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Ever heard of the term “layering”? Layering literally means layering, but in the world of fashion the meaning is to pile up. The point is to accumulate here is to combine several pairs of clothes at once to create a stylish style. This style is very popular abroad, but unfortunately the layer clothing is still a confusing thing for men’s clothes.

Look at the style of your friends or even yourself. The average Indonesian man tends to be simple and does not want to be complicated in matters of appearance. Mainstay items commonly used daily are shirts and shirts combined with trousers. I’ts really simple right? In fact, there are still many styles that can be explored further so that the appearance is more leverage. The key, by learning to “pile” men’s clothes.

Layering can be said is a technique of combining clothes so that its function is more leverage. In addition to protecting the body from the weather, making it easier to move, comfortable to use, the function of men’s clothing that we will improve by layering is to produce a more stylish style. Michaelkors Outlet

Layering is very popular in four season countries, especially during bad weather or in winter. Layers will be a pleasant alternative when the weather changes. You only need to remove one of the men’s clothes that you wear to create a different style in one day without having to go home to change clothes.

Reasons You Must Try Layer Clothing Right Now

1. Layering Is Practical

The main function of layering is actually very simple, which is to warm the body from cold weather. If you wear layers of clothing and suddenly you feel hot, you just need to release one item and you will still look cool. In other words, smart layering will make you always look great in any situation and weather without you having to change clothes. Practical is not it?

2. Layering Is Stylish Variety,

  • You Can Look Different Than the Other

Surely you are tired of seeing all men have the same style, if not wearing a shirt with jeans, yes using a shirt with troushers. For that, if you apply the clothing layer, you will be one step ahead of style compared to other men! Wearing good shoes and quality watches has got a more distinctive point, because not all men out there care about this. And think about it, what if you complete all that by adding body pieces as well?

  • You Can Easily Mix Different Colors at One Time

Only with shirts and pants, the choice of colors you can use becomes limited, at most only two or three colors. If more than that, of course it will make you look weird. Then try to imagine if you also wear jackets, scarves, pocket squares, vests, sweaters, or hats at one time. You will easily combine five or six colors in your outfit. Yes, it might take more time to combine all the colors, but that will make you look more attractive. Much more interesting.

Rules of Successful Layering

1. Each visible layer should be something you could wear on its own

Visible layer is the most important thing you should pay attention to. For depths, you can use even the most worn clothing collection, as long as no one sees it. For example, a t-shirt in a faded as undershirt or a simple shirt without a brand as an under-layer Tas Branded

Clothing that can be seen by people aka outer must be something that you like with good quality. If it is too thin, ugly, or both, you should not use the men’s clothing as an outer.

2. Your outer hems should be longer than your inner hems

Of course, you will see a few exceptions here. Young people these days are strangely happy to take a little part of the shirt from under the sweater, even though it actually ruins the appearance. You should not do it too, unless you really have to. Also avoid using a sport jacket or blazer that is longer than the coat you are using.

3. One or two bright colors

You can combine various colors in your outfit, but the color must match and match. If you want to use bright colors, only a maximum of one or two colors. For example if you use bright green trousers, don’t wear hot pink shirts or yellow scarves. Don’t you want to look too flashy? In essence, you may use one or two bright colors, but leave the rest of the items more calm. Sepatu Branded

4. Scale your patterns from lightest to strongest

Determine the scale of your outfit starting from the simplest to the most crowded motive. If you use a plaid shirt, pair it with a matching plain colored sweater with a sports jacket without a motive. In essence, do not “crash” various motives in one outfit if you want to implement smart layering.

5. Know the practical functions of each layer

Each layer that you wear must have a clear and comfortable function to use.

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