Dating Clothes in Extreme Weather ?

Feel confused with the weather that is sometimes rainy or sometimes hot? Looks like extreme weather lately has hit. For those of you who want to date and will not get the wrong costume, see inspiring dating clothes in this extreme weather so that your body can be protected from feeling hot or cold.    

Want a casual look on a date? With a long coat, white shirt and boyfriend jeans. If the weather is hot, you can take off the long coat and if it rains, you can immediately use the long coat. This look, looks effortless but powerful with the help of a long coat. After that, wear yellow tinted sunglasses for a playful impression. Also, wear mules sandals to perfect your casual look.

Palazzo pants
Palazzo pants

Present the nuances of chic on a date using palazzo pants. These pants make the appearance look elegant with a wide-bottomed model. For the boss, a long cardigan and tank top with maroon spaghetti straps are ready to perfect the look of your date. Oh yes, high heels can also be used to make the body look more proportional. Finally, a white hand bag can be selected as a bag when you want to look chic with palazzo pants.    

  • Sporty style with an off shoulder sweater

Want to look sporty with off shoulder? Of course, I can. Wear off shoulder with a sweater and mix with comfortable side stripe pants. After that, use white sneakers and tote bags that give a modern impression on the look. Then, wear butterfly model glasses to protect the eyes from the sun. But don’t worry if it rains, your body will still be protected by thick sweater material.

  • Oversize sweater

When wearing oversized sweaters, don’t let your body appear to sink! Cover with a belt accessory tied to the waist. With the help of a belt or belt, it will certainly highlight the silhouette of the body and the plus value of the body will also look slimmer with the help of these fashion items.

If you like brightly colored clothes, it’s time to appear in a pink sweater and choose white jeans as a subordinate. Do not forget, use a belt with a brown color that matches both colors of the clothes. Finally, refresh the appearance by using high heels pink and orange color combinations that are ready to steal the attention. Oh yes, if it starts raining, just replace your shoes with sandals or shoes made from jelly to be ready to hit the rain.

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