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Dress shirt is a term used by people in America, which means formal shirts. Unlike casual shirts, dress shirts or formal shirts have more standard shapes and designs. Unlike casual shirts that have a lot of variety, bold patterns and colors.

Dress shirt is one type of clothing that is not just an outfit. This outfit is one of the symbols of masculinity and can give quite an elegant impression.

History records that shirts were only worn by ancient men. Then only around 1860 did women try to start wearing it. At first the community at that time could not accept this. But slowly women are finally free to express themselves and wear shirts until now.

Previously at the beginning of the discovery of this type of clothing, the shirt did not have a collar. As time went on, the design of the shirt changed. The shirt then has a collar and cuff.

The process of making shirts in ancient times was only by hand. But since the industrial revolution and market demand have been very much, the manufacturing process is diverted by using a sewing machine.

The demand for this type of clothing continues to increase because it continues to be sought after by many people.

Then in the 20th century before the designers began to make a variety of variations and types of a shirt which included a dress shirt. Until now the dress shirt is still one of the mainstay clothing to support the appearance.

Categories of Dress Shirts   Michaelkors Outlet

1. Bespoke Shirts

This type of dress shirt is an outfit that you really design yourself. From the type of material and size that suits your body. So you have full control about what you want the dress shirt to be.

2. Made-to-Measure Shirts

The difference with the previous type, in this type of shirt, the pattern is already there, you are given a choice and you only need to measure the body. When the size is in accordance with the body, then the shirt will be made according to the pattern chosen.

3. Off-the-Rack Shirts

This dress shirt is usually available in stores and already has a standard. Such as size s, m, l or 15.5 / 33-34 and so on. If you have a body that is not ideal, of course, this type of dress shirt is often not suitable for your body.


1. Collar

Unlike the type of T-Shirt clothing, with a collar, the shirt will look more formal than a T-shirt. Even though the shirt is relaxed though, it will still give a more polite impression than the t-shirt. There are many models of collars on a shirt, including spread collar, small collar, button down collar and others. For more details, please read the following article about “Types of collars and their use”

2. Cuff

Cuff or cuff is one part of the dress shirt on the end of the arm that is made rather rigid or may be hard. The function of the cuff is to make the sleeves on the shirt neater and not dangling everywhere. The cuff also has several models and styles including, for example, french, one button, angle cut and others. If the hem of your shirt is longer than your hand, you need a cufflink.

3. Ingredients

The material of the dress shirt in general is cotton. The material is more popular and much in demand because it is thinner and easily absorbs sweat and certainly not too hot. Other materials that are often used as the basic material for making dress shirts include linen, ramie, wool or silk.

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