Colored Hair Care

Hair that has undergone chemical processes such as colored, is certainly more susceptible to hair problems such as dry hair and easy to fall out. Therefore, special ways are needed to treat your colored hair so it is not easily damaged and the color is more durable. Are you among those who like to change hair color? If so, take care of your colored hair to stay healthy with the tips below.

1. Special shampoo

If your hair is dyed, make sure you use a shampoo that is made specifically for the treatment of colored hair that can nourish your hair. The wrong choice of shampoo will reduce the pigmented hair color so that your hair color will fade faster. The use of anti-dandruff shampoo is not recommended for colored hair, because the chemical content that is hard enough in it will make hair dry and dull color. We recommend choosing a shampoo that is specifically intended for colored hair, which can maintain the color brightness and moisture of your hair.

2. Don’t forget the conditioner

Even normal hair needs conditioner, especially hair that has gone through chemical processes such as dyed hair. Hair that has been exposed to chemicals will certainly be more susceptible to experiencing hair problems such as dry, dull and fall out. Now to prevent the occurrence of these hair problems, a consultant is needed to keep hair moist, and not dry and not easily broken. Therefore, do not forget to always use conditioner after shampooing. But just apply it to the hair, do not let the scalp because the conditioner can cause fungi such as dandruff on the scalp.

3. Give nutrition Michaelkors Outlet

Nutrition is very important to keep your colored hair healthy. After bathing and shampooing, don’t forget to always use hair serum or vitamins. The best time to use serum is when the hair is half-dry, because at that time the nutrients in the serum will be more easily absorbed to the roots of the hair. You can also provide more nutrition for hair by using a hair mask once or twice a week. Providing a mask regularly will protect the color and moisture of your hair. Now for the best results, you can use natural masks made from avocados that are very good in maintaining healthy hair.

4. Reduce the use of hairdressing tools

Colored hair tends to be more sensitive than ordinary hair that has not undergone a chemical process. Therefore, the use of hair styling tools that emit heat such as hair dryers and vise will reduce levels of protein in the hair which can eventually cause dry hair if used too often. In addition, the use of this hairdresser tool will also accelerate the decline in color pigments on the skin. Eventually your hair color will quickly disappear and become dull. Just use a hair dryer, vise and other hairdresser tools that produce heat two or three times a week.

5. Avoid direct sunlight

Direct sunlight can also cause hair damage, such as hair color becomes dull and brittle. Therefore, as much as possible avoid your hair from direct sunlight. If you have to deal with sunlight, don’t forget to always use head protectors such as umbrellas, and hair vitamins that can protect your hair when you have to be outside in hot weather.

6. Shampoo with cold water Are you one of those who often bathe and wash with hot water? Bathing with hot water can indeed relax the muscles of the body after a day of activities. But this hot water turned out to be a bad impact on hair health. Shampooing with hot water can reduce moisture and widen the hair cuticles, which makes hair more susceptible to damage. In addition, hot water can also fade the hair color, making your hair color becomes dull.

Don’t forget to always give extra care like the above methods to your colored hair. Good luck!

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