilometers (if you are cycling, running, jogging, or walking to school or work, then you are practically exercising; activities that are good for the stomach, your legs and back). These activities make your body systems more flexible and better prepared to face challenges.
  • Consider exercising in the morning. This activity nourishes the skin and keeps it looking good throughout the day. As long as you don’t forget to shower! Sometimes, because of the busy day, you sweat. His sweat definitely didn’t smell good. Taking a shower after sweating can get rid of that unpleasant body odor.

3 Increase your intelligence.

For some women, nothing is more attractive than male intelligence. Study and work hard to get good grades. Read it every day, and read the newspapers so you are aware of the latest news.

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  • Don’t pay too much attention to your crush. You may be considered a “stalker.” Talk to him. If it turns out that he doesn’t like you, just accept the truth. Why waste your precious time on something you can’t achieve? If you maintain your self-esteem and stop bothering him and then shift your attraction to other people, he may end up liking you later.
  • Don’t spit on the ground when you walk.
  • If you get a pimple or two on your face, don’t worry too much. Everyone experiences it several times during their growing up years. As long as you don’t make a fuss about it, other people won’t even notice. To treat occasional pimples, forget about “anti-acne” pimples. Simply compress the pimple with a warm towel for a few hours. Most pimples last only a few days, unless skin irritation or infection has already occurred.
  • Don’t get dressed up suddenly; In fact, you will appear as if you are trying too hard to be someone else. Make the changes gradually over a month. Make sure both your behavior and those of your friends are supportive.
  • Don’t try to be a different person. It is okay to explore and develop various aspects of your personality, but don’t force yourself to be something different from how you really feel. So yourself is attractive. Other people can sniff out your pretense anyway. If someone can’t respect you for who you are, then they don’t deserve your time and attention, do they?
  • If you think your personality isn’t really attractive, think about the parts of your personality that you find less attractive. Be aware of tendencies that bother you and others. Hide the habit. Or, realize when it happened. And, once it happens, get rid of it! After all this time, there won’t be any bad personalities left. As long as you look good, girls love it.
  • Sneeze to clear your nose. Nobody likes a man’s snort, and most people are disgusted by seeing dirt sticking to a man’s nose. To avoid this, always carry a handkerchief, and use it!
  • Always be considerate of other people’s feelings. If you’re constantly talking about yourself, the only friend you have is you.
  • Don’t be rude or deliberately belittle other people in public. Such behavior can actually create a negative impression of you. Be polite!
  • Be brave in front of women. They like it when you can stay strong and protect them when they are afraid.
  • When you try to impress your crush, never – under any circumstances – point out your weaknesses. Even when he didn’t say anything! He may not be aware of your weaknesses, but may find out after you point them out.

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How to look good for men (iv)

How to look good for men (iv)

Be attractive

1 Practice good posture.

As irrelevant as it may seem, standing tall makes you appear more confident and in control, which is attractive to other people’s eyes. Keep your shoulders straight, spine straight, and try to place your hips in the middle of your legs. Walk confidently, don’t drag your feet. Also, don’t stare at the ground.

2. Smile

Smiling sincerely at someone is one of the easiest ways you can make them appear immediately attractive. Practice smiling diligently. Think of things that can easily grow your smile.
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Develop a warm sense of humor. Find joy and laughter in the silly aspects of life, and don’t be afraid to reveal it to others. Avoid joking about physical appearance, sexual activity, and SARA

3 Make eye contact.

When you talk to someone (especially someone you like), show interest in them, and pay attention to them by making consistent eye contact.

Use eye contact to flirt. Glance several times to the person sitting near you or across the room until he or she catches your eye. Maintain eye contact for a second, smile, then look away.

4 Be a real man.

You don’t have to act rigidly to show care and concern for others. Say, “Please,” “Thank you, and,” Sorry, “and show your courtesy by opening doors for those walking behind you.
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  • Respect others. Don’t break their trust. Don’t be rude unnecessarily. When someone tries to provoke your emotions, walk calmly – this shows that you will not fall to the same level as him.
  • Don’t swear or make rude comments in public. It’s okay if you are more relaxed and don’t hold back around friends or family, but avoid this way of talking around people you don’t really know.

5 Know how to spark conversation.

A competent speaker can make those around him feel comfortable and relaxed. Know how to lightly ask how someone is doing, and make sure the topic leads to other conversation topics. Ask open-ended questions. For example, instead of asking, “Do you have any plans this weekend?” which can be answered as simply yes or no, you should ask, “What are your plans for this weekend?” Avoid sensitive topics such as politics and religion.
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To hone your conversational skills, try converse with the strangers you meet the next time you are in a public place, such as at a bus stop or when waiting in line at a convenience store. If you get a genuine smile and a few sentences in response from that person, then you’re doing pretty well.

6 Speak clearly and carefully.

When talking to other people, try not to mumble or rush. Form complete sentences, and avoid opening your mouth until you know exactly what to say. If not, you might embarrass yourself!

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How to look good for men (iii)

How to look good for men (iii)

Choosing Clothes Michaelkors Outlet

That said, men are determined by the clothes they wear! You don’t have to wear expensive clothes to look good, but the clothes you wear definitely reveal who you are. Consider starting to fill your wardrobe with the following steps

  1. Always dress well.

Of course, every morning! Even if you only dress casual everyday, don’t just pick up clothes. Choose clothes that are appropriate and match your activities.

2. Shop with friends.

When buying clothes, you may find it difficult to choose the right outfit, especially since you can’t see all parts of your body in the mirror. Plus, clothes that look great on celebrities or male models may not necessarily suit you! So, take a friend who looks good and knows enough about fashion to shop for clothes with you.

3. Wear clothes that fit.

You can wear the most expensive suit jacket in the world and still look weird if it’s too tight or too loose. Your clothes should fit your body. This means that the bottom of the pants should touch or cover the ankles, the sleeves of a long-sleeved shirt should touch or cover the wrists, and the bottom of the shirt should touch the hips.
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  • Try on all the clothes before you buy them and ask your friends to see them from all sides! Don’t rely on clothing size labels as that is only a rough estimate.
  • In general, the bottom of your trousers should never touch your shoes. Meanwhile, the long sleeves of the shirt should cover the elbows and the bottom hem should touch the hips. Even your underwear needs to fit perfectly!
  • Be prepared to try on a few pieces of clothing before you buy them. If none of the clothes look good on you in one shop, go to another store. Don’t settle for it and buy clothes that look ordinary.
  • Don’t buy clothes online, because you can’t try them on first, so chances are, they won’t fit properly. Plus, without trying on clothes first, you won’t know if they look good when you wear them (even if they look great when the models in the photos!)
  • Don’t try to hide your body. Whether you are embarrassed by feeling too fat or thin, trying to hide it in loose clothing will only make your appearance worse. You don’t have to wear clothes that fit properly, but it’s best to avoid clothes that are too loose or loose.
  • If the finished garment does not match your size, find a tailor that is not too expensive. Maybe your hips are small, but your legs are long, so there are no jeans that fit. Buy clothes that are slightly larger than your body size and take them to a tailor to fit them. Most of the cleaners also offer a dress size change service at a fairly cheap price.
  • Get rid of old clothes. You might like an old T-shirt from high school. However, the size may not fit anymore. The size and shape of your clothes and your body change over time. While they may still fit properly, the clothes you’ve had for two or three years may look worn and out of date.

4. Know how to accentuate your best body shape.

Here’s a basic dress code: light colors accentuate, dark colors hide. For example, if you like your shoulders but don’t really like your feet, try wearing dark jeans and a light t-shirt.

5. Identify the colors that suit you.

The right color will make your skin look amazing, while the wrong color can make you look dull and pale. Here are some tests you can try:

  • Do you think you look better in white or ivory? Try to hold a plain white shirt at face level, then replace it with an ivory shirt. If you’re like most people, one of the two colors looks better with your skin. Then continue to wear that one color.
  • Do you decide that you look better in black or brown? The differences are not as stark as white and ivory, but some people look better wearing black, while others are better off wearing brown. Once you’ve made a choice, don’t mix and match the colors. For example, don’t wear brown shoes and a brown belt with black pants. Wear black shoes, black belt, and black pants. Or chocolate.
  • Which “warm” or “cool” colors do you prefer? Cool colors are generally a range of blues, purples, dark greens, and bluish reds. While warm colors are generally a series of yellow, orange, brown, and yellowish red. An easy way to find the answer is to hold two pieces of clothing at face level; one bluish red, one yellowish red. Which one looks better with your skin? If you need help differentiating between warm and cool colors, look online for color charts that show them.

6. Fill your wardrobe with basic, timeless style clothes.

These clothes won’t go out of style too quickly, and they should be made of quality materials so they will last for years. Choose a polo shirt in plain colors, a plain or plaid button-down shirt, dark blue jeans, a plain black and white t-shirt (no ads or graphic design), a plain blazer, dark fabric pants, a dark jacket that fits snugly. your body, formal shoes with laces, and white sneakers. You can always mix and match for a great look.

7. Wash clothes regularly.

Some types of clothing can be worn repeatedly before they get dirty (such as jeans or jackets), but shirts, underwear, and socks can only be worn once before you need to wash them. Set a regular schedule for washing clothes so that you don’t waste the morning looking for the clean ones.
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  • When washing t-shirts and pants, dry the machine until it is slightly damp. Then, hang the clothes to dry. This method is useful for reducing wrinkles in clothes.
  • It’s best to iron your clothes before drying them completely. You should iron your jeans too.
  • Store clothes (other than underwear) in a hanging cupboard or after folding them neatly so they don’t crease.

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How to look good for men (ii)
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How to look good for men (ii)

Styling hair Michaelkors Outlet

1 Trim your hair by trimming it regularly.

Even if you try to lengthen it, it still needs regular trimming so that it doesn’t split. You can visit a professional hairstylist, or you can cut your own hair. Either way, consider the following schedule:

  • If you want your hair to be short, trim the ends every 2-3 weeks. Make sure you or the stylist shave any hair growing at the nape of the neck.
  • If you intend to lengthen your hair, trim the ends every 4-6 weeks. Even though it will be covered in hair, make sure the hair that grows on the nape of the neck is neatly trimmed.

2. Wash your hair regularly.

Shampooing every day is effective for most men, although you can loosen it up every other day if your hair is dry. Choose a shampoo and conditioner that matches your hair type. If you have dry or split ends, choose a sulfate-free shampoo, which doesn’t contain sodium laureth sulfate or sodium lauryl sulfate.

  • Look for a shampoo and conditioner that suits your hair type, whether it’s dry, oily, etc.
  • Buy a separate shampoo and conditioner, a combination shampoo and conditioner product doesn’t have the same effect.
  • Ask your hairstylist for advice because they are the experts! If you buy shampoo and conditioner from a hairdresser, they may be more expensive than regular products, but they may be of better quality.

3. Use hair styling products (optional).

Hairstyling products are not mandatory, but most men choose this method. In addition to making hair appear shinier and healthier, they offer hairstyles that last longer and are more controlled. Here are some products commonly used to style men’s hair:
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  • Serum or cream. This product makes it easy to control fluttering hair or untangle curled hair without making your hair stiff and unruly.
  • Mousse. Use mousse to add volume and shine to your hair, with minimal staying power. For best results, apply to damp hair, and let it dry.
  • Hair oils such as pomade, hair wax, or hair clay. Use these products to style your hair into difficult shapes, such as pompadours (a hairstyle popularized by Elvis Presley) or curls (for straight hair). Be careful, you will need to wash your hair a few times to clean these products, so only apply a small amount. The size of a pea should be sufficient if you have short, medium, or thin hair. Use pomade or hair wax for a shiny, wet look. Use hair clay for a more natural, glossy look.
  • Gel. Unlike pomade, gels contain alcohol which dries hair and makes hair stiffer. To make it last longer, apply gel to wet hair.
  • Hair glue. Curious how some people can make the mohawk straight? They may use some kind of hair glue, which offers the strongest resistance. Be careful about the accumulation of this product, and wash your hair until it is completely clean.
  • Ask your hairstylist for advice! They know which product is right for your hair.

4. Comb the hair in a style that suits you.

You may have to try over and over again to find a hairstyle that fits your face shape and style, but you will end up with the right everyday look. Consider the following options:

  • Part hair. You can part the hair in the middle or the sides. Or even without cleavage. Try out a few different styles. Notice, which one do you prefer?
  • Comb hair in one direction. Instead of parting it, you can try combing the top of your hair in one direction. If you have short hair, try combing it forward. If it’s long enough, try combing it back or up (spike). Again, experiment with different styles.
  • For long hair, you can pull it back and tie it into a ponytail, in such a way that the knot fits your face (when viewed from the front). Or, you can comb your hair back, then tie just the top layer.

5 Get rid of baldness (optional). Sepatu Branded

If you are bald, maybe the crop is the best cut or shave for you. With such a hairstyle, the differences between the two areas are not very clear. Make sure you wash your hair after exercising. If not, the baldness might get faster. In addition, gently massage your scalp every time you shower.

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How to look good (for men) – i

How to look good (for men) – i

Even if you can’t control your genetics or natural physical traits, you can control how you use your gifts. Good appearance is a combination of several factors, including body care, personality, and style. Here’s how to stand out and bring out the best in yourself.
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Dress up

The easiest and simplest way you can do to look good is to keep your body clean. When you are clean and smell good, other people will want to be close to you subconsciously. Include the following steps in your daily routine.

  1. Use deodorant.
    Find a scent and scent intensity that suits you, and apply it immediately after showering. If you find you sweat a lot or smell bad throughout the day, put the deodorant in your bag or suitcase so you can use it again at any time.
    If you forgot to apply deodorant before leaving the house, apply a hand sanitizer solution to your underarms. The solution kills the bacteria that produce unpleasant body odors. You may need to reapply several times throughout the day.

2. Shower every day.
Wash your hair thoroughly. Use liquid soap or bars that smell fresh and clean. If you shower in the morning, consider buying a steam-resistant glass so you can wash your face and shave while you’re in the shower.

3 . Use cologne or body spray.
Your scent throughout the day can make or break your attractiveness. When you use it properly, people will automatically be attracted to you. Otherwise, the effect is quite the opposite; people can stay away from you. Here are some basic guidelines that you can follow:
Don’t use too much perfume. The most important rule of scent: not too strong. Remember, even good things in excess are not good. Roses do smell good, but you can get nauseous if you inhale deeply the rose oil concentrate. Spray a cologne or body spray up to two or three times. Your nose gets used to the scent and stops “smelling” it after a few minutes, but other people can still smell the scent over your body.
Choose a scent that matches your body’s natural scent.

Everyone’s body chemistry is different, so not all scents are suitable for everyone. Some people have a “nice” scent that certain people wear. If possible, try a cologne or body spray sample before you buy it. Use the sample for a day, and have a friend rate the smell after a few hours of use.
Tas Branded

Try matching soap with the cologne you use. It doesn’t have to smell exactly the same, but it should be similar so as not to produce clashing scents.
Apply cologne on pulse points. In certain parts of the body, a lot of blood flows near the surface of the skin, which warms up throughout the day, increasing the temperature of the cologne and the intensity of the scent. These pulse points include the wrists, throat, and nape.

4 Wash your face every morning and every night.

Naturally, if men have higher testosterone levels than women. Hormones are the culprit for acne. Overcome this problem by keeping your face clean.
Choose products that are suitable for your skin type. Here are some of the most common:

  • Sensitive / dry skin: If your skin tends to be flaky and dry, or gets red and irritated easily, use a very gentle cleanser. No need to use a toner, and use a light moisturizer.
  • Combination skin / T zone: If your forehead, nose, and chin – commonly known as the T zone – you tend to be oily, but your cheeks are dry, your skin is classified as “combination”. Most people have this skin type, so choose a cleanser that is suitable for normal or combination skin. Apply a gentle toner to your T-zone, then apply some moisturizer.
  • Oily skin: If your skin tends to be oily all over your face, choose a cleanser that is clay-based or that absorbs oil. Apply a gentle toner all over your face, then apply a light moisturizer. If your skin feels oily during the day, light up the facial wax paper, which you can find at cosmetic and skincare stores.
  • If you have acne on your face, use a cleanser that contains salicylic acid and apply benzoyl peroxide cream to the pimples. If these efforts don’t work, see a dermatologist.

5. Shave or trim your facial hair.

Whether you have a smooth face without hair, or keep your sideburns, no problem. What is important, take care of your facial hair every day.
For a clean shaved look, shave each morning before you head to work or college. Wet your skin first, and use a sharp razor and shaving cream. Shaving against the grain (that is, in the opposite direction of hair growth, from the jaw to the cheeks) results in a more smooth, but more irritating, shave. If you have trouble dealing with ingrown hairs, try shaving in the direction the hair grows.

Trim your sideburns, mustache and beard. Make sure the edges are neat and clean, and trim the hairs so they are the same length. When washing your face, make sure you scrub the skin under your facial hair as well.

6. Trim your eyebrows (optional).
You don’t have to pluck the hairs of your eyebrows, but neat eyebrows can make your whole appearance tidier. Here’s a basic guide:
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  • Look for good tweezers. The two pincers must really meet so that the extraction process is painless and more efficient.
  • Use your face as a guide. Hold a pencil, hold it against the edge of one nostril so that the shaft of the pencil crosses the brow. Using the pencil bar as the outline, pluck the hairs that are either on the outside or in the “unibrow” area (located above the nose, right in the middle of the eyebrows, where the hairs that appear make the eyebrows look together). Use this pencil technique to straighten the other eyebrow.
  • Trim the arch of the eyebrows. If your brows are still bushy after you pluck the center hairs, try plucking the hairs below the arch. Remember, just the one under the brow. Don’t pluck the hair on top.

7. Clean and clip the nails.
Every two or three days, after showering, take a minute to cut 20 nails and scrape up any dirt stuck underneath. Nails are softer and easier to clean after a few minutes of water exposure to your body. You should cut your fingernails and toes short, leaving a thin line of white tips.

8. Clean your teeth with a toothbrush or dental floss.
Fight bad breath and maintain a bright white smile by taking care of your teeth.

Change your toothbrush regularly. At least every 3 months, or after you recover from the flu or other infectious disease. When toothbrush bristles start to curl out, this is a sign you need a new one.

  • Floss your teeth every night. Dental floss not only removes plaque and food debris from your mouth, but is thought to also prevent heart disease.
  • Brush the tongue. Your teeth may be sparkling, but you can still grapple with bad breath when your tongue is dirty. With a toothbrush, gently rub the surface of your tongue several times each time you brush your teeth. Don’t rub too hard to avoid damaging the tongue tissue.
  • Finish with a mouth freshener. Gargle the solution for 20 seconds, then spit it out

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How to style with beige

How to style with beige

For those of you who are still confused about how to mix and match beige fashion items for everyday use or for work, worry not! You will find three looks that you can try immediately to become a man who is fashion forward!

  1. The Minimum Touch

For those of you who are still hesitant to wear beige because the color is too soft, don’t worry! With a minimalist touch, you can still look stylish.

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This look can be used for casual, indoor and outdoor events. Wear a matching colored shirt with a light blue t-shirt, pair it with folded olive colored pants. As a finishing touch, wear camel colored slip on shoes. Blue, olive and camel when combined will look so harmonious and stylish!

2: Stylishly Loose

Tas Branded
If you want to try both beige and K-fashion trends, this is your go to look! The method is very easy, just wear oversized t-shirts, trousers, and your flagship sneakers.
If you wear beige and brown shades on your tops and bottoms, it’s wise to choose white sneakers. You can also add a hat as another accessory!


Look stylish when you go to the office? Why not! You don’t need to be super extra to look more stylish when wearing a beige outfit for everyday, as long as you know how to mix and match your clothes!
Sepatu Branded

Shirts, pants, and sneakers. Seems like it looks so simple, right? Yup, it all depends on the color play! Choose a light blue or navy shirt, then pair it with beige trousers, fold your trousers to give your look a twist. Finally, wear white sneakers.
Since it’s for your work outfit, using accessories like watches in brown and gold will make you even more professional!

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Skin Belt Peeling Often? Follow these tips to prevent it!

Skin Belt Peeling Often? Follow these tips to prevent it!

Belts are now made of various types of materials, from plastic to rubber to denim. Of the many types, leather remains one of the most favorite. Classic and durable styles make leather belts suitable for almost any style.

Leather belts are another long term investment. Therefore, in order for the belt leather material to remain durable and not easily peel off, it is important that you know the proper storage and maintenance techniques. Here are some easy ways you can take care of your favorite leather belt.


Michaelkors Outlet
When changing clothes and taking off our pants, we sometimes forget or are even lazy to remove the belt from the pants or skirts we wear. Even though it looks trivial, this habit can damage the leather and even make the color fade quickly. In addition, belt loops can also cause marks on the skin, you know.


Tas Branded
Just like clothes that are washed after wearing, belts also need to be cleaned after use. But we don’t need to keep cleaning the belt every time we use it, just do it regularly.

How to clean a leather belt is quite easy. Prepare a sponge or fiber cloth, then spray with soapy water. Gently rub the belt in the direction of the leather fibers. After that, rinse the soap on the belt by wiping a sponge or fiber cloth that has been sprayed with plain water.

  • Drying Belts Periodically

Leather is very susceptible to mold, especially when stored in a damp place for a long time. Before storing it in the cupboard, make sure the belt is dry. Dry the belt in the air in the room. Avoid exposing the belt to the direct heat of the sun, which can make the leather wrinkle easily.


Sepatu Branded
If you have a collection of belts, then it’s a good idea to prepare a storage area so that the belts are neatly organized and not scattered. Also, make sure the storage box is always dry so as not to cause mold on the belt skin. If necessary, use desiccants or moisture absorbers to absorb moisture in the cupboard.

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Fashion Trends from TikTok

Fashion Trends from TikTok

In a short amount of time, TikTok has become one of the most popular social media in 2020. Not only providing funny and entertaining short videos, you can also find various life hacks there, including the latest trends and fashion inspiration!
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Well, who would have thought, even now there is a fashion trend from TikTok that is really popular. If you don’t know and are curious, we have summed up some fashion trends from TikTok that you can try. Listen together, let’s!


Cottagecore is one of the aesthetics that centers on the imagination when you live in a cottage in the countryside. The fashion style around Cottagecore that you can try is a white or beige dress made from falling or flowy, floral motifs with soft colors.
You can also use cute accessories such as bright colored hair bows or headbands and minimalist necklaces. This style is perfect for use for formal events or just for hangouts.


80s and 90s fashion trends? It’s so last year! In 2021, Tik Tok creates a new fashion trend, namely Y2K Baby or a fashion trend in the early 2000s which was heavily influenced by iconic celebrities of its time such as Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton.
Tas Branded

Crop top is a mandatory fashion item in this Y2K style. The colors that really represent this era are pink and lilac. But you can also use your other favorite colors! Pair it with a mini skirt or cut bray pants and a bucket hat. Shhh, make sure the outfit is completely fit!
Very Y2K accessories? Mini size bag, tinted sunglasses, and also colorful hair accessories! You’ll definitely look to stand out if you try this fashion trend from TikTok.


White sneakers have ruled the shoe trend for years. Although white sneakers are one of the evergreen trends, thanks to TikTok, the shoe trend may shift to combat boots!
You can combine combat boots with various looks, you know! You don’t have to always wear fierce styles to match these boots. The combination of combat boots with a dress if the right styling can steal the show, you know!


This fashion trend is increasingly seen everywhere, right? Starting from K-Pop artists, Hollywood, to local influencers, many have used this fashion item. Vest was a trendy item around the mid-2000s, and it’s making a comeback since late 2020.

Of course, this vest coming back in 2021 has a different twist. This time the oversized vest is very popular. You can mix it with a shirt dress, or your favorite t-shirt and jeans. Who would have thought, vest so versatille?


If you pay attention to the contents of your wardrobe, most of the neck shapes on your clothes are round or V-neck. Well, not anymore! Right now, squared necklines are a hot trend!
By using this neckline, you can look more leveled and show off accessories that seem to be hype lately! Well, what is also quite common is the combination of a square collar with wrinkle details that makes you super girly and elegant! Especially if you wear tops or dresses with pastel colors which are hitting the knot this year.


Is a classic and timeless dress. Silk dress or silk dress makes the wearer look elegant and charming. Despite the trend of silk dress, in its development many also use satin for budget reasons. Well, that’s fine, though!
Sepatu Branded

For a more stunning appearance, you can use minimalist accessories, such as necklaces or long earrings because most silk dresses will expose your neck and chest, so beautiful accessories will enhance your appearance!
Some of the popular colors for silk dresses are dark green, red, pink, white. If you lack confidence, throw a blazer as your outerwear and mix it with combat boots that are also trending! What a combo!


Of the many trends around bags that are scattered around TikTok, Baguette Bags are the ones who are the champions! This little bag is so trendy that class A celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid wear it too! Automatically everyone is affected by them.
There are also many Baguette Bags, some of which are quite standout are bags with crocodile skin motifs in bright pastel colors, or with contemporary chain details. Which
one is your favorite?

So, those are some of the fashion trends that originated from TikTok. So many, huh? Do you think you’ve tried something, haven’t you? Then which trend do you want to try next?

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Men’s Outfit with Loafers Only for Formal Occasions, Is It True?

Men’s Outfit with Loafers Only for Formal Occasions, Is It True?

Michaelkors Outlet

Most of the men must have used these shoes. However, often they do not know their real name and are even confused with loafers or slip on shoes. Yep! These loafers are often used by men, both at formal events and casual events. Loafers are a type of strapless shoe that is designed low for the ankles. Most people do use these shoes for formal events such as going to the office or invitations. Though it can also be used for casual occasions, depending on the type of material used in these shoes. In general, the material used is leather, making these shoes look formal and elegant.

Image for post

There are also many types of loafers, you know. Starting from the most familiar types used by men, namely the types of penny loafers, tassel loafers, kiltie loafers, to belgian loafers. In order not to be confused about how to mix and match these shoes for your appearance, let’s take a look at some of the following outfit inspirations using loafers!

For the first style, you can look casual using penny loafer shoes with a t-shirt and bomber jacket. You can also use dark jeans to show the masculine side of a man. Make sure you use the same shoe color as one of your outfit colors, OK! Michaelkors Outlet

For the second style, you can combine casual and semi-formal styles by using a plain shirt with bright colors, which is completed with shorts or shorts. This appearance is suitable for those of you who want to go relaxed but still look neat. Don’t forget to add belt accessories to make your appearance even cooler!

For this third style, you can use it if you want it to look more semi-formal. Combine your loafers with a plain long-sleeved shirt, and complete it by using material trousers that hang slightly above the ankles. Loafers that are suitable for this look are usually penny loafers. Make sure your shirt and pants are in contrasting colors so that your appearance doesn’t look monotonous. Tas Branded

For the fourth style, this appearance looks more formal. Suitable for those of you who want to attend formal events or meetings with clients. Pair your loafers with a suit and additional tie accessories. Loafers that work well for this look are usually penny loafers or tassel loafers. With this outfit, you are guaranteed to look more manly!

Those are some inspirational choices for outfits by using men’s loafers. Now wearing loafers isn’t just for formal occasions, right? Improve your appearance and don’t be afraid to be different! Sepatu Branded

The origins of the popular musk scent

The origins of the popular musk scent

Surely you are already familiar with the Musk perfume variant, right? Musk is a special class in perfumery that is very popular and is often used as base notes. The characteristics of this musk fragrance are sensual, earthy, and warm.

Michaelkors Outlet
The origins of Musk’s Scent
Then, where did this musk material actually come from? For those of you who don’t know, this might be surprising, this musk scent comes from the fragrance secretions that have been produced by the glands of the antler’s stomach, and these glands release strong pheromones to attract mates. Well, now you know, right?

Are you not allowed to use musk fragrance, because it turns out that the ingredients come from animals? You’re against animal cruelty? Apart from violence against animals, it turns out that this deer is a protected animal and is classified as endangered according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN). Musk deer can still be found in forest areas in the mountains of India, Tibet, Pakistan, Siberia and Mongolia.

The musk gland is arguably one of nature’s most expensive sources – surpassing even gold! The price of a kilogram of glandular sacs from this animal can reach $ 45,000 or the equivalent of Rp.632,000,000!

The History of Musk’s Use in Perfume
Musk deer stomach glands have been used since ancient times, and the first references to this material being used as a raw material for fragrances were in Arabia and Byzantium (the eastern region of the Roman Empire) in the 6th century!

In fact, this rare raw material, in its day, was mixed with the raw material for walls to build mosques so that when exposed to the sun, a distinctive aroma would emanate from the mosque walls. Mind-blowing, right?
Tas Branded

Al-Kindi, an Arab philosopher, wrote hundreds of treatises on various subjects, including perfume. In his treatise he mentions musk as an ingredient in many perfumes, making the gland of deer origin the most valuable luxury item imported from the East! In addition, he also wrote a book about the chemical basics contained in fragrances and wrote 107 perfume recipes for different aromas.

Current Musk Raw Material Alternatives

Sepatu Branded
In perfumery, the term “musk” does not always depend on what the components are made of but rather the aroma it produces. The natural scent of musk is complex and is usually described as sweet, creamy or powdery, leathery, spicy, and even woody notes.

The use of musk from male deer was banned in 1979, when musk deer were declared endangered. Then, what is the musk scent perfume that we use today made of?
Today, musk-scented perfume products come mostly from plants that have a scent similar to the glands that come from musk deer. Some of the plants used as raw materials are Garden Angelica (Angelica archangelica), Musk Flower (Mimulus moschatus) Abelmosk or Ambrette seeds (Abelmoschus moschatus) which are the main ingredients in making musk-scented perfumes which are so popular.

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7 Popular Fashion Terms and Their Meanings

7 Popular Fashion Terms and Their Meanings

If you often read or watch something related to fashion, some of these terms are not uncommon to find. As is well known, many of the fashion terms we use come from foreign languages, especially French or English. In order to broaden your knowledge in the field of fashion, here are some popular fashion terms that are still rarely known by many people!
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  1. Haute Couture

Actually, Indonesian already has a synonym for this one term, namely Adibusana. Then, what is the meaning? Haute Couture is a fashion supremacy or high-level fashion design. Not everyone has the privilege to use it. The work of a Haute Couture is done manually, including all the details. Thousands of sequins, pearls or feathers attached to Haute Couture are done manually. Then Haute Couture takes concepts, innovation and thousands of hours of work to make it happen on stage. So this is what makes a Haute Couture so special.

2. Capsule Wardrobe

Tas Branded
The term capsule wardrobe was first coined by a boutique owner from England in the 1970s named Susie Faux. This term refers to essential garments that are timeless in design, function and construction, such as skirts, pants and coats. Another goal of the capsule wardrobe is that you can look stylish just by matching the clothes that are included in this capsule wardrobe list. Life will be so much easier, right?

3. Avant-garde

If you’ve ever watched the Hunger Games films, surely the unique fashion styles of the residents in the Capitol are familiar, right? This style is called avant-garde fashion. Avant-garde clothing, it can be said, breaks through the conventional boundaries of fashion and creates its own form and is seen as eccentric and not applicable by ordinary people. In short, avant-garde can be interpreted as a form of resistance to boundaries that are accepted as norms in a culture. One of the celebrities who are famous for their eccentric style is Lady Gaga. The costume made of meat surely no one can forget, right?

4. Faux Fitted Fashion

Sepatu Branded
The word faux pas in French itself means ‘to stray’ which can be used for a habit or a rule. Then, what is Faux Fitting Fashion? In short, the meaning of the word in fashion terms means when someone whose appearance does not match the dress code or with the current trend. This term was first popularized by Louis XIV in the 17th century. What a long-live fashion term!

5. Du Jour Fashion

You must have guessed where this word came from. Du jour literally means of the day in English. So, it is quite clear that what Du Jour means is the style of dress that was trending at the time.

6. Fashion Editrix

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The word editrix is ​​a combination of two words in English, namely Editor and Dominatrix. So, what is meant by Fashion Editrix is ​​a woman who works as a dominant fashion magazine editor. Usually those who get this nickname are senior leaders. A close example of a figure nicknamed this term is, the one and only, Anna Wintour, who has served as Editor-in-Chief of Vogue USA since 1988. If someone gets this nickname, usually their opinions regarding fashion and trends will be of particular concern to designers. .

7. Prêt-à-Porter

Another name for Prêt-à-Porter that you might be more familiar with when you hear it is Ready To Wear (RTW). The majority of clothing collections found in boutiques or retail are Ready To Wear. This term is used to describe a collection of labels that are mass produced and available in various sizes with international standards (such as S, M, L, XL, etc.) and are available in stores in large quantities. That’s what Prêt-à-Porter is all about.

Tips for mixing and matching men’s sporty fashion styles

Tips for mixing and matching men’s sporty fashion styles

How do you look sporty without having to look like you just walked out of the gym? Michaelkors Outlet

Trends come and go. Now you often find men with a more sporty style but can be worn not only for going to sports. Yes, it’s athleisure! How to pull the look? Check out the inspiration here!


Since the last few years, you must have noticed that a lot of clothing designs are busier than previous years which tend to be more subtle. You can wear a boss and a subordinate with a statement, or if you want a more toned down look, just choose one. Tas Branded


This look is a view that is easy enough for you to try. Mix and match oversized t-shirt with track pants and skater shoes. For an edgy style, you can fold your pants and wear plain socks or socks with a pattern. Effortlessly stylish!


Maybe now is the time for you to look back at your wardrobe, do you still have ouoterwear with retro designs that haven’t been used for a long time? Colliding colors and eccentric fabrics have led to them being abandoned for decades, but now these jackets are one of today’s sporty staples! You can combine it with jeans or sweat pants. Don’t forget your favorite sneakers, OK!
Sepatu Branded


Before it became a trend again, many people thought this was an outdated shoe model and was often considered a “dad shoes”. You don’t have to worry about wearing it to the office or hanging out, it’s super appropriate! To go to the office, you can mix and match these shoes with a shirt + sweatshirt and jeans. To be more stylish, wear a waist bag so that you look more contemporary.

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How to Take Care of a Jeans Jacket So It Does Not Fade

How to Take Care of a Jeans Jacket So It Does Not Fade

In addition to the versatile colors and styles, jeans jackets are indeed suitable as a fashion item that can be collected. But you know what? Caring for your jeans jacket to keep it ‘long life’ is also a bit tricky. Come on, see the tips below! Michaelkors Outlet

  • Every time you use it, don’t wash it right away, Bela. If you have a tool such as a vacuum cleaner for dry cleaning, you can use it to clean it regularly.
  • If it’s too dirty, for example 3-5 times of use, wash it the right way. Soak in water with detergent for 15 minutes, then use a soft brush to remove dirt. Sepatu Branded
  • Dry the jeans jacket in the shade! Avoid directly exposing it to the sun, Bela. The hot rays from the sun can make the color of your jeans jacket fade, so … be more careful when drying!
  • When ironing the jacket, make sure you use the right temperature. Too low a temperature will not kill germs when the jacket is dry in the sun, but too high a temperature can also fade the color.
  • Make sure you store your jeans jacket in a dry and not humid place. Don’t get in the habit of hanging your jeans jacket in the bathroom, you know, Bela. This habit is a trivial thing that can make your jeans jacket worn out quickly. Tas Branded

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Women’s Fashion Items That Will Trending in 2021

Women’s Fashion Items That Will Trending in 2021

The turn of the year is often a momentum to observe fashion trends for the next 12 months. Shifts in the new year 2021, as in previous times, are often influenced by certain lifestyles and movements, such as the echo of the principle of sustainability. Michaelkors Outlet

Therefore, starting from the patterns, motifs, colors, to the styles that are currently happening, it is always interesting to take a peek. With the fashion trend, designers and fashion lovers can use it as a reference.

Here are some predictions for fashion trends in 2021.

  1. High Boots

This fashion item, also known as Wellies, is predicted to become one of the trends in 2021. Combined with a bucket hat and Zip-up jacket, the equivalent will be a fashion statement in one look.

This mix and match is said to be suitable for those of you who like adventure. Its activities are in line with what was popular during the pandemic, namely hiking, fishing, even star gazing, all of which are outdoor activities.

2. Patchwork Skirt

The patchwork accent that is synonymous with Harry Styles this year will be adopted again next year. Not in the form of a sweater like the one worn by the Kiwi singer, but in a skirt.

This trend even allows the public to make it manually with a patchwork technique of dynamic random patterns and strokes. However, it is also predicted that reliable designers will issue these accented items if you want to skip making it at home.

Patchwork Skirt
Patchwork Skirt

3. Classic Jewelry Tas Branded

Jewelry will be considered a profitable investment, especially in the next year. So, this item will have added value, in addition to complementing the appearance. This category can actually vary, such as watches, bracelets, necklaces, rings, and a pair of earrings. However, a classic model with a simple design is considered to shine because it is easier to enter everywhere.

4. All-Leather Fashion

Leather in the form of jackets, bags, coats, pants, skirts, or accessories is always something fashionistas admire. This is because its use can add a cool impression to even simple clothes.

5. Palazzo pants

Women’s trousers which have a wide cut at the bottom will still be in demand next year. Palazzo pants tend to be elegant and sleek, so they are more often used to match formal styles.

For example, paired with a shirt, blouse made of fall, or cropped jacket. However, with a unique personal style, it does not mean that this item cannot be used in more casual moments. Match with an attractive design t-shirt might be an alternative.

6.Tennis skirt

This 90s-style mini skirt model with delicate details can indeed make you look more trendy. The name itself was taken because it is a skirt commonly used by tennis athletes.

This fashion item is very possible to use for everyday. Just mix and match tennis skirts with a shirt or cropped top.

7. Dress Slim

This sleek, sheer dress is perfect for evening fashion. Glamorous impression will appear instantly because of the supportive shape. Hence, it’s a party dress choice, although the event will likely be held at home.

8. Shearling sandals

This shearling sandal or fur sandal will remain a mainstay next year. With activities that are predicted to remain more at home, you might want to consider this fashion item.

9. Knitwear Sepatu Branded

Knitted clothes are suitable for various types of seasons. This shirt can be worn to warm the body in the rainy season or choose a thin knit when the weather is windy.

Knitting is also growing with more attractive and contemporary designs. Apart from being the main outfit, knit clothes can also be combined with skirts or pants to produce unique combinations.

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Arti Istilah “Sprezzatura” dalam Fashion Pria

Arti Istilah “Sprezzatura” dalam Fashion Pria

Kita sudah mengetahui beberapa aturan dasar dalam memakai jas atau blazer. Langkah selanjutnya adalah memahami konsep Sprezzatura.
Michaelkors Outlet

Mungkin tidak pernah ada padanan bahasa Indonesia untuk kata Sprezzatura. Sederhananya, kata dari bahasa Italia ini dipahami sebagai perhatian yang dipelajari, eksentrisitas, atau pembengkokan aturan.

Sprezzatura juga dianut sebagai gaya hidup saat pria rapi, nyaman, sedikit eksentrik, dan mudah tanpa dibatasi oleh aturan berpakaian yang ketat.

Namun, seorang pria harus terlebih dahulu memahami aturan dasar berbusana agar bisa menyiasati aturan tersebut. Seperti Gianni Agnelli, pemilik merek mobil FIAT dan klub sepak bola Juventus, yang diduga membuat cemburu Presiden John F. Kennedy saat melihat sang istri berfoto bersama sang maestro Sprezzatura.
Tas Branded

Untuk lebih memahami konsep Sprezzatura, kita bisa mempelajari beberapa ciri khas Gianni Agnelli berikut ini.
Oh, tapi pertama-tama perlu diingat bahwa tidak boleh ditentukan untuk menjadi orang lain atau peniru. Tidak ada yang bisa menyamai level legendaris Sprezzatura Gianni Agnelli. Banyak orang telah mencoba dan gagal.

Yang dapat Anda lakukan adalah mengambil salah satu tanda tangan Agnelli atau yang disebut “barang Agnelli”, lihat apakah itu terasa tepat bagi Anda dan terapkan (tidak sekaligus).

1. Dasi Belakang Lebih Panjang

Di mata orang awam, bagian dasi belakang yang tampak lebih panjang dari dasi bagian depan merupakan slip yang membuat seseorang terlihat konyol. Tapi tidak untuk Agnelli. Dia mungkin melakukannya dengan sengaja, tetapi bukan karena dia tidak memiliki cermin di rumah. Tetap bergaya dengan Sprezzatura ini.

Tidak pernah dalam hidup kita mendapatkan panduan umum untuk menyelipkan ujung dasi ke ujung celana. Agnelli menunjukkan kepada dunia bagaimana melakukan ini dengan cara yang tidak biasa. Jenis sprezzatura ini akan terlihat sempurna ketika dasi gaya Victoria atau simpul ganda diikat dengan tangan.

2. Membuka Dua Kancing Atas Kemeja

Kedengarannya sederhana, tapi tidak semua orang bisa melakukannya dengan benar. Membuka kancing bagian atas kemeja adalah tindakan yang sangat berisiko untuk memberikan kesan berantakan, berantakan, dll. Tapi Agnelli membuatnya mudah. Tampaknya, kunci keberhasilan pertunjukan ini adalah menguasai pikiran sprezzatura yang nyaman, santai, dan percaya diri.

3. Memadukan Jas dengan Boots Sepatu Branded

Dimulai dengan cedera kaki Agnelli akibat kecelakaan mobil, dia harus mengenakan perban tebal di sekitar kakinya. Alih-alih pergi ke dokter, Agnelli mengenakan sepatu bot berjalan berleher tinggi untuk menopang cedera kakinya. Agnelli merasa nyaman dengan sepatu botnya, sering memadukannya dengan jaket atau blazer dan selalu tampil rapi.

4. Jam di Luar Pegelangan Tangan di luar

Mungkin yang paling tidak masuk akal bagi orang awam, Agnelli suka memakai arlojinya di bagian luar lengan bajunya. Agnelli dikatakan melakukan ini karena sebagai orang yang sibuk dia merasa dia tidak punya waktu untuk sedikit membuka lengan bajunya untuk mencari tahu jam berapa sekarang. Baginya, ini sangat praktis, dan juga membuatnya lebih mendunia.

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5 Men’s Hairstyles That Are Trending in 2021

5 Men’s Hairstyles That Are Trending in 2021

The new year 2021 is in sight. Are you planning to change your hairstyle to welcome this hopeful new year 2021? Changing your appearance doesn’t have to mean changing your style of dress or diet, you know. As simple as changing hairstyles, you can look completely different!
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So, for the men’s hair trend in 2021, you might see hairstyles that are quite familiar. That’s a trend, like a wheel that keeps on turning. It could be that some men’s hairstyles that are trending in 2018 will be back in 2021.
In the coming 2021, it is estimated that men’s hairstyles will tend to be oriented towards South Korea because the popularity of South Korea in terms of fashion, beauty, and music has increasingly touched Indonesian society. After all, the look offered is still suitable for men’s hair in Indonesia and gives off a relaxed, stylish and clean impression! Well, before deciding to change hairstyles, let’s first look at below what styles are trending in 2021.


Buzz cut or what is more familiarly called the cropped hairstyle is a military style cut that has become a trend since the end of 2020. How not? We can’t go outside and get a buzz cut that makes you feel cooler and doesn’t require much maintenance. Well, it’s not only practical, with this haircut you look more macho and fresh! Try, deh, you check. Lots of celebrities have this haircut, you know!
Tas Branded


Very popular in Korea, the two block haircut is the latest K-Pop hair trend that has managed to captivate many K-Pop fans, you know! So, a two block haircut is an improvisation of an undercut hairstyle. The sides of the hair are cut shorter, while the hair at the top is made longer.
How is the styling? Well, you just need a curling iron or iron to give your hair texture, like it looks wavy. That way, your hair style will be very stylish and up to date!


In the past, middle parted hair was very synonymous with ’90s hairstyles, starting from grunge bands to boy bands. Nowadays, middle part hairstyles, or curtains are very common in South Korea! Well, this time the curtains are more versatile and can be changed according to your character.

Curtain hairstyle, or the middle part, which apparently also has another designation, namely eBoy haircut. Curtain haircuts are characterized by split bangs in the middle or at the edges. This haircut is quite flexible, because it depends on hair length, texture, color, and face shape. You can look straight from the 90’s or from the present. It’s all in your hands!
Sepatu Branded


A bro flow is a haircut of medium length that only allows hair to grow and reach its natural shape. Many men use this hairstyle, combed back so it doesn’t block the eyes, but this haircut is very easy going and can be styled according to your taste.
The right cut is also important. Ask your barber to keep the ends trimmed and tidy, but let the layers in your hair grow out as is. This is the best way to get a natural looking hair shape. Finally, choose the right styling product. All you need is a light textured spray or pomade that you can use to help shape your hair a little.


This men’s hair trend is called Comma Hair because it does
This trend is called the ‘Comma Hair’ trend because it does reveal an inward curved front, resembling a comma. Shhh, this hairstyle can make the jawline firmer, and make the face smaller and pointier, you know! Wow, deservedly, this hairstyle is so popular among Korean idols!
In order for you to look attractive and smart, mix turtleneck tops, blazers, material pants, and loafers is the look that best matches this hairstyle!
Michaelkors Outlet

Well, there are some trends for men’s hairstyle models in 2021. Which haircut would you like to try first? Share your thoughts with us!

Find out the difference between body butter, lotion and cream

Find out the difference between body butter, lotion and cream

The large variety of skin care products makes you confused. Let’s find out the differences and benefits of body lotion, butter, and cream!

Currently there are many products to moisturize body skin. Maybe when we were kids, we only knew hand and body lotion which is useful for moisturizing the skin. But as technology and beauty trends developed, you came across body butter and body cream. Equally to moisturize the skin. However, is there a difference between the three? Let’s find out!
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Body Butter

Body butter is a skin moisturizer that has a texture that is denser, moisturized, and thicker than body lotion. Why is the texture denser? Body butter does not contain water, it uses essential oils and butter. This moisturizer contains fairly dense ingredients such as natural oils (coconut, jojoba, olive), shea butter, so it will create a kind of barrier between the skin and the outer elements. Well, this barrier will protect and seal skin moisture while protecting the skin from dirt!

Benefits of Body Butter?

  • Moisturizes skin.

Body lotions often evaporate quickly because there is a water element in them. Now, because there is a barrier between the skin and the elements from outside, the skin’s moisture will always be maintained.
Its thick texture is also full of nutrients useful for your skin.

  • Makes Your Skin Soft.

After showering, apply body butter on your body. Body butter contains essential oils and butter that will make your dry skin even more moisturized and soft!

  • Removes Calluses.

If you have calluses on your feet. Before going to bed, apply body butter on the soles of the feet, massage gently, and put on socks. In the morning, use a callus scraper to remove dry skin.

Body Lotion Tas Branded

Body lotion is one of the most familiar skin moisturizers for our ears. Well, this body lotion has a much lighter texture, lower oil content, doesn’t lubricate the skin, and can be used by anyone.

Benefits of Body Lotion?

  • Keeps Skin Moisture.

This lotion that you use everyday functions to keep the skin moisturised that you already have. For example, if you visit a cold area or work in an air-conditioned room all day (low humidity), then it is advisable to use body lotion to lock moisture on your skin.

  • Skin Becomes More Elastic.

Body lotion usually contains hydrolyzed silk which can fight signs of premature aging on your skin, such as increasing the elasticity of skin that starts to sag.

  • Improve Dry Skin.

If used regularly, dry skin will slowly become more moisturized and healthier. However, if only used occasionally, the skin will dry again.

Body Cream Sepatu Branded

Unlike the body lotion which has a light texture, body cream has a heavier texture than body butter. Body cream contains a high mixture of water and oil. Its heavy texture can make skin healthier and moisturized. It is suitable for those of you who have extra dry skin.

Benefits of Body Cream

  • Overcoming Chapped Skin Problems.

If your skin is cracked due to being too dry, using a body cream can be the solution.

  • Focus on Moisturizing the Troubled Area.

Due to its heavy texture, you will feel uncomfortable wearing it all over your body. Use it only on areas that are very dry, such as on the elbows, knees, or other areas that need extra moisture.

  • Suitable for wearing at night before going to bed.

Indonesia has a tropical climate, so during the day the weather tends to be hot. Imagine if you use body cream during the day, it will be very sticky and annoying. Well, you can use body cream at night before going to bed for maximum results!

Michaelkors Outlet

Hairstyles that will Boom at the End of 2020 & Early 2021

Hairstyles that will Boom at the End of 2020 & Early 2021

During this pandemic, it forces us to stay at home and instantly become masters of one skill. Some may suddenly become a “chef” just because they often see tiktok that smells of food, or become an impromptu “hair dresser” because they often watch YouTube.

Michaelkors Outlet
Talking about hair dressers, I just found various types of hairstyles for women due to confusion about what content to make (please, that’s human being). Some of them are under-rated and some are often used on several occasions.
Thus, I want to share with all of you 5 hairstyles that will be booming at the end of 2020 which are really a shame for you to just miss!

  • Two-Tone Hair Colors

Inspired by Jennie-BLACKPINK who has used this hairstyle in BLACKPINK’s music video “How You Like That”, this hairstyle trend will continue until the end of 2020, and even into 2021. Looking different at the beginning of the year is something you must do, right?

  • The One Tendril

Tas Branded
I often see women who let a few strands of hair drop to the side of the face to give a small face. And know it’s time for you to do some experiment! Try to use a tendril like the image below to give a more mature look to your appearance. And i bet it will be sooo lit!

  • Claw-Clip Updos

Noah, this hairstyle looks like the 90s. This type of hair style is almost the same as this messy bun, perfect for those of you who want to get a natural appearance.
Sepatu Branded

  • Double Buns

Ladies, did you know that men are more attracted to women who use double buns? Double buns will give a cute and charming impression, you know! So, it suits him again!

  • Flipped-Up Ponytails

Next level for your ponytails, ladies! Flip up your ends for a cute, retro vibe. No more ponytails hanging down, it’s time to flipped it up!

Well, those are 5 hairstyles that are predicted to be booming at the end of 2020 and early 2021. Hopefully this article can be a reference for those of you who want to look different!

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Apparently 5 Fashion Brands Owned by South Korean Artists!

Apparently 5 Fashion Brands Owned by South Korean Artists!

Not only working to entertain their fans, some artists from the country of Ginseng are also trying their luck in the fashion world by creating their own brand. Some of them have also collaborated with well-known fashion icons and are considered successful in the market.
Michaelkors Outlet

Curious, who are South Korean artists who are involved in the following fashion business with their brands? Let’s find out

  • Park Hae Jin – V Modern

Who doesn’t know this handsome actor born in 1983? Park Hae Jin is well known for his eye-catching acting talent and handsome face. The actor whose name is increasingly known from the beginning of his appearance in the Korean drama series My Love From the Star to Cheese in The Trap turns out to have his own fashion brand called V Modern.
V Modern offers ready-to-wear clothing as well as collaborating with Chinese fashion icon Mark Cheung. The news is, after being officially sold, these clothes immediately sold out on the market, you know!

  • Choi Kang Hee – Nowhere 333

This beautiful actress and radio DJ also launched her own fashion brand, Nowhere333.
Tas Branded

Nowhere333 is often used by several other Korean artists and is arguably successful in the market. However, this product is only sold in Korea, guys.

  • Taecyeon 2PM— OkCat

Behind his athletic and broad body, it turns out that Taecyeon has a brand that was originally intended to sell a doll that he designed himself. This doll is shaped like a green cat with big and beautiful eyes. However, as time went by, Taecyeon decided to issue a product in the form of clothes, glasses, and other accessories which he named OkCat.
Ok, this paint is actually sold in Indonesian online shops, you know! You can look for several markets that have collaborated with OkCat or that accept Korean jeep.

  • Jessica ex SNSD — BLANC & ECLARE

Former SNSD member Jessica Jung also didn’t just stay silent. Many artists who are in the fashion business, decided Jessica Jung to launch her own brand called BLANC & ECLARE.
Sepatu Branded

Even though it had become a byword because the price of jeans produced by Jessica Jung was too expensive, many of SNSD’s loyal fans bought these products and until now, the products issued are increasingly varied, ranging from tops, eyewear, and etc.


G-Dragon, a fashion enthusiast and known to have a unique and different sense of fashion, decided to channel his passion into the fashion business which he named PEACEMINUSONE.

PEACEMINUSONE has become an international brand, and you can find this product in several major marketplaces in Indonesia. Because the concept is unique and is more inclined towards streetwear, the price offered is also not cheap, guys!

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Those are the five brands that South Korean artists have. Have you ever used any of their brands?

World Color Trends in 2021

World Color Trends in 2021

Every year the color trend will always change. These color trends will eventually influence fashion trends in general. Call it fashion trends, bags, to house paint. Michaelkors Outlet

Kilala Tilaar, Corporate Creative and Innovative Director of PT Martina Berto, said that companies often have to deal with trend forecasting agencies to have an idea of what colors to use in the next year. But the question is who determines the color trends that these agencies ‘sell’?

This agency gets color trends from Intercolor, an organization that has existed since 1954 or after World War II. Instead of thinking about war, there is a group of people who come together to determine color trends. This color trend is then used in the automotive, textile and cosmetic industries. “explained the man who is familiarly called Kiki during a media meeting at Pour Que No.
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For information, there are several institutions that have become ‘forecasters’ of color trends in the world, one of which is Intercolor and Pantone. But the two are different institutions.

Indonesia, through the Martha Tilaar Foundation, became one of the 17 member countries of Intercolor officially in 2018. Indonesia will also determine the color trend in the next two years or in Spring / Summer 2021. According to Kiki, this is an achievement in itself for Indonesia.

For about 32 years or since 1987 Martha Tilaar, through the Sariayu label, has consistently formulated color trends based on Indonesian culture and nature. Apparently this is one of the reasons Intercolor has pinned Indonesia as a member country and it is listed on the organization’s official website.

Meanwhile, in order to participate in determining the color trend in 2021, Kiki collaborated with visual communication design students from the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB). The results of this collaboration were also presented as a presentation material for the Intercolor meeting in March 2019 in Orlando, Florida.

(Previously) we were given an assignment with the theme ‘A Day in 2030’. So we make stories, storyboards, as well as the results according to the picture in 2030. Each country has its own picture, “said Kiki. Sepatu Branded

“The imagination is that if Indonesia is naturally damaged, people live in caves, there is high pollution, to the point that ITB students imagine people innovating to live under the sea. Another story, if people repent, take care of nature, our country could be green.”

In the next stage, the 17 countries ‘breakfast’ are joined, grouped and given names. Indirectly, members of the images of countries have a common thread. Each meeting will generate a color trend for the next two years. Two years, said Kiki, was used to prepare the industry.

Coral orange is the color trend this year. Kiki was reluctant to mention the color trend that will be crowded in 2020. However, he gave a leak that the colors that will be trending will not be far or jump from the orange gradient. Officially, Intercolor will open for media and public in October.

“Social implementation, we indirectly join Intercolor. In the future I want to collaborate with other companies, designers, not only with ITB. Opportunities must be opened for all, because something is trending because everyone is using it, right?” he concluded.

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