Attract Women’s Attention With This Hair Model

Not only fashion style that needs to be considered to attract women’s hearts, stylish hairstyles also can also make women unnerved when they see you. Well not only women who have a myriad of hairstyles that can be tried, men’s hair models are now increasingly diverse. You can find classic hairstyles to boyband styles in magazines. But of the many male hairstyles only a few became idols or were favored by women. Wow guaranteed by cheating on the following cool hairstyles, you can be an idol of girls, hehehe.

  • Spike model

This one man’s haircut is a model that always hits and is timeless. To make the spike haircut fairly easy, you only need to thin the right and left sides of the hair and make the front, middle, and back of the hair thicker. After that, usually men will use gel and arrange their hair to look up and look like something sharp (spike). The advantage of the spike model is that this hairstyle is suitable for all face shapes so you don’t need to be afraid of your appearance being weird if you apply a spike hair style.

  • Side Model

Who says the side-cut hairstyle only makes you look cute and unattractive? It turns out that this hairstyle is also included in the list of haircuts that are liked by women. Neat and smart impression that was created to be one of the allure of this one hairstyle. How to create this hairstyle is very easy, you only need to comb your hair to the side. Which girl doesn’t melt away from hot guys with geek-style hair and clothes? Michaelkors Outlet

  • Pompadour model
Pompadaour style
Pompadaour style

If you are a fan of David Beckham, surely you like to pay attention to the flagship hairstyle, the pompadour hairstyle. Pompadour’s actual haircut itself is an old-fashioned hairstyle alias because it has been around since 1890. But with the classy and elegant impression that was created to make this hairstyle still in demand until now it can even attract women’s attention. With the pompadour model you will be seen as a classy and authoritative man, especially if you mix it with a suit jacket. Wow, it’s so bad that girls aren’t immediately surprised to see you

How to make a pompadour hair style is almost similar to the spike hair style, you only need to thin the side of the hair and let the front part become thick. If the spike hair model, hair will be made to stand using gel, but in the pompadour model, the front hair will be given a gel or pommade and then combed back. This gel or pommade works so that the front of the hair that is combed back is kept neat.

  • Bed Head Model

The appearance of a little messy hair like just waking up was also liked by girls, Toppers. With this hairstyle you will look really guy and look a bit naughty. To create this hair style, you only need to use a gel that is added a little water and then ‘mess up’ your hair to make it look messy. Oh yes, to make a Bed Head hairstyle make sure you have long hair so that the impression of waking up is more visible.

  • Shortcut Model

This haircut is usually worn by military people or who work as police officers. Macho image can not be separated from the crew cut hair style. When you have this army-style hair, the masculine side of men will be increasingly visible. This has become an attraction for women. By having a crew cut, you also don’t need to bother tidying your hair anymore. It’s simple but Gorgeous!

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