Attract Women with Some List of Men’s Perfumes Below

Attract Women with Some List of Men’s Perfumes Below

There are various ways you can do to avoid body odor. Starting from bathing twice a day, using deodorant, to using perfume.
Women really like men who smell good and are clean. Therefore, perfume can really be the main weapon of the adam to win the hearts of women. It’s prestige, the clothes are okay, the hair is smooth, but the body still smells musty. big no!
Well, before you buy perfume, do a short survey about what perfume smells like for women. Come on, take a look at the following 9 list of perfumes that are guaranteed to make women feel squeamish with you.

  1. CALVIN KLEIN — Eternity Eau De Toilette Michaelkors Outlet

In first place is Calvin Klein with the legendary Eternity Eau De Toilette for men. Almost all men must know the perfume that was produced in 1990.
The content of lemon, lavender, and orange gives a refreshing aroma and is able to make the hearts of women who smell the aroma.
Besides the refreshing effect, this men’s perfume is also able to last all day, so it is very suitable for super busy metropolitan men.

2. Guess by Marciano EDT Man

Launched in 2007, this perfume has become a very essential perfume and must be owned by men from various circles until now.
The fresh scent of mandarin orange and lavender can make women melt and even fall in love with you.
In addition, the middle note that comes from the musk and pepper, makes this perfume not only fresh, but also able to present the masculinity of a man.

3. Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio Man Tas Branded

Similar to Calvin Klein Eternity Eau De Toilette for men, Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio Man became a fairly well-known perfume in 1996.
Because of its popularity, this perfume, which is made from orange, lime, and jasmine, is still being produced today and has become one of the coveted perfumes for adult men.
The fresh scent produced by this perfume will make anyone captivated and fall in love with you. In addition, the aroma of spices also gives a unique masculine effect for men.
No need to worry if you often do outdoor activities. The reason is, the fragrance of this perfume from Giorgio Armani can last more than 10 hours. Do not believe? Try it yourself!

4. Hermes — Terre D’Hermes Eau Tres Fraiche Edt Natura

There are some men who don’t really like perfumes that have a strong and pungent scent. Are you one of them?
For those of you who want a men’s perfume with a calm fragrance, but still maintain its refreshing fragrance effect and increase masculinity, this perfume from Hermes will be perfect for you.
This perfume has a middle note of geranium which is perfect for summer or a date with someone special. Guaranteed, he will stick with you!

5. Versace Dylan Blue Pour Homme Sepatu Branded

This perfume, which was just released by the world-renowned designer house, VERSACE, immediately attracted the attention of the adam from the upper middle class to try it immediately.
The perfume which contains violet leaf, papyrus, patchouli, black pepper and ambroxan gives a very masculine impression and is guaranteed to attract many women!
If you want to buy this product, you should buy it as soon as possible. The reason is, this product runs out very quickly and is only produced in relatively small quantities.

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5 “Safe” Colors for Men

5 “Safe” Colors for Men

Men are famous for finding it difficult to like colors that are not neutral and difficult to mix and match. They prefer to play with “safe” colors so they don’t have to be afraid to stand out among their friends. If you look at some clothing stores, you are 100% sure the colors for men are just that, and all of those colors sell well. That’s because the market demand for men with the color in question is very high.
There are 5 types of colors that are often used by men but seem monotonous so that they are not “nice” to look at. Maybe you can try some of the styles below to look fresher and cleaner.

1 When in doubt, use black Michaelkors Outlet

Black is a neutral color and is very easy to mix and match. So, it’s no longer a secret that this color is trending and is still developing and exists today. Besides being easy to mix and match with other fashion items, black is also able to give a firm and clean impression for a man.
The black color also gives an edgy and mysterious impression to its users and of course gives a masculine impression.

2 White, Perfect to match with any color

Not to forget one more color that is able to create a minimalist impression and make any user look more attractive, namely white. The color of a million people after black, is able to give a clean impression and is perfect for you men who want to look more mature.

3 Show Aesthetic Impression with Beige Tas Branded

Beige is one of the colors that men have been in love with for the past few years. The beige color was chosen because it is more of an aesthetic impression obtained, and is suitable for use when taking pictures on several occasions.
In addition, the beige color is also able to give a bright impression on your skin. So that the skin will look more “colored” and for those of you who have pale white skin, the beige color will give the impression of a warm touch so that your skin has a brown tone.

4 Gray for a better mood

Gray is a color that can accompany you in bad moods and moods that change easily. Plus, the weather outside is not friendly.

5 Cheers with yellow Sepatu Branded

Yellow is a color that represents happiness and a warm atmosphere. It is suitable for those of you who want to look more relaxed and want to give a pleasant impression.

Well, those were some “safe” colors that are suitable for men to use to support their appearance. Hopefully the colors above can be an inspiration for you!

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Men’s Curly Hairstyles That Women Like

Men’s Curly Hairstyles That Women Like

Men with curly hair can have their own charm for women. Its unique and cool appearance makes it easy to captivate the hearts of anyone who sees it. However, curly hair can be likened to a double-edged sword, it can look cool, it can also look messy. Therefore, men who have curly hair must be smart in styling their hair. Don’t be confused, because THREAD by ZALORA will give you various examples of male curly hairstyles that women like. Curious? Come on, see!

  1. Curly with Fade Undercut

This fade undercut haircut can give you a clean and tidy impression. The shape of the right side and the thin left side, as well as the curly and thick top can highlight your curly hair so it looks more formed and defined. There are several celebrities who have been recorded to have used this hairstyle, including Drake, Jimmy Butler, to Neymar Jr! Well, if you look cool like these celebrities, which woman will not glance at you?

  1. Curly Fringe Michaelkors Outlet

Never heard of curly fringe? Then, get to know it. The curly fringe hairstyle is a hairstyle with volume curls. Usually, this hairstyle is styled with thinner sides and back so that the user’s curls can look more defined. Because of its unique and sleek appearance, this hairstyle has become one of the favorites for women. To be able to look cooler using curly fringe, you can use bandana accessories.

  1. Medium Length Curly Sepatu Branded

If you want to lengthen your curls, a medium length curly hairstyle can be your choice. This hairstyle with a length below the ear is indeed more suitable to be made a bit messy to make it look more textured. For styling this hairstyle that many women like, you can use the help of gel or wax when styling your hair. You can use your fingers to comb your hair to make it look more natural.

  1. Curly Man Bun Tas Branded

Want to style your curls even longer? You can style your hair into a curly man bun. This hairstyle that can make you more manly and masculine is guaranteed to make the woman of your dreams instantly stunned! Great isn’t it? Amazingly, this hairstyle will also not make you hot and is suitable for use in various events, both formal and non-formal. How to get it is quite easy, just collect your hair back and wrap it in a circle with a hair tie, your curly man bun is ready!

Those are some of the male curly hairstyles that women like. So, which one are you going to try?

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4 T-shirt Models That Men Must Have

4 T-shirt Models That Men Must Have

T-shirts are the clothes of a million people. Of course, there’s a T-shirt in your wardrobe, even if it’s only one, right? Well, one of these fashion items includes clothes that will never go out of style.

With a simple design and comfortable material, T-shirts are always a mainstay for casual wear. And, this outfit is the most favorite for men of course!

Here are four T-shirt models that must be in your wardrobe:

  1. Plain T-shirt Michaelkors Outlet

One of these T-shirts must be in your closet, right? Initially, plain T-shirts, especially white ones, were mandatory clothing worn by military officers. Along with the times, this plain t-shirt also has many models and the colors are growing. Amazingly, T-shirts always go well with jackets, suits and jeans.

  1. Henley T-shirt Tas Branded

It’s a mix between a basic T-shirt and a polo. The addition of buttons but without a collar gives the user a more classy impression but still relaxed. This t-shirt is available in long and short sleeves as well as from a variety of fabrics.

  1. Printed T-Shirt

Printed t-shirts are an effective way to make a statement or express yourself. Are you supporting your favorite label or band. The printed t-shirt can be as hard or as soft as you want. This t-shirt can also be an easy way to add a touch of color to your clothes and attract attention of course. So, whatever you want to express, say it with a printed T-Shirt.

  1. Striped T-shirt Sepatu Branded

Initially, this T-shirt was the uniform of the French Navy. However, over time many men liked striped shirts for everyday wear. This t-shirt is an alternative to brighten up your clothes when you are bored with plain t-shirts.

For a classic look, opt for a simple Breton stripe in blue, black or red. Thicker lines and complementary colors will make the look bolder. Add a variety of striped shirts with long and short sleeves to your wardrobe to enjoy this style all year round.

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5 Stylish Tips for Big Belly Men

5 Stylish Tips for Big Belly Men

Dressing well is about presenting your body in the best possible way without trying to change the shape of the body itself.

Whether you’re naturally big or have a slight enlargement due to overeating, you can still look stylish with a few tricks and comfortable clothes. Launching from Realmanrealstyle, here’s a fashion guide for big-bellied men.

  1. Fit Michaelkors Outlet

For a big man, the fit of clothes is the most important quality. If you have bulges, wrinkles, or sagging fabric, it will make your outline look untidy. In men of large stature, the effect is amplified and looks worse.

Most big guys also misunderstand by wearing clothes that are too big, thinking it can disguise their physique.

However, loose clothing doesn’t fool anyone and instead draws more attention to your weight and lowers your overall appearance.

There’s also a simple comfort issue here, the better fit, the more comfortable your clothes will be, and that’s good for your mood and appearance.

  1. Simple, use dark colors

Looking simple doesn’t mean not being stylish, but for a big man, a coat that fits, solid, dark in color, and long will look more perfect. Dress simply so as not to cause excessive effect.

For those of you who are big, keep the pattern to a minimum. Spacious and dense spaces help complement your body shape, think about solid color jackets, light striped shirts, and so on.

  1. Light Sepatu Branded

Thick and heavy fabrics accentuate your size and make you look bulky. In addition, heavier clothing can also retain heat and cause excessive sweating. Of course, this is something that big men need to be wary of.

For that, avoid the use of loose sweaters. Instead, opt for a v-neck t-shirt, because it won’t make you look bigger.

  1. Use a ‘stretch’ fabric

By wearing this, your clothes will be more proportional and tend to give a comfortable impression. Because the fabric is stretchy, it will allow you to move freely without feeling pressured.

  1. Use the right accessories Tas Branded

Proportions are very important for a big man. The bigger you are, the bigger the accessories you wear, for example, a watch. Make sure you use a watch or other accessories that match your size. Good luck!

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Mix and Match Clothes for Chubby Cheek Men

Mix and Match Clothes for Chubby Cheek Men

Chubby guys aren’t cool? Eits, wait a minute! Even though you have chubby cheeks, you can still look fashionable and stylish! It’s just a matter of how to mix and match the outfits you wear. By giving a little touch to your clothes, it is guaranteed that your appearance will not be less charming.

Are you one of the chubby-cheeked men? Come on, take a peek at some effective clothes mix and match tips that make you look more confident and cool!

  1. Avoid clothes with horizontal stripes or plaids. Michaelkors Outlet

It’s a classic tip, but it’s true! Horizontal stripes and checkered motifs will make you look wider. For that, choose clothes that are simple and can give a light impression. For example, a shirt or shirt with a vertical line downwards, this will make you look thinner and not widen to the side.

  1. Wear dark clothes.

The color really makes an impact on your appearance! Moreover, as a chubby guy who wants to look fashionable, dark colors like black, brown, and navy blue are suitable for you. These colors will hide the folds of fat around the arms and waist and give your body a more masculine effect.

  1. Always choose clothes with the right size on the body.

Usually, chubby guys tend to choose outfits that are a bit oversized so they can disguise their body size. In fact, wearing an oversized outfit will only make your body fatter. From now on, choose the size that really fits you. This way your body size doesn’t even look bigger.

  1. Suits, blazers, or hoodies should not be forgotten. Tas Branded

Try wearing a suit, blazer, or hoodie with elbows on the shoulders! You will look more manly and fashionable. Not to mention the effect of a top style like this will help distract people from your wide waist. Cool and worth a try right?

  1. Straight cut pants are suitable for wearing.

When it comes to pants, straight cut is the right choice for you. Besides being able to make you look dashing, this one pants model also creates a proportional impression for your body. By wearing pants like this, your legs will look long so it will make your body appear taller.

  1. Clock and sunglasses.

For business accessories, watches and sunglasses are suitable for you. Watches and sunglasses never fail to enhance the appearance. In addition, the two items will embed a sporty and masculine impression.

  1. Be confident in whatever you wear. Sepatu Branded

It sounds like a cliché, but it’s really necessary. No matter what people say, you will look cool with a PD demeanor. Try to mix and match the styles above and keep exploring until you find one that’s really “your” style.

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5 Toxic Masculinity That Is Often Standardized in Men

5 Toxic Masculinity That Is Often Standardized in Men

Regardless of who initiated it and when toxic masculinity appeared, it is undeniable that it is believed by people and even declined to this day. That is about the social decisions made for men, whether it’s about physical appearance, traits possessed, to their position in society which is considered to be owned by men. Very narrow thinking, but for those who believe in it and are carried away by social standards inevitably make their life unhappy. And some toxic masculinity is said to be the standard for men, see the discussion below and the consequences of each point.

  1. Men can’t complain and cry Michaelkors Outlet

First, you may be familiar with this one because almost everyone applies it to men, namely the assumption that men shouldn’t complain and cry. If a man complains, he is labeled as weak, and if he cries, he is considered a crybaby and it is not appropriate for a man to do it. The impact of toxic masculinity can have an effect on mentality and make men accustomed to closing themselves off and not expressing themselves openly.

2. Must be able to dominate and be respected around

The standard about men having to be leaders, having power and being respected around them is also part of toxic masculinity. Which in the end sets the standard that whoever is born male should be able to become dominant. As a result, many men are competing to be number one in everything because they feel that is their identity as a man.

3. His attitude to other people should not be gentle, then he won’t look manly!

Not all men experience it, but some men experience this toxic masculinity. That is like an absolute decree that men should not be gentle with others or will not look manly. Most adults teach this to children. The goal may be so that he can take care of himself and not become a bully, but as a result he is the one who is likely to become a bully. Being rude, bullying, not paying attention to his manners because he thinks that’s how a real man should be.

4. Must be brave with challenging and risky things Tas Branded

The fourth one is arguably the most severe and fatal toxic masculinity, namely that men must be brave with challenging and risky things. Whether it’s racing, extreme outdoor activities such as rock climbing, deep sea swimming, or other high-risk things. This is very dangerous because it can threaten your own safety, and you should never want this to be used as a standard by those around you for recognition of your identity as a man. Believe me, even without extreme things, your identity as a man will not decrease.

5. Men are not supposed to take care of the house, their only job is to work and earn money

There are so many people who make this as a standard for a man. In fact, when it comes to earning a living and income, women can do it too. Besides that, there is also a bad impact, namely that men do not know how to take care of the house and take care of themselves because all they know is work. It’s really sad, especially if you suddenly have to live alone and have to be independent.

The five toxic masculinities are usually used by people as the standard of a man’s self, where the effects and consequences themselves are actually dangerous. Sepatu Branded

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Wear a Hoodie with Fashionable style

Wear a Hoodie with Fashionable style

Hoodies or jackets with head protection have always been the mainstay of clothing for men or women. Apart from being warm, the hoodie is also simple. No wonder his popularity has always skyrocketed. However, wearing a hoodie is often assumed to be “lazy” or “unstyled”. So that you don’t get labeled as “out of style”, here are some tips!

Maybe in general, you must wear a hoodie with your favorite jeans, right? It’s time to change your style and refresh your look with additional outfits like Korean models or idols. The key is layering your hoodie and mix & match. Cuss… listen!

Overshirt is a fashion item that goes well with a hoodie. the combination of the two items still displays a casual look. It’s perfect for traveling. Tips so that you are not hot or uncomfortable, choose a hoodie with cotton that is soft and cool and comfortable on the body.

  • Hoodie + Jacket

Tas Branded
Who says jackets are only used for t-shirts? In fact, if you are good at mix and match, any type of jacket will look fashionable when paired with a hoodie. Bomber jacket, denim, or leather. You can choose all types of jackets according to the desired style. So, you can only have 2 hoodies, but can be combined with 2 different jackets. Finally you will have 4 different looks. Secret tip, you can still combine the zipper or pull over hoodie types, you know! As long as the inner is not more flashy than the hoodie, huh! So that you are not confused, you can see an example below!

Unlike the previous style, this style is quite different because it uses a coat. For people who live in the tropics, coats are rarely used, but who would have thought that wearing them with a hoodie would look so great?

Well, those are some style recommendations for wearing a special hoodie that you can try, here! Actually, there are several other looks, such as a sport look with slim-fit jogger pants + hoodie. It all comes back to each other’s preferences, huh!

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General Tips for Using Men’s Makeup
Michaelkors Outlet

Looking good never hurts anyone. Yup, if you have a presentation at the office or campus, there’s nothing wrong with looking fresher by using make up.

This will provide several benefits such as increasing self-confidence and optimism, as well as changing the mood of the audience from mediocrity to being more enthusiastic and enthusiastic.

Here, I will discuss some tips from top make-up artist Cyndie Lou Boehm, for a fresh-looking face. For your information, Boehm is a make up artist from Jimmy Fallon who managed to make him look fresh despite his busy work schedule.

  1. Prepare the Under Eyes Sepatu Branded
    When talking to someone, the first part of the face that is generally seen are the eyes. Make sure to treat the area around the eyes with eye care products such as eye cream or eye gels so that the eyes look fresher.
  2. Moisturizing Face and Neck
    After treating the area around the eyes, it’s time to move on to the face and neck. Boehm recommends applying moisturizing lotion so that the face and neck look not only fresh but also healthy.
  3. Apply Light Coverage
    Light coverage can be obtained from a tinted moisturizer, which is a moisturizer that also contains color. If there are still acne scars that are still visible, you can cover them again using concealer.
  4. Give it a Guyliner Touch
    For men who want their eye lines to look a little more defined, you can use a touch of eyeliner. But remember, because the concept of men’s make-up is invisible make-up, give a thin line on the upper and lower lash line.
  5. Use Lip Balm
    Basically men do not like to use anything for the lip area. But this lip balm is important to keep the lips from drying out. Use a colorless lip balm bro (matte look).
  6. Shaving Facial Hair
    Make sure to always trim your eyebrows, mustache and beard. This is because facial hair that is not trimmed will make someone look like they are not well cared for.

So, that’s a review of various masculine men’s makeup tips that are guaranteed to make you look more stylish. You don’t need to use it for daily activities. At most, when you go to certain events, you can use make up. If you are good at it, then you can appear much more charming bro.

For those of you who still feel that wearing make-up is complicated, you can go back to basics by applying general grooming tips here.

If you have questions or comments about men’s tie models, please share them in the comments column below. Mas Kulin’s blog is devoted to discussing the world of casual and practical men’s lifestyles.

Make sure to check out the easy ways to look cool everyday. Of course, very masculine bro! Tas Branded

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2. Men’s Makeup

As described in the first article, if you just want to keep your skin in optimal condition, skincare is enough.

However, if you are also curious about men’s make-up because you might need it at certain times or just want to look cooler with a (natural) matte look, here I will discuss some masculine men’s make-up products that are commonly used.


Michaelkors Outlet
Primer is very useful to make the application of makeup after look more leverage. In addition, the primer also functions to control oil on the face and also maintain moisture. Primer is very useful to make the application of makeup after look more leverage. In addition, the primer also functions to control oil on the face and also maintain moisture.

BB/CC Cream
BB/CC Cream is almost like a combination of skincare and make-up whose job is to moisturize the skin while making the skin look natural but healthy. BB stands for blemish balm and is suitable for disguise blemishes such as acne scars on the face while CC is color correcting to disguise black spots.


Tas Branded
If you feel that BB/CC Cream has not completely disguised the blemishes on your face, the alternative is a concealer. Concealer usually comes in two forms: stick or liquid, and the first option is more recommended because it is very practical.

Blotting Papers
The purpose of blotting papers is to absorb excess oil on the face. This product is necessary because men have larger pores which makes their skin oilier than women’s skin.

Brow Gel
Brow gel is very good to support the appearance of a man because thick and full eyebrows give its own charm. People say bro, if the eyes are the window to the soul, the eyebrows are the curtain, so make sure you have neat and charming eyebrows.

Lip Balm

Sepatu Branded
Lips are the part that is more easily damaged than other parts of the face. To maintain moisture and health, use a lip balm, and make sure to choose a product that is matte and not glossy.

Masculine Men’s Makeup Products Used by Hollywood Actors

As is known all along, Hollywood stars always try to look charming and compete to be the center of attention on the red carpet. This is not only done by the actresses but also the actors.

In an event like this, it’s impossible for handsome Hollywood actors to appear with their bare faces. But thanks to the skilled hands of MUA (Make Up Artist), they look perfect like without make up.

Basically, men’s make up is specifically designed so that it is not too visible when used or which is often known as ‘no make up’ make up. This is because just like men in general, Hollywood actors also don’t like to use excessive make-up.

Natural Color Foundation
One of the famous MUA, Grayson, suggests using foundation with natural colors because it can make the face look glowing and healthy. He added that this foundation makes the wearer appear without makeup and can last until the afternoon.


One make up artist named Lucy Halperin suggested a serum that can give a matte effect on the face. That way, she doesn’t need to apply too much powder to her clients because most of them don’t like to use too much make-up.

Creamy Coverage
Halperin also suggests a product that is a combination of foundation and concealer in the form of a stick but with a creamy texture. The function of this product is to even out facial skin tone quickly and practically.

Tinted Sunscreen
Tinted sunscreen can not only provide coverage and even out skin tone, it can also protect the face from UV rays. That is why tinted sunscreen is one of the mainstay products of Hollywood actor make-up artists.

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Hi bro, have you ever tried using make up? Does masculine make up really exist? When you meet a man who wears make-up, there may be many things that come to your mind, starting from “Why do guys wear make-up!”, “Metrosexual guys!” and its kind. Michaelkors Outlet

But, it’s better not to be presumptuous, bro. Every man must have their own reasons when they decide to use makeup. Apart from the demands of work or having to attend certain events, there are other reasons that make men use make up. One of them is to cover skin conditions that are less than optimal.

Although the image of make-up is always attached to women, actually make-up can also provide benefits for men, of course with proper use and not excessive.

In addition, men’s make-up is actually designed specifically to maintain the masculine side of the user. So, the use of make-up to make men more masculine is a fact

There are several benefits that can be obtained from using men’s makeup.

In the following, I will discuss some of the benefits of using men’s make-up which turns out to not only affect the outer appearance but also the level of self-confidence of a man.

  1. Increase Confidence
    Men’s facial skin often experiences problems that can reduce self-confidence, ranging from acne scars, dark circles around the eyes to fine wrinkles. With the proper use of make-up, problems like these can be resolved and self-confidence will be rebuilt.

2. For Self Improvement
Tas Branded

As a man gets older, his responsibilities also increase. Starting from the responsibility of having a good career to having a harmonious family. It is undeniable that to be able to get both, facial appearance is one of the main factors. Facial skin that looks flawless without blemishes or wrinkles will certainly be a plus when dealing with superiors or potential life partners.

3. Skin Care
Almost all men’s make-up products contain good ingredients for facial skin health. For example, BB/CC cream products that are used to ‘even out’ skin tone by disguise blemishes, usually also contain moisturizers or moisturizers that can maintain healthy skin.

Below, I describe in general terms the differences in examples of skincare and make-up products.

  1. Men’s Skincare
    If you are the type of man who is interested only in treating facial skin to avoid problems such as dry skin or acne, I highly recommend skincare. There are several men’s skincare products for basic care which I will discuss below.

Facial Cleanser
A good facial cleanser usually contains moisturizer and salicylic acid which functions to control oil on the face. A good facial cleanser does not dry out the skin and actually feels rough because this actually means that the facial skin loses oil which is responsible for keeping the skin moist.

Eye Cream

Sepatu Branded
Another type of skincare that is important to have is eye cream. This product is useful to help overcome facial problems such as dark circles in the eye area, eye bags or fine wrinkles on the face.

Moisturizer (Moisturizer)
As the name implies, this skincare product functions to keep the skin from drying out and staying moist. This is important because keeping the skin moist is the same as maintaining its health.


Michaelkors Outlet
UV rays in addition to triggering dangerous diseases can also cause aging of the skin. To protect the face from the dangers of UV rays, it is better to use a sunscreen that can also be used after using moisturizer



11. Buy Out-of-Season Clothing Michaelkors Outlet

Clothing is one type of human need that is usually issued according to the season, especially branded clothes.

When you buy clothes that are currently in (for example, buying a summer collection in the summer – yes, that means equating to foreign conditions), then the price tends to be expensive.

There is a demand, there is a price. When many are looking for it, the price will also be expensive.

If you are already eyeing certain branded clothes, then buy them out of season or when supplies are running low. Some shops apply discounted prices or lower the prices of their clothes that are out of season or that are about to run out of stock.

12. Take Care of Jeans Properly

Whatever your mainstay style, almost all men need to have jeans for certain moments.

Jeans, or any other item of clothing that contains denim, has a slightly different care method than common clothing fabrics such as cotton.

When you don’t care for and use it properly, the jeans that you have will quickly get damaged. For example, your jeans will fade, fade, or stretch quickly.

One of the most common tricks in caring for jeans is not washing them too often.

Make sure that you take good care of the jeans that you have. Jeans can be used in many clothing combinations, so you don’t have to buy and own too many jeans. As long as the jeans you have are well preserved, you don’t need to spend money to buy new ones.

13. Invite Friends to Shop Tas Branded

Sometimes shopping for clothes is better if you have friends, bro. Especially if those who understand style, so you can get input to find clothes that are right for you.

However, there are things you need to pay attention to so that bringing shopping friends can help you save money.

First, make sure that the friends you bring shopping with you have to be able to help guard against excessive shopping desires. If your friends are the type who have impulsiveness shopping (aka easy to be tempted to shop for goods just because they are cute, there are discounts, and so on), then don’t take them along.

Later you will catch it to shop for things that you don’t really need, bro

Second, it would be better if he could be invited to buy clothes at a discounted package. Some stores like to have discounts of the type “Buy 1 Get 1” or something similar.

If he is looking for clothes of your type, you can buy them together so that the price per person is cheaper.

14. Change Clothes with Friends

Do you have a close friend whose size and shape is similar to yours?

If so, then you can just make an appointment to exchange some of the clothing and outerwear collections that you have with him. Not bad, so there are various new styles that you can try without spending money.

Mas Kulin recommends that this trick is only used for outerwear rather than shirts or shirts. If you want to exchange shirts and shirts, make sure you wash them first.

Alternatively, you can also make this exchange with your siblings, who maybe you are sure of taking care of their clothes.

15. Buy as needed

Buying items at a discount doesn’t mean you are more economical.

Why, how come the impression contradicts some of the previous points? Actually, not really bro, depending on whether you really need these clothes. This point is actually an affirmation of the various points that have been previously stated.

For example, bro, you go everywhere wearing t-shirts (including for work too). You already have 2 shirts that are ready to be used for official events.

So, do you need to buy 3 shirts that are being discounted from IDR 400 thousand to IDR 300 thousand, even though you are not going to wear them either?

If you keep buying and end up using it only once, or not at all, then you’re not saving IDR 100,000. You actually lost IDR 300 thousand per piece of shirt that you bought, bro, because you don’t really need it

16. Use a hat Sepatu Branded

One of the cheapest and most affordable accessories for men is a hat. Yup, hats can make you look more stylish. The capital that you need to spend to buy a standard snapback hat is also not more than a few tens of thousands, bro.

There are several types of hats that are commonly used for traveling or work (unless your workplace adheres to a formal dress code such as a bank), namely fedoras, beanie hats, aka beanies, and snapback hats.

You can click the link below to find out the various types of men’s hats.

So, those are some ways that you can look stylish while saving money.

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6. Be diligent in polishing your leather shoes

If you have leather shoes as part of your mainstay style, then taking good care of them is mandatory.

In order for your leather shoes to have a preserved color (not fade) and even sparkle, you need to be diligent in polishing these leather shoes, bro. Normal leather shoe shine can be done between a week and two weeks if you wear it frequently.

If your shoes are dirty, then clean them immediately so that dirt doesn’t accumulate.

It’s good if you have two pairs of leather shoes if you are the type who often wears leather shoes everywhere. So if it’s dirty and needs to be cleaned or needs to be polished, then you have a spare one to go with. Michaelkors Outlet

7. Join Flash Sale

Try to be diligent in watching your favorite social media brands or stores.

Who knows, they suddenly have a flash sale or a big discount that is really profitable. This method can actually be used to buy electronic goods, as long as you don’t have a problem with the variant that is a bit out of date.

Apart from big discounts, you can also check other benefits.

For example, e-commerce sites sometimes like to give out shopping vouchers or free shipping as long as you meet their terms and conditions. Or, sometimes they put out quizzes and giveaway on their social media.

Well, bro, you can try it. Not bad, it will be more economical if you manage to take advantage of these various benefits.

8. Take advantage of the bonus Tas Branded

Are you one of those who rarely shop for fashion needs?

If the answer is yes, then the most appropriate moment to improve your style is when you get a bonus, THR, or a promotion accompanied by a salary increase. Shopping at this moment will actually be more economical because you use money outside of normal income.

Apart from not disrupting your daily cash flow, buying new clothes at special moments will help boost your morale as well as a form of small celebration.

If you rarely change clothes, the eyes of people who usually do activities with you will definitely be surprised and amazed when you wear new clothes.

Don’t forget to always put the bonus into your savings account, bro.

9. Buy Used

Used goods are not always bad, bro, depending on who the previous owner was.

Used goods or the term today is preloved goods, which have a much cheaper price than when buying new. If you are the type who doesn’t like branded goods because they are expensive, then buying used ones is the best cheap alternative.

You can find these used clothes and accessories on online sites, or try to find them from trusted friends. Don’t let you buy the damaged one (unless you want to use it for DIY, or you can fix it yourself).

10. Buy Original Items

When we talk about electronic goods, most people will agree that buying the original is better and safer than buying a fake.

Then, what about clothes and accessories?

The difference between genuine and fake goods lies in their quality. Do you prefer to buy genuine Adidas sneakers with soles lasting up to 4 years for Rp. 1 million, or fake Adidas whose soles come off quickly in less than a year for Rp. 300 thousand?

When you buy goods that are fake and of poor quality, in the short term you will come back to buy the same items many times. The result is not frugal bro. Lo, it became even more short Sepatu Branded

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Who doesn’t want to look cute everyday? No matter how indifferent you are as a man, the desire to look good remains. Especially if you are active in a job that demands a good appearance.

Actually, looking good is not just a matter of job demands. Michaelkors Outlet

When you look good and cool, you can give a good impression to the people around you or the other person you are talking to. This will smooth what you want from them (for example: smoothen the path to crush your ideal woman).

You can read in this article to find out the importance of good appearance. For the record, good looks are not always the appearance of European men in suits, ties and leather shoes.

One of the best physical appearance is really influenced by your style of dress. However, the obstacle we often experience in looking stylish is budget, aka money. Is that right? So, take a look at some of the ways below so you can look stylish without making you broke fast!

  1. Determine your Signature Style

Now this is important bro. What is meant by the signature style, aka the mainstay style? Basically, you need to determine whether you want to use a formal, casual, or semi-formal style every day. This will affect your clothing shopping expenses, which you need to focus on.

For example like this. Mas Kulin worked several times for startup companies whose clothing styles were free, and even tended to be casual. Incidentally, Mas Kulin really doesn’t like to wear long-sleeved shirts because it makes him stifling.

Well, Mas Kulin’s favorite style is casual. So Mas Kulin doesn’t need to bother looking for shirts or setting aside money to often buy formal shirts that are on sale. Why waste a lot of money on investing in clothes that you rarely use, right?

(Note: that doesn’t mean you don’t really need to have clothes from other types of styles. It’s not funny if you’re a fan of casual style but don’t have a shirt to attend a friend’s invitation event, for example).

2. Use Clothes That Fit Your Body Shape Tas Branded

This is very important so that you don’t shop for clothes that make you look worse to other people. In addition, there are many misconceptions among men about the type and shape of clothes that fit the body shape.

Don’t get caught up in misguided myths, like using oversized clothes to hide a fat body. Or, use skinny jeans to fit your legs for the skinny one. All of that will further accentuate your thin or fat body shape.

3. Use Outerwear to Look Stylish

If you are afraid to appear boring, then outerwear is the solution.

Outerwear or outerwear that covers the main shirt (t-shirt and shirt) is often used as a fashion item that adds to the stylish combination that you might get from the various clothes you have.

Examples of outerwear that are suitable for use in everyday styles are jackets, blazers, hoodies, parka jackets, sweaters, and so on.

Invest in spending your clothing needs to buy at least one type of good quality outerwear. So, outerwear can be used for a very long time, up to years.

4. Unload the contents of the cupboard

Some time ago, when he moved the boarding house, Mas Kulin had time to unpack the wardrobe to pack clothes and separate those that were no longer used.

I was quite happy when I met dark blue jeans which I never used before. Actually, I already had a plan to buy the same colored pants, so I managed to save money because I found these pants.

Try bro, you also take the time to clean up the contents of your wardrobe.

Who knows, you find clothes that you haven’t used or rarely used but that you can use to become your mainstay of everyday fashion items. You will really save money!

Oh yes, you can also ‘unload’ your father’s and brothers’ wardrobes (if you allow). Who knows there are clothes that they don’t wear anymore and you can get menta for free: p So it’s even more economical, right?

5. DIY on the clothes you have Sepatu Branded

DIY here is not the Special Region of Yogyakarta, yes, but a DIY workshop, aka Do-It-Yourself.

Maybe you’ve heard or seen a Youtube video about how to make your own ripped jeans, how to make a cool vest from a denim jacket, and so on. Modifying the clothes you have will make you more economical and fun because you can create your own.

When you make modifications to the clothes you have, you should use clothes that you won’t wear anymore. DIY modifications are usually permanent, so don’t regret cutting up Levi’s 1 million jeans just for trying to make ripped jeans yourself.

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Basic skincare for men

Basic skincare for men

When it comes to Men’s Grooming, the topics discussed are usually not far from men’s hairstyles and styling tools, perfume, and beards. Michaelkors Outlet

The skin area usually only discusses how to deal with acne, while the body skin in general and body hair rarely gets special attention.

Well, this time Mas Kulin wants to talk about men’s skin care by using skincare for men. “Duh, skincare isn’t like make-up for girls? Oh no, I’ll be like a girl when I use it Wow, if you have a layman thought like the writing above, it means you really need to read my writing this time.

Skincare is a Personal Care equipment whose function is to care for and maintain the health of your skin. Unlike make-up whose main function is to beautify the appearance of the face and body as a whole.

Nowadays, men also need to keep their skin healthy, bro. Do you want your skin to be scaly, cracked, easy to peel off, and even get dangerous diseases such as skin cancer?

Let’s get rid of the mindset that skincare is something that “only women need”. (Additional note: There is actually a male-only makeup, though you may rarely hear about it in Indonesia.)

Differences in Male and Female Skin

Before entering skincare, some of you may ask: What is the difference between men’s and women’s skin?

If you answer that women’s skin tends to be smoother than men’s, it actually doesn’t fit properly, bro. A lot of men’s skin is smooth, but men tend to have a lot of hair on their body, giving the impression of “coarser skin”.

Reporting from one of the articles about men’s skin, our skin is generally 25 percent thicker than women’s skin. This makes men’s skin less sensitive than women’s skin, as our skin tends to be resistant to strong active ingredients.

However, the thickness of the skin does not mean that we don’t need to take care of our own skin.

Men’s and women’s skincare actually has almost the same ingredients, so there’s nothing wrong with using skincare aimed at women. The difference between men’s and women’s skincare is actually only one: the fragrance is used.

Just like perfume, skincare for men tends to be added with masculine scents (eg musk, wood). Selection of skincare is better focused on the function and type of skin designation.

Men have oil glands that tend to be more active than women, so skin problems such as acne often occur in men. That’s why you still need to maintain and care for your skin, one of which is by using skincare.

What are the skincare for men that are usually used? Tas Branded

Actually not too much bro. Please check the list below Sepatu Branded

  1. Men’s Facial Soap

Most men have a fairly active lifestyle and also sweat more than women, so our faces are prone to acne. Therefore, facial soap for men usually always has a variant for moist and oily facial skin.

A good face wash for men is one that can remove dirt and grime on the face well. If your skin is an oily type, choose a face wash that contains a scrub so that the dirt that slides in the skin pores can be removed properly.Get used to washing your face with this soap at least twice a day, bro, especially at night.

2. Men’s Night Cream and Whitening Face Cream

Bleaching creams and night creams are not only used for women, bro. This skin cream has a function to provide extra vitamins which are useful for your skin, especially facial skin.

This cream is usually used at night before bed because your skin is easier to absorb these ingredients in a deep sleep. Some body lotions are also specially designed for night use.

For those of you whose skin type is dry and easily dull, you should consider using this type of cream and body lotion.

3. Face Masks for Men
Sepatu Branded

Just like creams, face masks are not only for women. If creams are generally used for dry and dull skin conditions, men’s face masks are usually used to remove excess oil on the face.

In addition, other mask variants are also available for those that regenerate dead skin and give freshness to your face. Well, in essence, choose a face mask that suits your skin condition, bro.

Oh yes, face masks are usually used at night too. It doesn’t matter if you want to use it while sleeping, bro, as long as you sleep you don’t move anywhere. Later it will even damage the face mask

4. Face Toner

For those of you who sweat easily or are often exposed to pollution on the road, this face toner is one of the skincare that you should use regularly.

Face toner functions to remove dead skin cells and keep facial skin moisturised. Dirt on the face can also be lifted when using a face toner, but still, you need to clean it using the right face wash soap.

Oh yes, face toner is very easy to use. Just pour a little toner into a piece of cotton, then gently pat the cotton on your facial skin. If the cotton is dirty, it means that there is a lot of dirt on your face, bro.

5. Moisturizer

Also called a facial moisturizer for men. Its function is quite clear, bro. If your skin is the dry type, it is highly recommended that you use a moisturizer so that your skin’s moisture is well preserved.

Moisturizer can also control excess oil levels, so that owners of moist skin can still use a moisturizer. It’s just that, its use is quite small compared to those who have dry skin. This moisturizer is one of the key skincare products to make your skin feel smooth, bro.

6. Serum

Serum has a shape similar to a moisturizer, but the liquid feels denser. Serum contains vitamins and antioxidants that are useful for keeping skin healthy and moisturised.

The content in the serum is very easily absorbed by the skin, similar to a face mask. If your skin type is already moist, you shouldn’t use too much serum.

Oh yes, you can use serum and moisturizer at the same time. However, make sure you use the serum first and then the moisturizer.

7. Sunblock / Body Lotion Containing Sunscreen

Now this is also one of the skincare that must be used when on activities in hot areas. Sunscreen, sunblock, or the like is useful for blocking ultraviolet rays that have the potential to damage the skin and cause skin cancer.

Sunblocks usually have an SPF size which stands for Sun Protection Factor. SPF is an indicator of sunblock defense on your skin. The hotter and longer you are in the sun, the higher the SPF you need.

Apart from SPF, there is also another indicator called PA. PA is a level of protection against ultraviolet A (UVA) rays. The more “+” sign, the better the protection on your skin.

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As a color that looks striking, red is actually difficult when combined with bright colors like yellow, pink, or green. The solution is to use neutral colors or calm nuances. Even so, there are some colors that can still work well when paired with red.

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As a neutral color, white goes great with any color, including red. You can wear a white shirt with red pants, a red jacket, or a red hat. The combination of white and red also produces a combination that is cool to look at, not too flashy, and does not reduce the confidence of those who wear it.

2. Black

Black and red are also inseparable. All reds, from chilli red to maroon, go great when paired with black. Do you have red pants? Can mix it with a black shirt or black shoes. Have a red shirt, you can try wearing a black shirt.

3. Navy Blue Tas Branded

A color other than a neutral color that is also suitable to be combined with red is navy blue, because it has a soft element. You can combine a red shirt with navy blue jeans, or red pants with a navy blue shirt, you can also wear a red jacket with a navy blue shirt. In addition, if what you are wearing is pastel red, then the blue color that will work well is bright or pastel blue too.

Now that’s a review of how to mix and match red colors that can make your appearance even cooler, both during this Chinese New Year and in daily activities.

Mixing and matching colors on clothes outside of neutral colors is a little tricky. The safest way when you don’t know what complementary color to use is to combine it with other neutral colors (white, black, brown).

For those of you who are afraid of making mistakes when you want to create a cool appearance, try checking my review here regarding the various mistakes men make in everyday clothes.

If you have questions or comments about the solid red color, please share them in the comments column below. Mas Kulin’s blog is devoted to discussing the world of casual and practical men’s lifestyles.

Make sure to check out the easy ways to look cool everyday. Of course, really masculine bro! Sepatu Branded

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Suitable Moments For Wearing Red Clothes
Michaelkors Outlet

Guys, the clothes we wear sometimes have to be adapted to situations and conditions. For example, when visiting someone who is grieving, don’t use flashy colors.

Therefore, we need to be wise in choosing clothes so that we are not considered the wrong costume. Talk about the color red, there are some moments that are synonymous with red clothes.

  1. Chinese New Year

The red color, which symbolizes enthusiasm and good luck, bodes well in welcoming the Chinese New Year. Talking about Chinese New Year, there is one outfit that cannot be separated, namely the cheongsam.

For men, we know him as changshan. The designs are various, although the ones that are popular are simple ones such as plain red color with buttons that are typical of panda country clothing, making Changshan the main clothing choice during Chinese New Year.

However, what if you don’t want to wear Changshan and want to change into another outfit? Based on my observations, you can wear any clothes as long as they contain a red element if you celebrate Chinese New Year.

A red sweater or coat feels suitable for use during Chinese New Year. Want to try bro?

2. Valentine’s Day Sepatu Branded

Burning and flowery love makes valentine identical with pink and red. Not only women who wear red clothes, men can also wear them if they want to look uniform with their soul mate.

If you want to wear red, you should wear clothes that are casual and fashionable, but look formal, because dressing well is tantamount to respecting your woman.

For example, you wear a red jacket covered with a navy or black shirt, with cool colored pants like beige or light brown. But if you want to look what it is, you can use a red shirt with black or beige pants and also your flagship converse shoes.

3. Indonesia’s Independence Day

Especially in Indonesia, independence day means identical to red or white clothes, like the color of our country’s flag. If you are confused about choosing clothes for August 17, you can wear red t-shirts or shoes.

Well, if you become a committee on August 17, it’s a different story. You have to be ready with a red t-shirt or polo with red sweatpants, a red hat, and a red whistle. If you don’t want to look stiff, you can replace it with a white shirt and white shoes, bro!

4. Christmas Day Tas Branded

Christmas is actually not only religious, bro. Lots of non-religious cultural elements are synonymous with Christmas celebrations, such as Santa Claus.

Therefore, clothes that are suitable for Christmas, especially if it’s not Santa clothes. However, if you don’t really like being flashy like that, you can try other alternatives.

Actually, Christmas does not always revolve around the color red, though. White and green are other colors that are also common in the Christmas season.

You can also wear a red shirt with a combination of black trousers and black shoes with a red pattern, or it could be the other way around, red pants with a combination of black t-shirts, black shoes with a red pattern, and a red scarf. Don’t forget to wear a Santa hat for casual activities.

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Usually men are synonymous with calm or neutral colors such as blue, brown, white or black. However, not a few men also like red and make red their favorite color.

In general, red symbolizes courage. For this reason, many films, anime, or tokusatsu where the main character or leader wears red symbols and clothes (for example, the Power Ranger series). Michaelkors Outlet

When translated into human characterization, wearers of red clothes, especially those who love them, are said to have emotions that are difficult to control.

But the impression of protection and protection sometimes appears in men who wear red. For those of you who have trouble falling in love, you should use red as a representation of your character.

If you are planning to wear red for the first time, I recommend that you avoid completely red shirts without any other patterns or colors.

You become the center of attention if you have too much red. If this doesn’t suit your personality, you feel uncomfortable and less confident.

That’s why I put together a few examples of matching solid red outfits for men.

  1. Red jacket / sweater

Have you ever tried wearing a red sweater or jacket for your daily activities? Looks striking, indeed. However, if combined with other clothes it will look calmer.

If the red color looks too flashy, use a jacket or a maroon sweater. On the inside, you can use a white shirt to make it look cooler. Use dark colored pants like navy blue or black so they don’t stand out too much in the crowd.

In addition, you can pair it with a matching hat with pants and shoes that have a slightly red hue but are predominantly dark in color.

2. Red T-Shirt Tas Branded

You must have at least a T-shirt, right? I also have it, especially my favorite red color. Apart from being suitable for use in a tropical country like Indonesia, t-shirts can also be worn in various situations.

The red shirt can be used as training material for you to wear red clothes. If you have a red shirt, you can make casual clothes with knee-length pants or beige.

However, if you go to a place that requires a fashionable style, you can match it with a dark Harrington jacket, but with an open zipper.

Choose pants and shoes in neutral colors like black or white to make it look softer. Surely your red shirt will look more fashionable but not too flashy.

3. Red Shirt

Speaking of red shirts, do you have a red plaid flannel shirt? The shirt is perfect for casual conditions and can be combined with various types of clothes.

You can mix it with light blue jeans and a dark t-shirt. If you have shoes, you can also try wearing strappy shoes with high collars.

If you want to dress more formally, try choosing a red blazer paired with a Henley t-shirt or a white shirt and dark pants and colored shoes.

4. Red pants

Do you have red pants? If you want to travel casually, you can mix and match red pants with white t-shirts and jeans shirts. Don’t forget to wear shoes with red elements.

Or if you are brave, you can sample the image above.

However, red clothes are used a lot for sports, especially sweatpants. You can mix it with a t-shirt or sweater with the same details or motifs.

Don’t miss out on wearing sports shoes that have a red pattern and a neutral colored baseball cap like white so that your appearance is cool but not too flashy.

5. Red Shoes Sepatu Branded

If you wear red shoes, get ready to be the center of attention. Because if someone wears a flashy color, it will definitely be the center of attention.

If you have red shoes but are still not good at mixing and matching and finally choose a matching color to make it safer, you can use a neutral color so that your red color looks more dominant.

For example, you have a white t-shirt and light brown or beige pants, you can use red shoes to make them stand out more. Or it can be combined with jeans.

You can also wear shorts if you want to look more relaxed. Or suppose you want to be more formal, you can wear your red sneakers combined with a gray suit and pair of pants.

6. Red Hat

Michaelkors Outlet
Hats are actually just complementary accessories, and some people don’t like wearing hats because they are considered uncomfortable (I’m one of them).

Most guys choose hats in neutral colors or soft shades so that they can be matched with a variety of clothing choices.

However, if you want to wear a hat in a striking color like red, you should wear neutral colored clothes so that your hat looks more striking, not just a complement.

If you want to find it safe, you can use matching colors. However, if you want to experiment, you can also wear a navy blue polo shirt with beige trousers and ask for responses from people around you.

Men’s Shirt Collar Model (ii)

Men’s Shirt Collar Model (ii)

Apart from being based on the style of dress, you can also choose the collar model in more detail. The trick is to adjust the outfit you want to use. Michaelkors Outlet

There are also different types of outfits, including formal and casual. For that, you should choose a suitable collar model so you can support your outfit choices.

So that you are not curious, just take a look at the tips for choosing a collar model that matches the outfit below. Brush bro!

  1. Suit

If you often come to formal events or meet important people, a suit is definitely the outfit you usually wear. This outfit choice is indeed synonymous with official activities.

As a combination of a suit, you should choose a shirt with an appropriate collar model. This is important because if it doesn’t work together, you might look weird.

A suit is a very specific type of outfit. And one of the collar models that would be suitable is the point collar.

This model is often referred to as a forward point collar. So you don’t need to be confused because the two terms refer to the same collar model.

The distinctive feature of this collar model is the spaced end of the collar. When compared to spread collars, point collar models have a shorter distance between the collars.

When you choose a point collar, don’t forget to combine the tie and cloth pants. As much as possible, also choose a shirt with a color tone similar to the suit.

The advantage of the point collar collar model coupled with the suit outfit is that your elegant aura will look even more visible. This model is the right choice when meeting clients or superiors because you will be labeled as a classy man with great taste.

2. Plain Shirts Sepatu Branded

When it comes to casual events, a shirt outfit is the best choice. You will look cool but can still be mobile while on the move.

Each shirt generally has a different collar model. For that, you should also consider this collar model when you want to buy it again.

If you want to highlight the effortless impression, then the band collar is the right choice. This model is often called the Shanghai collar because its shape is identical to the collar from China.

What makes the band collar different from other models is its appearance. The shirt with the band collar model doesn’t have any leaf collar at all.

You will be suitable if you combine this collar model with a parka jacket. Here, your millennial identity will increasingly appear and have more appeal in the eyes of women.

3. The shirt tie

A tie shirt is a look that you have seen many times, especially if you are a waiter. This outfit is put into a formal style that is usually worn by men on a daily basis.

In fact, there are many types of necklaces that can be paired with tie accessories, the most common example is pin necklaces. For this shirt collar model, it looks exactly the same as the collar model.

The difference is that the pin collar model has a hole in each collar that you can use to attach additional accessories. And for tie options, you can pair this collar model with a long cotton tie.

With this jumpsuit you look classic and a little vintage. So when it comes to important events, don’t hesitate to choose a stand up collar model because there are so many positive impressions you can get right away.

4. T-shirts

The important thing for you to know, it turns out that the t-shirts also have their own choice of collar designs. Examples are turtlenecks and polo shirts.

Turtleneck sweater is identical to the round neck model, which is not a collar which is also called a plain. This model is suitable for use when going on vacation in a cold place.

So for polo shirts, there are many choices of collar designs that you can try. The most common are polo shirts with stand up collars, but nowadays there are many online shops that sell polo shirts with ribbon collars.

You can choose a variety of polo shirt outfits while on campus. This is the feeling that you can be a guy who is easy going, but still aware of your appearance. Tas Branded

Michaelkors Outlet

Men’s Collar Model (i)

Men’s Collar Model (i)

Have you ever noticed that there are various kinds of men’s collar models out there? Have you ever felt that each collar model can give a different impression when you wear it?

Well, one of the easiest ways to let you look cool is through fashion styles. Of the many fashion models, shirts are mandatory items that you must have.

But you shouldn’t just choose a shirt because there are important details that must be considered. This detail is the collar.

Each men’s suit usually has a different collar model. So so that the costume doesn’t go wrong, you should adjust the style that is used with the collar model. Michaelkors Outlet

In addition, the shirt collar model can also be distinguished from your outfit choices and daily activities. This is important because unconsciously, the model of the collar will really affect your appearance and impression in the eyes of others.

And so that you understand more about the men’s shirt collar model, in this article I will explain in detail each type and tips for its use. Immediately, bro, follow the explanation below.

Men’s Shirt Collar Models Based on Style Michaelkors Outlet
First, the collar model can be distinguished from the fashion style that is being used. Generally, this style is divided into 3 categories, namely formal, semi-formal and casual.

My advice, don’t let your shirt collar model between each of these categories so you don’t sweat it. How do you divide the collar model based on this style? Check it out!

  1. Formal

In formal events, all the outfits you use must match and match the theme of the event. Because your outfit can immediately describe ethics and personality in the eyes of others.

This also applies to shirt collar models. You need to know, it turns out that formal dress styles also have their own collar models and you should understand them first.

One of the most suitable collar styles for formal styles is the tab collar. The distinctive feature of this model is that there is a button or clip in the middle that functions to connect the collar.

When choosing a tab collar, it is highly recommended that you combine it with a tie to support the collar tie. Here, you will be more confident to come to formal events because it will look classy and manly in the eyes of women.

2. Semi-Formal Tas Branded

Semi-formal is an event that is not very formal, but there are still restrictions that cannot be violated. Here, the style of dress and language that you use should still be maintained politely.

You need to know, this semi-formal style also has its own collar model. One that is suitable is the spread collar model.

You could say this collar model is most commonly used by the majority of men for daily activities. For example, like going to the office or going to a friend’s party.

The main characteristic is the sharp collar end spread collar and the wide spacing. The advantage of this model is that you can combine various forms of ties.

But if you want to look more relaxed, spread collars are also suitable for wearing without a tie, aka plain. What is clear, your prestige will be more visible with this collar model and just adjust it to the event you are attending.

3. Casual Sepatu Branded

The last style that you can apply to your daily activities is casual. Usually you choose this style when you are relaxing, for example hanging out with friends or when shopping at the mall.

The casual style will match the Cubban collar model. The collar on this model is not full around the neck.

So, your space will be freer and more flexible with the cubban collar model. In addition, the impression that will immediately appear is sporty and trendy.

Cubban collars are also safe to wear when you are traveling solo. The positive effect is that you can look cool in the eyes of female fellow travelers and it can make them interested in traveling together.

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