Basic Tips in Appearance

We all know that the clothes you wear speak louder to show who you are. The clothes you wear can show your social status, economic status, class and of course your character. To achieve this, you need some basic habits that you must do often. You can try the seven basic habits in appearance below.

1. Using the Right Clothes

Finding clothes that fit the body sometimes is rather difficult. Especially if your body falls into a category that is not ideal. But you don’t need to be afraid and give up. Looking for clothes that fit is not in vain. There is no best impression than a man who wears his clothes fitting.

That the main key of clothing is the right size for your body shape, not too small or too big. Clothes that fit don’t make you tight, but are comfortable in moving. When you shop, it doesn’t matter if you repeatedly enter the fitting room, to ensure that the clothes you want to buy fit your body size.

2. Make a Big Difference With Accessories

You can look good with accessories. By using accessories, you don’t look blank in appearance. Michaelkors Outlet

There are two benefits you can get when wearing accessories. First, you get the benefits of its function. Second, accessories can improve the performance of your appearance.

For example, when you use sunglasses, in addition to your eyes protected from the dangers of ultraviolet rays, you will also look more “cool”.

3. Dress According to the Event

This is also important before you leave the house. Always pay attention to what event you will attend. There are some special events with special clothes. With you dressed according to the event, you not only respect the place and people at the event, but also the event you attend.

4. Clean and neat

Here the thing that is highly considered is your ability to see in detail the cleanliness of each garment you wear. Starting from toe to hair. Make sure that the clothes you are wearing are free of dirt, stains or unpleasant odors. Clothing that has faded, you should wear it at home. Pay attention to shoe hygiene. Because this is the most difficult thing for most men. Don’t blame the women who suddenly run away or are lazy to talk to when you approach them in a crumpled, disheveled and messy state.

5. Pay attention to Grooming

Fortunately for us as men do not have to bother using makeup like women. Like the previous article about “Your Grooming Is Everything”, men are enough just to take care of their cleanliness. Starting from the cleanliness of hair, face, mouth, teeth and nails. There is nothing more embarrassing than your smile that there is food left over between your teeth.

6. Using an up to date model

If your clothes are outdated and never updated, many people will consider you someone who is also out of date. The good side of always following the trend is that you will look more fresh and modern.

7. Harmony

Color harmony has a big effect on your appearance. Not all colors can be combined at the same time. When you do not wear clothes in harmony, you will be far from attractive and of course your appearance will disturb the view.

Troubling? Believe me, friend, this is far easier than women’s habits that are more complex in appearance. This is a simple habit that many men may ignore. From now on, use these seven things to check your checklist before leaving the house.

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