Easy Ways to Take Care of Clothes for Long Lasting – Part III

9. Store clothes well

When changing seasons and want to keep your old clothes, use a storage box that protects clothes from moths, dust, dirt, and other things that can damage your clothes. Place the storage box in a cool place to avoid mold and discoloration. You can also add an air freshener to keep your clothes smelling as long as you keep them in the box.

10. Use clothes according to function

Customize clothes with the activities that you will do to avoid damage. Wear formal and neat clothes for work or go with friends. Meanwhile, when going to active outdoor activities, wear clothes that you don’t care about if they get dirty or torn.

11. Correct ASAP Michaelkors Outlet

Do not wait too long until the damage in the clothes makes it unusable. Repair immediately if there is minor damage to your clothing such as missing buttons, small tears or broken zippers.

12. Be Careful of Surrounding Objects

Be careful of sharp nails, corners, or rough surfaces that can damage your clothing. In addition, chemical elements such as perfume, hairspray, deodorant, or sweat can also cause changes in the color of clothes.

13. Check the Care Instructions

The basic rule for making clothes last longer is to check the care instructions before washing them. Different fabrics have their individual needs in care, so make sure to read the care instructions labels that are generally present on all clothes.

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