Dressing Tips For Fat Men

Men who have a thin body are easier to choose clothing, because they do not have to bother looking for clothes. Want to wear any outfit will definitely be suitable for use because their body shapes are right. Especially for those who have a sixpack body shape which is the dream of men and women ‘s dreams. But, that does not mean those who have fat bodies are not suitable for wearing any outfit you know! Although for those who have a large body posture a little more difficult to find clothes that fit, but, it’s all still be tricked really! Many ways you can do to make a fat body shape look more attractive.

Here is a solution for how to dress for men who have fat bodies so that they are no less cool with those who are even sixpack, which is certainly worth trying. Let’s check one by one right away.

  • Choose clothes that fit

Mistake of dress a fat man usually uses clothes that are actually bigger than his size. But, precisely therein lies his fault, wearing oversized clothes does not mean that it can cover a fat body on the contrary, instead it will look unattractive and show the insecurity of those who have a fat body shape. For that, it’s better to use clothes that are the right size and fit on your body. Because clothes that fit will make you feel more comfortable and confident. Choose clothes that are cut and shaped to disguise your curves.

If you want to copy male fashion styles in magazines or television that wear clothes with flashy patterns, you better discourage these intentions, because if you wear excessive flashy motifs, it will even look full and seem stacked. It’s better to use clothing with a simple and not excessive style that will give the impression of lightness. It is precisely clothes with simple stripe motifs will look more charming than clothes with busy motifs. It is recommended, for those of you who have a fat body to prefer a boss who has a shaping or a firm shape on the shoulder like a jeans shirt or blazer that can make you look more manly and authoritative

Avoid clothes made from thick If you like to wear thick clothes it would be better if you started to leave it, because you need to know wearing thick clothes will even give the impression of weight and further accentuate the fat body posture. It is better to use clothes with materials that tend to be ordinary, besides being more comfortable to use it also won’t give the impression of looking fatter.

For subordinates, don’t make the wrong choice! Choose jeans with the right size and fit on your body. For those who have a fat body avoid wearing jeans cut with boot cut and flare cut. Because using pants with large cuts will actually make your body look even bigger. Conversely, using pants that are too tight will make body fat more exposed. You better wear pants with straight cut or wide leg cuts to perfect your appearance.

  • Wear a watch with a large size

In addition, to complete your appearance use a watch as an accessory. Avoid wearing strappy watches and small bazels. Because the watch will look drowned when worn. Choose watches that are medium to wide, strap material that isn’t too thin, and bazel sized to medium sized to be able to compensate for your body proportions. In addition to making your style more cool, using a watch will give a classy and timely impression.

There is some tips that can be made for you who have a fat body. Tips on dressing above can make you look handsome and cool. Provided you can be smart to match and match the clothes you wear huh … Good luck

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