Choosing clothes by adjusting your body shape

We all know, one way to look good is to wear the right clothes. Unfortunately, many men have difficulty determining clothes that fit their body shape. There are certain clothes for different body types. For this reason, in this article I will give tips on dressing that can get around the shape of our bodies to appear more attractive.

1. Tall and thin

  • Wear thick clothes : If you are tall and thin, wearing thick clothes can make your body look more proportional because it is like giving extra weight to your body.
  • Wear brightly colored clothing : Bright colors can give your body a contained impression. Choose bright colors like khaki or gray. Don’t wear dark colors or clothes with vertical stripes, because it will make you look taller and thinner.
  • Pay attention to other details or accessories : If wearing a jacket, do not choose the length to the waist down and fasten it to the top. Avoid wearing slim ties.
  • Wear pants that are rather wide : To get around so as not to look thinner, wear pants that are rather wide, not a slim fit model. If wearing jeans, use the lower cut model.

2. Fat or large body Michaelkors Outlet

  • Wear light clothing : Men with large or fat bodies should wear light clothing that can make them look slimmer.
  • Wear dark colors : Dark colors can give the effect / illusion of streamlining your body. Wear the boss and subordinates of the same color. Avoid brightly colored and shiny clothes, because it will focus people’s attention on your body.
  • Say NO to shirts or shirts with padding / shoulder pads.
  • Don’t roll up your T-shirt sleeves : If you don’t want to look like a bouncer, don’t ever do it.
  • Wear a large watch : A large and handsome watch can have the effect of slimming your hands.
  • Don’t wear jeans that are too tight or too wide : It’s best to choose jeans with a classic type with a straight pipe model

3. Short stature

  • Wear vertical stripe motifs : Vertical stripes are the best way to give the illusion that your body looks taller.
  • Avoid clothes with the following patterns : Houndstooth, herringbone, glen urquhart check, and windowpane check. Because these patterns will emphasize your short body.
  • Wear a shirt or a long sleeve shirt that isn’t too baggy :: This will make you look taller.
  • Wear pants that are the right size for your body : Not too hanging or too long
  • Wear low rise and straight leg jeans : these pants make you look taller.

If you are tall and big or short and thin, you can combine the tips above to get the results you want to look good.

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