Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Appearance with a Plain T-Shirt

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Plain T-shirt is a fashion item that is often owned by boys. Plain T-shirts are very easy to wear but tend to be less stylish and seem boring. But don’t worry, you can upgrade your appearance even though you still wear a plain shirt. How to?Michaelkors Outlet

  1. Classic Style

You may have heard the legendary male actor named Marlon Brando or James Dean? The style of two old actors seemed to be a benchmark for men to style with a plain white shirt. It could be because in the past the film was still in black and white, so a plain white T-shirt looks striking on the television screen.

For the classic style of an actor in the 50s, you can combine a plain white shirt with classic dark blue jeans without fading or distressing. Let your appearance clean when stylish like this. To be more classic, wear brown boots and do the cuffing at the end of your jeans to further highlight your boots. Remember, cuffing only a maximum of two folds, so it doesn’t look too big. If your jeans are too long, take them to the tailor to cut them.

2. All black for a higher body impression

If it is classified as a guy with a body that is not too high, you can take advantage of this style. By wearing a black shirt and black pants will give the impression that your body is taller you know. You can also maximize this effect by wearing a plain black v-neck shirt. As for the shoes, you can use a white-soled black sneakers or all-white sneakers to display a monochrome impression.

3. Add a blazer or coat top to appear a little formal

Wearing a jacket or a blazer does seem very formal especially in Indonesia. But you can make your jacket or blazer so much more casual by wearing it on a plain shirt. Besides plain t-shirts you can also combine them with minimal logo polo shirts. Do not forget to wear jeans too so that the impression is much more casual. If you want it to be somewhat neater, replace the jeans with chinos! Tas Branded

4. Leather Jacket

Leather jacket is expensive, but it can be your investment in fashion, because it will make you look cool and can last for years. To be stylish, make sure your leather jacket is sized right on the body. Try lowering the size of the jacket you normally wear. If you can still zipper the jacket and the jacket feels like hugging yourself, then it’s the right size for you. Pair a leather jacket with a plain shirt in white, black and gray that will suit you. As for pants, keep wearing jeans will make you look more macho

5. With a shirt as an outer

Confused looking for outer as a complement to your plain shirt? You just need to find a shirt and make it the outer you know. Choose the material that is not too thick and not too formal so you can still look casual and cool when only combining a shirt with a plain shirt.

If you have a plain shirt that is not good enough, for example, the color is faded, stains that are hard to disappear or turn yellow, using an outer shirt can also be a solution to close it because the shirt is not too hot compared to the jacket so you don’t need to take it off and imperfections on your shirt become closed.

6. Mix with Shorts

A tropical country like Indonesia most often makes its citizens hot. You can still look cool and stylish you know. Pair a plain cotton T-shirt that is cool with shorts. You can choose short chinos to stay relaxed and neat than shorts that are used for sports.

So that you look attractive even with only shorts, the key is the right size when you wear. The standard size that fits your shorts is the length that is above the knee and with slim pieces for your feet exactly like in the picture, yes bro. Don’t forget to pair with your favorite sneakers to be more stylish! Sepatu Branded

7. Denim jacket and t-shirts

The combination of a plain shirt with a denim jacket makes you look casual and stay cool. Mix plain shirts and pants with a different color to your denim jacket so that you look more leverage. If your pants are jeans, make sure the color of the jacket with your pants is much different, yes. For example a light blue denim jacket you can mix with dark blue or black jeans.

Very easy isn’t it, to upgrade the appearance of your plain shirt? Now you don’t need to buy a new shirt to look even more cool, just open your closet and mix it with a combination

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