Avoid 3 types of underwear when exercising

Often ask questions, what kind of underwear that is suitable and good to wear when exercising? Choose underwear for sports, don’t just look at the colors and cute designs. But it must also be considered safety, comfort and cleanliness in order to maintain intimate organs to stay healthy. So, what kind of underwear is allowed and not worn? This type of underwear can and should not be worn when sports.  

  • Avoid satin and lace

Why do satin and lace have to be avoided? This is because the character of the two materials does not have pores, making it difficult to breathe the skin. In fact, lace can rub against the skin and make irritation.

Another type of underwear that should be avoided is thong. Pants in this model are too tight and will shift to the back when exercising, because it can cause friction and heat which then makes urinary tract infections, even bacteria in the vagina. Is it only for certain ingredients? No. That applies to all types of fabric, without exception.

  • Avoid spaghetti strap bra and are too tight

This type of bra is too thin and will reduce its ability to support the breast. In addition, do not wear straps that are too tight because it can make the bottom of the bra go up, so that the breasts are not supported properly.

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