Correlation of Color and Personality

Color can be a marker of a person’s personality. It turns out that this is not just a statement of origin or a myth. If you’ve heard the statement that a person’s favorite color will characterize how they are, it seems to be psychologically related and has been studied. Michaelkors Outlet

This theory itself is part of the psychology of color. A psychological study that studies the role of color on a person’s habits and personality.

Is it true that you can see personality based on your favorite color?

Color psychology studies about how color plays a role in a person’s habits. So is it true that this color can also show a person’s personality?

The answer is uncertain. Therefore, the psychology of color itself is included in pseudoscience.

Pseudoscience itself is a theory and concept that is expressed in scientific language, unfortunately this theory is not supported by the existence of a correct scientific study procedure.

Not only for that reason alone, color cannot be used as a benchmark in determining a person’s personality because basically a person’s personality is complex, unique and varied. So, if it is only explained by color, it is too simple.

Plus, the theory of reading characters from color alone can clash if you like more than 1 color. Therefore, it is better to discuss it with a psychologist to get a more accurate result.

Apart from that, color psychology is mostly used for branding and marketing strategies rather than being used to determine a person’s character. Even so, there is nothing wrong with knowing how someone’s character is from their favorite color. Here is the explanation. Tas Branded

Meaning of Favorite Colors and Characters

  • White

Everyone seemed to know the symbolic meaning of white. This white is a color that symbolizes purity and innocence. In terms of color psychology, those of you who like white tend to convince yourself and others of its purity. Not only that, people who like white also tend to be very careful, especially in maintaining their appearance.

  • Black

In general, people recognize black as a color that symbolizes darkness. Meanwhile, if you look at the psychology of color, those of you who like this color are generally realistic people. Unfortunately, behind this realistic nature, there are also weaknesses that dark lovers must overcome. Behind his down-to-earth attitude, this black lover is actually very difficult to understand and often needs help controlling himself. Because the realistic gaze of black enthusiasts keeps him from maintaining pessimism and bad humor.

  • Red

Red is considered a persuasive color. If you are a fan of this color, when viewed based on color psychology, you are the types of extroverts and have greater self-confidence. The color red which is identical as an attractive color makes fans of this color also considered to be able to attract the opposite sex easily. The notion that a lover of red can easily attract the opposite sex could be related to the natural reaction of the human body. For example the reaction when blushing, then his face will appear red. This is why people who like red are considered passionate.

  • Blue

The color blue is often associated with the sea and a feeling of calm. Likewise for those of you who have your favorite blue color. Usually, people who like the color blue are people who can find calm and peace in certain places. According to the psychology of color, people who like blue also tend to be more sociable, easy to love and trustworthy.

  • Pink

In society, pink is synonymous with female gender and femininity. Based on the psychology of color, a lover of pink is someone who does not want to become an adult. You who like pink are said to have very gentle feelings, like to be childish and tend to be naive. How? Does it match your personality?

  • Green

The assumption that green lovers are nature lovers is not completely wrong. Based on the psychology of color, people who like green are the types of people who try their best to keep both their finances and their love life safe and secure.

Not only that, green enthusiasts also tend to pay more attention to what other people see about themselves and that becomes an important thing for them. That’s why people who like green like to be seen as successful and like to be the center of attention in their interactions.

  • Yellow

Based on the psychology of color, yellow fans are idealistic and very optimistic. Unfortunately, because of this idealistic and optimistic nature, people who like yellow are more often isolated.

  • Purple

People who like the color purple are free personality types. They also prefer to create their own world as a form of resistance to the world.

Purple lovers are also the type of person who likes to see the world from their own point of view. People who like purple are also said to be mystical. The traits and characters of color enthusiasts sometimes make other people irritated by them.

  • Orange

Do you have a favorite color orange? One of these characters could be in you. People who like the color orange are the kind of people with friendly personalities. Hence, it is not surprising that these people are widely loved. People who like the color orange are often flamboyant too.

They also generally want to be the center of attention. Not only that, you fans of orange usually don’t like things that are serious in nature.

  • Grey

Lastly is grey. This color is a color that is between black and white. Like the color itself, people who like gray also tend to be in the middle. They tend to be indecisive, have difficulty building commitment and making promises. When viewed from a color psychology perspective, gray is a color that is boring, emotionless, indecisive and detached.

Judging from these qualities, people who like gray are people who tend to be in the middle. There is nothing to like or really not to like. People who like gray color even tend to be able to leave or take something at will and easily. They also don’t have ambition or love for a specific thing.

Those are the various meanings of favorite colors that can be explained from a color psychology perspective. The explanation above is an explanation of the meaning of colors related to a person’s personality in general. Sepatu Branded

Not that this can be a reference or benchmark for determining a person’s personality based on the color he likes. To find out this, expert assistance such as a psychologist is still needed so that the results given can be more accurate.

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