Easy Ways to Take Care of Clothes for Long Lasting – Part II

5. Avoid Damage When Washing

There are several things you should pay attention to when washing clothes using a washing machine. Make sure to close the pants or Michaelkors Outlet jacket zippers tightly to prevent damage when the machine is operating. If you are washing a bra that is placed in a mesh bag, don’t forget to attach it first so it doesn’t involve other clothes.

6. Caring for Soft Clothes

There are several types of clothes that are so soft that they should not be washed using a washing machine, one of them is underwear that must be washed by hand. But if you have to wash it using a washing machine, put it in a mesh bag or stocking that is not used to separate from other clothing.

7. As much as possible dry it naturally

The heat produced by clothes dryers can damage clothes if you use them on clothes that are still wet. Therefore, as much as possible dry your clothes naturally by drying them in the sun.

8. Hang Clothes As Needed

Make sure you hang clothes that should be hung and fold clothes that should be folded. Hanging all your clothes will only make your clothes flawed and tangled and make your closet look cramped

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