Women’s Fashion Items That Will Trending in 2021

Women’s Fashion Items That Will Trending in 2021

The turn of the year is often a momentum to observe fashion trends for the next 12 months. Shifts in the new year 2021, as in previous times, are often influenced by certain lifestyles and movements, such as the echo of the principle of sustainability. Michaelkors Outlet

Therefore, starting from the patterns, motifs, colors, to the styles that are currently happening, it is always interesting to take a peek. With the fashion trend, designers and fashion lovers can use it as a reference.

Here are some predictions for fashion trends in 2021.

  1. High Boots

This fashion item, also known as Wellies, is predicted to become one of the trends in 2021. Combined with a bucket hat and Zip-up jacket, the equivalent will be a fashion statement in one look.

This mix and match is said to be suitable for those of you who like adventure. Its activities are in line with what was popular during the pandemic, namely hiking, fishing, even star gazing, all of which are outdoor activities.

2. Patchwork Skirt

The patchwork accent that is synonymous with Harry Styles this year will be adopted again next year. Not in the form of a sweater like the one worn by the Kiwi singer, but in a skirt.

This trend even allows the public to make it manually with a patchwork technique of dynamic random patterns and strokes. However, it is also predicted that reliable designers will issue these accented items if you want to skip making it at home.

Patchwork Skirt
Patchwork Skirt

3. Classic Jewelry Tas Branded

Jewelry will be considered a profitable investment, especially in the next year. So, this item will have added value, in addition to complementing the appearance. This category can actually vary, such as watches, bracelets, necklaces, rings, and a pair of earrings. However, a classic model with a simple design is considered to shine because it is easier to enter everywhere.

4. All-Leather Fashion

Leather in the form of jackets, bags, coats, pants, skirts, or accessories is always something fashionistas admire. This is because its use can add a cool impression to even simple clothes.

5. Palazzo pants

Women’s trousers which have a wide cut at the bottom will still be in demand next year. Palazzo pants tend to be elegant and sleek, so they are more often used to match formal styles.

For example, paired with a shirt, blouse made of fall, or cropped jacket. However, with a unique personal style, it does not mean that this item cannot be used in more casual moments. Match with an attractive design t-shirt might be an alternative.

6.Tennis skirt

This 90s-style mini skirt model with delicate details can indeed make you look more trendy. The name itself was taken because it is a skirt commonly used by tennis athletes.

This fashion item is very possible to use for everyday. Just mix and match tennis skirts with a shirt or cropped top.

7. Dress Slim

This sleek, sheer dress is perfect for evening fashion. Glamorous impression will appear instantly because of the supportive shape. Hence, it’s a party dress choice, although the event will likely be held at home.

8. Shearling sandals

This shearling sandal or fur sandal will remain a mainstay next year. With activities that are predicted to remain more at home, you might want to consider this fashion item.

9. Knitwear Sepatu Branded

Knitted clothes are suitable for various types of seasons. This shirt can be worn to warm the body in the rainy season or choose a thin knit when the weather is windy.

Knitting is also growing with more attractive and contemporary designs. Apart from being the main outfit, knit clothes can also be combined with skirts or pants to produce unique combinations.

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Arti Istilah “Sprezzatura” dalam Fashion Pria

Arti Istilah “Sprezzatura” dalam Fashion Pria

Kita sudah mengetahui beberapa aturan dasar dalam memakai jas atau blazer. Langkah selanjutnya adalah memahami konsep Sprezzatura.
Michaelkors Outlet

Mungkin tidak pernah ada padanan bahasa Indonesia untuk kata Sprezzatura. Sederhananya, kata dari bahasa Italia ini dipahami sebagai perhatian yang dipelajari, eksentrisitas, atau pembengkokan aturan.

Sprezzatura juga dianut sebagai gaya hidup saat pria rapi, nyaman, sedikit eksentrik, dan mudah tanpa dibatasi oleh aturan berpakaian yang ketat.

Namun, seorang pria harus terlebih dahulu memahami aturan dasar berbusana agar bisa menyiasati aturan tersebut. Seperti Gianni Agnelli, pemilik merek mobil FIAT dan klub sepak bola Juventus, yang diduga membuat cemburu Presiden John F. Kennedy saat melihat sang istri berfoto bersama sang maestro Sprezzatura.
Tas Branded

Untuk lebih memahami konsep Sprezzatura, kita bisa mempelajari beberapa ciri khas Gianni Agnelli berikut ini.
Oh, tapi pertama-tama perlu diingat bahwa tidak boleh ditentukan untuk menjadi orang lain atau peniru. Tidak ada yang bisa menyamai level legendaris Sprezzatura Gianni Agnelli. Banyak orang telah mencoba dan gagal.

Yang dapat Anda lakukan adalah mengambil salah satu tanda tangan Agnelli atau yang disebut “barang Agnelli”, lihat apakah itu terasa tepat bagi Anda dan terapkan (tidak sekaligus).

1. Dasi Belakang Lebih Panjang

Di mata orang awam, bagian dasi belakang yang tampak lebih panjang dari dasi bagian depan merupakan slip yang membuat seseorang terlihat konyol. Tapi tidak untuk Agnelli. Dia mungkin melakukannya dengan sengaja, tetapi bukan karena dia tidak memiliki cermin di rumah. Tetap bergaya dengan Sprezzatura ini.

Tidak pernah dalam hidup kita mendapatkan panduan umum untuk menyelipkan ujung dasi ke ujung celana. Agnelli menunjukkan kepada dunia bagaimana melakukan ini dengan cara yang tidak biasa. Jenis sprezzatura ini akan terlihat sempurna ketika dasi gaya Victoria atau simpul ganda diikat dengan tangan.

2. Membuka Dua Kancing Atas Kemeja

Kedengarannya sederhana, tapi tidak semua orang bisa melakukannya dengan benar. Membuka kancing bagian atas kemeja adalah tindakan yang sangat berisiko untuk memberikan kesan berantakan, berantakan, dll. Tapi Agnelli membuatnya mudah. Tampaknya, kunci keberhasilan pertunjukan ini adalah menguasai pikiran sprezzatura yang nyaman, santai, dan percaya diri.

3. Memadukan Jas dengan Boots Sepatu Branded

Dimulai dengan cedera kaki Agnelli akibat kecelakaan mobil, dia harus mengenakan perban tebal di sekitar kakinya. Alih-alih pergi ke dokter, Agnelli mengenakan sepatu bot berjalan berleher tinggi untuk menopang cedera kakinya. Agnelli merasa nyaman dengan sepatu botnya, sering memadukannya dengan jaket atau blazer dan selalu tampil rapi.

4. Jam di Luar Pegelangan Tangan di luar

Mungkin yang paling tidak masuk akal bagi orang awam, Agnelli suka memakai arlojinya di bagian luar lengan bajunya. Agnelli dikatakan melakukan ini karena sebagai orang yang sibuk dia merasa dia tidak punya waktu untuk sedikit membuka lengan bajunya untuk mencari tahu jam berapa sekarang. Baginya, ini sangat praktis, dan juga membuatnya lebih mendunia.

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5 Men’s Hairstyles That Are Trending in 2021

5 Men’s Hairstyles That Are Trending in 2021

The new year 2021 is in sight. Are you planning to change your hairstyle to welcome this hopeful new year 2021? Changing your appearance doesn’t have to mean changing your style of dress or diet, you know. As simple as changing hairstyles, you can look completely different!
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So, for the men’s hair trend in 2021, you might see hairstyles that are quite familiar. That’s a trend, like a wheel that keeps on turning. It could be that some men’s hairstyles that are trending in 2018 will be back in 2021.
In the coming 2021, it is estimated that men’s hairstyles will tend to be oriented towards South Korea because the popularity of South Korea in terms of fashion, beauty, and music has increasingly touched Indonesian society. After all, the look offered is still suitable for men’s hair in Indonesia and gives off a relaxed, stylish and clean impression! Well, before deciding to change hairstyles, let’s first look at below what styles are trending in 2021.


Buzz cut or what is more familiarly called the cropped hairstyle is a military style cut that has become a trend since the end of 2020. How not? We can’t go outside and get a buzz cut that makes you feel cooler and doesn’t require much maintenance. Well, it’s not only practical, with this haircut you look more macho and fresh! Try, deh, you check. Lots of celebrities have this haircut, you know!
Tas Branded


Very popular in Korea, the two block haircut is the latest K-Pop hair trend that has managed to captivate many K-Pop fans, you know! So, a two block haircut is an improvisation of an undercut hairstyle. The sides of the hair are cut shorter, while the hair at the top is made longer.
How is the styling? Well, you just need a curling iron or iron to give your hair texture, like it looks wavy. That way, your hair style will be very stylish and up to date!


In the past, middle parted hair was very synonymous with ’90s hairstyles, starting from grunge bands to boy bands. Nowadays, middle part hairstyles, or curtains are very common in South Korea! Well, this time the curtains are more versatile and can be changed according to your character.

Curtain hairstyle, or the middle part, which apparently also has another designation, namely eBoy haircut. Curtain haircuts are characterized by split bangs in the middle or at the edges. This haircut is quite flexible, because it depends on hair length, texture, color, and face shape. You can look straight from the 90’s or from the present. It’s all in your hands!
Sepatu Branded


A bro flow is a haircut of medium length that only allows hair to grow and reach its natural shape. Many men use this hairstyle, combed back so it doesn’t block the eyes, but this haircut is very easy going and can be styled according to your taste.
The right cut is also important. Ask your barber to keep the ends trimmed and tidy, but let the layers in your hair grow out as is. This is the best way to get a natural looking hair shape. Finally, choose the right styling product. All you need is a light textured spray or pomade that you can use to help shape your hair a little.


This men’s hair trend is called Comma Hair because it does
This trend is called the ‘Comma Hair’ trend because it does reveal an inward curved front, resembling a comma. Shhh, this hairstyle can make the jawline firmer, and make the face smaller and pointier, you know! Wow, deservedly, this hairstyle is so popular among Korean idols!
In order for you to look attractive and smart, mix turtleneck tops, blazers, material pants, and loafers is the look that best matches this hairstyle!
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Well, there are some trends for men’s hairstyle models in 2021. Which haircut would you like to try first? Share your thoughts with us!

Find out the difference between body butter, lotion and cream

Find out the difference between body butter, lotion and cream

The large variety of skin care products makes you confused. Let’s find out the differences and benefits of body lotion, butter, and cream!

Currently there are many products to moisturize body skin. Maybe when we were kids, we only knew hand and body lotion which is useful for moisturizing the skin. But as technology and beauty trends developed, you came across body butter and body cream. Equally to moisturize the skin. However, is there a difference between the three? Let’s find out!
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Body Butter

Body butter is a skin moisturizer that has a texture that is denser, moisturized, and thicker than body lotion. Why is the texture denser? Body butter does not contain water, it uses essential oils and butter. This moisturizer contains fairly dense ingredients such as natural oils (coconut, jojoba, olive), shea butter, so it will create a kind of barrier between the skin and the outer elements. Well, this barrier will protect and seal skin moisture while protecting the skin from dirt!

Benefits of Body Butter?

  • Moisturizes skin.

Body lotions often evaporate quickly because there is a water element in them. Now, because there is a barrier between the skin and the elements from outside, the skin’s moisture will always be maintained.
Its thick texture is also full of nutrients useful for your skin.

  • Makes Your Skin Soft.

After showering, apply body butter on your body. Body butter contains essential oils and butter that will make your dry skin even more moisturized and soft!

  • Removes Calluses.

If you have calluses on your feet. Before going to bed, apply body butter on the soles of the feet, massage gently, and put on socks. In the morning, use a callus scraper to remove dry skin.

Body Lotion Tas Branded

Body lotion is one of the most familiar skin moisturizers for our ears. Well, this body lotion has a much lighter texture, lower oil content, doesn’t lubricate the skin, and can be used by anyone.

Benefits of Body Lotion?

  • Keeps Skin Moisture.

This lotion that you use everyday functions to keep the skin moisturised that you already have. For example, if you visit a cold area or work in an air-conditioned room all day (low humidity), then it is advisable to use body lotion to lock moisture on your skin.

  • Skin Becomes More Elastic.

Body lotion usually contains hydrolyzed silk which can fight signs of premature aging on your skin, such as increasing the elasticity of skin that starts to sag.

  • Improve Dry Skin.

If used regularly, dry skin will slowly become more moisturized and healthier. However, if only used occasionally, the skin will dry again.

Body Cream Sepatu Branded

Unlike the body lotion which has a light texture, body cream has a heavier texture than body butter. Body cream contains a high mixture of water and oil. Its heavy texture can make skin healthier and moisturized. It is suitable for those of you who have extra dry skin.

Benefits of Body Cream

  • Overcoming Chapped Skin Problems.

If your skin is cracked due to being too dry, using a body cream can be the solution.

  • Focus on Moisturizing the Troubled Area.

Due to its heavy texture, you will feel uncomfortable wearing it all over your body. Use it only on areas that are very dry, such as on the elbows, knees, or other areas that need extra moisture.

  • Suitable for wearing at night before going to bed.

Indonesia has a tropical climate, so during the day the weather tends to be hot. Imagine if you use body cream during the day, it will be very sticky and annoying. Well, you can use body cream at night before going to bed for maximum results!

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Hairstyles that will Boom at the End of 2020 & Early 2021

Hairstyles that will Boom at the End of 2020 & Early 2021

During this pandemic, it forces us to stay at home and instantly become masters of one skill. Some may suddenly become a “chef” just because they often see tiktok that smells of food, or become an impromptu “hair dresser” because they often watch YouTube.

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Talking about hair dressers, I just found various types of hairstyles for women due to confusion about what content to make (please, that’s human being). Some of them are under-rated and some are often used on several occasions.
Thus, I want to share with all of you 5 hairstyles that will be booming at the end of 2020 which are really a shame for you to just miss!

  • Two-Tone Hair Colors

Inspired by Jennie-BLACKPINK who has used this hairstyle in BLACKPINK’s music video “How You Like That”, this hairstyle trend will continue until the end of 2020, and even into 2021. Looking different at the beginning of the year is something you must do, right?

  • The One Tendril

Tas Branded
I often see women who let a few strands of hair drop to the side of the face to give a small face. And know it’s time for you to do some experiment! Try to use a tendril like the image below to give a more mature look to your appearance. And i bet it will be sooo lit!

  • Claw-Clip Updos

Noah, this hairstyle looks like the 90s. This type of hair style is almost the same as this messy bun, perfect for those of you who want to get a natural appearance.
Sepatu Branded

  • Double Buns

Ladies, did you know that men are more attracted to women who use double buns? Double buns will give a cute and charming impression, you know! So, it suits him again!

  • Flipped-Up Ponytails

Next level for your ponytails, ladies! Flip up your ends for a cute, retro vibe. No more ponytails hanging down, it’s time to flipped it up!

Well, those are 5 hairstyles that are predicted to be booming at the end of 2020 and early 2021. Hopefully this article can be a reference for those of you who want to look different!

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Apparently 5 Fashion Brands Owned by South Korean Artists!

Apparently 5 Fashion Brands Owned by South Korean Artists!

Not only working to entertain their fans, some artists from the country of Ginseng are also trying their luck in the fashion world by creating their own brand. Some of them have also collaborated with well-known fashion icons and are considered successful in the market.
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Curious, who are South Korean artists who are involved in the following fashion business with their brands? Let’s find out

  • Park Hae Jin – V Modern

Who doesn’t know this handsome actor born in 1983? Park Hae Jin is well known for his eye-catching acting talent and handsome face. The actor whose name is increasingly known from the beginning of his appearance in the Korean drama series My Love From the Star to Cheese in The Trap turns out to have his own fashion brand called V Modern.
V Modern offers ready-to-wear clothing as well as collaborating with Chinese fashion icon Mark Cheung. The news is, after being officially sold, these clothes immediately sold out on the market, you know!

  • Choi Kang Hee – Nowhere 333

This beautiful actress and radio DJ also launched her own fashion brand, Nowhere333.
Tas Branded

Nowhere333 is often used by several other Korean artists and is arguably successful in the market. However, this product is only sold in Korea, guys.

  • Taecyeon 2PM— OkCat

Behind his athletic and broad body, it turns out that Taecyeon has a brand that was originally intended to sell a doll that he designed himself. This doll is shaped like a green cat with big and beautiful eyes. However, as time went by, Taecyeon decided to issue a product in the form of clothes, glasses, and other accessories which he named OkCat.
Ok, this paint is actually sold in Indonesian online shops, you know! You can look for several markets that have collaborated with OkCat or that accept Korean jeep.

  • Jessica ex SNSD — BLANC & ECLARE

Former SNSD member Jessica Jung also didn’t just stay silent. Many artists who are in the fashion business, decided Jessica Jung to launch her own brand called BLANC & ECLARE.
Sepatu Branded

Even though it had become a byword because the price of jeans produced by Jessica Jung was too expensive, many of SNSD’s loyal fans bought these products and until now, the products issued are increasingly varied, ranging from tops, eyewear, and etc.


G-Dragon, a fashion enthusiast and known to have a unique and different sense of fashion, decided to channel his passion into the fashion business which he named PEACEMINUSONE.

PEACEMINUSONE has become an international brand, and you can find this product in several major marketplaces in Indonesia. Because the concept is unique and is more inclined towards streetwear, the price offered is also not cheap, guys!

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Those are the five brands that South Korean artists have. Have you ever used any of their brands?

World Color Trends in 2021

World Color Trends in 2021

Every year the color trend will always change. These color trends will eventually influence fashion trends in general. Call it fashion trends, bags, to house paint. Michaelkors Outlet

Kilala Tilaar, Corporate Creative and Innovative Director of PT Martina Berto, said that companies often have to deal with trend forecasting agencies to have an idea of what colors to use in the next year. But the question is who determines the color trends that these agencies ‘sell’?

This agency gets color trends from Intercolor, an organization that has existed since 1954 or after World War II. Instead of thinking about war, there is a group of people who come together to determine color trends. This color trend is then used in the automotive, textile and cosmetic industries. “explained the man who is familiarly called Kiki during a media meeting at Pour Que No.
Tas Branded

For information, there are several institutions that have become ‘forecasters’ of color trends in the world, one of which is Intercolor and Pantone. But the two are different institutions.

Indonesia, through the Martha Tilaar Foundation, became one of the 17 member countries of Intercolor officially in 2018. Indonesia will also determine the color trend in the next two years or in Spring / Summer 2021. According to Kiki, this is an achievement in itself for Indonesia.

For about 32 years or since 1987 Martha Tilaar, through the Sariayu label, has consistently formulated color trends based on Indonesian culture and nature. Apparently this is one of the reasons Intercolor has pinned Indonesia as a member country and it is listed on the organization’s official website.

Meanwhile, in order to participate in determining the color trend in 2021, Kiki collaborated with visual communication design students from the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB). The results of this collaboration were also presented as a presentation material for the Intercolor meeting in March 2019 in Orlando, Florida.

(Previously) we were given an assignment with the theme ‘A Day in 2030’. So we make stories, storyboards, as well as the results according to the picture in 2030. Each country has its own picture, “said Kiki. Sepatu Branded

“The imagination is that if Indonesia is naturally damaged, people live in caves, there is high pollution, to the point that ITB students imagine people innovating to live under the sea. Another story, if people repent, take care of nature, our country could be green.”

In the next stage, the 17 countries ‘breakfast’ are joined, grouped and given names. Indirectly, members of the images of countries have a common thread. Each meeting will generate a color trend for the next two years. Two years, said Kiki, was used to prepare the industry.

Coral orange is the color trend this year. Kiki was reluctant to mention the color trend that will be crowded in 2020. However, he gave a leak that the colors that will be trending will not be far or jump from the orange gradient. Officially, Intercolor will open for media and public in October.

“Social implementation, we indirectly join Intercolor. In the future I want to collaborate with other companies, designers, not only with ITB. Opportunities must be opened for all, because something is trending because everyone is using it, right?” he concluded.

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Correlation of Color and Personality

Correlation of Color and Personality

Color can be a marker of a person’s personality. It turns out that this is not just a statement of origin or a myth. If you’ve heard the statement that a person’s favorite color will characterize how they are, it seems to be psychologically related and has been studied. Michaelkors Outlet

This theory itself is part of the psychology of color. A psychological study that studies the role of color on a person’s habits and personality.

Is it true that you can see personality based on your favorite color?

Color psychology studies about how color plays a role in a person’s habits. So is it true that this color can also show a person’s personality?

The answer is uncertain. Therefore, the psychology of color itself is included in pseudoscience.

Pseudoscience itself is a theory and concept that is expressed in scientific language, unfortunately this theory is not supported by the existence of a correct scientific study procedure.

Not only for that reason alone, color cannot be used as a benchmark in determining a person’s personality because basically a person’s personality is complex, unique and varied. So, if it is only explained by color, it is too simple.

Plus, the theory of reading characters from color alone can clash if you like more than 1 color. Therefore, it is better to discuss it with a psychologist to get a more accurate result.

Apart from that, color psychology is mostly used for branding and marketing strategies rather than being used to determine a person’s character. Even so, there is nothing wrong with knowing how someone’s character is from their favorite color. Here is the explanation. Tas Branded

Meaning of Favorite Colors and Characters

  • White

Everyone seemed to know the symbolic meaning of white. This white is a color that symbolizes purity and innocence. In terms of color psychology, those of you who like white tend to convince yourself and others of its purity. Not only that, people who like white also tend to be very careful, especially in maintaining their appearance.

  • Black

In general, people recognize black as a color that symbolizes darkness. Meanwhile, if you look at the psychology of color, those of you who like this color are generally realistic people. Unfortunately, behind this realistic nature, there are also weaknesses that dark lovers must overcome. Behind his down-to-earth attitude, this black lover is actually very difficult to understand and often needs help controlling himself. Because the realistic gaze of black enthusiasts keeps him from maintaining pessimism and bad humor.

  • Red

Red is considered a persuasive color. If you are a fan of this color, when viewed based on color psychology, you are the types of extroverts and have greater self-confidence. The color red which is identical as an attractive color makes fans of this color also considered to be able to attract the opposite sex easily. The notion that a lover of red can easily attract the opposite sex could be related to the natural reaction of the human body. For example the reaction when blushing, then his face will appear red. This is why people who like red are considered passionate.

  • Blue

The color blue is often associated with the sea and a feeling of calm. Likewise for those of you who have your favorite blue color. Usually, people who like the color blue are people who can find calm and peace in certain places. According to the psychology of color, people who like blue also tend to be more sociable, easy to love and trustworthy.

  • Pink

In society, pink is synonymous with female gender and femininity. Based on the psychology of color, a lover of pink is someone who does not want to become an adult. You who like pink are said to have very gentle feelings, like to be childish and tend to be naive. How? Does it match your personality?

  • Green

The assumption that green lovers are nature lovers is not completely wrong. Based on the psychology of color, people who like green are the types of people who try their best to keep both their finances and their love life safe and secure.

Not only that, green enthusiasts also tend to pay more attention to what other people see about themselves and that becomes an important thing for them. That’s why people who like green like to be seen as successful and like to be the center of attention in their interactions.

  • Yellow

Based on the psychology of color, yellow fans are idealistic and very optimistic. Unfortunately, because of this idealistic and optimistic nature, people who like yellow are more often isolated.

  • Purple

People who like the color purple are free personality types. They also prefer to create their own world as a form of resistance to the world.

Purple lovers are also the type of person who likes to see the world from their own point of view. People who like purple are also said to be mystical. The traits and characters of color enthusiasts sometimes make other people irritated by them.

  • Orange

Do you have a favorite color orange? One of these characters could be in you. People who like the color orange are the kind of people with friendly personalities. Hence, it is not surprising that these people are widely loved. People who like the color orange are often flamboyant too.

They also generally want to be the center of attention. Not only that, you fans of orange usually don’t like things that are serious in nature.

  • Grey

Lastly is grey. This color is a color that is between black and white. Like the color itself, people who like gray also tend to be in the middle. They tend to be indecisive, have difficulty building commitment and making promises. When viewed from a color psychology perspective, gray is a color that is boring, emotionless, indecisive and detached.

Judging from these qualities, people who like gray are people who tend to be in the middle. There is nothing to like or really not to like. People who like gray color even tend to be able to leave or take something at will and easily. They also don’t have ambition or love for a specific thing.

Those are the various meanings of favorite colors that can be explained from a color psychology perspective. The explanation above is an explanation of the meaning of colors related to a person’s personality in general. Sepatu Branded

Not that this can be a reference or benchmark for determining a person’s personality based on the color he likes. To find out this, expert assistance such as a psychologist is still needed so that the results given can be more accurate.

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Tips for Men to Appear Fashionable All the Time

Tips for Men to Appear Fashionable All the Time

The current dress code usually only applies temporarily, and then changes over time. That’s how the trend rolls over time. Yes, there is no denying it – although sometimes we find repetition, fashion trends are always evolving and changing over time.

For example, the skinny jeans trend, which was popular some time ago, has now been replaced by wider and looser cut pants. In fact, wearing shoes with box heels and bootcut jeans is no longer considered fashionable. In this dynamic world, it may be difficult to look fashionable in itself, including for men. Michaelkors Outlet

However, we don’t need to worry too much about this. It is enough to do these eight things, men can still look fashionable, without fear of being out of date. Reporting from the Fashionbeans page, these are the rules of male dress that can make you look fashionable all the time.

1. Do not button the bottom of a coat

Modern suits are usually designed to accentuate the shape of the hips and make the waist appear slimmer. Buttoning all the buttons on the jacket will actually pull the fabric in the jacket and shrink it. This is what ultimately spoils the appearance, and the stitching of the suits we wear. If you’re still confused, it’s simple like this: if the jacket has three buttons, the second button should be closed, and leave the bottom button open. Meanwhile, for the third button, we can close it or keep it open. However, if our jacket has two buttons, then just close the top button. Tas Branded

2. Do not wash clothes too often

Many people think, clothes must always be washed after each use. Except underwear, some clothes we can use many times without having to wash them. Especially if the clothes are specially sewn. The chemicals used when washing clothes often make stitches brittle. If possible, wash such clothes twice a year. Jeffrey Doltis, Managing Director of Savile Row, recommends that you brush the dirt off your clothes every time you wear them, and leave them exposed to the air for at least one day.

Meanwhile, according to Chris Bloxham, denim expert from Nudie Jeans, denim clothing should not be washed too often. “Jeans should be washed every few months, whereas dry denim (made from a material that wasn’t washed during the manufacturing process) ideally doesn’t need to be washed at all,” explains Chris Bloxham.

Jeans can’t be washed too often because the indigo dye gets removed naturally causing the color to fade. So, if we wash them too often, jeans will lose their original color. “We recommend at least six months before the first wash, but the less you wash it, the better your jeans will look,” says Chris Bloxham. In addition, he also advised us not to wash jeans in hot water and not to machine-dry them. Better, we dry it naturally.

3. Do not carelessly tuck the shirt under the pants

Most people wear a shirt tucked into their pants. However, not all clothes can be worn this way. This depends on the model and the edges of the garment. Paul Higgins, a stylist at the fashion company Aquascutum in London, said the shirt was designed to be worn that way, because it was designed to be worn during formal events.

“The clothes have a cut on the back that is longer, which is caught between your body and your trousers when you sit, so that the shirt does not lift or wrinkle,” he explained. However, don’t apply the same method to clothes that aren’t designed for this.

For example clothes made from thick denim or flannel. Then, if we are the type of guy who likes t-shirts or polo, you can tuck it into the pants if the clothes have a long cut at the bottom. By the way, if possible, wear a belt. Views like this will actually keep us looking fashionable.

4. Don’t forget to shine your shoes Sepatu Branded

Good shoes are an expensive investment to look good. Therefore, we must take good care of shoes. According to Tim Little, who owns the Grenson shoe company in the UK, polish is a great thing for shoes.

The polish can soak into the pores of the shoe and keep it supple. “Polish your shoes twice a week to keep them soft, keep them dry and from bad odors,” he explained. Before deciding to wash your shoes to keep them shiny, we have to make sure that all the dirt in your shoes has disappeared.

Get rid of all the dirt by brushing the shoes clean. In order for stubborn stains on the shoes to disappear immediately, give a little water to the brush. When the shoes are clean and dry, polish them with a brush. Polish it until your shoes really look shiny. On the heel, polish using a slightly damp cotton pad. Then, polish it in a circular motion to remove any stubborn dirt. This way the shoes not only look clean, they also sulk the dirt to stick back on.

5. Do not carry a backpack when wearing a suit.

Backpacks are not only used for school children. Countless designers have fully followed the backpack trend. Now many people are starting to use backpacks for their daily activities. But no matter how luxurious our backpacks are, never carry them with you in a suit. It doesn’t matter if the event is formal or casual, carrying a backpack will actually damage the stitching of the suit. According to Modoo, the pressure on the shoulders due to backpack straps can tear clothes, especially if the clothes are sewn in a special way. Instead, we can use a high quality tote bag to complete the appearance.

6. Choose clothes with the right size.

Tailored clothes will not change according to trends. So, choose clothes that are the right size when you shop for clothes. This also applies when buying a suit. Arms that are too large actually make a messy appearance. According to Higgin, the size of the arm should fall where the base of the thumb meets the wrist.

This “rule” also applies to the shirt to determine how many centimeters the sleeve of the shirt can be folded. “On a blazer, make sure the shoulders feel comfortable and in line with your real shoulders,” he adds. Hinggin also suggested that we choose a suit size that fits the waist when choosing pants.

This is important so that our appearance looks smart and clean. Regarding the selection of these pants, Higgin advised us not to choose pants that are too tight. Choose pants with a size that fits our legs as a whole. However, if our weight tends to fluctuate, choose pants that are really comfortable on the legs.

7. Do not wear strange clothes. Michaelkors Outlet

Do not try to imitate the style of the Canadian Prime Minister who always wears cute socks, or managers who always hide flaws in his breastbone with strange ties. According to Sarah Gllifan – a founder of men’s personal shopping and personal stylist for men – whether it’s a tie, socks, or clip-on vest outfit, don’t ever mess with it. “This will not make you look smart or funny, instead you will look uncool,” he explained. Unless we use it when the day is shrouded in darkness, maybe this will not damage our reputation.

According to him, if we wear strange clothes to work, people will think we are not serious about the job. In fact, if we use it at night, we will also look childish. There are many ways to accentuate character in the way we dress. However, wearing strange clothes is not the right way. Wearing a patterned shirt covered with a blazer is a better option, as are sneakers with a neutral look. Or, we can also play with motives.

8. Use suitable leather accessories.

Even if the clothes and shoes we wear are suitable, wearing unsuitable leather accessories will also make our appearance worse. We still have to use leather accessories that match our clothes.

Indeed, this leather accessory does not have many color choices. but at least, don’t mix black with tan. “Due to the slightly shiny texture of the leather, mixing different colors just makes every outfit we wear stand out,” said Rebecca Langrish-Smith, of River Island Style Studio.

According to Rebecca Langrish-Smith, whether it’s for work events or daily appearances at the office, we can’t use leather accessories that don’t match our clothes. This means, we must be careful when using accessories such as belts, watches or bags that we will use. Every leather accessory that we use must match all the colors of the clothes we wear.

Basic Rules for Wearing Your Shirt

Basic Rules for Wearing Your Shirt

Shirts are one of the most popular fashion items for men. A clean, neat appearance with mature results, makes a shirt have its own place for men.
Michaelkors Outlet

However, from many shirts, have you ever thought, when is the right time to put the shirt on or just let it hang?

When did we know that this shirt should be tucked into our pants?

If your shirt has a stiff collar and a shirt length that covers the zipper and has / without a pocket on the left of the shirt then this shirt must be included.
Putting a shirt into your pants also gives you a more professional impression if you work in an office, clean, sharp and minimalist.
Tas Branded

When did we know that this shirt didn’t fit into the pants?

Very simple. A shirt that does not have a stiff collar, the length of the shirt does not exceed or half a zipper and has two pockets on the chest.
This shirt is more suitable for hanging down to create a relaxed impression. One example is a beach shirt that has various motifs with attractive colors.

However, there are also shirts that have a combination between the two!

Sepatu Branded
This shirt has various motifs but has a long shirt that covers the zipper.
This shirt frees the wearer to put in the shirt or leave it hanging.
This shirt is also one of the most popular shirts. You can use it when going to the office by tucking it into your pants, or when hanging out with friends by letting it hang down.

Against Gender: Tartan Dresses for Men from Gucci

Against Gender: Tartan Dresses for Men from Gucci

Gucci defies gender norms by presenting tartan dresses for men. The luxury fashion brand released an orange dress for US $ 2,600 or Rp.38.6 million and featured a satin ribbon detail. Michaelkors Outlet

The Italian label hopes the tartan shirt will fight stereotypes that shape masculine gender identities. The dress was inspired by the grunge look of the 90s.

“ ‘Inspired by a grunge look from the 90’s and styled over ripped denim pants, this tartan shirt in soft colors reflects ideas of fluidity explored for the Fall 2020 Winter fashion show, breaking the toxic stereotypes that shape masculine gender identities, “wrote Gucci on his official website.

The tartan dress for men also features pearl buttons and a Peter Pan collar. Tas Branded

“The contrasting Peter Pan collars and embroidered front outerwear add a childish-inspired element linked to the collection’s recurring themes. Pieces with versatile ways to wear and styles embrace everyone who are part of the individual spirit of the home,” call Gucci.

The tartan dress is made of 100% cotton including the embroidered outer shirt. A gender turn can be styled with denim jeans to complete the look. Sepatu Branded

While the item comes with a hefty price tag, there are alternatives that are slightly cheaper. In the UK, Gucci fans can get a floral print version if not a big fan of oranges, for £ 1,150.

Michaelkors Outlet

The World Fashion Center That Has Crashed Due to the Pandemic

The World Fashion Center That Has Crashed Due to the Pandemic

The corona pandemic has devastated businesses around the world, including fashion businesses. Michaelkors Outlet

Branded brands to local ones also slumped. Even the world fashion center which is known for its famous street fashion which is spread all over the world. In fact, during black friday, when people usually shop in large numbers, because of the special discounts offered.

Shops on London’s Bond Street, from Cartier to Chanel, deliberately put up the Christmas lights on, and would serve hot chocolate to those waiting to enter the store

Unfortunately, with the Corona virus pandemic still raging in most of the world, many consumers are still wary of visiting stores. Travel restrictions will also cut the number of wealthy tourists who usually spend their money on these street fashions. Here are the conditions of famous street fashion around the world during the pandemic:

  1. Bond Street, London

“In the words of the queen, 2020 will definitely go down as one of the annus horribilis” for retailers in the popular luxury shopping destination, said Katie Thomas, associate director of Bond Street and Mayfair at the organization’s New West End. behind 600 retailers, restaurateurs and street hoteliers.

Bond Street has been hit hard by its reliance on foreign buyers and a lack of office workers commuting to central London. Store visits have fallen by about half when the new Covid-19 restrictions closed locations earlier this month. “It’s a perfect storm,” said Thomas.

Stores from Cartier to Chanel aren’t waiting to reopen to get ready for the holiday season: Christmas lights come on earlier than usual. And when they can reopen on December 3, the Bond Street Christmas tree will be revealed with a brass band without the carol singer. If there is a line to enter the store, the employee even plans to serve hot chocolate.

Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

2. Champs-Elysées, Paris Tas Branded

The spread of the virus has led to a second lockdown in France, forcing non-essential shops to close on October 30. “If we don’t reopen on December 1, it’s going to be very serious,” said Edouard Lefebvre, general manager of the Comité Champs-Elysées, which represents about 100 stores in the area. However, the organization still holds a holiday light show on November 22 – but the launch is virtual.

The Champs-Elysées has faced upheaval for several years, including terror attacks, strikes, riots after a football game and violence during recent anti-government protests. Continuous locking can cause more pain.

3. Ginza, Tokyo

The streets of Ginza – one of Tokyo’s most famous shopping districts – are usually bright now, with luxury shops adorning their main draws covered in lights and decorations. It has become a must-see for tourists and couples alike. But this year many shops and buildings are dark. Japan still has strict controls on allowing tourists into the country, meaning only a fraction of the usual shopping traffic has returned to Ginza.

To combat this, the Ginza Street Association is planning a handwashing event at Ginza’s main crossing in December, according to Eriko Takezawa, chairman of the Ginza Street Association. Passers-by who clean their hands will be given a handkerchief and coupons to spend at a nearby shop. They will also be adding more illuminations along the way, hoping to attract more people. Sepatu Branded

4. Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Few retailers have been hit by the pandemic as badly as shop owners in Hong Kong. A walk down the main shopping street in Causeway Bay – home to the world’s highest retail rents – shows the impact of a decline in retail sales that lasted more than 18 consecutive months amid protests and Covid-19 restrictions. Brands like Tissot, Prada, and Victoria’s Secret are among those whose storefronts are empty or planked.

Hope may come in the form of tourists, who are just starting to return to Hong Kong. To boost tourism, the city recently formed a travel bubble with Singapore that does not require visitors to go into quarantine. But with the increase in Covid-19 cases, government agencies postponed the start, which was scheduled for November 22, for two weeks.

“There is a new feeling that the worst is over, with the virus and the political situation under control,” said Amrita Banta, managing director at Singapore-based luxury consultancy Agility Research, before the travel bubble was postponed. The city is ready to reopen.

5. Fifth Avenue, New York

Fifth Avenue is still home to two of the most luxurious department stores in the world: Saks Fifth Avenue and Bergdorf Goodman. But the numbers have shrunk in recent years, with accessories brand Henri Bendel closing its century-old stores and Barneys New York, just a block from the strip, liquidating. Several storefronts, including a former Ralph Lauren store, remain empty.

Its shops are now preparing for a quiet getaway, with few or no tourists in sight. But they will do their best to bring holiday joy, even as Covid-19 cases escalate in New York, once the epicenter of the US outbreak.

As always, Saks, Bergdorf and boutiques like Dolce & Gabbana and Louis Vuitton grace their lavish holiday windows. A local business group is putting up artwork from very large toys, such as teddy bears, balloons and dreidel (a four-sided rotating top, often used for gaming during the Hanukkah Jewish winter festival), according to Jerome Barth, president of Fifth. Avenue Association.

These preparations come after a tumultuous summer when several shops on Fifth Avenue were searched amid protests after the police killing in the central western city of Minneapolis of a black man, George Floyd, sparked civil unrest. Many shops closed their windows ahead of the US presidential election to defend against potential violence.

Michaelkors Outlet

Here Are The Most Wanted Fashion Products During The Pandemic!

Here Are The Most Wanted Fashion Products During The Pandemic!

The pandemic that has not yet ended in this country has indeed encouraged us to make lifestyle changes. We are no longer able to hang out with friends or family freely and the use of technology is increasing so that we can stay connected and keep working or studying. Apart from lifestyle, apparently the pandemic is also affecting fashion products, you know! There are several fashion products that are trending and are in great demand during this pandemic. Anything? Michaelkors Outlet

1. Masks

Friend, of course, remember the excitement of netizens when looking for masks at the beginning of the pandemic? Until now, masks are still very much needed, especially when we have to go outside the house. Along with government and health care recommendations to use cloth masks instead of surgical masks, this fashion product is increasingly sought after. Currently, you can find various cloth masks with various designs, colors and motifs.

2. Pajamas and negligee Tas Branded

Along with the length of the WFH period, not a few people try to make themselves more comfortable while at home. Because of this, pajamas, lounge wear, and negligee are increasingly in demand, such as masks. Seeing this trend, clothing sellers have flocked to sell negligee, pajamas, and home clothes that are not only comfortable, but also fashionable when worn at home.

3. Sports clothes

Just at home means we have more free time. The outbreak of the Corona virus has also made people more aware of the importance of maintaining health. Therefore, not a few people start exercising to maintain a healthy body. Therefore, sportswear is also a popular fashion product.

4. Face Shield Sepatu Branded

Friends, of course, see more and more people wearing face shields when traveling outside the house. Face shields are useful for protecting our faces from droplets or liquids that have the potential to transmit the Corona virus, especially through our eye area. Not infrequently, people also wear face shields and masks when they have to visit public places such as supermarkets. Friend, during this pandemic, it is certainly much better for us and for the people around us if we just stay at home. Even so, if you need to leave the house, make sure you wear complete clothes and don’t forget to also wear protective equipment such as masks, to face shields so that you are always protected!

Michaelkors Outlet

5 Hairstyles for Men Trending in 2020

5 Hairstyles for Men Trending in 2020

Maybe 10 years ago, men didn’t really care about their hairstyles. However, when social media is rampant, you can see for yourself, right, men-only barbershop is starting to mushroom everywhere. This is a sign that more and more men are starting to care about their appearance and are becoming diligent in following the latest hairstyle trends.
Michaelkors Outlet

Men are often seen as not concerned with appearance and prioritizing practical values. If the two of them can go hand in hand, why not? Comfortable stylish hair? Why not!
Well, here are 4 men’s hairstyles that are trending in 2020. Anything, huh? Check it out!

  1. Modern Bowl Cut

Historically, bowl hair has a bad impression. This hair trend that started in the 60s became popular thanks to The Beatles, and made a comeback in the films Dumb and Dumber in the 90s. Now, at the end of 2019, this bowl hair trend is back on its way – not as an ironic trend!
This hairstyle is popular among young kids. Plus, it turns out that the bowl cut trend is loved by K-pop idols. Usually, K-pop idols leave their bowl hair a little long. To make it more stylish, give the hair texture to make it more volume.
Another way to style your hair with a bowl cut style is to combine it with an undercut, high fade, or taper fade. Shhh, this style suits all hair types, you know!

Modern Bowl Cut
Modern Bowl Cut

2. Curtains Hairstyle

Maybe during the 2000s to 2010s this hairstyle was very avoided because it reminds you of a typical 90s boyband hairstyle. Then, why is this hairstyle back in trend in 2020?
Tas Branded

Well, not everyone with this hairstyle looks bad, right? Besides, for this year you can add a twist so it doesn’t look too nerdy with this style. If you pay attention, nowadays there are many men in big cities who look so sophisticated and youthful with this hairstyle, you know!

In order not to be too plain, you can add pomade for a wet look, or make the front of your hair a little wavy. It’s effortlessly stylish!

Besides, for this year you can add a twist so it doesn’t look too nerdy with this style. If you pay attention, nowadays there are many men in big cities who look so sophisticated and youthful with this hairstyle, you know!
In order not to be too plain, you can add pomade for a wet look, or make the front of your hair a little wavy. It’s effortlessly stylish!

3. Ivy League Style

For those of you who have to look sharp while working, you can try this one hairstyle! The Ivy League style haircut is a bit like a crew cut style, but the difference is that Ivy League hairstyle leaves the hair on the top of the head, perfect for those of you who have a jaw-dropping jaw
This simple and timeless hairstyle goes well with any outfit and is a “safe” hairstyle. Just add a little pomade for a more formal look!

4. Undercut

You know, undercut hairstyles have been popular since the days of World War I, you know! Many men in Europe like this hairstyle because it is considered practical and suitable for work.
Sepatu Branded

Even though it has been around for decades, this hairstyle began to appear again around 2017 and is still a trend for men’s hairstyles today. This hairstyle is best suited for men who have straight hair.
Indeed, the undercut style will be cooler if you use pomade. However, you have to limit the use of pomade, yes, because using it too often makes your hair break easily!

5. Two Block Haircut

You could say this hairstyle is a modification of the undercut hairstyle. Then, what’s the difference? If the transition undercut is smooth, for this twoblock hairstyle the difference between the long and the shorter side is more noticeable.
Michaelkors Outlet

If you are familiar with KPop or Korean dramas, you must have seen this hairstyle so often. Yes, this year, the twoblock hairstyle has become a sensation and has become one of the men’s hair trends of 2020!

What is Smart Casual for Men?

What is Smart Casual for Men?

There are times when you just want to wear casual clothes for everyday life, but suddenly have to attend to the required agenda to look neat. Instead of men frantically faced with such conditions, a smart casual appearance can be the safest choice.

Smart-casual itself is an appearance using clothes that are more formal than a tracksuit, but not as formal as wearing a suit. How to apply this appearance is fairly easy. Previously, all you have to do is look at the smart-casual style guide that can inspire the following daily looks. Michaelkors Outlet

For a semi-formal appearance when going to the office, men can apply a smart casual outfit that is comfortable and still looks professional. In addition, men with smart casual styles can look one level more masculine and neat when mixing and matching clothes with this hassle-free concept. In order not to get the wrong costume, try to see the complete guide to applying smart casual clothes to the following men.

  1. Change the mindset

This definition of style goes beyond what kind of clothes you wear. In fact, the most important point is how you represent the appearance of these clothes. This means that you can be judged applying this style when it looks sleek using polished shoes, neatly ironed pants, a handkerchief that is folded properly, and so on. So smart-casual doesn’t just mean wearing neat clothes that give a relaxed impression, huh!

2. The formula for one to two clothes

Given that the notion of smart-casual is often misunderstood, try to follow the following formula. There are bomber jackets, plain t-shirts, jeans, and sneakers. Everything suits casual style, right? Now you try to exchange one or two of these clothes for a blazer, shirt, chinos, and loafers. Of course it will give a different impression from the previous casual style. You will easily find a smart casual style using this formula.

3. Adjust the color of the clothes

The most basic learning about formal and casual clothes can be seen from the colors used. Usually, colors with dark tones are identical to formal clothes, and vice versa. So you can play with color tones for a smart-casual look. For example, there are beige bomber jackets, plain white T-shirts, stonewashed jeans, and white sneakers. You can change the color of the jacket or pants to navy which will instantly make you look dressier.

4. Change the material of clothing

Not much different from the previous point, you can also adjust the level of formal or casual clothes on the materials used. Formal wear tends to be finer and shinier. Try changing your blazer or flannel shirt with wool. You will get a casual impression from your clothes which will look more volume. This method also applies to various types of clothing, from shirts, pants, to shoes.

5. Using a blazer

Tas Branded
Blazer is arguably a must-have staple item to easily achieve this look. Some clothes that are considered too casual such as t-shirts or short-sleeved shirts, non-trousers, and sneakers can be saved by simply adding a blazer. So try to bring a blazer so that you always take care if you want to feel safe when wearing casual clothes.

6. Get away from you

A note that you must remember is that the smart casual style never uses a tie in its appearance. That applies when you want to wear a shirt, grandad shirt, polo shirt, roll neck, and so on. The tie will only give an impression that is too smart on your appearance and takes away the casual value you are looking for. Instead, you should open one or two of the top buttons to give a more relaxed impression to your clothes.

7. Playing with shoes Sepatu Branded

Do you think there are ways to make smart shoes more casual? The answer is of course there is. When using these shoes, the game of color still has a significant role. As black is the most formal, brown is more casual, and tan is much more casual. Besides that, the silhouette of the shoes also matters. For example, a round or almond shaped toe model is considered more casual than a pointy shape.

8. Take advantage of your polo shirt

The collar detail on a shirt does give a more formal effect than a top that doesn’t have a collar. Try to look at all the smart-casual looks, at least there is always a collar.

Like when you wear a T-shirt, you definitely need to wear a blazer right? The blazer definitely gives a smart look due to the presence of the collar. Try it if you only wear a t-shirt, your appearance must be lacking and it doesn’t look “smart”.

If you don’t want to wear a pile of tops, you can take advantage of a polo shirt. With just one top, you can look a little more formal than a regular t-shirt.

For his subordinates, you can wear chinos and a leather belt as a formal accessory. Put your polo shirt in your pants, your appearance will definitely look mature and masculine.

Michaelkors Outlet

Tips for Choosing an Outfit in the Rainy Season

Tips for Choosing an Outfit in the Rainy Season

Welcome rainy season! This can be quite a hassle, because you are not sure whether it will be sunny today and then cloudy in the afternoon, or it will be raining all day. Yup, it’s tricky when it comes to what you’re gonna wear. But certainly, start by saving your suede shoe collection, just because we want to minimize the risk of ruining your shoes.
Michaelkors Outlet

In order to avoid the wrong choice of fashion pieces, here are some style guides in choosing mix and match clothes in the rainy season which is difficult to predict.
Sepatu Branded


When the sky is so dark and the wind is blowing hard, you know it’s going to rain for a quite some time. So, what to avoid and what to wear?


  • Wear shoes with a strong material, such as leather with dark colors, such as dark brown, navy blue, or black. For the soles, choose shoe soles made of rubber to avoid slippery surfaces due to rain.
  • Use light pants such as cotton chinos which dry faster. However, avoid linen pants because if they get wet they will stick to your feet.
  • Make sure the bag you use is waterproof so that all the contents of your bag are saved.
  • Don’t forget to always bring an umbrella during the rainy season.


  • Wear bright colored clothes (especially white) when it rains, if it’s wet it will look transparent.
  • Choose to stick with denim. If it’s wet, it will feel heavy and will take a very long time to dry again. And it’s not comfortable at all.
  • Stepping in suede boots. Just don’t do this to yourself.


Yes, this is the trickiest of all. The weather is very difficult to predict. So you also have to be more careful in choosing an outfit. The humid air after the rain can easily frustrate those of you who have prepared a thick, plan-less outfit if the weather changes. Here’s how you deal with those kind of days.

  • It never hurts to start investing in a waterproof jacket that can be used for everyday purposes. Surely it will save you big time! Tas Branded
  • If the morning still looks bright, choose an outfit as usual, but don’t forget to bring a sweater or jacket so you don’t get cold while you’re in the office later.
  • For a more relaxed atmosphere, accessories such as hats can be used as protection from a small drizzle. Apart from looking stylish, you’ll be safe from the downpour.
  • Shoes with strong materials and rubber soles remain one of the mainstays. But so it doesn’t get too hot, you can choose other materials besides leather and suede.
  • Here comes a style guide for dealing with this often unpredictable rainy season.

Michaelkors Outlet


The Right Rules for Wearing Pleated Pants for Men?

You can still look stylish using pleated pants with these rules. Michaelkors Outlet

Simply put, pleated pants are pants with pleated details on the front. If at present most men’s pants use the flat front model, then when it goes back several decades, such as the 1940s and 1980s to the 1990s, pleated pants are the pants commonly used by men. Now pants with pleats on the front are often associated with a less fashionable and old-fashioned look.

  • Choose the right size.

Pleated pants are intended to provide more space in the hips, but that doesn’t mean you are free to choose pants with baggy sizes. You want to look stylish rather than old-fashioned, right? Tas Branded

  • Make sure the pleates fall off perfectly during use.

If the folds on your pants are open, that is a sign that the pants you are using are too narrow. The folds should look flat when you stand up.

  • Choose a sharp edge.

If you want a more sophisticated style with pleated pants, don’t choose the end of the pants that are the same width as the hips.

  • Choose a smaller hem for a modern look.

Remember, we’re not in the 80’s anymore! Wear pants at the waist. Slim-fit trousers usually come in low-rise styles. Pleated pants are designed to be worn around the waist, so they should be worn around the waist, otherwise it will look awkward.
Sepatu Branded

  • Don’t forget the belt.

To give the best appearance when using pleated pants, a belt is a must-have item to complement your style. The belt will also give a statement to your appearance using pleated pants!

Michaelkors Outlet
Those are some rules for wearing pleated pants for men. Are you going to try a day-to-day outfit with pleated pants? Share your thoughts with us!

Inspiration for a trendy and contemporary cycling outfit – ii

Inspiration for a trendy and contemporary cycling outfit – ii

11. Look flawless with a yellow cycling jersey

A plain yellow cycling jersey can also be the right choice for a minimalist and comfortable cycling outfit. Yellow combined with black will look flawless and more modern. Your bicycle outfit will also look more contemporary.

12. Look trendy with matching jersey and blue headband

Jersey matching with socks is common, this time you can use a headband that matches the jersey you are wearing. Choose a bright color so you can look fresh even when you sweat. Michaelkors Outlet

13. Black cycling outfit with flower print

Black color is indeed the choice of many people because it can make the body look slimmer. Likewise with cycling outfits. But to avoid a monotonous impression on your appearance, you can choose a black cycling outfit with beautiful flower prints. Not only on the jersey, but also on the cycling tight to the headband you will use.

triathlon suit
triathlon suit

14. Simple charming with a triathlon suit monochrom look

So for those of you who are not afraid of the sun, then you can use a sleeveless triathlon suit that looks both sexy and super sporty. Choose white with black accents, then mix it with black tight shorts. Also complete the appearance with a white cycling helmet. That way you can get a charming monochrom look.

15. Look cool in the owl black cycling jersey

The next trendy and contemporary bicycle outfit inspiration is to use an owl print cycling jersey that looks cool. Pair it with a tight short for an effortlessly stylish look.

16. Look bright with a colorful short sleeve cycling jersey

Bring a sense of joy while cycling by wearing a short sleeve cycling jersey with colorful stripes. Just mix it with plain black tight short so you will look brighter and more trendy. Tas Branded

17. Look minimalistic with the all white cycling outfit

Don’t like things that are too crowded? You can use a white cycling outfit from top to bottom. White color will give a minimalist and elegant appearance to your appearance.

18. Look fashionable with a combination of red and black

Then you can try combining red with black for a bolder appearance. You can wear a red jersey and cycling tights or black leggings. Avoid adding other colors so that your appearance doesn’t look crowded.

19. Look trendy with a black and purple outfit

Purple is also one of the colors that looks cool when combined with black. You can use a combination of these two colors for your trendy and contemporary cycling outfit.

20. Cycling outfit for hijaber

One more cycling outfit that you can use as inspiration, especially for those of you who wear hijab, is to use a layered outfit. For basic clothes, you can use hijab, tops to plain black subordinates that fit your body. Then mix it with a yellow or gold sportswear crop top that looks cute. That way, those of you who are hijab can ride comfortably while also being more fashionable. Sepatu Branded

So, those are some of the inspiration for trendy and contemporary cycling outfits that you can try while cycling casually with friends. I hope this helps!

Michaelkors Outlet

Inspiration for a trendy and contemporary cycling outfit – i

Inspiration for a trendy and contemporary cycling outfit – i

Sports have now become a daily routine as well as a lifestyle that is often lived by many people. One type of sport that is being loved right now is cycling. Relaxing cycling while car free day is certainly very fun. Apart from keeping your body in shape, this moment can also be a place to highlight trendy and contemporary OOTD with friends.

It is common knowledge, those who are sensitive to fashion will always want to look cool anywhere, including when cycling casually. Especially for women who like bicycles or bikers, don’t want to ride with just a t-shirt and training pants, right? Besides having to maintain safety and comfort, you also definitely want to look stylish and fashionable when cycling casually. For that, here are some inspirations for trendy and contemporary cycling outfits that you can inspire in choosing a cool cycling outfit. Come on, guys!

  1. Ready for bike shorts and sweatshirts

So for those of you who really want to ride a bike for exercise, then you can use bike shorts combined with a sweatshirt. This outfit will make your movements when cycling more freely and comfortable while still showing a fashionable side to your appearance. Michaelkors Outlet

2. Look sporty with a training jacket and short pants

The name is cycling, you can choose a sporty style for this one activity. You can do this by combining a white T-shirt with black short pants. Then combined with the output in the form of a sporty training jacket. The use of a sneaker and a cap hat will also maximize your sporty appearance.

3. Simple cycling outfit

So for those of you who are really like a hobby. So it is compulsory for you to have an outfit specifically for cycling. You can choose the simple type of cycling outfit with soft colors as shown above. Don’t forget to use a helmet so that your appearance is more totality.

4. Minimalist sporty for hijaber

For those of you who wear hijab, actually choosing clothes that are right for exercise such as cycling is an easy thing to do. To be able to look trendy and up-to-date, you can combine training pants with a hoodie, then use a plain hijab. Avoid using too many colors so as not to look tacky and excessive.

5. Look fashionable with monochrom looks

Monochrom color is indeed able to give a fashionable and minimalist impression to your appearance, you can look fashionable by using a monochrom colored outfit when cycling. You can choose a top in the form of a shirt in black and white and mix it with black short pants. For sneaker, you can choose white color which gives a casual impression. You can also add a cap hat for maximum appearance.

6. Casual chic with training pants and beanie hat

For those of you who don’t like to be complicated, you can also look casual chic with training pants combined with a sweatshirt or long sleeve tee. To give a more attractive impression, you can use a trendy beanie hat.

7. Short sleeve cycling skinsuit white

For a comfortable cycling experience you can use the cycling skinsuit, which is a special tight outfit for cycling. Choose a model with short sleeves and tight shorts. In addition, to give a bright impression, you can choose a white color sweetened with flower prints. Tas Branded

8. Stunning pink touch for cycling

For those of you who like pink, you can use a cycling jersey and pink socks. This color will give a sweet and girly impression to your appearance. Bicycling can make you look charming. Sepatu Branded

9. Long sleeve cycling jersey with beautiful gradient colors

If you don’t usually wear tight shorts, you can replace them with leggings or cycling tights. Choose black because it’s neutral and easy to match with any colored top. One of them is a long sleeve cycling jersey with a beautiful gradient color.

10. Look fresh with the short sleeve cycling jersey in pastel blue

Even though you sweat, while cycling, you can always look fresh by using a pastel blue short sleeve cycling jersey combined with a black tight short. Your appearance will be maximized by wearing socks that match the jersey you are wearing.

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Comfortable Outfit to Wear during Work From Home

Comfortable Outfit to Wear during Work From Home

Work from Home is certainly not the reason you can’t look neat, right? In fact, wearing neat and comfortable clothes can also increase our productivity and our enthusiasm for work. Well, for you guys, here are some loungewear or casual clothes and pants that you can wear while working from home. Michaelkors Outlet

  1. Hoodie

Simple and comfortable to wear, the hoodie is a men’s loungewear that is suitable for days when there are no virtual meetings that you have to attend. This outfit is also quite practical when you have to go out to buy snacks and more!

2. Sweatshirt

Sweatshirts are also anti-fuss clothes that you can wear during WFH. You can pair this men’s loungewear with shorts or jogger pants. Choose fabrics that are flexible and cool so you can work comfortably.

Jogger pants
Jogger pants

3. Jogger pants

Having comfortable materials to wear, jogger pants can be your favorite casual pants when you are working from home. When you have to attend a virtual meeting, you can wear a tidier top, like a shirt. Tas Branded

4. Sweatpants

For days where you’re feeling relaxed and with not a lot of deadlines chasing after, sweatpants are the men’s loungewear you can wear! Pair it with a relaxed fit t-shirt and don’t forget to provide your favorite hot coffee to accompany you while working.

5. Shorts

Well, this men’s loungewear is most suitable for use when your workload is light! Just mix shorts with your favorite t-shirt and provide snacks that you can eat while working. If suddenly a virtual meeting calls, just wear a flannel shirt as your outerwear so you can keep looking neat!

Apart from wearing comfortable clothes, make sure you keep your work and rest schedule so that your health is maintained. Don’t forget to eat enough food and do light exercise every day to keep your body in shape! Happy working! Sepatu Branded

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