Difference between Shaving Foam, Cream, Gel and Other Shaving Guides

Did you know that a facial shaving product and a quality hair shaver will produce good and satisfying shaving results. Shaving facial hair may look easy but often causes razor burn or post shaving irritation. Men shaving special face care products such as shaving foam, shaving gel, and shaving cream are here to help you cut time and minimize irritation when shaving and also care for your skin after shaving. Well, for you, these products can look the same but have different names and uses. Here are the differences in facial hair shaving products so that your shaving experience becomes more comfortable and enjoyable.

Most men who hear the words shaving cream and shaving gel, will think of a male facial cleansing product contained in the can packaging. But in reality, shaving cream and shaving gel are quality products that are not packaged in cans.

Men’s shaving products which are widely circulated and packaged in cans are shaving foam. Called shaving foam because it has bigger air to make it smooth and has lots of foam. The presence of excess air in the shaving foam turns out to cause its own problems because it will make it difficult for the foam to hold facial hair upright. When facial hair is flat on the face, it increases the risk of the razor rubbing against the skin and causing post-shaving irritation. Therefore it is very important to choose facial hair shaver products that make hair on the face stand up straight.

At this time when you find shaving cream or shaving gel in cans, it’s fine if you want to buy and use it. But keep in mind that the product is not 100% shaving cream or shaving gel. Products in cans generally contain more alcohol, which as it is known that alcohol can cause dry skin and dry skin will not be compromised when it comes to shaving.

Shaving cream and shaving gel are men’s facial cleansing products that do not contain alcohol. Instead, this product contains lubricants or lubricants with better quality such as glycerin or natural oils such as jojoba. The price will certainly be more expensive than ordinary shaving foam but has a quality that is certainly comparable and will not cause irritation.

The most basic difference between shaving cream and shaving gel is how to break it. Shaving cream is usually used by mixing it with a little water and broken. As for shaving gel, the formula is very concentrated and is used without mixing it with anything. Shaving gel usually contains more lubricant and is more recommended for men who have sensitive skin. To get rid of hair on the lips with minimal irritation, you can use this shaving gel.

Shaving gel also usually does not contain fragrance so it helps not to irritate the skin and nostrils when shaving hair over the lips or mustache. One way to get rid of it is by shaving cream. Mix a little shaving cream with water and then use a hair shaver in the form of a shaving brush to apply shaving cream and razors that tend to be sharp.

Both of these facial hair shaving products have the same function, but to choose them depends on your choice. Some men do not like the texture of shaving gel that is too thick and some other men feel they do not have time to use shaving cream because the procedure for its use requires more time and more hair shaving. It’s a good idea to try both methods by using shaving gel and shaving cream and after that you can decide which is more suitable for your facial skin.

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