Easy Steps to Form a Sexy Mustache

Who do you usually remember when you hear the word mustache? Certainly not far from the figures Charlie Chaplin, Adolf Hitler, and Andi Malarangeng. Mustache is not just hair on the lips that makes men more masculine you know, but also a pride for men. So, if you have a mustache, do not rush to be shaved off first, because mustache can be one part of the body that attracts women’s attention.

So that your mustache shape is not messy and still neat, there are ways you know to arrange it. Mustache can be your characteristic, so you should choose the form of mustache that suits your personality. The way you shape your whiskers also depends on your hair growth and the type of mustache you want.

If you just want to grow a mustache and style with thin hair above the lips, the following steps you can follow to shape it to be nicer and sexier.

  • Moisten Mustaches

Before you start shaving your mustache, it’s best to wet your mustache a bit to make your hair easier to manage. Then comb the whiskers downward because the whiskers will look well if they are pointing down. After that, you can start shaving your mustache slowly. You can wet your mustache by spraying water or using shaving cream.

  • Limit Shaving Area

You need to decide how wide or how big the mustache you want to get. From here, you can determine the limits of your mustache. The shape of the mustache is thin and thick and wide, you can adjust the distance of the outer border of the mustache with the nose and lips. If necessary, so that the shape of the mustache is balanced, you can make a layout in advance using a white eyeliner pencil or whatever to mark it. Then you can adjust the shape by cutting or shaving. Michaelkors Outlet

  • Cut the thick part of hair

After setting the shaving limit, you can now start cutting and shaving the thick part of your mustache. You can use a razor mustache or shaving scissors to cut hair. Do it slowly, so you can better control the movement of the hands so you can avoid the shaving process that is too thin.

How to shave it can not be careless you know Toppers. The way you use blades and shears is to follow the hairline we have combed downwards. Cut mustache hair from the middle to the tip of the mustache and from the nose to the lips. Cutting like this will make your appearance more perfect.

  • Last touch

Now, after finishing cutting and shaving, you need to also do the last thing to treat the skin condition in your mustache area. You should wash your face to get rid of the remnants of hair stuck to your face. Dry and then use a moisturizer to keep the face moist and soft. To style and style a mustache, you can use mustache wax to make it more attractive and sexy.

Now, you can look attractive, masculine, and sexy with your exotic mustache. For you who want to look more mature, you can really grow a mustache and shape it with the steps mentioned above. With this mustache shape, guaranteed girls will be more hooked on you. good luck

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