A Style Investment Men Can Count On All The Time

Every man has a different investment style. Depending on your budget and hobbies, you can watch, shoes, bags, even t-shirts from your favorite band. Talking about investing in style, it’s actually not just a matter of style, but it can be beneficial for ourselves. Investment is also an important aspect to support your appearance for life.

It doesn’t have to be expensive, you can save money with five smart guides to being a stylish man every time. Michaelkors Outlet

1. Long term fashion investment

At least you need to have each of the following two pieces of fashion items: slim fit chinos, oxford shirts, dark blazers, and classic batik shirts. These fashion items can be worn for a long time and are timeless.

The four fashion items can be combined with each other or make it easier for you to mix and match with other items. You can use batik for certain occasions, such as parties or for office uniforms if at your workplace there are regulations for wearing it on certain days.

You can wear oxford shirts, chinos and blazers for both casual and formal occasions.

2. Own expensive shoes

Expensive shoes will make your appearance more exclusive and luxurious. Because the price is expensive, don’t be fooled by the “brand”, you have to pay attention to the material, strength, and comfort of the shoe. Just like women, expensive shoes with good quality can be a boost for appearance as well as pride.

3. Custom tailor or tailor clothes

No matter how expensive the clothes you buy, if the silhouette or the cut stitches don’t match the body structure, it will be in vain. In addition to the quality of the ingredients, make sure the tailor’s work is proven to be good or not. If it fits, you can make a set of suits to start with or you can buy ready-made clothes to invest in.

Factory-made suits will be different from tailor-made creations, because it has at least 3 suit and tie items. In addition to getting the right size, tailor creations can also be a reference for having other clothes out there. Tas Branded

When you are shopping for a certain fashion item, it’s better if you ask about the material. The more you understand the different types and quality of fabric materials, the easier it will be for you to choose the best items for everyday style.

4. Wearing quality underwear

Although underwear is not visible in our daily appearance, it plays the most important role in our activities. This item is very important to support the appearance as well as to maintain the health of the male reproductive organs.

But for a stylish modern man, the best product is not enough, it takes underwear that is comfortable and does not interfere with his daily appearance. If the material of your underwear is rough, it can be bad for the health of your skin and vital organs.

The main function of underwear is not only in the realm of fashion, but in health. Therefore, you should choose materials that are really comfortable, smooth, and cool. You have to put quality first so you can use it long term, so choose carefully! Sepatu Branded

5. Maintain healthy hair

Hair is one of the most important things to take care of because it can affect your appearance. In recent years, men are usually very indifferent to hair care. However, as we can see now, there are already a lot of male-only barbershop and local-made male hair care that are popping up.

Therefore, don’t be lazy to take care of your hair, at least you have to trim your hair every six weeks. If your hair is cool and neat, you will automatically look stylish! For a style investment, it doesn’t need to be expensive, right? Start investing in your appearance and your confidence builds enthusiasm every day!

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