Clothing choices for hot weather

High temperatures also make us feel hot and uncomfortable when doing daily activities. To overcome this, wearing the right clothes can give a sense of cool in the activity even though the weather is hot. Choosing clothes with materials that can absorb moisture, protect the skin, and give skin breathing space, can make us still feel cool in the hot sun. Unfortunately, there are still many people who make mistakes. For example, they chose to wear jeans or a polyester top. In fact, clothing with these materials is not recommended during hot weather. Reporting from Independent, the following types of clothing materials that are comfortable in the summer. Michaelkors Outlet

Jersey cloth
Jersey cloth
  1. 1. Cotton – Cotton is the best choice for wear during hot weather. Natural fibers in it can absorb moisture when sweating. This makes us always feel cool. However, sometimes patches of sweat appear on the shirt we use. Therefore, we must be careful when choosing the color of cotton. Wearing a cotton maxi dress also makes us feel cooler. Maxi cotton has a lightweight feel that adds comfort.
  2. Linen – Just like cotton, linen also contains natural fibers that easily absorb sweat. In addition, linen is not attached to the body so it is ideal for use when meeting many people.
  3. Silk – Although expensive, clothes made from silk are also comfortable to wear during hot weather. Silk is not made from plants, so it cannot absorb sweat like cotton or linen. However, silk is light so it is suitable for use in hot weather. Choosing a shirt made from silk rather than polyester can be a solution to look cool in hot weather. Tas Branded
  4. Jersey – Initially, jersey was clothing made of wool. But, this type of clothing has been made from a combination of wool, cotton and synthetic fibers. The versatility of the material makes the jersey a popular and ideal fashion choice in hot weather. Jersey is often produced in the form of shirts with lightweight thread.

In order to keep us cool during the summer, avoid clothes with the following ingredients.

  • Denim – Although cool denim is worn in all situations, wearing it during hot weather is not a practical choice. Denim has heavy properties, makes the skin difficult to breathe and feels tight. So, wearing your favorite jeans when the sun is clearly not a good idea.
  • Polyester – When polyester was first introduced in the US, experts claimed this material could be used for 68 days without having to be ironed. Well, polyester does have good durability, is cheap, and is waterproof. This means, this material can not absorb sweat properly so it will not provide comfort during hot weather.
  • Fleece – Some types of wool can indeed be used as summer clothing. However, fleece which is an imitation of wool cannot function properly during hot weather. Fleece is more suitable for winter clothing, such as jumpers and jackets, which are made of polyester. This is why we should avoid this material in hot weather.
  • Nylon – Nylon is a synthetic material that is famous since 1940 as a stocking material for women and went on sale nationally in the US. Although this fabric is often used as sports clothing because of its elasticity, it cannot absorb sweat well. In fact, wearing clothes made from nylon risk of blisters on the skin. Sepatu Branded

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