Brand Fashion Popular ( 11 – 15 )

11. Hermes

A popular fashion brand Michaelkors Outlet because of these exorbitant valuable bags, they are hunted by luxury-hungry socialites. One of Hermes’s most sought after collections is Hermes Birkin. I was so expensive, one Hermes bag can be valued with 1 unit of sports car. Therefore, most women collect Hermes bags for long-term investment purposes.

12. Coach

Having been immersed in the fashion competition, Coach, who was founded in 1941, seemed to not want to sink too long. He rose again and became a popular brand again in 2018. In fact, it had become the most popular fashion brand in America, Canada, Africa, and European countries. One of Coach’s iconic products is the Duffle bag, which was produced in 1971. Until now, the Duffle is still popular with bag collectors.

13. Victoria’s Secret

Victoria's Secret
Victoria’s Secret

Clothes, bags and shoes have been bought. Then, what about the underwear business? Yes, this is what Victoria’s Secret popular brand is trying to carry.

Formerly, the lingerie shop that was established in 1977 is only a small shop that offers various types of quality underwear from a small town in California, Palo Alto. However, over time, the range of lingerie products offered is a huge success and has spread to various countries in the world.

Around the world, sales of Victoria’s Secret bras and panties are in contention. Especially among socialites, celebrities, artists and officials. Victoria’s Secret lingerie is also a subscription of the fashion industry’s top models.

Those who have been lined up as models at the launch of new fashion products in Victoria’s Secret are dubbed “Angel’s Secret Angels” or “Angel’s Victoria’s Secret”.

14. Zara

The first time to open outlets in the city of Galicia, Spain in 1975, unexpectedly if decades later, Zara occupies the position of one of the leading fashion brands on earth. Zara outlets spread all over the world.

The most unique thing from the fashion brands that released many types of shirts and blouses is working with a textile company from Indonesia. Zara’s various products in the form of shirts or blouses were apparently produced directly by the Sritex factory in Jetis Village, Sukoharjo Regency, Central Java.

15. Uniqlo

This brand named Uniqlo carries a concept that is quite unique and casual. Therefore, most fashion lovers look to Uniqlo to be used as a collection in their wardrobe or everyday clothes.

Initially, clothing outlets originating from the land of sakura only in the form of retail stores. However, over time, the outlet which was originally based in Sayama, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan, can open many branches throughout the world.

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