Combination of Clothes That Can Be Used With Polo Shirts

If you are one of those who like to look relaxed but still want to be impressed still neat, Polo shirts can be a mainstay. Shaped like a T-shirt but the character is very different. Basic T-shirts or shirts are only possible when you are really in a relaxed situation. But not so with Polo shirts. As discussed in the Stylepedia article: Polo shirts, this type of clothing was known in the 19th century, and began to bloom in the 60s.

Rene Lacoste, the founder of this type of clothing, designs clothes for tennis. But in its development, sports polo also use it. So finally this outfit is more often called a polo shirt.

For those of you who might be confused about how to combine or mix & match polo shirts, actually this type of clothing is very easy to combine.

Starting from jeans, short pants, chino pants, cardigans, jackets to varsity jacket. In combining polo shirts, the thing to remember is, this outfit has a relaxed character.

So, try to combine it with some clothes that have similar characters. So it is very unlikely polo shirts combined with formal suits, tuxedo or black tie. The following are some tips for combining or mixing & matching polo shirts. Michaelkors Outlet

1. Polo Shirt + Short Pants + Moccasin shoes

With this combination of clothes, you can look more relaxed. Unlike the loafers model shoes, moccasin has a thinner character on the bottom of the soles. Loafers give the impression of being more semi-formal than Moccasin. With this blend, you can wear it for a walk to the park or the seashore.

2. Polo Shirt + Chino Pants + Boat shoes

With this combination, you still have the impression of being relaxed, but more polite than the first combination. As discussed earlier, jeans with a darker color give a more formal impression. Or if you do not want to look more formal, you can replace the color of the jeans with blue, or bright blue.

With this simple combination you can hangout with your friends at the mall, or you can also have a casual date with your loved one.

3. Polo shirt + Dark Jeans + Slip on shoes

Whatever the model, chino pants will still give a relaxed impression. If you want to combine polo shirts with trousers, but don’t like jeans, chino pants will be the right choice.

With the type of slip on shoes, for those of you who don’t like the complicated use of strappy shoes, these shoes can be an option.

Material from chino pants is thinner, not too hot and more comfortable to use. But the drawback, because of the cotton material, chino pants are not too strong, and if the quality of the material is not good it will tear easily. In contrast to jeans that are stronger than chino pants.

For accessories, you can use a lot ranging from hats, watches with leather or canvas straps, bracelets made from rope material and others.

Then what about jackets, blazers and cardigans? Because of the nature of the clothing for layering / upholstery, of course a polo shirt will fit in that garment.

Maybe you can be more creative to combine polo shirts, and some of the combinations above are just a little guide for those of you who might still be confused.

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