Apparently 5 Fashion Brands Owned by South Korean Artists!

Not only working to entertain their fans, some artists from the country of Ginseng are also trying their luck in the fashion world by creating their own brand. Some of them have also collaborated with well-known fashion icons and are considered successful in the market.
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Curious, who are South Korean artists who are involved in the following fashion business with their brands? Let’s find out

  • Park Hae Jin – V Modern

Who doesn’t know this handsome actor born in 1983? Park Hae Jin is well known for his eye-catching acting talent and handsome face. The actor whose name is increasingly known from the beginning of his appearance in the Korean drama series My Love From the Star to Cheese in The Trap turns out to have his own fashion brand called V Modern.
V Modern offers ready-to-wear clothing as well as collaborating with Chinese fashion icon Mark Cheung. The news is, after being officially sold, these clothes immediately sold out on the market, you know!

  • Choi Kang Hee – Nowhere 333

This beautiful actress and radio DJ also launched her own fashion brand, Nowhere333.
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Nowhere333 is often used by several other Korean artists and is arguably successful in the market. However, this product is only sold in Korea, guys.

  • Taecyeon 2PM— OkCat

Behind his athletic and broad body, it turns out that Taecyeon has a brand that was originally intended to sell a doll that he designed himself. This doll is shaped like a green cat with big and beautiful eyes. However, as time went by, Taecyeon decided to issue a product in the form of clothes, glasses, and other accessories which he named OkCat.
Ok, this paint is actually sold in Indonesian online shops, you know! You can look for several markets that have collaborated with OkCat or that accept Korean jeep.

  • Jessica ex SNSD — BLANC & ECLARE

Former SNSD member Jessica Jung also didn’t just stay silent. Many artists who are in the fashion business, decided Jessica Jung to launch her own brand called BLANC & ECLARE.
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Even though it had become a byword because the price of jeans produced by Jessica Jung was too expensive, many of SNSD’s loyal fans bought these products and until now, the products issued are increasingly varied, ranging from tops, eyewear, and etc.


G-Dragon, a fashion enthusiast and known to have a unique and different sense of fashion, decided to channel his passion into the fashion business which he named PEACEMINUSONE.

PEACEMINUSONE has become an international brand, and you can find this product in several major marketplaces in Indonesia. Because the concept is unique and is more inclined towards streetwear, the price offered is also not cheap, guys!

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Those are the five brands that South Korean artists have. Have you ever used any of their brands?

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