Ties that we know today were not narrow and long, but wider and shorter. Initially, this long tie was called a four-in-hand and was popular in England in 1980.

The shape is simple, only made of rectangular fabric which is then concluded at the neck and put the rest in a shirt to make it look neat. At that time the tie was only used by certain circles so it was considered as an accessory for the bourgeoisie. Moreover, with the formation of Gentelmen’s club in London.

The club eventually became the elite organization of its day, and made the tie as the main ‘uniform’ at the meeting. Later, in the mid-19th century the tie was the main accessory for men’s clothing. The shape is made more fashionable in flashy colors.

Previously the tie was only made from a piece of material, in the 19th century the tie was deliberately made from the best material. At that time silk dominated the tie material, compared to cotton and polyester. Its use has changed, no longer concluded as it is, but formed in such a way with neat folds so it is not easy to shift.

Much like a modern tie. Some of the most popular tie knots in England are the four-inhand knots, pratt knots, half Winsdor knots, and double Winsdor. The last two vertices are named according to their users at the time, Duke of Winsdor.

Windsdor’s knot is famous for being the most powerful of the other four. it can not be separated from the complexity of the folds. Unlike an ordinary tie that only requires two folds, the Winsdor knot needs four turns to hold it firmly around the neck.

In Italy, a tie with seven folds is more popular than an ordinary tie. That said, this tie besides being stronger, also looks more elegant. The price can make your eyes open. The seven fold tie with ordinary material is valued at USD160. Amazing is not it? Michaelkors Outlet

To conclude this type of tie takes more than an hour. Because, it takes a certain angle crossing from the end of the tie to create a neat and strong knot.

However, a professional fashion stylist can shape this knot in just 15 minutes. It is not difficult to find this unique tie. Italian fashion houses generally sell ties of this type. Meanwhile British and American designers preferred four-tone ties made using high-quality material.

Bow tie aka bow tie found later. This accessory is usually used when the pickles are formal, like a night party with tuxedo.A quality white shirt, black suit, matching waistband, and bow tie will make a man’s appearance more manly and dignified.

Generally this model tie is made of shiny silk or polyester with a ribbon around the neck. The black color has been chosen because it is more elegant. However, do not rule out the use of other colors such as white or red.

Same as the origin of the tie. The bow tie model is also from Croatia. Only, this tie is an evolution of the collar that is commonly used to cover the neck. Later, bow ties became popular among architects and government officials. Some historical records state the reasons for using the tie model.

For architects at that time, cravats were very troublesome when they worked so they preferred to use a bow tie that would not be exposed to ink when they drew.

Today the bow tie remains a favorite of men when they have to attend formal events, especially in Europe and America. Remember Pierce Brosnan in the James Bond film? The 007 agent always looked handsome in a night suit complete with a bow tie perched on his neck.

Apart from being a formal fashion accessory, a bow tie is also used as a school uniform. Boarding schools in Europe, such as Exeter College, Cambridge, and Oxford Rowers, require the use of ties during school activities. Only, not all are butterfly-shaped.

Some schools choose the use of long ties with school logos on the ends to eliminate the impression of being too formal. The bow tie has even become one of the rituals of manhood in America.

Oscar Wilde once said, “Learning to use a bow tie is a step towards maturity.”

Usually during prom or dance in the final year of high school, students will wear beautiful dresses with corsages. While the students look dashing with a tuxedo and bow tie.

From Europe moved to Texas. The population in the middle of the United States is not left behind. They even have a special tie that the cowboys wear. Bolo tie is named.

Apparently not only the name is unique, the shape is different. If the tie is generally made of cloth, the bolo tie is shaped like a rope reinforced with various shaped clips. Usually the dashing cowboys use a bolo tie with a chambray shirt, denim pants, boots, plus a wide-sided hat.

Judging from its history, this bolo tie was brought to America, precisely Arizona, by a silver crafter named Victor Cedarstaff. The name bolo is taken from the lasso rope that is often used by cowboys to catch cattle. The unique shape and variety of clip models make the bolo tie a favorite of wranglers in Arizona.

Finally, the large district in America announced this tie model as a mandatory formal dress accessory. Buckle aka bolo tie clip is growing along with the times. Now, the shape is not only round or oval. There is also a horse-shaped, hat, even cactus.

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