Men Must Have These 4 Types Of Shirts

Men Must Have These 4 Types Of Shirts

You could say that the shirt is the most common outfit worn by men. Of the many variations, both cut styles, colors and motifs, there are at least 4 types of shirts that men must have. What are some of them? Michaelkors Outlet

1. Long Sleeve Plain Formal Shirt

If you are not a man who looks dandy and neat, that doesn’t mean you don’t have a plain formal shirt, especially a long-sleeved shirt, right? At least, only 2 because this shirt can be worn for formal occasions. Match it with a blazer for a mature and stylish look or simply wear it with simple cut jeans and semi-formal shoes.

2. Short Sleeve Plain Formal Shirts

For formal and semi-formal occasions, you can also wear a plain short sleeve shirt. Paired with a leather jacket, your look is sure to look stylish. Or wear it with the button top left open for a smart, established feel. Tas Branded

3. Flannel shirt

Looks old-fashioned like the look of a youth in the 90s? Hmm … not really! In fact, this is the identity of the rebellious and anti-establishment youth. Guaranteed, wearing a plaid flannel shirt will be in the spotlight.

4. Full Prints Shirts

You don’t need to be taboo wearing shirts with various print motifs, from artsy, retro, to floral and flamboyant ones. Most importantly, match the color with the motif. If the print motif is crowded, choose earthy, pastel and basic colors that are not too flashy. On the other hand, shirt prints that are not too crowded, you can choose bright colors. Sepatu Branded

Those are the four must-have shirts for men. By having 4 types of shirts, you don’t need to be confused anymore about adjusting the shirt to be worn with the type of event you are going to attend.

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70s style! These 5 fashion items can make a modern man appear retro

70s style! These 5 fashion items can make a modern man appear retro

You must have often heard that fashion is repetitive and keeps on rotating. There are certain periods that appear to be the current trend. There are many 70s-style clothes and accessories that you can imitate to look unique and cooler. The fashion of the 70s is back in vogue. For those of you who want to be in the 70s, here are five recommended fashion items that won’t make your appearance boring! Michaelkors Outlet

1. Flare pants

Are you getting bored with torturous skinny jeans? Flare pants or bell-bottoms can be a solution for your latest style. These pants with a wide cut from below the knee to the toe do feel more comfortable when worn because they are not too narrow in the legs. In 2017, bell bottoms became known as flared jeans.

Despite the different names, the cut of the flared jeans is exactly the same as the bell-bottoms. The trouser cut that extends at the knee down below, now has a slightly modified touch. Such as the length that is made up to the ankle or what is often called crop flared jeans. Pair it with a t-shirt tucked into the pants, and add round frame vintage glasses to complete your look.

2. Converse All Star

Who doesn’t know the Converse shoe brand, the Chuck Taylor All Star series? This Converse shoe series is legendary. Musicians, artists, artists, sports players, to skaters have used a pair of Chuck Taylor All Star in every action. The golden era of the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star was in the 70s, when musicians started wearing them. Pair these sneakers with bell-bottoms for the maximum 70s impression! Tas Branded

3. Aviator Glasses

These legendary glasses are one of the keys to maximizing your classic style. For motorbikes, it is really mandatory to wear aviator glasses to make them look more 70s! The cool thing is, the aviator glasses are also suitable for various face types. For those who have round faces, aviator glasses can provide a silhouette that can press on the cheeks and jawbone. Almost the same as the face shape box. This face shape has a sharper jaw. Therefore, by using these glasses, your jaw will look smaller. Sepatu Branded

4. Jeans jacket

Wearing a jeans jacket to maximize your appearance, you can’t just wear it carelessly. Pay attention to the design, the quality of the materials, and the colors. Go for it in blue to match the 70s style. You can look cool during the day using a denim jacket and a v-neck t-shirt, mix it with black flare pants that can create a contrasting impression.

5. Knitwear

In the 70s, many men were confident wearing knitwear or knitwear, for example, such as cardigans. This fashion item made from wool can warm your body and maximize your appearance. The distinctive feature of a cardigan is the open front and is equipped with buttons. For a more stylish look, you can try a cardigan with a cable knit motif. Pair the cardigan with corduroy pants for a more 70s feel.
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Elegant Batik Blouse Model for a Professional Look

Elegant Batik Blouse Model for a Professional Look

Did you know that a blazer or shirt is not the only option to look neat and professional? Now there are many options available to keep looking elegant and professional, one of which is wearing a batik blouse top. Michaelkors Outlet

Currently, there are many state-owned and private companies that require employees to wear a batik shirt or blouse every Thursday and Friday. Along with this, many batik manufacturers have designed various motifs and clothing designs in such a way that the wearer can look professional while working or in other formal activities.

The choice of a batik blouse to appear professional not only has to be able to look formal, but also look attractive. It doesn’t have to be monotonous with the same model, you can also look modern with batik according to the variety of motifs and models you want. Let’s see below, there are seven batik blouse models that can give you a fashionable and professional look at the same time.

1. Asymmetric batik blouse with plain fabric combination

The unbalanced design between the right and left sides is not a barrier to appearing elegant and professional. A batik blouse like the one in the picture above is one item that is very suitable for you to use when attending formal activities, for example working in an office, meeting with colleagues, and others. Even though it looks unbalanced in terms of design and motifs, the dark color of the blouse is still able to give an elegant, professional and neat impression at the same time.

2. Asymmetric batik blouse with a combination of two different motifs

The combination of two different and contrasting motifs gives a different and unusual look. For those of you who are brave and like to try new things, this batik blouse can be an option. The main key to keep the appearance looking elegant and professional is that you have to be very careful in choosing a combination of motifs. Don’t choose an asymmetrical blouse that has a mix of messy, tacky and too crowded motifs. Choose a combination of motifs that blend together alias create a harmonious impression.

3. Short cut blouse decorated with two different batik motifs

Wearing a batik blouse with the same motif can be boring. So that your appearance doesn’t look monotonous, try choosing a short-cut blouse with a combination of two different batik motifs. Your appearance will look more attractive and unique without reducing the formal and elegant essence of your appearance. So, you can look professional without fear of looking old-fashioned. Tas Branded

4. A batik blouse with an A-line silhouette and long sleeves is perfect for hijabers

This batik blouse model has a length that touches the hips, knees or even more. The A-line silhouette is suitable for hijabers too as it won’t be tight on the body. For hijabers, so that your appearance looks more attractive, choose a motif that you really like and then combine it with a matching hijab.

5. An overslag design batik blouse that fits perfectly on the body

This blouse looks similar to one of the fashion trends, the wrap blouse. This batik blouse makes one side of the garment appear wider than the other. If you choose a batik blouse with this model, you have to pay close attention to the motif. The main key to making the appearance look elegant and professional when wearing this blouse model lies in the batik motif. Make sure the batik motifs used to decorate the blouse do not look overlapping and messy. This means that the motif must still look neat and connected.

6. Bell sleeve batik blouse

This batik blouse is quite popular with women. The reason is, the blouse of this model has bell-shaped sleeves, which is getting wider at the bottom from time to time. The bell arm allows you to move freely. In order for your appearance to remain elegant and professional when using a blouse like this, make sure the length of the clothes does not exceed your hips and then wear them with your subordinates that make your body look proportional, for example, straight trousers or palazzo. In addition, you can also use a straight or span skirt that extends to the knee.

7. A kebaya-style batik blouse that is tight on the body

A woman wearing a kebaya always looks elegant and graceful. But unfortunately, the kebaya cannot always be worn in every activity. Comfort and practicality are the reasons. You don’t need to worry anymore, now there is a Batik blouse designed to resemble a kebaya. This blouse will also be made tight and follow the body shape just like the nature of the kebaya. So now you can look as elegant as wearing a kebaya when using this blouse without sacrificing practicality and comfort. Sepatu Branded

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The word “streetwear” may be something familiar in the world of modern fashion. In terms of the word refers to a street fashion style that has its roots in the skateboard culture in California. Streetwear in the modern era also includes elements of hip-hop fashion, modern high fashion, to haute couture culture. Michaelkors Outlet

But where does streetwear actually come from? With today’s fashion that has a lot of variety and certain subgenres, it will be very difficult to distinguish it from the mainstream style. We will try to review directly from the roots.

  • Punk Culture, Surfing and Skateboarding

Although only limited to speculation, the history of streetwear began in the late 1970s. Where in those years the punk rock and hip-hop culture was incessant. This is evident from the fact that many streetwear brands in the early 1980s adopted a “do-it-yourself (DIY)” aesthetic from the culture of punk, new wave, and heavy metal.

Back then many surfers and skateboarders were adopting this DIY approach to creating their own surfboard and t-shirt designs. The most famous pioneer of DIY t-shirts is surfboard designer Shawn Stussy. You all know that Stussy has become one of the streetwear icons that are so popular today.

  • Streetwear as a Movement

Over time, streetwear has always been a movement in every era that has passed. The common thread is streetwear does not have certain rules, always changes and evolves according to the influence of popular culture and subcultures.

Some people argue that streetwear was born from the reaction of the younger generation to mass-created “mall” products. This style is also a way for them to express themselves, and create their own style to appear “different” among mainstream cultures. Tas Branded

  • The Relevance and Application of Streetwear in the Modern World Sepatu Branded

Streetwear style will be one of the cool choices for your appearance ammunition, especially for those of you who like to appear rebellious as well as casual. The fact that streetwear is very flexible, gives you many options for experimenting with various elements.

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Fashion Trends That Are Sinking Due to COVID-19

Fashion Trends That Are Sinking Due to COVID-19

COVID-19 not only affects health and the world economy, but also affects fashion trends. In mid-March 2020, people are starting to switch to wearing something completely different. From skinny jeans and cute dresses, now you will see people wearing comfortable sweatpants or even leggings. This applies especially to those who can work from home, do you do that too? This is interesting to see some of the fashion trends that have sunk due to COVID-19, as reported by purewow.com. Curious? Michaelkors Outlet

1. Big bag

Life before COVID-19 requires you to carry a large bag to accommodate all your needs in a day. Now? Maybe you do too, just carry your wallet everywhere with masks on your face, cellphones, and hand sanitizers as the latest fashion trends.

2. Short suit

Denim and trousers have made a comeback since COVID-19 hit the world. Meanwhile, short suits, which were once a micro fashion trend in 2019, actually fall in 2020. Tas Branded

3. Boots

Yes, now everyone chooses to travel using sandals, considering the comfort aspect.

4. Tube top

Tube top is becoming a fashion trend at a time when many people need it for photo or video content, but now? Working from home and virtual meetings don’t allow you to use tube tops, do you?

5. Dad sneakers

Dad sneakers made their debut in 2014 and have somehow become very popular since then. However, since COVID-19 requires people to stay at home, you will rarely see this fashion item anymore. Sepatu Branded

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Roll up the pants? Here are the Easy Steps to Make a Pin Roll for Men’s Pants

Roll up the pants? Here are the Easy Steps to Make a Pin Roll for Men’s Pants

Hanging pants are a trend right now. But, do we always have to buy new pants? Not really. You just need to learn to roll the right pants so that your look is more relaxed. The easiest roll to make is the pin roll, aka the taper roll. The goal is to create a cuff that shortens pants that are too long. Check out the easy way below, let’s go! Michaelkors Outlet

1. Reasons to roll up jeans?

The first advantage of rolling up pants is a little freedom of movement. Especially when you wear sneakers or running shoes. Trousers that are tight at the ankles will make it a little difficult for your feet to move. But with rolls that open up the ankle area, your shoes are more free to move.

Besides that, you will look more relaxed. You won’t be caught having just come home from the office or a serious meeting with clients. You will look like you are ready to play. There are more advantages besides that. You will add to the tall silhouette a little bit as it opens up the ankle area. So, if you want the maximum style, there’s nothing wrong with starting to roll up your pants.

2. First, pull the end of your path

The method is not difficult, really. You can start by pulling the ends of the pants out. Pull tight-date and make folds. Fold it back so that the seams of the trousers are on the front facing out. When you make the first fold, make sure it is neat so that it is easier to continue the fold later. Do this on the other leg. Tas Branded

3. Make small folds

The folds you make will get bigger after the umpteenth fold later. So, start with small folds first. Make sure that the folds are the same width on all sides of the circumference. Pull tight and make sure the fold is also tight so it can hold the next crease. Then? What to do after the crease has formed? Continue back to the method below so that you are ready to leave the house with the perfect pin roll today.

4. Repeat folds to the desired height

Now you just have to repeat it upwards. Make two to three more folds. Make sure that the individual folds are not too large and that they are tightly folded. If it’s too big, your feet will look fat. Make sure each fold is neat before you move on to the next fold. There’s nothing wrong with tapping each side of the circle and making sure everything is tight. Sepatu Branded

5. Show the ankles to look taller

Yes, make sure your wrists are visible. By doing this, you will get a cascading silhouette. Besides looking more contemporary, you will also look taller. But make sure the crease is not too high, let alone half the calf. Folds that are too high can actually make your body appear smaller. The relaxed look will make you look younger.

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8 Style Young 90s from Movies, Fashionable and Timeless!

8 Style Young 90s from Movies, Fashionable and Timeless!

Films have greatly influenced trends in clothing, especially for women. In fact, the inspiration is long-term. Especially in the 90’s. In that period of time, many popular films were not only interesting in terms of stories, but also the fashion style they carried. This fashion style then becomes timeless and is still loved by young people today. So, what kind of films have influenced the world of women’s fashion until now? Check out the following list! Michaelkors Outlet

1.Polka-Dot-Print Dress – Pretty Woman (1990)

Pretty Woman is one of the most popular films that were born in the early 90’s and had great success in the world of cinema. What is inherent from this film is not only a matter of the story in it, but also Julia Roberts who is aimed as a fashion icon. One look that stands out the most is the brown polka-dot dress combined with the round hat. This is an inspiration for women who want to look feminine and elegant.

2. Men’s Oversized Shirt – Pretty Woman (1990)

It’s incomplete to discuss 90s fashion from just one style that Julia Roberts popularized in the movie Pretty Woman. There are at least some of the most attractive styles. Apart from the polka-dot dress, there is also an attractive look when she wears an oversized man shirt. This style goes well with skirts and mini jeans for a casual look.

3.Plaid Sets – Clueless (1995)

This teen / romance genre film was very famous in the 90s. One of the iconic styles is when Cher, played by Alicia and Dionne, played by Stacey, wears a checkered dress. Because of them, plaid in light colors has become one of the timeless motifs.

4.Crop Top & Mini Skirt – Empire Records (1995)

Corey, played by Liv Tyler, always wears a fuzzy crop top, plaid mini skirt, and boots that make the 90’s style look cool. It doesn’t hurt to wear it when you are on the move on weekends, if you are bored with the same style. Tas Branded

5. Baby Blue Tank Top – Can’t Hardly Wait (1998)

“Can’t Hardly Wait” is a classic high school graduation film. Popular girl Amanda Beckett caught the eye when she walked into a graduate party with her first public appearance after breaking up with soccer star Mike Dexter. Amanda is wearing a baby blue tank top and a dark blue skirt which makes this film stand out.

6.All White Sheer Blouse – Never Been Kissed (1999)

Josie, played by Drew Barrymore is a professional editor who is sent back to his high school to impersonate a report. One scene that is both funny and attracts attention is when Josie wears the wrong outfit on her first day. She combines an all white sheer blouse accented with feather trim, white jeans, pale lip gloss, and teased hair but still looks absolutely perfect!

7.Chokers – She’s All That (1999)

She’s all that is a teen / romance film in 1999. When high school athlete Zach gets dumped by his popular girlfriend, he makes a bet with his friends to take geeky Laney and make him a prom queen. The famous fashion of this film is when ex-boyfriend Zach and his friends come, they wear chokers, crop tops and cardigans and have become the icon of this film.

8. Floral Dress – 10 Things I Hate About You (1999)

10 Things I Hate About You is a film about a bad girl named Kat Stratford who is set to go blind with Patrick Verona, a guy who is just like her. But her younger sister, Bianca Stratford, stole the show with her fashion. The clothes he wears are cute and girly, always in floral or pink colors. The film’s prom outfit also drew attention with tight curly updos, spaghetti tank tops and corsages, like those worn by Kat and Bianca Stratford in the film. Sepatu Branded

So, that’s the inspiration for fashion styles from the 90s movies. Are you nostalgic? Which film’s fashion is the most ‘you are,’ ?

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How to deal with peeling skin due to sunburn

How to deal with peeling skin due to sunburn

Although beneficial and healthy, sunlight is one of the mortal enemies of skin health. Not only does it make the skin dark and spotty, being exposed to the sun for too long also often causes the skin to feel sore and peel. As a result, we are often tempted to pick or pull the peeled skin one by one. Eits, hold on. It’s good to follow the guidelines for caring for flaky skin due to the following sun rays.

Before starting to peel, skin that is often exposed to the sun will initially look red and inflamed. Over time the skin will feel sore, dry, and begin to peel. Don’t panic just yet. There are various ways that we can do to deal with peeling skin due to sunlight, including: Michaelkors Outlet

1. Drink lots of water

Drinking water is one of the easiest, cheapest, and quickest ways to restore body fluids. Likewise on the skin, this can help deal with dry skin and peeling due to sunlight. Make sure you always meet your body’s fluid needs by drinking at least 8 glasses of water every day. The more fluids we drink, the less exfoliating the skin will be and will recover soon.

2. Take a shower with lukewarm water

If you are accustomed to taking a hot or cold shower every day, you should first avoid this habit for a while. Water that is too hot or cold can increase the stinging feeling and worsen inflammation of the skin. Take a shower in warm or lukewarm water to make it easier to exfoliate without making it painful. However, don’t take a warm shower immediately if your skin is still peeling.

It’s good to wait until the inflammation and redness of the skin gets a little better. Because if you shower immediately when the skin is inflamed, this method can actually trigger more blisters and peeling of the skin.

3. Use a moisturizer

Using a moisturizer is the most important key to caring for dry skin and peeling from the sun. However, first pay attention to the ingredients contained in the moisturizer you choose so that it doesn’t trigger prolonged irritation. Avoid moisturizing creams that are oil-based, as they can trap more heat into the skin. As a result, the skin feels even more burning and peeling off. Instead, choose a moisturizing cream that can relieve skin irritation and accelerate skin regeneration. For maximum results, use this moisturizing cream when the skin is still wet enough after bathing, not when the skin is dry. This method can lock the moisture in the skin and keep it moisturized throughout the day. Tas Branded

4. Take pain relievers

If the skin doesn’t get better and it feels even drier, sore, or peeling, there’s nothing wrong with taking pain relievers. Some examples of drugs that you can take are ibuprofen or naproxen, according to how severe your skin condition is. Apart from drinking medication, you can also apply cortisone cream to reduce inflammation caused by sunburn. All of these drugs can be found easily at the nearest pharmacy or store.

5. Avoid skin irritants

Sepatu Branded
The habit of scratching, taking hot baths, or staying out in the sun for too long are the three most common skin irritants. If not avoided, peeling skin problems can worsen and prevent healing. From now on, make sure to avoid these triggers. Don’t forget to balance it with other skin treatments so that the healing is faster and maximal.

6. Use natural ingredients

No need to go all the way to the pharmacy to buy pain relievers or moisturizers to treat peeling skin due to sunlight. Because, we can actually use natural ingredients at home to overcome it. Aloe vera and honey are two natural moisturizers that are effective in soothing irritated skin, as well as for dry and peeling skin cases. To do this, simply apply aloe vera gel or honey to the irritated skin area regularly. It should be noted that we only need to apply this natural ingredient to the area of ​​the skin that is exfoliating, not rub it all over the surface of the skin.

By focusing on the problem skin, the results will be maximized and prevent the spread of irritation to a wider area of ​​the skin.
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Styles of Men’s Roll Up Sleeve Shirts

Styles of Men’s Roll Up Sleeve Shirts

Men’s shirts are a fashion item that can be used on various occasions, such as going to the office, attending invitations, or just hanging out with friends. In casual events, usually the shirt will be rolled up to make it look more relaxed and comfortable. You certainly don’t roll up your shirt sleeves often! In order to be more experts and the results of the rolls are cooler, let’s learn 3 ways to roll up the sleeves below. Michaelkors Outlet

1. Casual Roll

This method of rolling up the sleeves is very common because it is very easy to do and doesn’t come down easily even if you move a lot. No matter the style and pattern of your shirt, you can apply this style.

First, unbutton the sleeve of the shirt and fold it the size of the cuff (the stiff sleeve of the shirt). Follow the crease until it is desired, either slightly above your elbow or just below your elbow. However, it is better to just fold 2-3 times. If you fold too much, the sleeves will look thick and puffy!

2. Master Roll

This style of rolling up a men’s shirt is quite short and easy. The master roll displays the shirt cuff at the end of the roll so that if the color of the cuff is different from the color of the shirt, the roll will look more attractive and fashionable. Sepatu Branded

First, unbutton the end of the cuff, loosen it. Then, fold the sleeves of the men’s shirt a little long up to the elbows to reveal the inside of the sleeves. After that, fold the sleeve back so that it covers part of the cuff. As a result, you will get interesting and different scrolls!

3. Trooper Style

This marine style roll is generally applied to marine uniforms, but you can also apply it to your long shirts. This marine style men’s shirt roll shows the outside of the shirt cuff at the end of the roll making the roll tidier and sturdier. In other words, it’s like making a long shirt look like a short shirt.

The trick, fold the sleeves of the man until the middle between the elbows and shoulders. Then, roll it up to 2-3 times and leave some space for the cuff to cover the last roll. Finally, fold the cuff so it shows the outside and covers the last roll. The result is as if you are wearing a short shirt! Tas Branded

Of the three ways to roll up a shirt sleeve above, which one do you often apply? Don’t be afraid to try new styles!

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7 models of these pants change the function to become fashion items

7 models of these pants change the function to become fashion items

The fashion world does have a fluid and flexible nature. Fashion trends continue to spin, or even shift. It is not strange to see various clothes whose functions have finally shifted to become more fashion. There are several styles of pants that have changed their function, they have become more of a fashion item. Although of course there are still many women who wear them as their initial function, but this pants model is becoming more and more often seen by us everyday. Are you curious about the models? Look here!

1. Biker short, which is usually used to ride a bicycle

This pants model has become a trend since the end of last year. This pants model is popular by the Kardashian family. From Kim, Kylie, Kourtney, to Kendall, the siblings are often seen wearing biker shorts worn with various looks. Since then, these pants have become a fashion item and changed from their original function. From the name alone, you can already tell that these pants are a model of pants that are usually worn when riding a bicycle. Even because of this trend, eventually many local fashion influencers have followed this trend. Michaelkors Outlet

2. Cargo pants are on the rise too!

Cargo pants are even more identical to being a subordinate that is usually worn when climbing mountains. Because of that, these pants are also worn more by men. But this is no longer the case in 2019. Yup, cargo pants are a popular fashion item lately. This pants model, which is known to have many pockets, is often seen on the streets of fashion week because it is worn by fashion influencers. These pants have a bold and boyish feel that can still be combined for a chic look. The pieces are also presented in various ways, some are looser to the point that there are pieces that resemble cigarette pants.

Track Pants
Track Pants

3. Track pants have become a trend since last year

If this one pants model you know the trend has been on the rise since last year. Lots of women are wearing track pants now for a hang out look and even a semi-formal style. Of course, track pants were originally worn as a sports subordinate. But eventually the function shifted. Track pants are also presented with various modifications, such as split accents, to motifs.

4. Dad jeans, the latest jeans model so many choices

Since dad sneakers, dad jeans are on the rise too. Dad jeans are a model of jeans that are usually worn by men, that’s why they are called that. But don’t worry, when worn now dad jeans will actually make you look edgier with their baggy cut. So these jeans have a straight cut down to resemble a pipe. Loose pants have been in more demand in recent years than skinny jeans that follow the curve of the legs. You can mix these jeans with any style, you know, even to semi-formal looks. Sepatu Branded

5. The comfort factor for jogger pants is used for various activities

Jogger pants are a very comfortable subordinate model to wear for various activities. The material is soft, soft, and comfortable, but it can also be warm. Even though it is warm when used for sports, jogger pants still have good air circulation so they don’t make it hot. Because of these advantages, many women become part of this model’s pants. From airport style, hang out, to casual time, jogger pants can always be the best choice and are very easy to mix.

6. Bermuda pants commonly worn by men

Do you know which pants are named Bermuda? Bermuda pants are one of the classic trousers that have been around since time immemorial. But indeed, these pants are also considered more men’s clothing. At first, the name of these pants was taken from the name of a beach in the Bahamas, namely Bermuda beach. So that these pants are synonymous with a relaxed style when at the beach, especially with the model which has a length above the knee and a little width, so that it remains free to move. But now, Bermuda pants have also been worn by women, you know. Not only for a casual look, now this pants model also comes in a more formal look. In fact, many women wear this trouser model with a blazer top.

7. Harem pants with a light motif

If this one pants was originally the costume of the belly dance dancers. That’s why these pants always have fun bold motifs like the belly dancers’ costumes. In addition, these pants also have a balloon model, with the bottom that is equipped with rubber. So that these pants also have a fluffy silhouette. But apart from the model, these pants are very comfortable because they are usually presented with thin and cool materials. Tas Branded

How, which pants model do you wear more often in your daily life?

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Men’s Casual Fashion Style Inspiration

Men’s Casual Fashion Style Inspiration

If there are probably more women who like various styles because of the more varied types of clothes. Most men prefer a casual style, because it is considered more practical and less complicated.

But, that doesn’t mean not keeping up appearances every day. Casual style is also an art in appearance. And this style is a favorite of almost all men, and easy on the eyes, never fails! Well, for those of you who like to look practical, without being complicated, but still looking neat and relaxed. Check out the following casual men’s fashion inspiration! Michaelkors Outlet

1. Sweater + Jeans

If you are a person who likes to wear sweaters, this look is perfect for you. You can combine your favorite sweater with denim jeans and sneakers like Vans, Converse and the like.

2. Oversized Shirt + White Shoes

This style is suitable for those of you who like something oversized and simple. Just like the previous look, you can combine jeans as subordinates and a plain white oversized shirt for tops. In order to look unique like a Korean artist, you can wear long socks and white shoes.

3. Long Sleeve

Long sleeve, different from sweater because long sleeve is a long sleeve shirt which has thinner material than sweater. If you have black long sleeves, you can also wear black and white checkered Vans and socks.

4. Denim Jacket + Jeans

Cute and unique, this style is suitable for those of you who are brave. With a plain t-shirt, you can use a denim jacket as the outer and high canvas sneakers and long socks.

5. Cardigan + Plaid Pants

Do you want to visit a cold country? Or do you like this kind of clothes? White t-shirt is suitable to be combined with plaids material pants, is it unique, right? For outer long cardigan, black can be used. Tas Branded

6. Neon Oversized Shirt

An oversized t-shirt doesn’t necessarily have to be black and white. If you are brave, you can try bright colors like neon. Because the top already has a bright color, you can use accessories and trousers in black or other dark colors.

7. All White

Do you like white? You can try this look all white! From top to bottom, everything is white, looking relaxed yet elegant.

8. All Black

Previously, it looked all white, this look is all black, perfect for those of you who like dark colors. You can combine a black top and pants and bright colored shoes, like green, so that one will stand out.

9. Polo Shirt + Chino

Polo shirts are a popular type of shirt for men. This outfit makes the wearer look macho. You can pair a polo shirt with chinos and semi-formal (laced) slip on shoes.

10. Shirt + Jeans + Loafers

You can come up with a charismatic appearance through the combination of these three items, plain t-shirts that fit your body, jeans with matching colors and semi-formal loafers.

That’s the inspiration for men’s casual fashion that you can choose according to your taste. In addition to the types of items and materials, pay attention to the color combination to make it more perfect! Sepatu Branded

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Chino khaki pants are one of the basic items that must be owned by every man, especially men who care about their appearance. Mister’s reason for saying why men should have chino khaki pants is that this item is a classic item that can be worn for all ages both young and adult, then chino khaki pants can be worn in a variety of events, both formal and casual, and the color is very basic (versatile) so it is easy to mix and match with all the items in your closet. Well, to make your appearance look more cool, here are some mix and match ideas for chino khaki pants that you can follow. Michaelkors Outlet

1. For Casual Appearance

Actually there are many ways to combine khino khaki pants with various outfits. Usually when wearing Chino khaki pants, Mister mixes and matches it with a boss such as, wearing a shirt, shirt or sweater, and for the output itself, you can wear either a denim jacket or a leather jacket and maybe a cardigan option is also okay to accompany you when hanging out with friends or just enjoy your coffee at your favorite coffee shop. To maximize casual style, try to choose sneakers, but if you want to wear other shoes, you can, how comfortable you are. Don’t forget to add accessories such as glasses, hats or bags to make it even cooler!

2. For Semi-Formal Appearance

Actually the item used for semi-formal style is not so far from the casual style, only semi-formal style seems more neat does not mean casual style is not neat huh. What you mean is different appearance and purpose. For semi-formal style you can usually use to attend an event or go to the office, in addition to this style you can also use when you want to date with your crush. Tas Branded

To get this look, it’s quite simple how to mix your shirt with the output like a blazer or stacked a sweater, besides that you can also really combine a shirt with a blazer. Well, for those of you who want to wear a shirt just try to mix it with a tie or other accessories such as suspenders to get a vintage look. For his own shoes Mister recommends that you use loafers, oxford or derbies.

3. For Formal Appearance

You can also wear chino khaki pants for formal occasions, the method is also not complicated. Just mix it with a boss like a shirt and suit, don’t forget to add accessories like a tie or a scarf wrapped around your neck. To maximize your style try to choose formal shoes. For the pants yourself, it would be better if you didn’t roll it up to make it look more professional and look neat.

Actually there are still many styles that you can apply when wearing these chino khaki pants, but all three of these styles already represents your activities every day, such as casual styles that you can wear when going out for hangouts with your friends, or semi-formal styles that can be applied when going on a date with your crush or lover, and finally a formal style that you can wear when you go to the office and meet important people in your work. Sepatu Branded

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Insipirasi Gaya dengan Topi Beanie

Di Indonesia, topi atau yang lebih dikenal dengan “topi” identik dengan pecinta alam atau orang yang sering mendaki gunung. Di negara empat musim, topi biasanya digunakan pada musim gugur, musim dingin, atau cuaca dingin. Topi, yang biasanya terbuat dari benang wol rajutan tebal, sebenarnya hangat dan karenanya cocok untuk digunakan dalam cuaca dingin.

Sekarang, topi tidak hanya sama dengan menghangatkan tubuh pada hari yang dingin, Anda tahu, karena mereka dapat dipasangkan dengan berbagai pakaian kasual pria bahkan dalam cuaca panas! Ingin mendapatkan inspirasi gaya keren dan benar-benar menggunakan beanie? Lihat Daftar 5 Di Bawah Ini! Michaelkors Outlet

1. Beanie dengan jaket denim

Nah, bagi Anda yang masih takut memakai topi itu, PD lagi. Mengenakan beanie tidak sulit, Anda bisa menggunakannya dengan cara apa pun. Gunakan mis. Setengah dari telinga kecil seperti pada foto di atas. Gaya pertama yang bisa Anda coba saat mengenakan beanie adalah memasangkannya dengan jaket denim. Apakah sudah terbukti bahwa penutupnya juga cocok untuk digunakan di cuaca cerah? Lengkapi gaya keren Anda dengan t-shirt favorit Anda, skinny jeans, kacamata hitam dan sepatu kets!

2. Beanie dengan kemeja kasual

Siapa yang tidak kenal pria ini? David Beckham selalu unik dalam setiap pakaian, termasuk cara memasangkan topi dengan kemeja hitam polos. Meskipun terlihat kuno, itu juga bisa keren untuk mengikat jaket di pinggang Anda jika Anda seorang PD! Pakaian yang dikenakan David ini sangat cocok bagi Anda yang menginginkan penampilan yang keren dan sporty. Jangan lupa untuk melengkapi dengan sepatu lari. Saran untuk Anda, lipat topi Anda sehingga sama dengan David! Tas Branded

3. Beanie dengan setelan modern

Beanies juga dapat dikombinasikan dengan pakaian formal seperti jas, celana dan sepatu kulit. Jenis pakaian yang dapat Anda gunakan bervariasi, termasuk tombol modern secara berurutan seperti pada gambar di atas. Tips dari Mister, Anda juga bisa mengenakan beanie tepat di atas telinga dengan lipatan untuk tampilan yang berbeda.

4. Topi dengan sweater

Kenakan beanie Anda dengan barang-barang fashion kasual seperti sweater yang diilustrasikan oleh Liam Hemsworth. Dalam pakaian ini Anda bisa berjalan dan berjalan dengan tenang. Nah, Anda bisa menipu dengan menggunakan Liams Applique Cups yang menutupi seluruh telinga!

5. Beanie dengan jaket

Ini mungkin gaya yang paling banyak digunakan pria saat mengenakan cangkir. Namun, Anda dapat membuatnya tidak biasa dengan pilihan jaket yang tepat. Campurkan misalnya Beanies dengan jas, sepatu kulit, dan jaket berlapis! Anda dapat mencapai tampilan formal dan kasual! Untuk tampilan yang lebih kasual, kombinasikan beanies dengan sepatu suede, jeans, parka panjang dan kaos terbaik Anda. Manakah dari 5 gaya yang Anda sukai? Sepatu Branded



For a true bikers, safety equipment such as helmets, accessories, and jackets have a very important role. From the motorcycle fashion worn by a biker, we can see a person’s personality and tastes, especially from the motorcycle jacket models used. The main function of the jacket itself is to protect the rider’s body in the event of a collision and protect the body from the wind. Not only that, a motorcycle jacket can also make someone cooler, maskoolin, and manly. So as not to choose the wrong, first know 7 ways to choose the right motorcycle jacket for you here! Michaelkors Outlet

1. Choose the Appropriate Body Size

Choose a jacket that fits your body size, not too big or too small. If it does not fit, your concentration will be disturbed when riding a motorbike because of the discomfort it causes. Besides that in terms of fashion, clothes that are too big and too small can make you insecure. Combine your motorcycle jacket with a black shirt or polo shirt as a bottom.

2. Choose a Model that Is Not Too Many Ropes

So that the driving experience becomes more comfortable and enjoyable, choose a jacket that doesn’t have too many straps because it will endanger you on the road. Do not want the rope suddenly caught on a tire and something unexpected happens! In addition to a leather jacket, you can also use a Harrington jacket as a replacement.

3. Choose a Jacket That Covers the Neck, Wrist and Hip

Motorcycle jackets that cover the neck, wrists, and hips can minimize the risk of injury during an accident. It’s also a good idea to choose a jacket that has a protector on the elbows and shoulders. Usually such a jacket has more thickness to minimize collisions. Safer, better. Tas Branded

4. Use Bright Color

Use a motorcycle jacket whose color is bright enough to be seen clearly at night. You can also choose a jacket model that has patterns or lines that can reflect vehicle lights at night. This is important for safety reasons.

5. Leather Motorcycle Jackets Need Extra Care

Motorcycle jackets have different materials. Leather jacket is perfect for hot and cold weather. Another advantage of a leather jacket is that it is impervious, has good sweat absorption, and is cooler, of course. But because it is made of skin, it must be cleaned frequently or dried in the sun so that it does not smell. Apply the layering method when using a motorcycle jacket, for example combine a leather jacket with the following 6 types of men’s cardigans.

6. If You Want a Jacket of Denim

Motorcycle jackets made from jeans are gaining in popularity today and are often used as motorcycle club jackets. This jacket with jeans material is suitable for use in windy areas, has sweat absorption, and is not too hot when used during the day. But the weakness of this jacket is that it is difficult to dry because it has thick material.

7. Synthesis of Sweat Absorption Jacket is Poor Motorcycle jacket made from synthetic material is a combination of leather and lubricant material. The advantage is almost the same as a leather jacket, but the absorption of sweat is not good. While on the other hand, synthetic jackets are easy to clean and are very suitable for use at night. Sepatu Branded

If you’ve read the best way to choose a motorcycle jacket, you will not choose the wrong one. Don’t forget to complete your fashion bikers by using the best Pomade brands to style your hair. What jacket do you like the most?

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10 Types of Glasses For Men’s Fashion

10 Types of Glasses For Men’s Fashion

Glasses are one of the men’s accessories that are able to make appearance more cool and fashionable. The types and models of eyeglasses are also quite a lot so you can wear them on a variety of different occasions, such as holidays to the beach, hangouts with friends, or to other events. Let’s get to know the first 10 types of glasses below at the article! Michaelkors Outlet

1. Wayfarer Glasses

If you don’t like glasses with unique or excessive models, wayfarer glasses are the solution. These glasses were first introduced by Ray-Ban, one of the famous eyewear brands in 1956. These glasses became popular when Tom Cruise and Orlando Bloom often wore these glasses.

Wayfarer glasses have a thick frame size and surround the entire lens with a nearly square shape. These glasses are suitable for all shapes and sizes of the face. You can get an elegant, metropolis, and classy look by wearing wayfarer sunglasses.

2. Glasses D Frame

As the name implies, this type of glasses has a shape resembling the letter D in a horizontal position. With D Frame glasses, you will get a modern-retro, futuristic look and look younger. These glasses can be used on various occasions and are most suitable for you who have a round face (round). If you are not sure, also read how to choose sunglasses according to your face shape so that you look more okay.

3. Cat Eye Glasses
The next type of glasses is cat eye glasses. As the name suggests, these glasses are shaped like sharp cat eyes. These retro-designed sunglasses were popular in the 1950s and are widely used by world celebrities such as Marylin Monroe and Audrey Hepburn.

4. Glasses Wrap Around

Wrap around glasses were first introduced in 1960. It has a sporty, casual and fashionable impression. This type of glasses that have a large enough size serves to protect the eyes from dust and sunlight. Wrap around goggles are usually used during shooting practice and also in outdoor sports. These glasses are suitable for you who have an oval or triangular face with a pointed chin. Also read the beard model that suits your face shape.

5. Shield Glasses

Shield glasses have a wide lens and become one (between the right and the left), and usually have a square design. These glasses are suitable for use outdoors to protect the eyes from dust and sunlight. Sepatu Branded

6. Clubmaster Glasses

These glasses are given the nickname as browline sunglasses because the upper frame is thick like eyebrows and the bottom is not frame. These sunglasses were once popularized by Colonel Sanders and are retro-style glasses.

7. Novelty glasses

This type of glasses is a pair of glasses for party costumes with various shapes and ‘unique’ that are usually worn during Halloween, New Year, etc. These glasses are only as an entertainment accessory, not to protect the eyes from dust or sunlight.

8. Aviator Glasses

Aviator sunglasses are the type of glasses most often used by pilots. Aviator itself is a name taken from the word aviation which means ‘flight’ and was first made in 1930. Aviators often use this type of glasses because aviator eyeglasses are designed wide and are able to protect the eyes from the reflection of sunlight from various angles. This classic eyeglass frame is made of metal with a reflection or smokey lens. These sunglasses are gaining in popularity since musicians and world actors use aviator sunglasses, including Paul McCartney, Freddie Mercury (lead vocal Queen), and Ringo Starr.

9. Oversized Glasses

As the name suggests, these glasses have a large size and cover all parts of the eye. The frame frames the entire lens and is usually thick. This type of sunglasses has a variety of styles on tints lenses, their colors, as well as on their varied frame models. These glasses are more often used for style only because it is less suitable when used to ward off sunlight. However, these glasses can hide tired eyes or red eyes if you stay up all night. Also read how to eliminate effective panda eyes here. Tas Branded

10. Round Glasses (Vintage Round Frame)

The first time glasses were made, the frames and lens of the glasses were round. So, you could say round frame glasses are the first type of glasses that ever existed. The size of the lens of these glasses is not too wide and the frame material is usually made of metal or plastic. These glasses are very identical to the Chinese, but they were once popularized by the legendary John Lennon. These round glasses are also a favorite of Apple Inc. founder Steve Job. He is often seen wearing these round glasses on many occasions.

Which type of glasses do you like the most?

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Tips for Choosing Glasses Frames According to the Character and Face Shape

Tips for Choosing Glasses Frames According to the Character and Face Shape

Before becoming a fashion trend, glasses are one of the accessories for those who have abnormalities in their appearance. Even at school, if we see someone wearing glasses we immediately think of it as ‘smart’ or ‘bookworm’. Over time the function of the glasses began to change. Now glasses have become a fashion trend that is currently used by many people. But, choosing a frame on the glasses is easy and difficult. The problem is, we have to adjust the eyeglass frame to the shape of the face. If it is not appropriate, then the glasses will actually look less comfortable. Well for those of you who want to buy glasses, here are the types of eyeglass frames that fit a variety of face shapes! Michaelkors Outlet

1. Glasses in a round shape with a dark color for those who have square or square faces

First is the glasses for those who own square or square faces. The characteristics of this box face are visible from the strong jaw with a wide forehead. For those of you who feel you have a square face, choose glasses that are geometrically shaped. The most suitable frame is a frame that is round or shape that resembles a cat’s eye.

2. Square-shaped glasses with soft colors and thick frames for those who have a heart-shaped face

Next is the glasses for those who have the shape of the face of the heart. Those with a heart have characteristics such as a slightly pointed chin and high cheekbones. Now to get around this face shape, glasses that are suitable are square-shaped glasses. Choose a soft color, not too bright and not too dark. It would be better if you choose a rather thick frame from the forehead. This is useful so that the glasses look right when you use

3. Oval face owners can use all types of shapes, colors and thickness of the eyeglass frame. You just need to avoid using oversized glasses. Tas Branded

When talking about face shapes, those who have oval face shapes are lucky people, because all types and shapes of glasses will be suitable for use. It can be said that people who have an oval face shape are close to the perfect facial proportions. You can use square, round glasses, squares of various colors and thick or thin frames. The owner of this oval face only needs to avoid using oversized glasses because it will make the face feature sink and not visible.

4. The shape is somewhat tapered on the upper side is suitable for the owner of a round face. Make it look gaunt!

Lastly is a round face shape. This face shape has characteristics such as chubby cheeks and small chin. You should avoid round or narrow glasses because it will make your face wider and fuller. So what are the right glasses for a round face? Now you can outsmart with retro cat-eye glasses with a small frame and a bit high. Sepatu Branded

Now that’s the glasses that are suitable for various types of faces. Hopefully this article can help you who want to use glasses but are not confident. Believe that the face of God is always perfect, we just need to know the tricks to be more confident!

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Ever thought of wearing a men’s white blazer while attending a semi-formal event? However, sometimes the thought of wearing a man’s white blazer is hindered for fear of looking like wearing a doctor’s suit. You shouldn’t let your thoughts stop you from experimenting with your fashion choices. Usually the men will wear this white blazer when they will attend a semi-formal event at noon. Hot weather will look more fitting with brightly colored clothes than wearing a black blazer. Here’s how to mix and match a men’s white blazer: Michaelkors Outlet

1. White Blazer with Jeans or Chino Bottoms

Try to mix and match your white male blazer with a pair of jeans or chino pants. Choose jeans with slim fit or straight fit models in dark colors, this style choice will make your appearance look casual and neat. But for you who want to attend a formal event, khaki or dark colored chino pants are the right choice.

2. Choose a T-shirt or shirt tops

When you wear a men’s white blazer, the top you can wear is a t-shirt or shirt. T-shirts are more suitable for casual events, while shirts can be for semi-formal events.

3. Motive and color selection

Men’s white blazers are the main focus of appearance today, so the solid colors don’t need to be patterned or have other colors. Coordinate colors so that the overall appearance looks harmonious. If you choose a dark blue jeans type slim fit try to wear a top in the form of a light blue plain shirt. And for those of you who choose patterned pants, choose a plain top and vice versa. Tas Branded

4. There Is Only One White Color

If you decide to wear a white blazer, then make sure you only use one white. Don’t use a subordinate in the same color as your blazer. Because your appearance will look monotonous and no longer cool.

5. Selection of Accessories To Be Combined With Men’s White Blazers

Blazers generally make the wearer look more authoritative and charismatic. Match them with accessories, such as loafers or brogue shoes and leather belts. If you choose to use a white shirt, add a sleek gray, black or dark blue tie as the accent.

6. Never Roll Up Blazer Sleeves

When wearing a blazer make sure you do not roll up your arms, fold it or even pull it up. Long sleeves look neater and more stylish. When you decide to wear a white blazer, you have to be confident. Because this is the most important thing for your overall style. White blazer can make your appearance look neat as long as you feel comfortable and confident when wearing it. Sepatu Branded

Make sure that you have a white men’s blazer in your closet, choose a blazer with a classic model that is simple, good quality material and neatly sewn. In addition to choosing good quality, take care of your clothes as well as possible!

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3 Complete Methods for Cleaning Oil-Based Pomade Remains!

3 Complete Methods for Cleaning Oil-Based Pomade Remains!

A hairdresser product called Pomade is certainly no stranger to the ears of men. You also must already know how to choose pomade according to your hair type. However, do you know how to clean oil-based pomade from your hair properly until it’s clean without any residue? Let’s see the 3 ways below so you don’t get confused anymore! Michaelkors Outlet

1. Using De-greaser

For lovers of oil-based pomade and confused about how to clean up the remnants of pomade in your hair, use de-greaser. De-greaser is a special shampoo to clean oil-based pomade. Use Hellyeah De-greaser Jam to clean the rest of the oil-based pomade in your hair as you use shampoo, wipe the entire strand of hair and massage a little until the hair has not felt hard anymore. Rinse the De-greaser from your hair and voila! Your hair is clean from Pomade!

2. Using Hair Cream

One product that is also effective at removing oil-based pomade from your hair is hair cream. Using your hands, take three scoop hair cream, then wipe the hair cream into all strands of your hair and flatten it using a Major SW-1 Wooden Comb comb. Let stand for 10-15 minutes then rinse the hair cream. Then, wash it with shampoo and rinse with warm water until it is clean. Now your hair is free from pomade remnants and back to normal! Tas Branded

3. Using Olive Oil & Shampoo.

For those of you who want to use natural ingredients as a way to clean pomade, use olive oil. The trick, pour enough olive oil into your palms and rubbed into all your hair. Make sure each strand is coated with olive oil and massage for 5 minutes. After that, use a wide-toothed comb like the Major SW-3 Wooden Comb and comb your hair back to lift the remnants of the pomade in your hair. Rinse with warm water so that the oil and the remaining pomade fade, then continue to use shampoo as usual to get maximum results! For more optimal, wash your hair 2-3 times so that the hair does not feel greasy anymore. Also read 5 cool pomade hairstyle models here.

There are 3 ways to clean oil-based pomade from your hair. One additional tip to get rid of the remaining oil-based pomade is don’t wet your hair, just use the pomade removal product, then rinse. Hopefully tips will be useful! How to thoroughly clean the pomade have you tried? Sepatu Branded

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Many men who like to collect or just drive using a scooter or even a big motorbike. Besides being practical, riding a motorbike can also show the manhood of a man. And as we know the bikers fashion style selection is never far from street style. However, unfortunately many men do not really understand the meaning of the word street style itself. Street style can be interpreted as a fun style choice, you do not have to be fixated with the existing fashion style trends, but rather you can combine matching your own fashion style and confident when wearing it.

Although street style doesn’t have definite rules, it doesn’t mean you can carelessly combine the clothes that are in your closet. Don’t let your appearance look ugly and excessive! To avoid this, here are some inspirations from the best fashion bikers to show your macho side when riding a motorcycle. Michaelkors Outlet

1. Urban Casual

Surely you already taukan combine shirts or shirts with black jackets is not new in the world of fashion? But, try to mix it with various types of beige or brown leather bikers jacket with white polo shirts. This style choice will make you look maskoolin. Then mix with jeans, black denim, or navy blue. This is an inspiration for the style of bikers that is right for you to follow when you pick up your crush on the weekend.

2. Preppy Bikers

Who says when you ride a motorcycle you can’t dress up? Try to appear in the style of street style with a full suit suit or blazer can also make you cool. You can combine your blazer with chino pants, then don’t forget to wear your boots. Get to know the types of men’s boots that fit combined with a suit or blazer. Add accessories such as a bow tie or regular tie as an accent. And to give the impression of a maskoolin, you can add a wallet chain that is connected to your belt. You can use this bikers fashion style inspiration to attend a slightly more formal event. Tas Branded

3. Vest-ive

Bikers vest is the fashion item most often used by men in Indonesia. Its function is to withstand the wind, but it does not make you hot because only the chest is protected. You can enhance your appearance when wearing a vest by combining it with a stripe long sleeve shirt or by wearing a plaid shirt. You can wear a vest made from jeans or leather with a dark color. For pants, choose matching jeans or denim. And you can wear your best boots to add a maskoolin impression. This bikers fashion style is perfect for you to hang out with your friends!

4. Urban Country

Now is the time for you to take out your best flannel shirt or checkered shirt. Try to play layers or use several layers of clothing. Wear your flannel shirt as an outer coat to coat your shirt, or you can wear a shirt with a picture of your favorite rock group, as long as it’s not a cartoon character! As an accent, you can add a vest jeans, denim jacket, or leather jacket for the outside. Match with dark black or blue jeans. If you want to use a denim jacket, wear it with 7 inspirations of this denim jacket style. This style is suitable for you to wear while touring with your motorcycle gang.

5. Classic Goth

The classic style for bikers is all in black from top to bottom. And you can adapt this classic style to be more prominent. Choose a black leather jacket with a wide collar that is different from bikers leather jackets in general. Match with a black rocker shirt and black jeans. Use a leather belt with a large buckle. And don’t forget to wear matching black leather boots with a belt. This bikers fashion style inspiration suits you when you want to go out at night with your crush! Sepatu Branded

Well, now you have no more reason not to look cool when you’re riding a motorcycle. The important thing is make sure the bikers fashion style you choose is comfortable for you to wear and fits your character.

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Looks Cool When Wearing Cargo Pants

Looks Cool When Wearing Cargo Pants

One does not know yet that cargo pants were used by military soldiers. The cargo material is thick, and comfortable and has a characteristic that is, it has pockets on the right and left side as well as carrying lots of goods or food when used in field activities in nature by the military. After that, it starts to develop into pants that are worn by nature lovers who often go up the mountain.

Besides cargo pants used to be only sold specifically for the military. However, more and more outdoor pants brands are popularizing these cargo pants. Formerly cargo pants only have the same model and monotonous, but currently the cargo model has various versions. Now cargo is no less cool than jeans or joggers to wear when you hang out. But back again depends on how you mix and practice it. So that you look more cool and don’t look outdated when using cargo, a few ways to mix and act the cargo so you look present. Michaelkors Outlet

1. Perform in a Casual Style

Because these pants have a lot of detail pockets, so there are still many men who are confused how to combine these pants to look cool. Detail katong on cargo sometimes makes some men think, not to wear these pants with a boss who has a busy motive. So you are not confused, try wearing cargo pants then mix it with a patterned shirt and add a cardigan or jeans jacket and don’t forget to wear your favorite shoes or sandals, this style is suitable for you to wear when you want to hang out with your friends.

2. Perform in a sporty style

Cargo pants with baggy models are no longer an era. Now the cargo model that many men are interested in is a cargo with a size that is more fitting to the size of the foot, but not like skinny jeans, besides that this latest model has detailed rubber on the ankles similar to jogger pants. For a sporty style with cargo pants, try to combine Sleeveless tops with cargo plus sports shoes or boots, besides that you can also choose to wear a t-shirt and then combine it with a jacket, you can wear a jacket or tie your waist . Tas Branded

3. Perform in a semi-formal style

Who says cargo is not suitable for going to work. If your office includes an office that frees its employees in dressing, then it doesn’t hurt you to look different by wearing a cargo. The trick is also really simple, just mix the cargo with a shirt or a shirt lined with sweaters and then for the output try wearing a blazer that matches the color of your shirt, remember to choose cargo pants with a piece that fits better on your feet, Mister recommends you to choose pants with a plain end , but not like jogger pants.

4. Perform in a formal style

Hmm, have you ever thought that cargo pants combined with a jacket or a blazer and tie are suitable or not? And it turned out to be just suitable! The key, combine the colors that are not excessive and make sure your cargo and blazers are in the same proportion. Choose a long-sleeved shirt, with a tie in blue or red stripe, then wear pants that are the right size for your feet, not grumble, then complete your appearance by wearing shoes.

5. Looks Like a Mountain Boy

The first impression that is captured by women when they see you wearing cargo pants is that you are an adventurous man, who looks like a mountain boy. It could be because cargo pants are indeed made for such activities. Well, to get the impression you are a mountain boy, you can pair these pants with a parka jacket in contrasting colors. For example, combining your pants with a parka jacket for yourself you can choose to use a shirt or shirt. Sepatu Branded

Of the five ways to mix and match above, which one are you interested in?

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