All About Layering Men’s Clothing – ii

The function of each layer :

  • Inner layers: Must be attached directly to the skin and not visible from the outside, for that it does not matter if you wear men’s clothes that have even faded. The depth must be light, absorb sweat and comfortable to use. Undershirts and underwear are examples.
  • Shirt layers: You can use short or long shirts. This layer must also be hidden, but may be seen in the torso to the top. For that, you should wear a shirt with a good collar design.
  • Middle layers: For middle layers, you can wear a jacket, sports jacket, cardigan, or vest. Basically, this jacket and such will be your top layer, especially since we live in a country with hot weather. Michaelkors Outlet
  • Outer layers: The next stage of layering this time might not be able to be applied in Indonesia, but as a man you should still know it. Who knows, in the near future you will have a vacation abroad. Outer layers or coat layers are your basic outdoors top layers, such as peacoats, trench coats, wool overcoats, and the like. This output should be loose enough and long enough to cover all the layers of clothing you used before
  • Shell layers: Shell layers must have materials that protect the body from bad weather. Maybe you won’t wear it too often, but that doesn’t mean you can use items that aren’t stylish. If you use the 5 items above in an outfit – an undershirt, a base shirt, a jacket or sweater, an overcoat, and if needed a shell – make sure everything is comfortable to use.

Essential Layering Pieces and How to Use Them

You can wear any man’s clothes as layering, as long as it doesn’t look too thick so you can still breathe and move well. To better understand layering issues, consider the following discussion. Tas Branded

Inner Layer Pieces

Even though it may seem trivial, choosing the right shirt inside is very important in this regard. It doesn’t matter if you use a worn-out t-shirt, as long as the material isn’t hot and comfortable to use. The matter of underwear, it’s each other’s business. But if you are in really cold weather, choose a little longer.

Shirt Layer Pieces

Use a good material shirt and absorb sweat, as much as possible choose the thin material. Wear your shirt behind a jacket, sweater, or other outside. A little color or motif will make your appearance stand out more. Henleys T-shirts are a cool layering option to be applied because the material is thin, light, and generally plain without color, very appropriate to be used as a layer.

If you want to look sporty in the summer, use polo shirts. This item is perfect combined with lightweight jackets or weatherproof shells. You can also combine polo shirts with sweaters and blazers. In the 1950s, wearing a t-shirt with a jacket or sweater reflected the rebel’s appearance, but now it changed to a retro and classic style. Don’t be afraid to mix plain t-shirts under a sports jacket or short coat so your style isn’t monotonous. Sepatu Branded

Middle / Jacket Layer Pieces

Sports jackets and blazers are the main items men must have to apply the clothing layer. You do not need to buy branded goods at exorbitant prices, as long as the quality is good and comfortable to use. Sweaters as a layering option are divided into two, namely thin cotton sweaters or sweater-vests that can be used with jackets and thick knit sweaters or cardigans that can be used as outer. Vest made from knitting or newfangled waistcoat will give a classic look. But make sure the waistcoat you wear is long enough to actually “coat” your “waist”.

Outerwear and Accent Pieces

The belt is the only visible layering that can be seen on the lower body. If you want to know more about the procedures for wearing the right belt, you can read it here. Scarves are the most important and versatile item as a neck layer. If used correctly, this item will be considered more by others than the tie or bowtie you wear. If you like to use a coat, make sure you wear it outdoors. Hang the coat when not in use so that the quality is maintained. Invest your money to buy quality coats so you can wear them for a long time. Layer clothing is not limited to men’s clothing, accessories can also be like bracelets, hats, or gloves. But make sure not to use too many items so you don’t look like a shop running.

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