Basic Rules for Wearing Your Shirt

Shirts are one of the most popular fashion items for men. A clean, neat appearance with mature results, makes a shirt have its own place for men.
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However, from many shirts, have you ever thought, when is the right time to put the shirt on or just let it hang?

When did we know that this shirt should be tucked into our pants?

If your shirt has a stiff collar and a shirt length that covers the zipper and has / without a pocket on the left of the shirt then this shirt must be included.
Putting a shirt into your pants also gives you a more professional impression if you work in an office, clean, sharp and minimalist.
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When did we know that this shirt didn’t fit into the pants?

Very simple. A shirt that does not have a stiff collar, the length of the shirt does not exceed or half a zipper and has two pockets on the chest.
This shirt is more suitable for hanging down to create a relaxed impression. One example is a beach shirt that has various motifs with attractive colors.

However, there are also shirts that have a combination between the two!

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This shirt has various motifs but has a long shirt that covers the zipper.
This shirt frees the wearer to put in the shirt or leave it hanging.
This shirt is also one of the most popular shirts. You can use it when going to the office by tucking it into your pants, or when hanging out with friends by letting it hang down.

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